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“There are people less qualified than you, doing the things you want to do, simply because they decided to believe in themselves.”



What do these words mean to you?

Change/ A magical opportunity that

invites us to evolve.

Success/ Peace of mind at the end of

the day.

Looking forward…/ To seeing the

am is a documentary photographer, podcast host, brand strategist, and a storyteller at heart. A self-described recovering procrastinator, coffee lover, elote and sweet plantain addict, Pam works with individuals to help them develop their personal and company brand. Through her diverse career, Pam has learned the importance of branding and positioning and has combined her skills as a creative and strategic marketer to develop systems that help individuals accomplish their goals while staying true to their stories. Pam’s mission is to spread ideas, move people. She recently launched a new product: Snoozet, a fabric pocket for your phone that lets you enjoy real life. The goal of this product is to promote mindfulness and increase productivity while letting us live the best life we can in the present moment.


growth and healing our community is experiencing.

Giving back/ Essential to living a full life. ALEGRIA/ The song your heart sings. Latina/ Driving force. Resilience. Power. The future.

¿Qué significan estas palabras para ti?

Cambio/ Una oportunidad mágica que

nos invita a evolucionar.

Éxito/ Tranquilidad al final del día. Lo que más anhelas/ Ver el crecimiento y la curación que está experimentando nuestra comunidad. Dar a la comunidad/ Esencial para una

vida plena.

ALEGRIA/ La canción de tu corazón.

Community/ Stronger together.

Latina/ Fuerza motriz. Resistencia. Poder. El futuro.

Your voice/ My truth.

Comunidad/ Más fuertes juntos.

What did you learn this 2018?

To use my voice and speak my truth. I had been living in doubt for a long time until I read a quote that said: “There are people less qualified than you, doing the things you want to do, simply because they decided to believe in themselves.” That put many things in perspective, and I took action. By owning my story, I was able to elevate other people’s voices and teach them the power of their own story.

Tu voz/ Mi verdad. ¿Qué aprendiste este 2018?

A usar mi voz y decir mi verdad. Viví en duda mucho tiempo hasta que leí una cita que decía: "Hay personas menos calificadas que tú, haciendo las cosas que quieres hacer, solo porque decidieron creer en sí mismas". Eso puso todo en perspectiva y tomé medidas. Me adueñé de mi historia, pude elevar las voces de otros y enseñarles el poder de su propia historia. 45

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ALEGRIA LAtinas Giving Back  

ALEGRIA LAtinas Giving Back