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How to Create Charcoals from Natural Woods Wood Charcoal could be made from some kinds of materials such as coconut shell, bamboo as well as wood. The main matter need to pay attention when you need to create charcoal is the airproof condition whenever the materials have been already burnt overall. You enable to use washtub by reversing it to cover the wood’s pile. As the assumption, take woods as the material. Then, firstly, you need to create such a ring to save the area from surrounding. You may use clean fill dirt for it. Mount the dirt up to 6 inch. Also, give a space from any flammable materials at least 10 feet. Do not forget to make the natural wood charcoal on the bold soil without any grass on it. After the ring formed, put 10-15 woods in small pieces into it and apply wrinkled newspapers for the first ignition. Make a cone pile to the wood applied. After igniting the newspaper, wait until the woods inside burnt well before adding the other wood pieces. The maximum high of the wood pile is up to 12 inch either the height or the width. When the woods have been burnt entirely, close the pile totally with reversed washtub. If the washtub cool enough to touch, open the cover and let the charcoal spread to start total cooling process. Let it for an overnight. And the natural wood charcoal is ready to use. Do not forget to keep in in a dry place.

How to Create Charcoals from Natural Woods