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Name of the person

Angelina Jolie

Johnny Depp

George Clooney

Lindsey Lohan

Drug/comments Heroin. Because she wants to try

All types of drugs like: Marihuana, Cocaine, Heroin etc..

Hallucinogen: Mushrooms

Alcohol, Cocaine and mindaltering substances. She was in jail whe she was riving when she was drunk.

Barack Obama

Marijuana. To taste it

Robert Downey jr.

Cocaine, Heroin and other drugs. He started to become addicted when he was 8 years old

Oprah Winfrey

Crack and cocaine. She became addicted but now she is rehab

Elton John

Cocaine becuase it was very common for him and she likes it.

Britney Spears

Cocaine, crack. They saw her drug when she was riving with her little son.

Michale Phelps

Marijuana. He did it only for curiosity.

Roberto Palazuelos

Alcohol and drugs. Now he is rehab and does talk about the risk if you are using drugs

Sasha Sokol

Cocaine. Now she is rehab nad sings actualy

Alejandra Guzman

Alcohol and drugs. She starts drugging when she lost her baby at 4 years old

Alex Lora

Marijuana, Cocaine. But his real drug is his music

Gloria Trevi

Marijuana. Now she doesn´t do that and she is rehab

Gael Garcia

Marijuana . To taste it

Julio Cesar Chavez jr.

Marijuana. The people know about his addiction when the antidoping says that was true.


Cocaine. They saw her in a hotel, when she was drugging with Cocaine.

Carmen Campuzano

Heroin. She starts with Marijuana then with Cocaine and Alcohol. In the actuality she is rehab but the consequences of his addiction makes that her face is deformed

Diego Luna

Marijuana. Only to know how it is.

Table of drugs  
Table of drugs  

Aritst that had used drugs in their career.