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Trading report for Slovenian market in May 2013 Day-Ahead Market Total volume of concluded transactions in May 2013 reached 432.907,953 MWh. The average monthly price for Base reached 30,19 EUR/MWh and for Euro-peak reached 33,75 EUR/MWh. In respect of Market Coupling on Slovenian-Italian border in direction SI-IT offered capacity reached 241.498 MWh off which 235.500,255 MWh was allocated, representing 97,32 % utilization of daily available transmission capacity. In May all orders were entered on the Slovenian hourly auction. The volume of entered orders reached 1.505.222 MWh.

Intraday Market In May 86 transaction were concluded with total trading volume resulting in 17.365 MWh. In the same period volume of 13.785 MWh was concluded with block products, 2.870 MWh with hourly product and 710 MWh with fifteen minutes product. In May 3 transaction were concluded for clearing (OTC) with total volume resulting in 2.100 MWh.

Trading report May 2013  

Report on trading at BSP SouthPool Regional Energy Exchange for May 2013

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