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PRODUCT TRENDS       The  term  web  2.0  is  associated  with  web  applications  that  facilitate  information   sharing.    A  web  2.0  site  allows  users  to  interact  and  collaborate  with  each  other  in   a  social  media  dialogue,  in  contrast  to  websites  where  users  are  limited  to  viewing   the  content.    Some  examples  are  social  network  link  sites,  blogs,  video  sharing..     As  the  web  is  increasingly  becoming  participative,  more  and  more  websites  are   being  developed  on  the  web  2.0  platform  and  the  existing  ones  are  changing  to   include  the  Web  2.0  features.    One  of  the  domains  where  web  2.0  features  have   been  successfully  leveraged  is  that  of  city  guides.     When  someone  wants  to  have  some  information  about  a  particular  city  or  place  in   a  particular  city,  he  can  ask  friends,  read  books..The  web  2.0  plataform  gives  them   the  benefit  of  a  place  being  reviewed  by  a  large  Lumber  of  users  so  that  they  can   take  the  perfect  decision.    This  sector  was  pioneered  by  two  gentleman  from  US   namely  Craig  Newmark  and  Bill  Gross  in  the  year  1995.       The  three  top  players  in  this  sector  are,  and   They  started  as  Web  1.0  and  gradually  changed  to  Web  2.0.         The  online  ad-­‐industry  is  growing  very  rapidly.    The  future  trends  in  this  industry   include  virtual  tours,  the  use  of  3G  and  GPS  on  Mobile  for  directions  and  the   increasing  use  of  video  ads.                


Consumers  are  trying  to  find  new  ways  of  finding  the  information  they  want.    They   want  to  find  their  own  version  of  the  story.    They  do  not  want  just  a  written   information  or  a  simple  image.    They  are  developing  as  quickly  as  technology  do.     News  headlines,  blogs,podcasts.    They  are  looking  for  an  easy  viewing  of  what  they   are  looking  for.         Consumers  are  motivated  to  participate  in  order  to  achieve  a  sense  of  belonging  to   a  Group.    Contribution  with  the  new  Technologies.      Because  they  can  gain  status,   they  create  connections  with  others  who  have  similar  interests  online.    They  like  to   inform  and  be  informed.     They  want  to  participate  in  the  websites.    Chats,  Forums,  blogs,  communities,   mobiles,  RSS..     Until  nowadays,  people  got  information  about  various  cities  by  asking  relatives  or   friends,  travel  agencies,  books,  Bellow  pages,  Internet  1.0..websites.     However  now,  everything  is  changing  and  more  and  more  people  are  asking  for   new  activities  inside  websites.              

B-­GUIDED WEB  2.O     Using  a  web  2.0  city  lifestyle  guide  website  is  the  fun  and  easy  way  to  find,  review   and  talk  about  what  is  great(and  not  so  great)  in  the  World.    The  easiest  way  to   find  the  best  places  is  asking  a  friend.    A  web  2.0  makes  it  Fast  and  easy  by   collecting  and  organizing  your  friends  recommendations  in  one  convenient  place.     It  is  convert  into  a  community.    It  reveals  honest  and  current  insights  on  local   businesses  and  services  on  everything.    It  connects  to  just  real  people,  writing  real   reviews,  and  that´s  the  real  deal.    It  is  the  real  sharing  of  information.     B-­‐guided  should  include  accommodation,  restaurants,  attractions,  fashion,events,   map,pdf  for  the  visitors.         FUTURE  TRENDS  IN  WEB  2.0  CITY  LIFESTYLE  GUIDES         We  are  now  entering  in  a  World  where  webs  are  changing  radically.       Virtual  tours  or  panoramic  tours  is  a  simulation  o  fan  actually  existing  location,   videos  and  virtual  models  of  the  real  localization.    Sound  effects,  music,  narration   and  text.         GPS  on  mobiles  is  also  getting  more  and  more  customers.    This  accessorie  helps  the   user  to  get  directly  to  the  place  on  his  Mobile  phone  when  travelling.     Videos  would  make  more  sense  since  this  would  enable  the  user  to  get  the  feeling   of  what  a  shop/restaurant/art  gallery  really  looks  like.      

NEW  B-­GUIDED  2.0  APPLICATION       After  the  extend  research  on  new  2.0  applications  in  city  and  lifestyle  guides  we   have  determined  which  are  the  best  option  for  B-­‐GUIDED.     First  of  all,  First  of  all,  is  basic  to  be  connected  to  the  world  of  twitter  and  Facebook.   B-­‐guided  should  have  its  own  page  on  Facebook  to  pick  up  all    the  readers  and   followers.  In  the  case  of  Twitter,  B-­‐guided  would  have  its  own  section  to  go  directly  to   it´s  Twitter  profile.  There  will  be  constant  feedbacks  and  publications.  There  would  be   the  option  to  see  all  the  other  profiles  of  people  connected  to  B-­‐guided.   Moreover,  we  have  decided  that  inside  B-­‐guided,  you  Could  have  a  360º  view  of  all   the  expositions,  shops  and  restaurants.    This  is  the  way  all  the  consumers  and   viewers  could  get  the  perfect  idea  of  what  are  they  will  see.    

Furthermore, inside  the  website,  there  is  going  to  be  a  link  to  a  personal  Blog  of  B-­‐ guided.    Constant  actualizations  of  events,  photographs  and  even  information  that   has  completely  nothing  to  do  with  B-­‐guided  but  that  Could  be  interesting  for  the   Readers.   To  continue  getting  better  with  2.0  web  Communication,  B-­‐guided  should  include   the  possibility  of  feedback  in  each  of  it´s  sections.    There  would  be  the  possibility  of   messaging  each  of  the  personal  working  for  B-­‐guided.    With  this,  B-­‐guided  Could   know  all  the  new  ideas,  Could  also  have  more  information  of  new  places  and   activities.    We  want  to  create  Communication  between  the  reader  and  the  writer.       In  addition,  B-­‐guided  should  create  an  application  for  Mobile  and  Iphone.    This   application  would  include  a  list  with  all  the  people  in  B-­‐guided  World.    With  this   application  consumers  Could  vote  for  the  best  places  and  have  opened  chats  to   know  peoples  reaction  to  every  place  or  activity  they  go.       You  will  be  able  to  know  the  favourites  of  every  single  person.    The  best   recommendations  of  all  participants  and  all  the  people  involved  in  the  World  B-­‐ guided.     Inside  this  application,  there  would  be  the  possibility  of  making  reservations.    With   a  GPS  application  to  arrive  to  the  places.      Events,  expositions  ..You  will  be  able  to   book  wherever  you  are  with  just  one  click.    Online  bookings  will  also  be  available.         This  are  our  ideas  to  convert  B-­‐guided  1.0  website  to  a  2.0  website.   Here  there  is  a  picture  where  you  can  see  how  we  would  start  changing  the   website.    

07.                                                                              08.                                                                                          09.     B-­‐GUIDED  BLOG                FOLLOW  US                                                ONLINE  BOOKINGS                                                                                    IN  TWITTER  

B-GUIDED 2.0  

A change from 1.0 to 2.0 website

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