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Llamen a los Bomberos is a vibrant red inspired by Puerto Rico’s flag. Pili is a proud Boricua and wanted to bring some of that Caribbean warmth into this nail collection - crystal clear warm waters, luscious mountains, vibrant colors, the taste of fresh tropical fruit and the sound of the coquí.

Pili Montilla

Azúcar Morena is inspired by the color of brown sugar with a hint of burnt orange. Roxana loves earth tones and neutral colors that remind her of the earth and the mountains - colors that are both delicate and strong.

Roxana Velazco Spanglish is a blue that signifies trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith and truth, which Barbz strives for every day. The name represents the power and beauty Barbz embraces as a Latina who speaks English and Spanish.

Café con Leche is Solange’s perfect nude. This color makes her feel polished and elegant and will look gorgeous on all skin colors. Plus the name is inspired by her favorite coffee to drink with family and friends.

Solange Nicole


Tú is inspired by the color of the Spiritú Box that was designed by Mexican artist Tania Peregrino. We hope that by wearing this color, you feel beautiful, bold, and ready to take on the world.

Spiritú WINTER


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ALEGRIA LAtinas Giving Back  

ALEGRIA LAtinas Giving Back