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USE…  An action in the

near future that has already been planned or prepared Example: I am going to study harder next year.  A conclusion

regarding the immediate future Example: The sky is absolutely dark. It is going to rain.

Signal Words In one year, next week, tomorrow, tonight, next weekend, On Monday…….

Form of going to Future positive I

I am going to speak.

negative I am not going to speak.

question Am I going to speak?

you / we / You are going to You are not going they speak. to speak.

Are you going to speak?

he / she / He is going to it speak.

Is he going to speak?

He is not going to speak.

LET’S DO IT Complete with GOING TO, using the verbs. a. They ____________________________to the cinema this afternoon. (to work) b. Sara ____________________________ her debts. (to pay) c. _________________________________ Medicine in the university? ( I/to study) d. The children ___________________________ the ball. (not /to


How can i express my plans  
How can i express my plans  

This magazine provides you an explanation of GOING TO, and one exercise.