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The newsletter of the BSP Regional Energy Exchange No 12

- Growth of trading volumes - Relevant reliable price index for the Slovenian market - Borzen became a member of BSP SouthPool

Trading volumes rise for third month in a row Establishment of relevant reliable price index for the Slovenian market In order to adjust BSP SouthPool Slovenian Day-ahead Market session' times to other trading activities on Slovenian energy market in the middle of March BSP SouthPool introduced new sessions' times: auction Session Call Phase is prolonged for 15 minutes (until 8:45) and Continuous Session is prolonged for 2 hours (until 12:00). Two months later the liquidity proofs that change of the session' times was the right decision.

BSP SouthPool records a constant growth of trading volumes on Slovenian Dayahead Market since mid March. New sessions' times brought more liquidity to the market, which resulted in the formulation of the relevant reliable price index for each hour for the Slovenian market. This is a significant contribution to the transparency of the electricity market in Slovenia. Currently two members (out of 28) took over the role of market makers on the BSP SouthPool (HSE and Gen-I) and two the role of liquidity providers (Borzen, Slovenian power market operator and Eles, transmission network system operator in Slovenia). Since mid March total volume of transactions reached 15.759 MWh of which 12.613 MWh was reached in the last month. All transactions were concluded in the Slovenian market. In the Serbian market no transactions were concluded in the aforementioned period.

From March to May the total volume of entered orders on the BSP SouthPool Regional Energy Exchange reached 203.590 MWh, as of more than 64 percent of all orders were entered in May in the Slovenian market.

Trading report May 2010 Total volume of concluded transactions in May 2010 reached 12.613 MWh which is the highest monthly volume ever on the BSP Regional Energy Exchange. The average monthly price for Base reached 43,74 EUR/MWh and for Euro-peak 48,14 EUR/MWh. In May all trades were concluded on the Slovenian hourly auction. There were no concluded transactions in the Serbian market in the aforementioned period. In May all orders were entered on the Slovenian hourly auction. The volume of entered orders reached 132.067 MWh.


BSP SouthPool

n w Management changes at BSP SouthPool :

Gorazd Ažman was appointed as Acting General Manager of BSP SouthPool

As of June 1st 2010 the Acting General Manager of BSP Regional Energy Exchange is Mr. Gorazd Ažman. He was appointed to the position by the company's Supervisory Board. Gorazd Ažman has many years of experience in the energy sector, especially in power trading. He has been employed within the BSP SouthPool as Technical director and Procurator since March 2009, before he was Head of Business Development at the Gen-I and Trading, Supervision and Analysis Manager at the Slovenian power market operator Borzen.

Borzen is going to sell energy on BSP SouthPool Borzen became a member of BSP SouthPool in the middle of May – On the exchange they intend to sell energy from Centre for RES / CHP support Borzen, Slovenian power market operator, became an exchange member of the BSP Regional Energy Exchange in middle of May. BSP Energy Exchange enables Borzen to sell certain volumes of electricity derived from the CP activities (Centre for RES/CHP support) on efficient and transparent way on daily basis. CP administers the electricity feed-in support scheme for RES (renewable energy sourcer) and CHP (high-efficiency cogeneration) power plants in Slovenia. BSP SouthPool welcomes greater Borzen's involvement at the exchange.

New member of BSP SouthPool is Ezpada In May Ezpada became a new member of BSP SouthPool. As a member of BSP exchange Ezpada will participate on the Slovenian Day-ahead Market as well as on Serbian Day-ahead Market.
 BSP regional energy exchange has 28 members: B-P Energia Szolgalatato, Borzen, Danske commodities, Edelweiss, Electrabel, Elektro Slovenija, Edison Trading, EGL, Elektro Celje, Elektro Ljubljana, Elektro Maribor, Elektro Primorska, Elektro prodaja, E.ON Energy Trading, Enel Trading, Energy financing team, EVN Trading South East Europe, Ezpada, Gen-I, Holding Slovenske elektrarne, IMC Energy Trading , Interenergo, Petrol energetika, Rudnap Group, Statkraft Markets, Termoelektrarna toplarna Ljubljana, Tradition Financial Services (TFS) and Verbund.


Trainings and workshops by BSP SouthPool:

˝Hourly electricity price forecasting˝

At the request of exchange members BSP Regional Energy Exchange on 27 May 2010 organized the educational workshop "Hourly electricity price forecasting". Workshop was tailor made and based on the expressed needs of the market participants in the electricity market. The content of education was suitable for all those who are active in energy trading. In addition to theoretical lessons (which covered the methods for the forecasting of the electricity prices, the supply and demand modeling, the basic fundamental analysis and the price forecasting model based on the statistical analysis) participants also learned the basis of fundamental and statistical analysis conducted for the prediction of hourly supply curves for Slovenian and German electricity market in practice.

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BSP Southpool Newsletter June 2010  

The Newsletter of BSP Regional Energy Exchange No 12