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Vital An alluring blend of modern and minimal style

Volume 1: Savannah

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A Letter from the Editor

I present to you the most modern and minimal pieces of style, design, and lifestyle this summer. From the downtown hotels of Savannah to the unique beaches of Jekyll Island, we captured the beautiful life of living in a southern coastal city.

To some, fashion is optional, or irrelevant. To us it is a vital part of life, and something that enhances everyday living. It is how we define ourselves, and show personality in all that we do. With an array of today’s modern contemporary styles blended with vintage gems, I hope you find

inspiration from our stories for your style,design, or your next daytrip.

Editor in Chief

Ryan Castel i 8 The Minimalist

9 The Minimalist

Contributors Editor In Chief & Production Designer Ryan Castelli “Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be. “

Fashion Editor Jessica Ogden “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Features Editor Maddie Daley “When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.”

Lifestyle Editor Alejandra Crespo Rendon “Life is about clarity and balance.”

10 The Minimalist

11 The Minimalist

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Travel to Jekyll island Blush 5 ways GentleMen’s Cologne



savannah Street style Urban Activewear The modern suit club Monaco spotlight EASY BREEZy Designer look: Carmela SAvannah’s best local bands

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Drift away Styled and Written by Ryan Castelli Photographed by LAura Beckerdite


ekyll island is one of the neatly tucked away secrets of the Georgia coastline that absolutely stuns you. From the long drives down palmetto lined bluffs to the forests of thick pines and palm leaves, the journey out to the beach is almost more pleasing than laying out in the sand and hearing the waves break. Driftwood beach is decorated with washed out trees and branches that are perfectly placed across the sand, creating small pools of crystal clear water. The vast array of birds bathe in the tide pools, and the sounds of the of the ocean and forest immerse you. One of the most unique spots on the southeastern seaboard, Georgia is truely more beautiful than any outsider could imagine, leaving it free of crowds and tourists most days for a serene view.

16 The Minimalist

17 The Minimalist

18 The Minimalist

Hats, Vintage, $25 Reef Bikini, $88 Scarf, Vintage, $40 Persol sunglasses, $140 J. Crew Scallop Earring, $65 Banana Republic Marble Necklace, $60

19 The Minimalist

20 The Minimalist

21 The Minimalist

22 The Minimalist

23 The Minimalist

24 The Minimalist

Brandy Melville top, $40 Anthropologie hat, $120 Warby Parker sunglasses, $116 Free People Gemstone Earring, $68 Free People Beaded Necklace, $48 COS Bar Pendant, $98

25 The Minimalist

26 The Minimalist

27 The Minimalist

28 The Minimalist

Club Monaco top, $112 J. Crew short, $52

29 The Minimalist

30 The Minimalist

31 The Minimalist

32 The Minimalist

33 The Minimalist

34 The Minimalist

35 The Minimalist


Blush 5 ways

Blush can be a hard technique to master. Its all about the face shape that you have and the amount that you are applying. I used to think that if there was some pink on my face then I was done applying blush. Growing up I realized there are a lot of ways to apply it. Every technique fits a certain face shape, and enhances features. Look at all the ways we show you to apply it and try them out for yoursel in order to attain a beautiful glow!

36 The Minimalist

Center Blush For those who wish to soften their bone structure or have a square-shaped jawline, Apply rounded bursts of blush to center of the cheek– right on the apple. It will have a rounding effect on your entire face. What’s more, center blush can have a widening effect on the eyes. Done correctly.

Lower Blush If your face features a long or prominent chin, you can even things out by placing your blush just below the apples of your cheeks– over the bone. This creates the subtle illusion that the apples of your cheeks rest a bit lower, and will elongate the upper part of the face to keep you looking balanced and proportionate.

Upper Blush Popular in Japan, blushing underneath the eyes can create an either sickly, or youthful appearance that might be seen as an extreme for some. However, applying your blush up high can make a short face appear extra long. For those with small or round faces, it’s worth a try– keeping the blush just above the apples is a happy medium to blending it into your eye makeup.

Outer Blush Contour blush (shading around the cheekbones and temples) can draw focus to the center of the face– a plus if your face is on the wider side. Do too much and you’ll look like a Ziggy Stardust revivalist (no complaints here!), But do a little and you’ll find it to be a subtle way to add structure without

Full cheeks It’s not for everybody, but BIG BLUSH can work magic on those with large or long faces. Coloring outside the typical blush lines can shorten the face significantly and even shape it, depending on whether you apply rounded pats or sweeping strokes. Try it with a subtle shade and skip the heavy eye and lip looks. That will keep your cheeks the major state37 The Minimalist

38 The Minimalist

39 The Minimalist


Cologne 101 Written by Alejandra Crespo

Tom Ford once said, “Good manners and good

We may say that your cologne is the key for

cologne is what transforms the man into a gentleman”.

success, as Massimo Ferragamo once implied

And you might think he is just being pretentious,

when he said, “The best investments in every

but truth is that scents are capable of much more.

man’s life are a custom tailored suit and expensive

A scent is a silent way to communicate and connect

cologne. It’s like buying the best first impression”.

with other people. Because we don’t have a good

Nevertheless, it is imperative to choose the correct

language for odors,we tend to relate them to memories,

scent, in order to attract the appropriate people


and to make an impeccable first impression.





Some tips when you go shopping for your ideal fragrance:

Unique, not custom:

Shop in stores:

It has happened to all of us, we

We all know that you can find

smell a cologne we like and

anything online and it may

we go out and buy it. But once

be convenient when buying

we put it on, it isn’t the same.

a phone or even clothes, but

Colognes react with your skin and


pheromones releasing a unique

those, at least not for the first

trail, so before buying a cologne

time. Once you have found

take a few minutes to try it on,

your scent it is easier to order

go for a walk and then see how

it whenever you need more.





it smells.

Don’t rush:

Over dress:

Choosing the right cologne can

True is that one scent isn’t

be overwhelming, and by the time

enough, a man needs two

you have tried four fragrances

colognes for different occasions.

you may already have fatigue

For everyday fresh or citrus

scent. So have an idea in mind


of what you want, and stick to it.

tobacco and woody fragrances




are better for evening occasions.

40 The Minimalist

If you still don’t know where to start, here are some of the scents we love:

Chanel Bleu De Chanel, $99

Valentino Uomo, $78-98+

Tom Ford Oud Wood $299

Hermes Terre D’Hermes $60-$80

Tom Ford Grey Vetiver, $74

41 The Minimalist


Street Style Selections and writing by Jessica Ogden Photos courtesy of: The Manor, Photographs taken by Lucy Hewitt, Jenny Watts, Lian Najarian and Angie Stong Since this addition of The Minimalist is focused on Savannah, we decided to team up with Savannah’s own, Manor to comment on some strikingly beautiful street style. There are so many fashion forward events that occur in Savannah, especially this year, from Calvin Klein talking at the Trustees Theater to SCAD’s annual fashion show, there are plenty opportunists for people to show off your personal style. I picked four overall trends that were seen amongst both men and women to highlight: all white from head to toe, chic neck scarfs, statement jeans, shades of blue and power jackets (mostly represented by men). Adopting any of these trends will give life to your closet and to the people you pass on the street!

2 Neck Scarf

1 All White

42 The Minimalist

3 Power Jacket

4 Shades of blue

43 The Minimalist


Breathe out


re your repetitive gym workouts enough? Emerging

research suggests that there are more benefits to exercising outdoors that simply can’t be replicated at the gym. For instance, studies have proven that running outdoors burns more energy than running indoors. This has to do with wind resistance and variations in terrains. The same terms can be applied to cycling since wind is a huge variable when practicing outdoors. “Resistance from the wind when running or cycling outdoors means you often burn more calories than if you were indoor,” says Simon Cowen, Fitness First PT Ambassador. “And slopes and uneven ground make your body work harder as it has to respond to the unknown,” he adds. Another plus to running outside is that you avoid injuries that are commonly caused by running on a treadmill. This is because, outdoor runners tend to flex their ankles more making the impact on their bodies more natural. In addition, outdoor runners tend to develop leg muscles in a more proportional manner. This is caused when running downhill, which can’t be simulated on a treadmill. Accordingly to research, exercising outside also has the ability of making you extra energized. You are able to avoid tension, confusion, anger and depression. Furthermore, research also has proven if you exercise outside you are more compelled to exercising again. “Outdoor activity encourages more activity, [which] is a good thing,” says Jacqueline Kerr, a professor at the University of California, San Diego

44 The Minimalist

45 The Minimalist

If this article still hasn’t convinced you to get outside, at a minimum fresh air and exposure to sunlight will help you feel better and boost happiness levels. “… fresh air and increased oxygen helps release the feel-good brain chemical, serotonin




training sessions not only help keep you fit and healthy, they put you in a fantastic mood too,” says Cowen. You might feel more comfortable in the controlled environment of a gym, but in the process you’ll be missing out on all of the amazing benefits of exercising outside. So next time you’re about to jump in the car and go to the gym consider soaking up some vitamin D and fresh air by going for a run in a local park instead. See contributors page for sited sources.

46 The Minimalist

47 The Minimalist

North Face Bra, $40 Calvin Klein Performance cropped leggings, $45 Nike Free Running shoe, $120

48 The Minimalist

49 The Minimalist

50 The Minimalist

51 The Minimalist

52 The Minimalist

53 The Minimalist


The new business casual Styled and Written by Ryan Castelli Photographed by LAura Beckerdite


imes are changing, and the full suit look is becoming less relevant for today’s working men. Modern day work wear is becoming more and more casual, leaving a lot of room for variety and creative twist. This also creates a gray area of what is acceptable and what is not, so Vital is here to guide the guys of today on how to dress for casual fridays and relaxed days in the office. After all, there are no rules in fashion. From blazers over sweaters to cardigans over button ups, there is an array of option for those mornings of digging through the closet for a look that isn’t worn out and your co-workers have seen so many times. Although it seems complicated and impossible, dressing down for work can be done, and it may even impress your office when you bring a new sense of style into a boring workplace.

This Page: Ralph Lauren blazer & sweater, $498, $218. Fossil watch, $156 Next Page: J. Crew floral shirt, $78. Cole Haan suede oxford, $120. Nixon watch, $160. Gant Rugger stretch pant, $135

54 The Minimalist

55 The Minimalist

56 The Minimalist


quality dress shoe automatically elevates nearly any look. For almost a century, the oxford has been the most classic and respected accessory item in menswear. From suede and interesting textures to a clean cut leather with monk straps or buckles, the ability to add flavor to the day is endless.

57 The Minimalist

58 The Minimalist

Tom Ford Jacket, $342. Topshop heathered sweater, $80. Aldo monkstrap shoe, $140. Tommy Hilfiger sport pant, $98.

59 The Minimalist



ardigans are always a comfortable yet classy look, and can be matched with any color pant and a button up for a change of pace. If you need to look a touch more formal for any reason, a sweater layered underneath a blazer is the way to go. From the trenchcoat to the sport coat, the power jacket is a big part of menswear, and it adds a bit of flare to any layered look.

This Page: Brooks Brothers knit cardigan, $148. COS pleated shirt, $38. Next Page: Aldo Monskstrap shoe, $140. Zara textured sweater, $60. Vintage Blazer, $90

60 The Minimalist

61 The Minimalist

62 The Minimalist

63 The Minimalist

64 The Minimalist

J.Crew sportcoat, $198. Brooks Brothers Red Fleece Sweater, $78. Timex watch, $298. Vintage jacket, $52. Ralph Lauren textured tee, $62

65 The Minimalist

66 The Minimalist

67 The Minimalist

68 The Minimalist

69 The Minimalist


Boutique Spotlight : Club Monaco Written by Jessica Ogden

In this issue’s spotllight is Club Monaco! It has all the essential pieces and silhouettes for summer. Blues, whites, and even a “French Brown” suede jacket! Check them out online, or if you’re in Savannah, stop by their Broughton location.

MDS Stripes Everything Wrap $145

Nadina Off-The-Shoulder Top, $139.50 Talk about long legs!

Simonettah Tie-Back Jumpsuit, $289

One-pieces always look classy, especially in white! Marysia Broadway Maillot $326 70 The Minimalist

Plumina Off-The-Shoulder Top $149.50

Off-The-Shoulder is great for no tan lines!

Filina Tank $139.50

Can you say Sunday Brunch or what?!

Indya Tube Top $139.50

Rayah Suede Jacket $745

71 The Minimalist

72 The Minimalist

73 The Minimalist


Easy Breezy Editorial by Jessica Ogden Photographed by Angie Stong


ere at Vital, we can’t get enough of the clean, minimal, modern look. We try to embrace this all year round in both our clothing choices and our lifestyle. There is something about summertime though, that makes this job so much easier to fulfill. Whether it is the heat or the ocean there is always something to take inspiration from. For this editorial, I took my styling cues from the breathless coast of Greece. Its true blues and spotless whites create an effortless color pallet. My goal was also to hone in on the equally present structure and undulation Greece always captures. The stones and houses bring structure while the water creates constant change and fluidity. The backdrop consists mostly of stonewalls and harsh corners. While the clothing is effortless, with pieces including an off-the-shoulder neckline, a laced-front linen tunic, and a gorgeously pure blue scarf . The wind and shadows also played a big part in setting my intended free mood. They created unpredictable variety and movement throughout the photographs. I didn’t stray away from structure in the garments either. Some structural looks included a sportswear-inspired structured vest as well as the blue and white striped button down. All in all, I hope this provides inspiration for your summer wardrobe and overall state of mind.

74 The Minimalist

75 The Minimalist

76 The Minimalist

77 The Minimalist

78 The Minimalist

79 The Minimalist

80 The Minimalist

81 The Minimalist

82 The Minimalist

83 The Minimalist


Asos Blue Shorts, $38 Vintage Blue Scarf, $13 Vintage Cotton Vest, $17 Vintage White Dress, $22 Madewell Slide Sandal, $69 Vintage Blue Sweater Tank, $14 Adrienne Vittadini Linen lace up top, $50 Free People Off-the- Shoulder shirt, $104 American Apparel Striped Button Down Shirt, $85 84 The Minimalist

85 The Minimalist


Designer Look: Carmela Osorio Lugo Written by Maddie Daley

How did it feel when you won the CFDA Liz Claibourne Award in 2014?

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

Winning the CFDA was really unbelievable, I remember all the long hours and all nighters of working, everything was definitely worth it. Coming from Venezuela I never imagined I would have the opportunities I have received during my career, especially an opportunity like attending the CFDA ceremony. Getting to know all the designers I looked up to and receiving the scholarship during the ceremony was probably the most important day of my life. I used the scholarship for my tuition and to sponsor my senior collection which later became my brand CARMELÁ.

In ten years I see myself running my brand in NYC, with a big studio space and with an amazing team of designers and merchandisers, I also see the brand expanding in Latin America having boutiques in different countries and having foundations and studios that provide sustainable jobs to women. In these communities I want to always give back with my brand providing jobs to seamstresses in need. Latin America for me is essential as well as teaching workshops in different fashion institutions throughout the world.

Now that you have established your brand, what will be your next step? My next step is to be able to establish my brand completely and gain international recognition. Before I launched my line 6 months ago, I was designing and creating the collection, however, in the process I realized how I did not just want to do denim, I wanted to do luxury sustainable denim wear.

One person I will choose to wear my things down the red carpet is hopefully one day my Mom. She has been the woman who has inspired me the most throughout this process. She has been there for me and everything I am is thanks to her hard work and love for me and my siblings. However if we are talking about celebrities I think that women like Livia Firth, Emma Watson, Stella Mccartney, Amal Clooney, Zoe Kravitz, Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron, all women that have made an impact in the world just how I am trying to with my brand.

86 The Minimalist

Who is the one person you could choose to wear your things down a red carpet and why?

SCAD graduate Carmela Osorio Lugo is a well-accomplished fashion designer from Venezuela. She came from a small town and now is designing out of NYC. She plans to further her brand À over the next couple years while working for Club Monaco in New York City.

“With my line I wanted to cause a social and ecological impact. Therefore CARMELÁ aims to reduce, recycle and reuse post consumer fabric waste to create one of a kind sustainable luxury denim wear. I want to keep learning about sustainability and get involved in new technologies that contribute to avoid the polution caused by the fashion industry.”

87 The Minimalist

88 The Minimalist

89 The Minimalist


Savannahs Local Music Scene

The Barefoot Movement at Randy's Pickin' Parlor


he barefoot movement brings its Nashville charm to the entertaining south at Randy’s Pickin’ Parlor. Said to be, “one of the most promising bands on the bluegrass scene,” by CMT Edge, Barefoot Movement aims to create a relaxed, down-home environment for audiences. From tender love songs to foot-stompers, fiddler Noah Wall, mandolinist Tommy Norris, and guitarist/vocalist Alex Conerly command the stage while welcoming all to kick back and enjoy. Wall and Norris met in high school and grew musically together throughout their college careers. Adding Conerly in 2013, the Movement hit the road, spreading their sound all across the United States. Rolling Stone, CMT, and Country Weekly Magazine have all caught on to their talent, and the group’s been a favorite of esteemed bluegrass festivals like Merlefest, Telluride Bluegrass Festival, and more. Perhaps most notably, in 2014, the International Bluegrass Music Association crowned The Barefoot Movement “Band of the Year.”

90 The Minimalist

Chrome Pony at The Jinx


yler and Kyle Davis are brothers born on the same date two years apart; and since they could build tree houses and race BMX in their Indiana hometown, the duo have been a spectral musical unit knowing how to plese their listeners. Nashville’s best instrumentalists, the duo continue to take their songs to new depths of arrangement and dynamic, without a shred of pretense or hesitation. Tyler delivers searing guitar structures with meticulous detail. Kyle’s drumming boasts a seemingly limitless physical display, underpinned by prodigious accuracy. Bassist, Jota Ese crafts grooves sufficient to render anyone’s inhibitions powerless, and Ric plays the rhythmic field with tumbling, tasty organ currents. Already comprising a hefty discography, Chrome Pony’s one EP and one full length release (Illegal Smiles and Lazy Bones) reveal an evolution that gives way to more complexity and arrangement in 2014’s “You are the Pisces” EP. Further maturity is set to be released in the form of one or more records for the year to come.

91 The Minimalist

92 The Minimalist

Additional Contributors Page Photographers: Angie Stong Lucy Hewitt Jenny Watts Lian Najarian Laura Beckerdite Andrea de la Higuera Make-up: Julia Morgan Models: Hannah Gilberson Grace Crawford Lilly Hilgers Allison Reinhardt Andrew Repak Valentin Haack Other: Carmela Osorio Lugo The Manor Sources: Breath Out: The Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry. “Benefits of outdoor exercise confirmed.” ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 5 February 2011. <>. Berman, Stacy. “The Benefits of Outdoor Exercise.” The Huffington Post., 18 June 2012. Web. 23 May 2016. Gretchen, Reynolds. “The Benefits of Exercising Outdoors.” Well. 21 Feb. 2013. Web. 23 May 2016. Blush Five Ways: Saint Clair, Stella Rose. “Blush.” Beautylish. N.p., n.d. Web. 1 May 2016. <>.

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94 The Minimalist

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