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Teens Succeed Aleicia LaClaire Visual Communications June 9, 2014

My brother, Jamie, is a baseball player. By playing baseball, he does something positive for both himself, and the community. Baseball has taught Jamie leadership, responsibility, and sportsmanship. Being the oldest on the team, there are times where Jamie has had to give his team hope and energy, and he always makes sure everyone is doing things correctly. He has had to learn responsibility by remembering all of his equipment like his glove, cleats, and bats. Finally, sportsmanship has been important. He has learned that even if he has a bad game, or gets angry with a player or an umpire, he has to let it go and stay calm. Also, he gets exercise, has fun, and make life-long friendships. For the community, he and his team gives people something fun to watch in town, or even just a place to hang out. People love watching games, especially if is a good game between two teams.


On The Mound Jamie is a pitcher. He is on the mound, getting ready to throw a pitch. Pitching is his favorite part of the game. He enjoys the pressure, and works very hard to be the best he can be.

Pitching Jamie is in the middle of his wind-up. All of the attention is on Jamie, and the batter, seeing who will win the battle.

Pitching This is him just about to release the ball. The batter should be ready to start his swing, if it is a strike.

Meeting Jamie and his catcher are meeting to make sure they are on the same page. Here they discuss what pitch to throw, where the catcher’s glove should be, and how to make sure they get the win.

Fielding In addition to being a pitcher, Jamie also plays many different positions in the field. This is him playing centerfield. As a center fielder, you are in control of the outfield. You tell people where to be, where the play is, and get every ball that goes to you. You also have to make sure you back up throws down to second, and have a good arm to throw anywhere at a moments notice.

Fielding He also plays first base. As a first baseman, you have to be able to catch balls above your head, in the dirt, and make sure nothing goes by you, while your foot stays on the bag to get the runner out.

Batting Here, Jamie is in the batter’s box waiting for the pitch. His knees are straight, so that means he was waiting for the pitcher to throw the pitch.

Batting Jamie is batting in this picture also, but his knees are bent, and he is taking a step. This means that he is about ready to swing.

Taking a Lead In this photo, he is taking a lead off of first base, ready to run at any moment.

On Base Here, he is standing on second, waiting for his teammate to hit the ball.

Running Jamie is running from second to third, where he will be hoping his teammate drives him in for a run.

Shaking Hands

After the game, the teams line up to shake hands. This shows good sportsmanship. Even after a great win, or a tough loss, it is expected that you will shake hands appropriately, and celebrate after you finish.

Post-game Talk After the game, the team huddles in the outfield to talk about what they did well, and what they need to improve on. This helps them realize their mistakes, and make sure they don’t make the same ones next time.

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