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Alejandra Jennifer QuiĂąones Elias

Index Tolerance (essay). Better Together (original poem). Let me not to the Marriage of true minds (poem by a famous author). Her beautiful soul (short story).  Acronym.


Tolerance Tolerance is defined as an attitude of mind which means putting up with other people irrespective of racial, psychological and religious differences; ability to live in a peaceful manner with other people. It is the skill which refers to the society where people of different backgrounds, cultures and religions are living together, and where the world has become multicultural and full of diversity, establishing tolerance and harmony has become very crucial and important, and fostering mutual love and the affection has become vital. Tolerance is not a weakness but a virtue par excellence. It can help different races and classes resolve their differences amicably and work together for the welfare of human beings. Tolerance provides an opportunity to learn from others while respecting and valuing their differences in religious and ethical beliefs. Tolerance works as a barrier to prejudice and brings people of a community together. Being a good role model and setting an example of respect can teach others to be tolerant. Celebrating the heritage and differences of others is a fun way to both learn and teach tolerance to children and other generations. As a conclusion there is not doubt in it that tolerance is the most necessary quality of our everyday life. If we culture tolerance we will be free from all the pain of envy within ourselves. Then our soul will live in peace and happiness. Children from their early childhood should develop the habit of tolerance.


Better Together I want you forever even when we´re not together But I see that you think I´m crazy Don´t think that I can explain it, it´s complicated I have scars on my body so you can look that

Everyone comes with scars, but you can love them away That´s why I love the pain and I love the way your breath Something else missing, we were too different Only you know how to love me

When I look in your eyes I see through to my soul I just want to be well Can start again, there ain´t nothing to erase Take your time; I will never change my mind Just come with me, I will take you to Paradise

Alejandra J. Quiñones Elias


Let me not to the marriage of true minds William Shakespeare

Let me not to the marriage of true minds Admit impediments. Love is not love Which alters when it alteration finds, Or bends with the remover to remove: O no; it is an ever-fixed mark, That looks on tempests, and is never shaken; It is the star to every wandering bark, Whose worth's unknown, although his height be taken. Love's not Time's fool, though rosy lips and cheeks Within his bending sickle's compass come; Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks, But bears it out even to the edge of doom. If this be error and upon me proved, I never writ, nor no man ever loved.


Her beautiful soul A beautiful summer on June 27, 1996 was born a beautiful girl named Lauren Michelle Jauregui Morgado, born in Miami. Lauren is an American by birth and has Cuban offspring for her mother and Spanish for her father. He has incredible green eyes, curly black hair and white skin. She met her best friend Lucy since she was a child at school, since they became inseparable. From a young age Lauren liked the music, she and her dad sang and danced together as a hobby, it was passing the time and Lauren was discovering that she had the gift of singing, in fact she sang and in the events of her school from 5th grade . For her 15 year olds her parents asked her what gift she wanted, she said she wanted to audition in X-Factor and to believe until an artist, it was her big dream. Her parents agreed and they knew it was Lauren's big dream since she was younger. The big audition day for Lauren, when an X-Factor arrived she was so excited and once very nervous since there were such people on the stage, her family wished her all the luck and Lauren entered the stage so safe. Reaching the center stage If you are a soldier or a soldier, if your father and daughter, she responded so happy to these questions and began to sing, when she finished singing were all impressed by his great voice, no one Creative that with so Only 15 years old A four-year-old girl matures at the end of the judges in a Lauren. She was so happy that it was a hug to her family and came back to celebrate it. When Lauren enters X-Factor the second time already to know who is going to compete in the account here in this Camila once, the time after they became very close. Several weeks after many competitions, the women are eliminated along with their friend Camila and other girls and boys in the semifinal of the contest, she and the others eliminated were sad because they could not continue in the competition. Days later Lauren arrives at big news of X-Factor by means of a letter of saying that all the eliminated ones give the opportunity to compete in another project


forming groups of 5 members made by Simon. She so excited tells her parents the big news, and they rejoice for her.

When Lauren arrives at X-Factor for the new project she joins with all the members waiting for the results of how the groups will be formed. After a while Simon and other judges leave and begin to name the members of each group. For the luck of Lauren is in the same group as his friend Camila and other girls are called Dinah, Normani and Allyson. They jumping with emotion they start to cry for the simple fact that they will continue to compete. And this is how the contest begins with only 3 groups formed; the members of each group are asked to put a name. Lauren and the girls decide to put "Fifth Harmony" to their group. In the end the girls are announced winners of the X-Factor contest, they could not believe it was a dream come true, they had come so far. As soon as they won they signed a contract with Simon being committed to make a record and continue producing music together for at least the next 10 years. When they left X-Factor to continue with the music, Lauren and the girls become more united and know each other more deeply, producing their first songs reaching success. Getting more into the artistic environment such as interviews, presentations at special events, etc. .; they become true artists giving themselves the opportunity to meet many recognized singers worldwide. On one occasion in the delivery of awards the girls of Fifth Harmony know the group "Willamette Stone" a group of famous boys already recognized. The girls and the boys got along very well so they stayed out another day to get to know each other. The girls had the great idea to invite the boys to join them for one of their concerts and spend a great time together, that's when they became very close. But Jacob one of the members of "Willamette Stone," began to notice Lauren, he thought that apart from being very beautiful was a person too cute in his way


of being and considering that he was the one who took the most from the beginning. Every time they went out he was closer to Lauren than the other girls, though no one noticed what was going on with Jacob. Jacob realized that he could not keep the secret so he decided to tell the guys in his band, they could not believe it since they had not taken so long to meet. But he explained to them that with so little time he could see the great person Lauren was, but Jacob asked them what he had told them to keep secret since he did not want the friendship with Lauren to be affected. Guys keep the secret very well. On the other hand the girls are so focused rehearsing for the recordings of their new video and preparing for the tour of their album, it was then when the girls began to lose contact with the boys of "Willamette Stone". For Fifth Harmony girls it was difficult for them to adapt to the life of an artist because they did not have the time to spend with their family or grow in an environment where all the young people develop, they had to mature in a different way , To see the world in different ways as every artist has to do, and to become famous from an early age teaches them many things, to learn to know themselves, to cope with difficult circumstances for themselves as well as to make decisions independently, and Especially growing as a person since that is what makes them stand before the world. The purpose of them as a group is to make all the girls that have to be respected, accepted regardless of color, identity, religion, sexual preference, among other things, since they went through things similar to that every woman can find or anyone. Lauren has grown since she first entered the X-Factor audition, as well as all the girls have become like sisters, their families get to know each other and have had beautiful experiences together. Lauren has 2 brothers, one older and one younger, Camila has a younger sister, Dinah has 2 sisters, one older and one younger, Ally a younger brother and Normani is an only child. They are unique girls, humble respect anyone.


When they began to record their first songs as a group they began to make episodes of their first Reflection tour, in the videos as teenage girls taught what they did on the tour: their rehearsals, sometimes challenges that they made, also spent some moments with their Family, there were also tutorials on how to dance with some of their songs and also how they practiced before singing, what they did before they went on stage, they also spent moments with artists before leaving to one of their, among other concerts The girls gradually became more famous all over the world. After the tour everyone took a break and they returned with their family, to have a free space where to take advantage of their parents and their brothers. The girls after spending time with their family are back together to get their new album and make new music videos, so they all come back with the courage to do new things and much better than the previous one already done. First of all, they record the songs and then rehearse the choreographies they will present when they start their tour. When they begin with the recordings the boys of Willamette Stone call them to leave since during the time that they were busy recording and after spending time with their family Jacob and the boys of the group had already been planned as to tell to Lauren what Jacob I felt for her. So they invite Camilla, Dinah, Ally and Normani to tell them what was going on and explain what Jacob planned to do with Lauren. The girls so excited that they decided to help Jacob with the plan, first of all Jacob just wanted to clarify what he felt for her and then his intention was to fall in love with the help of the girls since they already knew her very well. So the plan comes in, Jacob calls Lauren who wants them to come out and talks because she had to tell him important things that happened the whole time they were not together, Lauren agrees. When Lauren and Jacob were already together talking to each other what had happened all that time that they did not see the other boys and girls arrived, Lauren impressed because he thought that it would only be between them 2. But they all sat down and started to talk like nothing, Lauren found it odd but


did not care, then the boys told Lauren that Jacob had something to say to him. She looked doubtful to see if it was true... The boys and the girls left to leave Lauren and Jacob alone; it was when Jacob trusted everything he felt for her: - "Lauren, you're a very nice person, I know it's too soon for this, maybe you think it's not possible but I'm in love with you, your inner and outer beauty, your way of thinking, the tenderness you give me, we've Spent so little time together but in that time I have realized how wonderful you are and the great potential you have at the time you express yourself, at the time you express your feelings, I am so sorry but I really love you and only I wanted to get out and tell you this in the right way without being told by other people " Lauren was impressed by such a great confession and by the beautiful words that Jacob told her. Lauren just did not know what to do, just thank her for such beautiful words and I clarified that she was so impressed that I never imagine that in such a short time he has noticed her. Jacob said he did not want their friendship affected by this confession, and Lauren promised it would be a mistake for something like that their relationship would change. Everything was improving because after Jacob's confession to Lauren as everyone had planned; Jacob helped to make Lauren fall in love. The boys were happy for Jacob and Lauren as everything was coming out better than they expected, they soon became a couple, Jacob asked Lauren to be his girlfriend and Lauren responded with a yes. All the fandom went crazy because they had never imagined something like that. In the end, both became inseparable despite being in different musical groups and fulfilling their dream never separated. Everyone envied their relationship.


Acronym auren, a beautiful girl mazing mind she have nbelievable Singer of Fifth Harmony eal voice xpress herself with wise words o one is more perfect than her


Secret Dreams  

Magazine By: Alejandra J. Quiñones Elias

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