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The Invisible Man Group members Alejandra Andrade Stefany Orozco Sonia Yantuche Cindy GarcĂ­a Diego MenĂŠndez Lester Rodas

Chapter 1 In February A stranger arrives in early Bramblehurst Station and goes to town. They are staying at the inn of Mrs. Hall who stays in one of their rooms. The stranger is hostile to the innkeeper, but this thinking he had paid and intended to stay for a while, so it does not put any fault on the customer's attitude. The stranger asks Mrs. Hall that you collect your luggage at the station, but she says she can’t be and tells him that his nephew had an accident with a sickle and cut his arm, the stranger shows slight laugh, which causes Mrs. Hall think the rudeness of a stranger, but she keeps thinking he had paid.

Chapter 2 Mr. Henfrey, goes to the bar of the inn where Mrs. Hall asks Teddy if he can fix the clock in the room that houses the unknown. This tells you like and do not enter the room where the guest retorts to his landlady normally prefer not to be disturbed, because he prefers to be alone. Mr. Henfrey is set to fix the clock and disassembled everything to try to make conversation with the stranger, but the first word that says Teddy, the stranger tells him that just should not adjust needle and disassemble everything needed. The watchmaker at the rudeness of the unknown, and will be located in the village with Mr. Hall, husband of the landlady, who tells her what happened at the inn with said host, which provided no data to some. Mr. Hall comes to the inn and before this you reproach anything to his wife, Mrs. Hall reproaches had been slow and when Mr. Hall makes his rebuke to his wife, this tells that addresses their affairs.

Chapter 3 In this chapter it is said that when Mr. Fearenside takes the luggage to the inn the stranger, this goes for luggage and dog bites Mr. Fearenside in hand on the leg. He runs off to his room and when he enters Mr. Hall to see what happened is that the unknown has a hand and has to face the stains. The door closes without Mr. Hall could not see anything and when low the stranger had already changed clothes and gloves and tells everyone who had gathered in front of the inn so happened that it was nothing and that now going to introduce your luggage at the inn. The first thing the bottles are removed and what was in the baskets, which were mostly bottles, test tubes, in short, experimental material. The stranger asked not to be disturbed and that the damages that may result from his experiments that would add to your account. After what happened with the dog, people start to rumor that the stranger has a stain skin and is not white.

Chapter 4 Mr. Cuss, Pharmacist of the people, was interested in talking with the stranger (the invisible man) since he knew he was in possession of a lot of bottles and all those bandages, pure professional interest, but could not establish communication with him. The lady may want him out because he did not obey domestic laws, but this would answer with a bonus, so it was accepting women in the inn. The stranger worked every day, without differentiating workdays days off. Their night walks through the streets of Iping, frightened townspeople. In late April, Mr. Cuss could talk to the stranger, who managed to come out running from the room, the pharmacist, and go out for a drink with the vicar. While taking the cup, the pharmacist told the vicar that had scared so much and had run the inn. Mr. Cuss outsider came together for the signing of a nurse and a time when the stranger stood up, the pharmacist watched as the stranger had no arm, but when he went away with his fist and felt like she touched his arm, although none saw no.

Chapter 5 In this chapter, tell us what happened the night of the festival in Iping home of Bunting. That night was the party town and in the stillness of the four o'clock Mrs. Bunting seems to feel that open the door to her bedroom and closed again, and does nothing, but when you hear a sneeze in the corridor scared and tells her husband she grabs a fireplace poker and down to the first floor to see if there is any irregularity. See a light in his office, and when you hear the sound of coins to the office runs when you open the door and there's nobody. Hear a sneeze again and head to the kitchen and there terrified with fear get to see as you open the door but do not see anybody. Everything was a shock, but Iping ran out of money, and not knowing who the thief was invisible.

Chapter 5-11 There was a robbery in vicarious. The robbery was Monday in the early morning when Mrs. Bunting woke up and listened something in first level. She woke up and Mr. Bunting too. They didn´t see someone but they saw a candle. They heard a sneeze and steps but they couldn’t see who the thief was. Mr. Bunting and Mrs. Bunting were worried about robbery but they suspect the stranger was part of the robbery. Later they saw that the stranger wasn´t in his room and they thought that the thief was the stranger. While they were thinking about the robbery something unusual happened, the clothes of the stranger picked up for itself. Mr. and Mrs. Bunting were scared and a chair was pushing them. Mrs. Bunting was screaming when the strange appeared in the ladder. Mr. Bunting tried to ask him where he was but the stranger only screamed: “Close the door and Go away”. The stranger didn´t eat the rest of the day although he called for the Breakfast but Mrs. Bunting didn’t send to him. He was hungry so he asked for his food and showed his face. Mrs. Bunting was paralyzed and the stranger held bread and cheese and went to his room. The stranger was

eating when Mr. Bunting entered with the police to the stranger´s room. Mr. Bunting and the police were astonished but they wanted arrested him for the robbery. The stranger started a fight with them so he had to escape. The stranger was escaping when he saw a man (Tomas Marvel). They were talking when Thomas scared for the stranger voice. The stranger confessed his secret and convinced Thomas to help him. Thomas was the distraction while the stranger went to search his clothes and his Diaries. When the stranger went to his old room in Vicarious he found Mr. Bunting and Cuss trying to read his Diaries so he demanded his clothes and his Diaries.

Chapter 11 to 15

Mr. Marvel saw from the window of Mr. Huxter, where he worked had encountered Cuss • 3 large books titled DAILY and sat and saw the book and only had Butting figures were in many languages but a part was in Greek and were entertained someone opened the door and were terrified but it was just a man asking for the bar. Strange things had happened in Iping, one of them had seen something invisible but no longer wanted to pursue the subject when a voice speaks to them and tells them: do not move! They were afraid and questioning. The Invisible Man said it was strong and let them go if not faced and took his three books. Mr. Halls and Mr. Teddy argued and heard a bang and shouted, they asked if they were OK, since the vicar was inside. Then she heard a sound of a closing window and realized the bar. They had thought it was the invisible man and followed him. There were many noises, all the invisible man shouted and had fun. After that he disappeared and was not seen to see, or hear, or feel anymore. Mr. Marvel had been beaten, was concerned that everyone knew what the invisible man. After he was questioning a man who came and said the Invisible Man.

CHAPTER 16. IN THE GAY CRICKETERS Get away from along the invisible man and takes refuge in the Jolly Cricketers Tavern. The owner and the regulars of this help you hide and then look for ways to break the invisible man. He opened the door and nobody enters, but suddenly they hear that one of the side doors is opened and Mr. Marvel had started to cry. As soon as this screams, customers and the owner of the tavern go to his aid. Catching the invisible man a few seconds until it makes everyone bow down. Grab a tile and strip, so one customer picks up a revolver and fired five times to the place from where the brick had been thrown.

CHAPTER 17 KEMP VISITOR'S DOCTOR The invisible man who is suffering from a wrist injury caused by one of the shot ringing at the door of the house of Dr. Kemp and enters it without anyone seeing him. Dr. Kemp was in his office and when just down to the first floor by a Whisky and notice a spot of blood on the floor, up to his room and there he observed all his blankets and sheets full of blood. When you enter the Invisible Man recognizes Kemp and Griffin tells it, he had gone to college. Kemp remembers him and asks how he had managed that Griffin, Griffin says he is very tired and already I will.

CHAPTER 18 INVISIBLE MAN SLEEPING Griffin with sleep and Kemp are all worried and full of fear because they know it's the best I can do. Finally, after reading all the newspapers in the morning he decided to write a letter to Colonel Port Burdoc

CHAPTER 19 Some basic principles Griffin tells Kemp that graduated in medicine, and for career change and became interested in physical visibility and invisibility of objects. For six years he had left London and was a school teacher from the provinces when he began to discover more. As he had no financial means to steal the money to get his father to finish his research, but as the money was not his father. His father committed suicide.

CHAPTER 20 In The House Of Great Portland Street In which Griffin tells Kemp that after the death of his father went to a room in a building in Great Portland Street where he rented a room and devoted himself to continue his experiments. First get the invisibility of a silk fabric, after a cat and finally his own. When he got his invisibility, had problems with the owner of the room was going to evict, so you removed all its equipment and turned on the gas and set fire to everything that is not left any trace of him.

Chapter 21: Oxford street - It is Talking about a change of mood can we say, the invisible man went first to oxford street. He push a guy that has a cart went he go out. He was like a little dumb because he hit a lot of people. then he hide in A top of a house can we say, because he can't across the street. It was a presentation of lot of bands that were playing music, they were played when we are going to saw his face? ... He across perhaps all the city (he past a museum, Russel Square) to be in a save place that no one can't found him but when the bands were playing. He upstarts in house with his dirty feet so three guy note that, and start to follow the step that he was doing. The band name was army of salvation. when loose the guys he was tire and hurt. He hurt because he ran a lot. He pushed people to pass and he hurt. He loose everything in that fire....

Chapter 22: The emporiun -He was Planning what can he do? he was scare because he can't believe in no one. His secret delited him, all the people can said something of his secret.And finally he stay in market can we said in the room of beds...... He took a lot of clothes because the weather was really cold, and he has to be careful to don't take a flu. His room or house get fire that day thats why he slept in the market.he took jeans, boxers, socks, a cap, glasses, a masct everything that hide him. it is hard to hide him because he is invisible.A salesman looked him when they were open the market. He run away and they follow him, and he try to loose them hiding under a table. But they look him so he continue running. He went to the place that he slept. when he go there he took off the clothe. And the employees can't look him again. The police came. They were looking for him for a time and then he went eat something. then the weather is coming warm and he want go out of the market.

Chapter 23 In Drury Lane -He start to thing that be invisible in londres is a bad idea. Because there is a change of weather, to much people a lot of trash. He start to walk around the city. He pass his old house He pass the tugurios it is close to Great Portland street.He took off every thing to start walking aorund the city. Then he went to a store of a lot macts clothes skin. He in quietly, but the door has something that made sounds so the salesman go there to find some one And nobody is there. He start to punished himself. And the invisible man continue follow him the man of the store was eating when he finish he was walking around the store a the invisible man note this. it was scare but he need a masct and more things to hide his invisible skin. The invisible man was angry because the salesman notes that he was not alone. He thing that is a ghosth with him. So he became mad and where the invisible man goes the salesman follow him but it didn't not of the invisible guy.

Them the invisible guy hit him finally to took the stuff that he need. And Kemp asked ''Did you hit it on his head? Yes I did said the invisible man I was really mad because he was in all the room with a gun in the hand but it was his house!!! Said Kemp... And you tie in a chair ... you never get angry said the invisible man? to plan, organized, coordinate, just for a dumb guy that try to across in my way I'm not going to loose everything for that.

Chapter 24 Failed plan -Kemp wants to ''help'' or catch the invisible man. The invisible man was talking about all he do in oxford in the market, and with the salesman. He was like in a interview. They were talking an the invisible man want to run away of Paris first I want to go to Spain or Argelia. He said that there nobody are going to note him. He said the he can live there. But he just needs his things that are in the police office because Kemp gave to the police. So the invisible man was confused. The invisible man asked to Kemp -Did you tell someone that I'm here? Kemp didn't answer I made a mistake to do all of this alone said the invisible man, I knew that need help. Someone to help with my stuffs I need a colleague. That help me to stold a house kill somebody, Kempt ask ''Kill somebody?'' is that we have to do?...Yes imagine said the invisible mad a city like burdock scare of us. That if they didn't do what we are telling we kill them. It is sure that I'm going to kill them said the invisible man because nobody is going to find me. Then the invisible man hear

step downstairs and kemp was nervous, who is downstrairs asked the invisible man nobody said kemp. then he open the door a throught the key and that would stop a little the invisible man to don't scape. The invisible man took off his clothe and the general adye that receive the cart was wachting with his mouth open what was happen...

Chapter 25 The Invisible manhunt.

-Planning kemp said to general what he need to hut or catch the invisble man.You need dogs you need personal, you need block the streets, the train, the board, and road. the invisble man want to create a city of terror he is inhuman. You need to wacht every corner every street. You need to tell every one that has to lock their houses has to save his food. that would help us to catch him this is the only that we can do for hut or catch it.

Chapter 26 "The murder of Mr. Wicksteed" In this chapter, the narrator tells his assumptions about the Invisible Man to be caught by Mr. Wicksteed was forced to kill him just for the pleasure. All that is known is that Mr. Wicksteed was last seen running with a stick behind something and then in the evening we heard laughter and groans over the hill getting stronger.

Chapter 27 "The site of the house of Kemp" In this chapter, Griffin sent a letter to Kemp in threatening to kill him that day, Kemp sent her maid of Adye along with a letter, but the invisible man attacks maid and this comes to the police station without the letter . The colonel will Kemp House and consider what happens when Adye out the door is threatened by Griffin, who shoots him to see that this does not obey. Get into Kemp's house when the cops arrive and bred and produced a great commotion in the house of Kemp.

Chapter 28 "The Hunter Hunted" In this chapter we have as Griffin goes out the window of the house and this leaves behind Kemp lower down the hill to the village, there begins to reign panic with their cries. Kemp Griffin manages to catch, but this manages to escape again but a guard catches him again and he clubbed a burly workman. Kemp is at your side and orders to stop all non-breathing and his heart is not beating, was dead. Griffin's body begins to be visible and covered with a sheet and placed in a home.

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