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QUESTIONS THEME 1 1. The main technique of Behaviourism is: a. Repetition b. Memorization c. The previous two are correct 2. Chomsky belongs to: a. Behavorism b. Generativism c. Cognotivism 3. Which theory is the foundation of the activity “head, shoulders, knees and toes….”? (the students do what the songs says) a. Generativism b. Behaviorism c. Total Physical Response 4. The Stages of Cognitive Development belong to a theory developed by: a. Chomsky b. Piaget c. Bruner 5. The Multiple Intelligences is a: a. Method b. Theory c. Approach 6. What is the best definition for “theory”? a. Explanation of a fact, reality b. It comes from an abstract level c. The previous two answers are correct 7. Which one is not a method? a. Total Physical Response b. Silent Way c. Sensor motor 8. Which one is a method? a. Silent way b. Piaget c. Cognotivism 9. The main theorist of CLT is a. Piaget b. Widdowson c. Bruner 10.The Multiple Intelligences were described by a. Gardner b. Piaget c. Paulov 11.Which one is not a stage of cognitive development: a. Sensor-motor b. Language learning c. Preoperational 12.The method to which music is central is called: a. Suggestopedia b. TPR c. The Silent Method

13.Total Physical Response was developed by: a. Gattegno b. Lozanov c. Asher

14. The study of the way human beings acquire languages and the scientific study of the processes involved is undoubtedly the most important contribution________________ has made to the study of Language Learning and Language Teaching. a. Psychology b. Science c. Religion 15. Language is an_______________ ability. a. nate b. innate c. process 15.For Vygotsky, language is deeply influenced by______________ a. Individual process b. Social interaction c. learning 17. Chomsky considered the language learnt like: a. Process of imitate, repetition and habit creation b. Natural process because the human is born with the set of rules “Universal Grammar” c. Both answers are correct

18. Which of these characters don´t belong to the Grammar – Translation Method a. Vocabulary is learnt by memorizing a long list. b. Classroom interaction is conducted exclusively in the target language speaking. c. Reading and writing is the center of the class: No place for listening and speaking 19. Definition the audio-lingual method: a. People ‘construct’ their own learning. b. Method that constructs its own knowledge. c. People learn best by memorization and manipulation of patterns which are similar. 20. Noam Chomsky perceived language as: a. an innate ability b. previous knowledge c. grammatical structure. 21. Jean Piaget said: A child constructs understanding through a variety of channels: a. cooperation, stimulation, comunication b. cooperation, investigation ,reading or listening. c. exploration,experimentation ,reading or listening.

22. Which of the following implies an innate ability for the language? a. Surface structure b. Deep structure c. Half structure

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