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1- Conversation where are you from?

Alejandro: Hello, I´m Alejandro funes, what your name? Stefani: Hi my name is Stefani Chacon, Where are you from ale? Alejandro: I´m from is los Angeles California, but this visit in El Salvador, where are you from fanny? Stefani: I´m from is El Salvador Alejandro: Oh, I love El Salvador, it´s really wonderful Stefani: Thanks, so is Los Angeles Alejandro: Oh good, and you work? Stefani: no I´m student and you work? Alejandro: Yes in call center Stefani: good, zorry is latter I get go I see tomorrow Alejandro: Ok I see you tomorrow, nice to me you Stefani: Me to, Bay Alejandro: Bay

2- Conversation What´s Seoul like? Stefani: Beatriz, this is Alejandro Funes, He´s from Los Angeles California but this visit here in El Salvador Beatriz: Hi, nice to me you Alejandro, I´m Beatriz Alejandro: Hello Beatriz, you´re from Corea? Beatriz: That´s right, I´m from El Salvador Alejandro: That´s cool, What´s El Salvador like? Beatriz: It´s really nice, It´s big and very beautiful

3- Question with be 1- What your name? R// My name is Stefani Chacon 2- Where´s tour big friends? R// My´s big friends is Iliana and Silvia 3- Who´s Beatriz? R// She´s my classmate 4- What are you classmates like? R// They´re very good and interesting 5- Where are you and Beatriz from? R// We´re from El Salvador 6-How are you classes? R// They´re really important for me.

4- WORD POWER Hello and good-bye -Bye -good morning -good night -good-bye -Have a good day -Hello

*Hello *hey *Good Morning *Hi *How are you? *How´s it going?

-Hey -Hi -How are you? -How´s it going? -See you later -see you tomorrow

*Good-bye *Bye *Good night *See you later *See you tomorrow *Have a good day

5-CONVERSATION How´s it going? Beatriz: Hey, Alejandro how´s it going? Alejandro: I fine, How are you? Beatriz: Good, so are you interesting? Alejandro: Yes, I have girlfriend and is you friend Stefani Beatriz: Oh really, congratulation Alejandro: Thanks beatriz Beatriz: Listen, I´m on my way to the cafeteria now, are you free? Alejandro: Sure, Lest go

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