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Jesús Roberto García Fernández 161160 Prolactin

3D48: Crystal Structure of a Prolactin Receptor Antagonist Bound to the Extracellular Domain of the Prolactin Receptor

Zeina 4IZ5: Structure of the Complex Between Erk2 Phosphomimetic Mutant and Pea-15

Jesús Roberto García Fernández 161160 Keratin

4ZRY: Crystal Structure of the Heterocomplex Between Coil 2B Domains of Human Intermediate Filament Proteins Keratin 1 (Krt1) and Keratin 10 (Krt10)


4MD9: Crystal Structure of Symmetric CK2 Holoenzyme With Mutated Alpha Subunit (F121e Truncated at AA 336)

Myosin 3JAX: Heavy Meromyosin From Schistosoma Mansoni Muscle Thick Filament by Negative Stain EM Pro-opiomelanocortin

Jesús Roberto García Fernández 161160 1TON: RAT Submaxillary Gland Serine Protease, Tonin. Structure Solution and Refinement at 1.8 Angstroms Resolution


3G04: Crystal Structure of the TSH Receptor in Complex With a Thyroid- Stimulating Autoantibody


5VOZ: Yeast V-atpase in Complex With Legionella Pneumophila Effector Sidk (Rotational State 3)

Jesús Roberto García Fernández 161160


1NPO: Bovine Neurophysin II Complex With Oxytocin


2OM1: Structure of Human Insulin in Presence of Thiocyanate at PH 6.5

Jesús Roberto García Fernández 161160


1XMZ: Crystal Structure of the Dark State of Kindling Fluorescent Protein KFP From Anemonia Sulcata