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ROY LICHTENSTEIN IN L.A. A new retrospective of more than seventy remarkable works by the Pop Art master


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his special edition featuring some of the most inspiring Latinas and Latinos of 2016 was created with the purpose to highlight the positive contributions of everyday leaders in our entertainment, business and artistic community in the U.S.A. Of course, this is just a small tribute filled with love. I wish I had many more pages, so I could feature thousands of stories and focus on the wonderful #ALEGRIA people I encounter everyday through my fantastic job, which is above all my calling and my passion. I remember one afternoon back in 1997, when I was a teenager back in Medellin, Colombia. I stumbled upon an interesting book: People Who Have Changed the World. I can’t tell you why or how but something changed inside of me from that moment on. I saw that making an impact in the world is not only a duty of inventors and leaders in power, but everyday people like you and me. We can be heroes in our own social circles, leaders who live by example for our loved ones. I saw that we can leave a mark with our ideas, creativity and above all, our commitment to leaving this world a little better than how we found it. This year at ALEGRIA was magic. We celebrated Latinos and Latinas all year long with amazing events in Los Angeles with Aislin Derbez and Alejandra Espinoza. In addition, we started our Miami #AlegriaFamily in Wynwood through curated fashion + beauty events with notable celebrity stylist Irma Martinez and the ladies of the Dream Team that are leaders in the industry. We also welcomed Aventura Dance Cruise, the world’s largest Latin dance cruise as one of our media partners. However, the excitement has just begun as we create multiple events onboard for 2017 for our ALEGRIA familia! 2017 marks a very special milestone for Alegria as we celebrate our 5th Year Anniversary and expand into the digital world as a media company and lifestyle brand for the bilingual Latino and Latina of today’s world. I can’t wait to keep growing our familia together throughout the U.S. and Latin America. Stay tuned for our 5 city tour and all the ALEGRIA that we as Latinas in the U.S. keep bringing to the world! May God bless you and multiply your blessings in 2017. Living in Gratitude,

Alegria Bilingual Magazine Publisher/CEO davina@alegriamagazine.com

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And the Most inspiring


LATINOS of 2016 WINTER EDITION / Lo s a n g e l e s - M I A M I - N E W YO R K

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DAVINA FERREIRA - PUBLISHER Davina Ferreira is the publisher of ALEGRIA Magazine. She is also a poet and published author. Recently ,she received the prestigious Rising Star Award by the National LBWA at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood. This honor recognizes entrepreneurial excellence to a business owner under 35. She is currently working on her second book: "Finding my ALEGRIA." Her ALEGRIA? Sharing time with her loved ones and her dog Emilio, traveling (minus the flying) and helping others accomplish their dreams.

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PAOLA HERNANDEZ - WRITER Paola Hernandez is a journalist and a co-founder of KiiKAS (a breast cancer awareness program) from Pereira - Colombia. She is a passionate writer, an amateur chef, and a love expert. She posseses a unique sense of humor and a lot of friends. Paola is a proud Scorpio and a sexy momma who loves to read, travel and go on hot dates with her husband. Paola’s ALEGRIA is her son Santiago.

CARLOS MENDOZA - CREATIVE DIRECTOR Carlos is a colombian designer passionate about illustration, editorial design and graphic design applied to fashion marketing. His spare time is spent teaching design at universities in the city, creating graphic publications with multiple applications (clothes, magazines, archigraphy), also cycling and walking his dog “domingo.”

CLARE MIRANDA - WRITER Clare is a Los Angeles native. Of Mexican-American heritage, Clare spent years singing and acting in choral and theatrical productions. After studying in Italy and traveling throughout Europe, she completed her B.A. in Speech Communication and went to work in the fashion industry specializing in bridal fashion and helping to run a trendy boutique. When not traveling, or planning her next adventure, she enjoys kickboxing, dancing and supporting the arts. What gives her the most ALEGRIA in life, however, is spending time with her beloved family; Ysidro, Grace and Leah and their Dutch shepherd puppy, Kuma.

DAVID JR. MARTIN - PHOTOGRAPHER I moved to LA from the Bay Area to pursue my music career some time ago. Along my journey I did many photoshoots myself, as an artist. I slowly fell in love with the art of photography. I can now see through both sides of the lense while bringing my experience and passion into every shot that I take. Iv'e always been obsessed with perfecting my craft and creating your flawless image. Perhaps I'll let my work do the talking. Shooting with me is professional, comfortable, fun, and in return you will get some top notch images! My clients like that they can be themselves when working with me. All that I am looking for from you is to bring your "A" game. I'm here to help you build your career, capture your moment, or save your memory.

RIITTA KÄRÄVÄ - TRANSLATOR Editor Riitta Kärävä was born in Helsinki, Finland and received her Master of Science degree in International Marketing of Foodstuffs from the University of Helsinki. She spent her free time playing ice hockey, designing fashion semi-professionally, learning languages, and travelling extensively while working as a multilingual tour guide for 10 years in Europe. After two decades in California, she decided to immerse herself in Spanish language at California State University Channel Islands, where she obtained a certificate in Spanish translation and a pool of Latino friends. Her husband and two adult children bring her mucha Alegría. She is still passionate about languages and international travel.

ARIANA SANCHEZ - WRITER/TRANSLATOR Ariana was born and raised in Denver, Co to immigrant parents from Mexico. Passionate about creating a bridge in language barriers, Ariana obtained her degree in spanish translation and interpretation from the University of Colorado at boulder, and has gone on to get multiple state certifications as well. Her ability to be seemingly bi-cultural and bilingual has helped her pursue her passion for the arts in the entertainment industry. After getting a taste for acting and modeling in Denver she relocated to Los Angeles, Ca. Ariana is an actor, model, and host, and is currently working on stand-up comedy. Ariana is passionate about living the “american dream” and encouraging others to do so.

SHARON RAPOPORT - WRITER / TRANSLATOR Sharon Rapoport is a professional writer. She has published more than 1,000 articles, stories, and interviews in well known magazines and online media, both in Mexico and in the U.S. She has written about every imaginable topic, from work strategies, to health, personal finance and parenting. Her husband thinks that if she were to practice 5% of advice she´s provided through her articles, she would be the perfect woman.

DAISY SOLIS - WRITER Daisy Solis is a Los Angeles based freelance writer of Mexican descent. She currently works in the field of education but enjoys doing a kaleidoscope of things. She is the Event Planning Coordinator for Latin Dance Pro, a Los Angeles/Pasadena-based dance academy. What gives me ALEGRIA? That’s easy: writing, dancing and creating beautiful events!” Daisy can be reached at: Dais.0727@gmail.com and via Facebook.

SANDRA RODRIGUEZ - WRITER Entertainment and fashion are two of Sandra’s areas of expertise, but she enjoys talking and writing about all topics, be they mainstream or obscure. This bilingual communications expert with considerable experience in media and publishing currently lives in Los Angeles and writes for magazines, websites and newspapers in the U.S. and Mexico. Previously a managing editor for one of the most influential newspapers en Latin America, she has impressed various industry leaders. She has, for instance, been described as “a great conversationalist” by the former Senior Creative Director for BBC Worldwide, and as a person who is “always up-to-date on the latest trends and brings great intelligence and creativity to all of her endeavors” by the Marketing Director at Discovery Communications.

YESIKA BAKER - SPECIAL EVENTS DIRECTOR This Venezuelan beauty is an award winning trainer and entrepreneur. She is the director of ALEGRIA´s special events division. In her free time, you can find her hanging out in Hawaii or running a marathon. Her son Matteo and merengue music bring her true ALEGRIA.

KARLA SILVA - MARKETING Born and raised in Mexico City. She comes from a family where her parents taught her that honor, respect and integrity are the main keys of credibility in the business world. Karla got her bachelor’s degree from the University of Iberoamericana in Torreon, Mexico in Communication Sciences which covers marketing, publicity and journalism. She came to the United States to study English as a second language and found many opportunities for her career and future. Karla started her own design studio for record labels in 1995 and was very successful for twenty years. As we all know the record industry changed and this led Karla to explore many other business opportunities in the Latino and Armenian community. Karla has become an image consultant, designer and marketing director for many successful business owners.

MAX FERREIRA - DISTRIBUTION Originally from Colombia, Max oversees local distribution and also freelances as a photographer and videographer for red carpet events in Los Angeles. He loves motorcycle racing and enjoys music such as Reggaeton. You can catch Max Lounging on Venice Beach in his free time, always spreading his ALEGRIA.

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Writer: Paola Hernandez / Photos by: Chris Hudgens.

Una explosión de talento es lo que nos ofrece ATMSPHRE; el dueto de jóvenes y bellas DJ Latinas que combinan la música lírica, la danza y el canto y que está teniendo un rápido reconocimiento en el ámbito artístico por lo original de sus presentaciones. Con tan solo unos meses de comenzar el grupo, Esther Anaya y Natalia Barulich ya se han presentado en España, Bali, Dubái, New York y Miami, y han sido invitadas a participar en los Latin Grammy Awards. Además, están preparando su primera producción, que saldrá a principios de 2017, y colaboraciones con diferentes artistas famosos cuyos nombres dejaran de ser una incógnita en el lanzamiento de su producción.

Esther y Natalia llevan más de 20 años dedicadas al arte y han trabajado muy duro durante la mayor parte de sus vidas consagrando su tiempo al ballet, el violín, el canto y la composición. Ahora estas dos artistas se unen para ofrecer un espectáculo único en su estilo. Energía y pasión definen las personalidades de estas dos mujeres, que saben que sin el apoyo de sus familias, el trabajo duro, la disciplina y la fe, no habría sido posible llegar a este punto de sus carreras artísticas. La amistad que las ha unido por más de 6 años, se torna en una combinación musical que hoy se muestra ante el mundo como ATMSPHRE y con la que sueñan llevar su talento a un tour mundial, y así lograr el reconocimiento a su arte y carisma en lo más alto de la industria. Con la pasión que las caracteriza, cada una expresa su definición de ALEGRIA. Para Natalia, ALEGRIA es su familia y sentirse viva a través de la música; para Esther, lo es ver la reacción de las personas cuando interpreta alguna melodía en el violín.


arilyn Odessa la guapa cantautora M angelina, regresa exitosamente a las ondas hertzianas con toda la juventud,

dinamismo y frescura de su evidente talento artístico, con el lanzamiento de su nuevo sencillo promocional “Boleto al infierno”, tema incluido en su producción discográfica titulada “Lo pagarás con Dios”. El sencillo es una coautoría con el también reconocido compositor Adrián Pieragostino, por lo que en “Boleto al infierno”, la bella intérprete demuestra no sólo su calidad vocal, sino también su madurez como artista y como mujer. Marilyn Odessa es de las pocas mujeres que han conquistado un lugar importante en el mundo del regional mexicano actual, donde se necesita constancia, talento, fortaleza y carácter, dones que ella sabe manejar muy bien: “siendo hija de una cantante muy exitosa, Marisela.



Para Marilyn el camino no ha sido fácil, ya que siempre ha estado en el ojo del huracán y la controversia, sin embargo, esto en lugar de detenerla, ha sido lo que le ha dado impulso para lograr sus propósitos en una carrera profesional que inició en el año 2012, cuando se hizo realidad su primer material titulado “Please Mr. Postman”. “Boleto al infierno” sin duda llegará a los primeros lugares de popularidad porque es una composición que “se cocinó a fuego lento, como las mejores comidas, para paladares exigentes”, con ingredientes de su talento como compositora e intérprete”: Originaria de Los Ángeles y con un profundo amor a sus raíces mexicanas, el talento corre por las venas de la joven cantante: “su papá desde pequeño tocaba y cantaba al lado de su padre, el Sr. Pedro Rey, director y dueño del famoso mariachi –Los Galleros-, mientras que su madre,conocida internacionalmente como –La dama de hierro-, es una gran luminaria de la música hispana”. En su fructífera trayectoria, Marilyn también ha tenido la oportunidad de incursionar en el escenario al lado de otras figuras de género grupero como son Rogelio Martínez, El Grupo Azabache, Banda Los Recoditos y Alex Villarreal “El Borrego”.


Versus Shade Collapse (VSC) es el apodo de solista de Sandra C. Valencia. Nacida y criada en Medellín, Colombia, ahora radicada en L.A. California. En su álbum debut, “I’m Going to Die,” lanzado abril del 2016, VSC describe la transición y transformación de no ser artista a serlo, de estar casada a no estarlo. VSC usa elementos densos del rock ‘indie’ con melodías fuertes, que van desde un punto musical que parece ligero, y que se desencadena a momentos teatrales, cavernosos e íntimos. Actualmente está trabajando en un segundo álbum de doce canciones, el cual será lanzado en el 2017. Todos los videos en YouTube han sido dirigidos o codirigidos y producidos por Sandra. Cuando no está invirtiendo su tiempo en la música, se dedica a ser mamá, y paga sus cuentas trabajando como profesora de español en una secundaria de Los Ángeles.


Versus Shade Collapse (VSC) is the moniker of Los Angeles-based musician Sandra C. Valencia. Originally from Medellin, Colombia, she currently teaches at a High School in South L.A. Musically, she wanders through a landscape of dense indie rock rhythms and chiming pop melodies. Switching between a lighter, more gossamer approach to her pop instincts and a heady rush of rock theatricality, Valencia creates simultaneously cavernous and intimate series of revolving soundscapes in her twelve-song debut album “I’m Going to Die.” Released on April 7th, 2016, this concept album takes you through the process of transformation from not being an artist to becoming one, and from housewife to single mom. She is currently working on a new album.

 versusshadecollapse.wordpress.com/   /lV4BOFuV9LI?list=P  /versus-shade-collapse  /versusshadecollapse  /versusshadecollapse



Seven albums. Two Latin Grammy. More than 3 million records. For fans who have been clamoring for more music from the band, SIN BANDERA, it all comes down to this:

L EO N E L GA R C I A O N E LAST TI M E Writer: Clare Miranda / Photo: Provided by The 3 Collective

A unique scent, the shadow of a silhouette, or hearing a similar voice – in one brief moment, our senses can be immediately overwhelmed and can call to mind the memory of someone we love, or perhaps, a love we have lost. For many people, the musical duo, Sin Bandera, does just that. From 2002 to 2008, the duo’s tender love songs and mesmerizing ballads won over audiences from around the world and garnered major awards and recognition. It’s understandable that fans around the world were heartbroken when the partnership of lead artists Leonel Garcia and Noel Shajris decided to close the curtain on their act and focus on their individual careers. Indeed, Leonel recognizes that the music changed when they were apart, observing that, “When you are separated, the sound you make alone is different.” They did, in fact, find success in their individual pursuits, but after being apart for seven years, Leonel and Noel decided it was time to reunite and give their fans just a little more of the music they had once loved so much. Upon the release of their highly anticipated album, “Una Ultima Vez” and the tour that started in 2016, fans have quickly reconnected with the musicians and their music has been well received. “It’s been a tour of 40 shows –they want to be there for the goodbye show. It’s as if they moved on, but they still remember,” Leonel explains, and audiences from LA and Mexico, to Argentina and Puerto Rico, have pleasantly surprised him. He admits that “After 7 or 8 years, it was very exciting to see that the energy is still there. It’s been crazy seeing so many nice responses. Fans have expressed so much thankfulness.”

“Después de 7 u 8 años, es muy emocionante ver que la energía sigue ahí. Ha sido una locura ver tantas reacciones positivas. Los fans han expresado tanto agradecimiento”.

Quite a bit of time, however, has passed for both the musicians and their fans. Did this passage have any effect on how the creative process or the new material? The answer is a bit of both yes and no. Leonel explains that their method for writing is the same (“It’s centering attention on the voice and the lyrics,” Garcia states), but their source of inspiration has changed a little. Leonel explains that “Love has always been the main focus, but it changes. Love grows; it grows richer when you love a partner your whole life. To love a partner your whole life - there’s a different kind of sadness and pain.” Delving deeper, he says, “As you grow and mature, day by day, you always have to make a change, because there can be a difficulty of staying together.” For a little while longer, and well into 2017, Sin Bandera will stay together, reuniting with audiences with their new album and shows. Upon completion, both Garcia and Shajris fully intend to return to their own careers and projects. Leonel expresses the desire to produce some work in English, which would definitely open up more eyes and ears to his work. With no current plans to reunite again, Leonel can’t promise there won’t be another reunion, but one thing that remains is what brings Leonel ALEGRIA. To him, Leonel explains that as an artist, “It’s always representing the emotional side and making people feel and touch their hearts and this last tour is a celebration of that.”

Cuéntanos sobre tu último trabajo discográfico, “Mil Ciudades”, y ¿por qué lo titulaste así?

Es un álbum especial en mi carrera por varios motivos. En primer lugar, porque lo estoy presentando como parte de una disquera multinacional, ya que venía haciendo un trabajo independiente con mis álbumes anteriores con una disquera local en Colombia. Gracias a la constancia y perseverancia en la carrera que me ha permitido mantenerme vigente y presente en mi país y territorios vecinos, logramos llamar la atención de la disquera. Con nuestro álbum anterior logramos obtener un premio Grammy Latino al mejor álbum pop masculino. Quizá esto hizo que nos hiciéramos más interesantes a los ojos de Sony Music, que es mi casa disquera, con quien estoy profundamente agradecido por permitirme lograr hacer un álbum como me lo soñaba. Sony Music me dio una gran libertad, me proveyeron de las herramientas necesarias y me siento muy orgulloso de presentar a mi disco. El nombre del disco obedece un poquito a esas ganas que tenemos de aprovechar la oportunidad que nos brinda la disquera para poder llegar básicamente a esas “mil ciudades”. Nos ha ido muy bien con el tema de los shows, la parte promocional de la gira y con muchas esperanzas de que estas ‘mil ciudades’ nos escuchen. ¿En qué o en quién te inspiraste para este álbum?

Este álbum contiene diferentes musas, trata de diferentes momentos de mi vida en los que he estado muy enamorado, como por ejemplo en este momento me siento muy realizado y muy pleno, y otros momentos de mi vida donde ha pasado lo contrario, he estado un poco solo o he enfrentado una ruptura, o problemas en mi relación. Habla de los últimos tres años de mi vida y retomo cosas del pasado que tienen que ver conmigo, con mis experiencias y mis vivencias, aunque no solo compongo yo. También cuento con autores que me prestan letras con las que me identifico y veo que puedo contar mi historia. ¿Cómo es un día en la vida de Andrés Cepeda?

En este tiempo que estamos en la temporada de “promo” y preparando fechas de la gira, pues es un poco agitado, hay muchas cosas que hacer. Cuando tengo tiempo salgo a trotar o caminar en la mañana. Cuando no, hay que ir a hacer las “promos”, o ir a ensayar. Digamos que uno se prepara para esa velocidad y ese agite cuando está creando el álbum, cuando estás escribiendo o produciendo y después viene el momento de salir a desafiar el álbum que es en lo que estamos ahora. ¿Qué escenario sueñas pisar?

Hay muchos lugares míticos a los que quisiera llegar, lugares donde no he tocado y quisiera estar. Hace muchos años hice una pequeña presentación en la ciudad de Los Ángeles y me he prometido regresar a hacer un show con el montaje actual que tengo, con mi concepto completo. Los Ángeles está entre los planes de la gira del próximo año. ¿Qué da ALEGRIA a la vida de Andrés Cepeda?

La música me llena profundamente, es mi gran pasión; mi ALEGRIA es poderme dedicar a lo que me gusta tanto. Adicional a eso me gusta mucho salir al campo, estar en medio de la naturaleza; soy fanático de la navegación a vela, me produce mucha ALEGRIA ver cantar a otras personas, alguien que toque la guitarra espontáneamente y con pasión.


CEPEDA Writer: Angelica Meza / Photo: Provided by The 3 Collectibe

“The name of the album, Mil Ciudades, is somewhat due to our wish to make use of the opportunity that the international record label, Sony Music, offers to be able to basically reach those imaginary thousand cities.

What does it mean for you to release this new album?

This CD represents achieving a dream! How by doing it with love, passion, dedication, and consistency, we can achieve anything we set out to do. Has music always been a part of your life?

Evers since childhood, I have always been linked to music. When I was eleven, my parents bought me a calculator which sounded musical notes when pressed. This calculator made an impact on my musical life, and the beginning of my fervor for music. I started doing covers of bands such as the Beatles, and later, composing my own songs. At an early age, I asked my parents to buy me a piano. It was until my teen years when I got a piano at home and there my other compositions began. Later, I found that expressing myself through piano carried different emotions than playing guitar. What can we expect from this CD? Any collaborations?

This CD is mostly composed of songs written and composed by me. I feel blessed to feature three very talented and gifted producers: Rafa Sardina, Ray Casillas y Juan Cristobal, all Grammy winners who have brought out the best in me. Together, with their musical direction, we created this CD which I am very proud of. Listening to the final product is an emotion that transcends me, and takes me to another dimension. I’ve always seen myself first and foremost as a musician and an actor by profession. After a fulfilling and successful acting career, the musical journey of creating this CD proved to me that discipline, hard work and faith in God, are a key to overcoming all obstacles. These obstacles also include anyone or anything that stands in the way to your dreams!. This CD represents the beginning of new dreams and goals to conquer. To whom is this musical work dedicated?

I want to dedicate this musical work of mine to those who with love, tenderness, and understanding, formed me to be the man that I am now. The people who encouraged me to pursue my dreams. I thank my wonderful and dearly missed parents in Heaven, my beautiful love, who supports me unconditionally and to God for never abandoning me.

¿Qué significa para ti lanzar este nuevo álbum?

¡Este CD representa lograr un sueño! Cómo al hacerlo con amor, pasión, dedicación y consistencia, podemos lograr cualquier cosa que nos propongamos. ¿La música siempre ha sido parte de tu vida?

Desde la infancia he estado ligado a la música. Cuando tenía once años, mis padres me compraron una calculadora que tocaba notas musicales cuando presionaba los botones. Esta calculadora hizo un impacto en mi vida musical, y marcó el comienzo de mi fervor por la música. Comencé a hacer covers de bandas como los Beatles, y más tarde, a componer mis propias canciones. A una edad temprana, le pedí a mis padres que me compraran un piano. Fue hasta los años de mi adolescencia cuando conseguí un piano en casa y allí comenzaron mis otras composiciones. Más tarde, encontré que a través del piano expresaba diferentes emociones que al tocar la guitarra. ¿Qué podemos esperar de este CD? ¿Alguna colaboración?

Este CD está compuesto en su mayoría por canciones escritas y compuestas por mí. Me siento bendecido por contar con tres productores muy hábiles y talentosos: Rafa Sardina, Ray Casillas y Juan Cristóbal, todos ellos ganadores de Grammy, que han extraído lo mejor de mí. Juntos, con su dirección musical, creamos este CD del que estoy muy orgulloso. Escuchar el producto final es una emoción que me trasciende, y me lleva a otra dimensión. Siempre me he visto en primer lugar como músico y como actor por profesión. Después de una satisfactoria y exitosa carrera de actuación, el viaje musical de la creación de este CD me demostró que la disciplina, el trabajo duro y la fe en Dios, son la clave para superar todos los obstáculos. Estos obstáculos también incluyen a cualquier persona o circunstancia que se interponga en el camino a nuestros sueños. Este CD representa el comienzo de nuevos sueños y metas a conquistar. ¿A quién está dedicada esta obra musical?

Quiero dedicar esta obra a aquellos que con amor, ternura y comprensión, me formaron para ser el hombre que soy ahora. La gente que me animó a perseguir mis sueños. Agradezco a mis maravillosos y queridos padres en el Cielo; a mi bello amor, que me apoya incondicionalmente, y a Dios por nunca abandonarme.

Photography: David Jr. Martin Stylist: Angel Gonzalez Designer: Mr. Turk Production: Karla Silva P.A: Jesika Baker



Writer: Ariana Sanchez / Photos by: Jose Cortes

Maricruz Ramirez, actriz y escritora ecuatoriana, supo desde los 7 años de edad que tenía pasión por la actuación. En los años recientes ha expandido su talento a escritora.

Maricruz Ramirez, the Ecuadorian actress, and writer knew she had a passion for acting since the age of 7. In the recent years, Maricruz has expanded her talent into writing.

Ha explorado la industria cinematográfica detrás y frente a las cámaras. Sin dejar que nada se interponga en su camino, su lema es: “Los sueños no tienen barreras ni conocen de fronteras, inténtalo, nadie tiene el derecho de decirte que no puedes hacerlo”.

She has explored the entertainment industry both behind and in front of the cameras. Not letting anything stand in her way, her motto is, “Dreams don’t have barriers or boundaries, try it, no one has the right to tell you not to do it.”




Actualmente estás produciendo la película estudiantil, “The Red Thread”, la cual también escribiste y en la que llevas el papel protagónico. ¿Qué fue lo que te motivó a escribir ésta película?, ¿existe alguna conexión personal con el papel que interpretas?

Lo que me motivó a escribir éste guion fue el dar a conocer el talento que tenemos los actores que venimos de otros países. En la escuela tenemos actores internacionales que venimos a los Estados Unidos para formar y desarrollar nuestra carrera. Quise demostrar el amor que tenemos hacia la actuación, y ser un ejemplo para otros de que puedes crear algo que indique quién eres y el talento que tienes, sin importar de qué país vengas. Mi personaje y yo somos diferentes, ya que Mia no cree en cuentos de hadas ni leyendas de amor, a diferencia de mí, que soy muy romántica. Ahora, en la personalidad sí nos parecemos, ya que las dos somos fuertes de carácter. ¿Cómo te sientes hoy que escribiste “The Red Thread”, en comparación de cuando hiciste tu primer libreto, “Maya the Princess of the Lake”?

El primer guion lo hice para explorar mis talentos, fue una tarea asignada de mi profesor de actuación. Yo la escribí como historieta y él me enseñó a hacerla como un guion cinematográfico. Fue cuando me di cuenta que sí tenía la capacidad de imaginación para crear historias y cuando empezó a gustarme la escritura. Al momento tengo siete guiones escritos. “Maya the Princess of the Lake” es diferente a “The Red Thread”, ya que este último lo escribí en siete días, pero le fui editando conforme se desenvolvía la historia. Yo digo que es como mi bebé, ya que lo creas de la nada, lo vas viendo crecer, transformarse en una idea más y más grande cada día. No sé cómo describir el sentimiento al ver los personajes dando vida a lo que escribiste. ¿Cuál será tu próximo proyecto?

Tengo dos proyectos más que vienen para el año 2017, dos guiones que escribí hace tiempo: “The Magic List” y “Connections”. Las dos películas se filmarán en Ecuador, en inglés. También tengo el libreto “Yamor”, que es el nombre de una fiesta de mi ciudad, Otavalo, y se grabará en 2018. Otavalo está llena de historia y cultura, la visitan muchos turistas; quiero dar a conocer las raíces y cultura ecuatoriana. Así que esta película se grabará en Ecuador, y parte aquí, en los Estados Unidos. Te ha gustado la actuación desde muy temprana edad; ¿en qué momento te diste cuenta que te querías convertir en cineasta?

Desde que redacté mi primer libreto me di cuenta que quería crear mis propios guiones, escribir todas las ideas que se me vienen a la cabeza y algún día producirlas. Mi meta es tener mi propia productora, ya que el cine es mi pasión y me encanta hacer películas. ¿Qué te da ALEGRÍA?

Mi familia me da ALEGRÍA y es el centro de todo lo que yo soy. Ellos siempre han estado conmigo y me han apoyado. Mi padre, mi madre y mi hermana pequeña. Mi familia es mi motor, mi mayor bendición, y lo que me llena de ALEGRÍA.

You are currently in production for the student film you wrote, “The Red Thread” in which you star as the lead. What motivated you to write this movie? Is there a personal connection to your character?

I felt motivated to write this script so that actors like me, who come from different countries, could have a place to showcase their talents. At school, we have international artists, who came to the United States to create and develop their careers -just like I did. I wanted to show off the love we have towards acting and set an example for others that you can create something to showcase who you are and your talent, regardless of your country of origin. My character and I are different, because Mia’s character does not believe in fairy tales or love stories, whereas I am very romantic. Now, regarding personality, we do resemble each other, because we are both very strong. How do you feel now writing, “The Red Thread”; is it different from the way you felt when you wrote your first script “Maya the Princess of the Lake”?

The first script I wrote simply to explore my talents, it was a homework assignment from my acting teacher. I wrote it as a storybook, and then he taught me to write it out like a script for a film. That was when I realized that I had the creativity to write stories, and therefore when I began to enjoy writing. As of today, I have created around seven scripts. It [Maya the Princess of the lake] is different to my last one, “The Red Thread,” because this one I wrote in seven days, and have made edits to it as the story unravels. I consider it my baby, because it was created from nothing and I have watched it grow, and transform into a bigger and bigger idea by the day. I don’t know how to describe the feeling of watching the characters bring life to your words. You have enjoyed acting from a young age: at what moment did you realize you wanted to become a filmmaker?

From the time I wrote my first script, I realized I wanted to write all of the ideas that came to my mind so that one day I could produce them. My goal is to have my own production company, because filmmaking is my passion and I love creating movies. What can we expect your next project to be?

I have two projects coming in 2017, based on two scripts I wrote a while back: “The Magic List” and “Connections”. Both [movies] will be filmed in Ecuador, in English. I also have the script “Yamor” which is the name of a festival in my hometown of Otavalo, to be filmed in 2018. Otavalo is rich in history and culture, it is very visited by tourists. I want to shine a light on our roots and Ecuadorian culture. So this film will be made in Ecuador, and a portion here in the United States. What brings you ALEGRIA?

My family brings me ALEGRIA, and is the center of everything that makes me who I am. They have always been by my side and have supported me. My father, my mother, my little sister. My family is what drives me, my biggest blessing, and what brings me ALEGRIA.



It’s 1948 and the Cold War has reached Chile. In congress, Senator (and renowned poet) Pablo Neruda (Gnecco) accuses the government of betraying the Communist Party and is swiftly impeached by the president. Police Prefect Oscar Peluchonneau (Bernal) is assigned to arrest the poet. Neruda tries to flee the country with his wife, the painter Delia del Carril, but they are forced into hiding, where Neruda writes his epic collection of poems, “Canto General”.

Es 1948 y la Guerra Fría ha llegado a Chile. En el Congreso, el senador (y reconocido poeta) Pablo Neruda (Gnecco) acusa al gobierno de traicionar al Partido Comunista y es rápidamente destituido por el presidente. El jefe de la policía Oscar Peluchonneau (Bernal) es asignado para arrestar al poeta. Neruda trata de huir del país con su esposa, la pintora Delia del Carril, pero se ve obligado a esconderse, y ahí es donde Neruda escribe su colección épica de poemas: “Canto General”.

In Europe, the legend of the poet hounded by the policeman grows, and artists led by Pablo Picasso clamor for Neruda’s freedom. Neruda sees this struggle with his nemesis Peluchonneau as an opportunity to reinvent himself, and he sets about playing games with the inspector, leaving clues designed to make their conflict more dangerous, and more intimate. In this story of a persecuted poet and his implacable adversary, Neruda recognizes his own heroic possibilities: a chance to become both a symbol for liberty and a literary legend.

En Europa, la leyenda del poeta perseguido por la policía crece, y los artistas dirigidos por Pablo Picasso claman por su libertad. Neruda ve esta lucha con su némesis Peluchonneau como una oportunidad para reinventarse a sí mismo, y emprende un juego de persecución con el inspector, dejando pistas para que su conflicto sea más peligroso y más íntimo. En esta historia de un poeta perseguido y su adversario implacable, Neruda reconoce sus propias posibilidades heroicas: la oportunidad de convertirse en un símbolo de libertad y una leyenda literaria.

Set in the stately and majestic colonial city of San Miguel de Allende, this quirky comedy starring Héctor Bonilla, Benny Ibarra de Llano, Jacqueline Bracamontes and Sergio Mayer Mori, follows 85-year old Don Servando Villegas (Héctor Bonilla,) an old fashioned Mexican patriarch who gets kicked out of his retirement home for bad behavior. When his estranged son, Francisco (Benny Ibarra de Llano) is forced to take him into the house full of hippies he shares with his girlfriend and young son, “new age” collides with old age as Don Servando and his son Francisco experience a series of conflicts and situations that puts their home’s stability in jeopardy. Un Padre No Tan Padre is a story about family: the one we’re born into and the one we create along the way.

Situada en la bella y majestuosa ciudad de San Miguel de Allende (México), esta pura y divertida comedia protagonizada por Héctor Bonilla, Benny Ibarra de Llano, Jacqueline Bracamontes y Sergio Mayer Mori, sigue a un señor de 85 años, Don Servando Villegas (Hector Bonilla), un antiguo patriarca mexicano amargado que es expulsado de su casa de retiro por ser berrinchudo, peleonero y cascarrabias. Por azares del destino y tras varios años de distanciamiento, su hijo Francisco (Benny Ibarra de Llano) se verá forzado a traerlo a vivir con él, su guapa y tierna esposa Alma (Jacqueline Bracamontes), su talentoso pero también rebelde hijo Rene (Sergio Mater Mori) y un grupo muy variado de hippies quienes viven con él. Las costumbres de la nueva generación y las costumbres de un viejo chapeado a la antigua, causarán que la estabilidad y buena onda en su hogar, estén en peligro. Un Padre No Tan Padre es una historia de familia: la familia en la que nacemos y la que creamos a lo largo de los años.

Writer: Daisy Solis / Photos by:Fadil Berisha

Roselyn Sanchez is the pride and joy of the forever beautiful island of enchantment: San Juan, Puerto Rico. The Boricua beauty made her presence known in Rush Hour 2 (2001), where she played an FBI agent who was both alluring and tough as nails. Since then, Roselyn has taken on many successful roles, including, the role of Carmen Luna on LIFETIME’S “Devious Maids” and most recently the lead role in the movie “Death of a Vegas Showgirl.”

Roselyn has gone from being someone who has taken advantage of the opportunities life has given her, to someone who is creating those opportunities. She’s learned firsthand that when someone is new to the industry, especially a business based on constant rejection, one should remain positive, motivated and prove to everyone what one is truly capable of. This is something that very much resonates with the Puerto Rican actress. When she left her island, failure and mediocrity were not an option. On the contrary, her mission (and journey) was to break any stereotypes and misconceived notions that Latinas couldn’t hold a lead role in a movie. She has, without a doubt, proven that she is so much more than a double or even a triple threat. She is very much multi-faceted: a successful actress, singer-songwriter, dancer, producer, philanthropist, a very outspoken figure in the Latin community and now, a writer of children’s books. She is an entrepreneur in its entirety and an example to follow. Last summer, the raven-haired beauty took a very prominent stand in her professional career. She became an advocate and a voice for those whose voice wasn’t as resounding as hers… for those who didn’t have a voice at all, as she stood up for all her fellow Latinos and bowed out of co-hosting the Miss USA pageant in reaction to Donald Trump’s racist presidential-bid speech. Although not of Mexican descent, Roselyn felt she needed to show support and solidarity as a Puerto Rican woman… as a proud Latina and above all, as a human being. I was beyond excited to talk to Roselyn. The moment she took that political stand, the interview turned into a journalistic dream. I learned so much within that brief time. I learned she was compassionate, down-to-earth and a very nurturing, grateful and proud mother. She was a ray of light and a spark of fire all wrapped into one, and possesses a giving spirit and a laugh that was oh-so-contagious! Most importantly, she is humble, and simplicity and humility will always make you soar to the heavens. We spoke about leaving Puerto Rico, being a pioneer within the entertainment industry, the “positive” side of the presidential election, inspiring young girls to follow their dreams, her beautiful “Sebelicious,” her up and coming projects and our mutual passion for Salsa dancing! She truly embodies the quote: “Latinas are the perfect combination between a warrior and a princess...”




wanted in life and what my dreams were. It’s been full of up´s and down´s; just like everything, especially in this business. It’s so brutal -just not a very positive business to be a part of. You just have to understand your value and know you came here for a reason. There was no way I was going to go back to my island defeated. That was the main thing. The first ten years after my move to New York were hard because of the language and the winters were just so cold. I just couldn’t get used to the weather. I didn’t know anyone, but what kept me motivated was knowing that my dream was crystal clear. I just had to suck it up and keep going. When I left Puerto Rico I had been working on a very successful show, I was a beauty queen, I had a lot going for me. Then I decided to leave everything to pursue my dreams and did not want to quit and go back saying: Oh my God, it was a lot harder than I thought… My English is so bad, and I keep getting rejected, I just want to go back home to my comfort zone. I can’t complain. I have been in this business for 20 years, and I have been working consistently from the very beginning. It’s not easy. It’s a constant battle every single day. Even if I have been very fortunate, received recognition, and people enjoy my work, there are jobs I would love to get, and to this day they [producers and casting agents] just won’t give me the time of day. So you tell yourself: How is this possible? I know I can do this so well… You just must put your armor on and get ready for the battle every single day. I am one of the lucky ones that work a lot, so I can’t complain. I have to take the good with the bad. It’s a blessing… In three words, what makes you INSPIRING?Go!

Perseverance. I think of myself as a good person, and I am a dreamer. Some say “Love is Service.” How have you served others this year? Who has inspired you to become the person you are today?

There are so many people I use as inspiration, but I must say -my mom. My mom is a very simple lady, born and raised in Puerto Rico. Ever since I was a little girl, she taught me to be independent, selfreliant, ambitious and to work hard. I believe it was fundamental to have that type of upbringing because it just pushed me in a very positive way. Her life is so different from my life. No one in my family is in the entertainment industry. My mom was a school teacher; she is now retired. She led a very simple life, and still had this incredible view of the world and of greatness that is just fantastic, so yes, she inspired me. A moment that forever changed you in a positive way...

El nacimiento de mi niña, Sebella. I wanted to be a mom for a while and having her wasn’t an easy task. I waited to have her until I was in my late 30s, so the process wasn’t as easy as I thought it was going to be. She was a much-wanted baby, and when I was blessed to get

pregnant, it changed everything. She is almost 5 years old, and my whole life revolves around how to be a better mother, a better human being for my daughter. It’s really hard to be a parent, and at the same time, very rewarding. It’s life-changing. She has her own personality! She is going to be 5, and she thinks she’s 21! It’s the funniest thing in the world! I am very lucky. I have a child that is healthy and so pretty and outspoken. When she was a 2-year old, it was almost too much! We would ask ourselves, Oh-my-God, is this even normal? She was so stubborn and had a strong personality, and the doctors would reassure us by saying: “You will appreciate that later in life. Just let her be. We understand that she is a lot, but that’s what you want. You want a strong little girl.” And that’s what we have! I believe those qualities are especially important in the times that we are living in today. Entrepreneurship is never an easy road; how do you face obstacles in your career?

What keeps me motivated is that I came to this country when I was 21 years old and my vision was -and has always been, very, very clear and exact with what I

I don’t know if you know this, but philanthropy is crucial to me. It’s even more important to me than acting. I have my two foundations in Puerto Rico. I do events for kids with cancer, and dogs. I’m an animal lover. I am fascinated with dogs. We have a huge overpopulation problem of stray dogs in Puerto Rico. I try to show my love through service by creating events and creating awareness. I just did “Cause For Paws / Patitas Por Una Causa” this year. It’s the first telethon dedicated to dogs in Puerto Rico, aimed at building shelters. I try to contribute as much as I can and to me, that’s spreading love. Finally, what gives you true, blissful, dancing-alittle-Salsa-on-cloud-9 ALEGRIA?

Oh my God, that, just THAT! Dancing some Salsa! I just love it! It’s amazing! But the epitome of my ALEGRIA is seeing my daughter do well when I take her to her ballet class and get to witness her dance journey and progress. As I watch her I think: Oh my God, she might love this and she might be really good at it! Just knowing that she is healthy and vibrant, that to me feels like dancing Salsa on Cloud 9. And that is all you can ask for when you have a family: a healthy child.


Who inspired you to become the person you are today?

Many people constantly inspire me. My parents are my balance in life, plus I have a close group of talented and experienced people that keep me grounded and artistically inspired. A moment that forever changed you in a positive way...

The cover of Time magazine with Ricky Martin in 1998 changed the course of my career. It opened doors and presented my work to a bigger audience. Entrepreneurship is never an easy road; how do you face obstacles in your career?

I always remember that my job is what I love, it is my passion, and that today I am doing what I always dreamed of doing. Obstacles are the door to something much better coming ahead… so I focus my thoughts and work harder. In three words, what makes you inspiring?

Love, art, and a morning walk with my camera. What brings you ALEGRIA?

Going to Caguas, my hometown in Puerto Rico. Some say “Love is Service.” How have you served others this year?

I always try to share my life and art with people. If at some point I can inspire someone to be better… It makes my day. @omarcruzphoto

Photos by: Omar Cruz



“Tengo absoluta certeza de que cuando eres bendecido, estás obligado a dar de regreso. Cada año mi equipo y yo nos involucramos en dos o tres eventos que recaban dinero para distintas fundaciones y causas sociales. Este año me convertí en el embajador de Save the Children, Colombia”.


Photo: by Omar Cruz.

Who inspired you to become the person you are today?

As a child, I was very inspired by The Beatles. I remember listening to “Yesterday” over and over. One of my biggest achievements these days is to be part of Ringo Starr’s “Now the Time has Come” song, that talks about peace. A moment that forever changed you in positive way…

The first concert I attended. I remember that most of the time I was looking at the audience and how they connected to the band on stage. I couldn’t believe what music could cause in people. It was amazing.

Entrepreneurship is never an easy road; how do you face obstacles in your career?

Obstacles are a very common part of my career. Getting over them is part of my job but following my dreams is a huge part of my inspiration. I’ve been dreaming of doing what I do since I was a kid, and nothing is going to change that. In three words, what makes you INSPIRING? Go!

Music, love and wildness. What brings you ALEGRIA?

Looking at my daughter Paz and my son Manolo. Even when I’m traveling and I get to see them through FaceTime or some video conference. That’s ALEGRIA!

Some say “Love is Service”. How have you served others this year?

I am convinced that when you´ve been blessed, you must give back. Every year my team and I get involved with two or three social cause events raising money for the different type of foundations. This year I have become the ambassador of Save the Children, Colombia.



Ivonne COLL

Photo provided by: Espada PR


“Este año, le he brindado a los indigentes todo mi amor, energía y atención, nadie habla con ellos. Yo lo hago”. Who has inspired you to become the person you are today?

My Mother, Doña Rosita Mendoza. She was an extraordinary woman who taught me to be financially independent. She instilled moral values that have transcended time. She was a role model to many other artists in the island of Puerto Rico. She was an international award winning hair stylist.  She also did  walkway work for L’Oréal and Clairol in the Caribbean. She trained many successful hair stylists who have gone on to win international awards. A moment that forever changed you in a positive way…

When I was cast in The Godfather That’s when I discovered that I wanted to be an actress.

Entrepreneurship is never an easy road; how do you face obstacles in your career?

By being three times more prepared than the rest. In three words, what makes you INSPIRING? Go! Hard-work. Talent. Preparedness. What brings you ALEGRIA

To be able to do what I love and to inspire other people through my work. And of course, Boricuita, my cat. Some say “Love is Service”. How have you served others this year?

By giving homeless people, strangers, all my love, my energy, and attention. Nobody talks to the homeless. I do. It is important not only to give money or food but to remember they are human beings and appreciate some human interaction. They feel isolated. I talk to them every chance I get.






Who inspired you to become the person you are today?

In my life, I’ve been fortunate to be surrounded by many inspiring and influential people. The most inspiring people in my life have been the ones who live outside the box, constantly pushing the envelope, curious about the world, insatiably passionate, objective thinkers. People who are cultivating ideas, creativity, moments and memories. Being in a space where I am open to receiving and accepting to the views and way of life of other people has allowed me to become the person I am today. A moment that forever changed you in positive way...

One of the moments that was most impactful in my life was when I was 20 and packed up to move across the country to go to school in NY. There were so many question marks, but it was such an incredible and eye-opening learning experience. The city taught me so much about people, culture, art, fashion and life. Entrepreneurship is never an easy road; how do you face obstacles in your day to day operations?

importante de ayudar y hacer una diferencia

Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle that requires you to wear many hats. From a creative standpoint, facing obstacles requires looking at all the possibilities and considering alternate solutions to create and roll-out your game plan. Having the vision to foresee challenges down the road is important when making long-term decisions. I´ve learned to embrace the process and usually play out different outcomes and possibilities before making a decision. You must be able to manage common obstacles without losing sight of the big picture. It is important to create a roadmap while prioritizing objectives to create a path that is open to growth, and will allow you to keep moving forward.

en la vida de los demás es a través de compartir

Family, friends, traveling and food!

“Siempre he creído que la forma más

tu tiempo, visión, experiencia, pasión y amor por el mundo. Para crear un impacto necesitamos conectarnos, compartir, escuchar y aceptarnos unos a los otros, sin importar en qué punto del camino nos encontremos”.

In three words, what makes you INSPIRING? Go!

Some say “Love is Service.” How have you served others this year?

I’ve always believed the most impactful way to help and make a difference in other people´s lives is through sharing your time, vision, experience, passion and love for the world. To make an impact we must connect, share, listen, accept and embrace each other, other no matter where we may be on our journey. Looking back. I have served by bringing people together, being a great listener, creating beautiful moments, sharing all that I’ve learned about the world through my travels, and simply by just choosing always to see the best in people..




“Como empresaria, los retos son constantes, y la belleza es nuestra habilidad para ajustarnos y seguirnos moviendo hacia adelante. Imposible nunca ha estado en mi vocabulario”.

Patty ARVIELO Photo by: Jack Ratanapratum


Who has inspired you to become the person you are today?

Throughout my life I’ve had many mentors. My life has evolved, I’ve grown personally and professionally and my mentors have changed with every stage. I’ve always looked for that person that I want to be like, the one that inspires me and becomes my goal. Currently, my mentor is real estate mogul Nely Galan. I saw her speak at an event and I remember being impressed by how smart and self-made she was. Immediately identifying with her upbringing, and seeing how much she had accomplished I told myself: I will make her my friend, and so I did. Nely had no clue that she would become my biggest mentor and friend. I have now shared the stage with her in more than a couple of occasions and look forward to many more collaborations. A moment that forever changed you in a positive way...

The day I found out I was pregnant with my oldest son changed my life. I now had my own family to look after,

provide and protect. It was his birth that gave me the strength and the push to overcome a very difficult time in my life. Entrepreneurship is never an easy road; how do you face obstacles in your career?

Being an entrepreneur has been one of the biggest fears I’ve overcome. I’ve always played it safe with money, I took care of every dime, even as a little girl! I wouldn’t lend or spend my money easily. My Nana called it coda, I call it “foundational”. I knew wanted to be as secure as possible with my income and the idea of investing in a business was simply too risky. It was really my husband, Rick Arvielo, who taught me that in order to gain one has to risk, and little by little I’ve overcome my fear of entrepreneurship. As an entrepreneur, the challenges are constant, and the beauty of it is our ability to adjust and continue to move forward. Impossible has never been in my vocabulary. In three words, what makes you INSPIRING? Go!

Passion, commitment, humbleness.

What brings you ALEGRIA?

First and foremost, my family. My husband, my three children and my parents warm my heart. Empowering others through mentorship is also extremely personal and something where my heart is fully committed. Some say “Love is Service.” How have you served others this year?

I am extremely proud to say that at New American Funding we’ve served our communities through our monthly initiative, Lending a helping hand. This year, our staff has volunteered for several non-profits, such as Mercy House, South County Outreach, WHW and Orange County Great Park, to mention a few. At a personal level, I serve on the board of Big Brothers Big Sisters, Orange County. This holiday season we are partnering up with two non-profits, Toys for Tots and Second Harvest Food Bank and are adopting 100 families from Big Brothers Big Sisters to fulfill their Christmas wishes.

Photo by: David Jr. Martin


Financial expert Eva Macias believes all working families deserve equal access to financial information. Through her company Eva Macias & Associates financial and insurance services, her goal is to bolster financial literacy and raise awareness. Eva Macias & Associates is a financial and insurance service marketing firm representing, not just one, but many of the largest and most well respected financial services companies in the world. The company offers a variety of highly personalized services including debt management, college saving, life insurance and retirement planning. Founder Eva uses her highly trained eye to take an X-ray of her client’s finances and create a customized financial plan to reach short and long term goals while always keeping the big picture in sight. “I realized there are so many hard working people such as teachers, police officers and city employees that truly don’t understand in full their job benefits especially when it comes to retirement and also their additional supplemental options,” Eva said. “People need to know about this and I feel responsible in spreading the word to these communities. I am the person you want to have on your corner at all times. Your best interest is always on my mind. I want you to know that when I see you and your families I ultimately see my own family. I love and have a passion for this work like no other.” Eva has assisted hundreds on the road to financial security, earning her a trusted reputation within her field. “Eva is a wonderful, smart, intelligent woman who has helped me in numerous ways,” one client wrote. “My life had changed and Eva was abundantly instrumental in helping me get financially organized, which was very difficult for me without her. She made things smooth and easy to understand. I am so very appreciative for all of her knowledge and for helping me through it all. Ms. Macias’ guidance has helped me in so many ways to embark on my next journey in life without worrying.”

Eva’s own financial curiosity and family inspired her pursuit toward financial equality and public awareness. “I started because I wanted to start saving in a 401k but my current employer did not offer a plan, so I went to the banks,” she recalled. “I then realized I would be getting peanuts saving with them. When I asked my sister and my parents to help me understand this “401k” stuff, I discovered my parents’ combined income was only about $1100.00. Given my parents worked for over 30 years, I was not okay with that! At that moment, I realized I needed to do something about it.” Eva attended California State University of Fullerton and previously worked for Escrow Today Inc., in City of Industry for eight years, where she learned the roles of Probate, Short Sales, Auctions, Sales and Refinances in the Real Estate field. Later, she worked for Legacy Full Circle Financial Services and learned about 403(b), 457, 401k, Social Security Benefits, Annuities, Life Insurance — and much more. Eva is licensed by the State of California to provide Financial Awareness. However, her success did not happen overnight. One of the greatest challenges was being looked over for contracts with multibillion-dollar companies. Because Eva is a young female, at times she felt as if industry veterans and older clients did not trust her knowledge. She encourages others aspiring to work in the financial industry to persevere through professional hardships.

Who has inspired you to become the person you are today?

My parents have inspired me because they retired with a combined income of $1,100 a month and raised eight kids. Also, Tony Robbins, and my former boss, Genie.

“Don’t give up no matter how hard it may get,” she advised. “Be a sponge; take in all the information; use what works for you; and don’t worry about the rest. Know your strengths and use them to your fullest potential. In my view, the biggest lesson is to focus out and not make it about YOU. My vision has been my biggest lesson because I realized I needed to get out of my own way, if I wanted to share my knowledge and vision with the rest of the world. Don’t be afraid to ask f or support from others, because at the end of it all, if you care enough about a person they will see your vision and not the fact that you may only want to get their business. ALWAYS keep this in mind; it’s all about the customer’s goals and vision - not about my wallet.” AN INSPIRATIONAL LEADER AND SOUGHT AFTER PUBLIC SPEAKER, EVA SPECIALIZES IN HELPING WOMEN CREATE A SIMPLETO-FOLLOW FINANCIAL PLAN IN 60 MINUTES OR LESS. CONTINUING HER MISSION TO SHARE EASY TO UNDERSTAND FINANCIAL INFORMATION WITH PEOPLE FROM ALL WALKS OF LIFE, SHE AUTHORED “A WOMAN’S GUIDE TO MONEY” AND COAUTHORED “DEAR STRESS I AM BREAKING UP WITH YOU”, AND USES HER EXPERTISE TO EDUCATE HER COMMUNITY THROUGH CHARITABLE CONTRIBUTIONS. Eva is the Founder of La Latina Y Su Dinero ™ Financial Literacy workshops and is a Community Sister Circle Leader for Amigas4mysoul, a

In three words, what makes you INSPIRING?

I am Passionate, Powerful and Committed to people winning in their life. What brings you ALEGRIA?

When I found out how with how little money my parents retired, and realized I was potentially headed in that same direction, I told myself, “No, that will not be me.”

Helping people, finding solutions to their financial problems. It makes me HAPPY when they say: “I wish I had met you earlier in my life” or “Do you mind if I give your number to my neighbors?” That tells me I am doing a great job. I want people to understand the complexity of finances in an easy to follow, ACTIONABLE plan for their life.

Entrepreneurship is never an easy road; how do you face obstacles in your career?

Some say “Love is Service.” How have you served others this year?

A moment that forever changed you in a positive way...

I love stretching myself by always doing things that are uncomfortable to me. I normally meet obstacles head-on. Meaning, I like to get to the source, this way we can start the winwin process. I am persistent and resourceful. I am always a student, so I learn from every situation, “good” or “bad.”I know everything is a matter of time.

Everything I do is SERVE and LOVE. That is my language of communication with everyone I meet. I dedicate my time to be of service to other, by providing community workshops. Some groups are teachers, young women ages 2550, Social Security workshop for those getting closer to retirement. And I am the treasurer for Amigas for my Soul, I donate to classrooms in need of books, supplies and make charitable donations to other non-profits.

non-profit that reaches out to women, regardless of their background, age, financial status or sexual orientation and provides tools for them to create a better tomorrow through empowerment and education. Additionally, Eva volunteers as a Life Coach for Mastery In Transformational Training (MITT) where she has dedicated hundreds of days to support in transformation workshops. She is also a speaker for California State University of Los Angeles and Bienvenidos.org and La Federacion Jaliscience, helping to raise financial awareness in her community. When Eva is not working and volunteering her time, you can find her spending time with her family and her dog, Marley. She is looking forward to continuing her mission and one day starting a family of her own. “I would like to leave a legacy where women know they are worth it! Where kids know they matter and where humanity restores its faith in trusting to support one another and in dreaming and reaching for their dreams,” Eva said. “I feel like, as we get older we stop dreaming like we did as kids. I want to leave a LEGAGY where money is no longer the issue of dreaming big. Free from financial considerations, as visionaries in this world, our main goal should be about how can we serve humanity as a whole.”



“As a woman, I believe that we are at a time when we can be and reach


all we want without sacrificing our

STIPCIANOS Photo by: Nico Stipicianos


¿Quiénes te inspiraron a ser la persona que eres hoy?

El espíritu de trabajo y de lucha para salir adelante viene de ver mis padres, que dejaron su país Colombia muy jóvenes por venir a Estados Unidos y darles a sus hijos una vida mejor. Como hijos, es nuestros deber, se lo merecen. Un momento que haya cambiado tu vida definitivamente, para bien.

Creo que todos los días aprendemos y vamos evolucionando. No tengo un momento, sino una serie de momentos y experiencias que te van formando y cada uno de nosotros tiene la oportunidad de tomarlos como aprendizaje para mejorarnos, querer algo más, soñar con triunfar nos lleva a buscar nuevas maneras de lograr nuestros sueños. La vida es una universidad todos los días. El emprendimiento no es un camino fácil. ¿Cómo enfrentas los obstáculos en tu trayecto?

Cada paso te lleva a otro, recordar que comencé solo con un sueño y haciendo una práctica que no pagaba y tenía 2 trabajos para trabajar de gratis en Univision para aprender. Fueron días de mucho trabajo, pero ahora son lindos recuerdos. De ahí salte al mundo de la música, trabajando en Sony, Fonovisa y Universal Music. Tuve la oportunidad de trabajar en una revista y hasta en un estudio de cine... Ahora doy gracias ya que todas estas experiencias me ayudan a hacer mejor mi trabajo y esas vivencias, cambios de trabajo, oportunidades nos dan la experiencia para ser más fuertes y también no obligan a abrir los ojos y ver otras posibilidades e investigar otros caminos que jamás hubieras imaginado. Como empresaria son necesarios para poder trabajar, lograr y hasta entender mejor a tus clientes con diferentes puntos de vista.

womanhood. We can be extraordinary entrepreneurs at work and good wives, daughters & moms at home, be feminine and of course, do it all on high heels!.”

Ser honesto, profesional y prestar atención a los pequeños detalles, todavía es esencial en este mundo, que todos los días va más rápido. Como mujer creo que estamos en un momento donde podemos ser y alcanzar lo que queremos sin sacrificar nuestra feminidad. Podemos ser la súper empresaria en el trabajo y la vez en casa buena esposa, mama, hija y ser femeninas. y claro ¡en tacones! En tres palabras, ¿qué te hace INSPIRADORA? ¡Vamos!

La de siempre: “Chop-Chop”, ¿es una o dos? Ja jajá. Apoyar y compartir. ¿Qué te da ALEGRIA?

El amor de mi vida, mi esposo. que me apoya en todos mis sueños y locuras, y mi perrita Maya. Algunas personas dicen que el Amor es Servicio. ¿Cómo has servido a los demás este año?

Todo el año apoyo la gran causa de St. Jude Hospital, soy Co-Presidenta del Comité de Miami. El trabajo que hace el hospital es increíble y ver la pasión, así como el gran reto de eliminar el cáncer en lo niños. Ningún niño merece tener cáncer. Llevo 9 años trabajando con ellos y es muy especial para mí. Recientemente también comenzamos a apoyar al Humane Society of Greater Miami el cual es un refugio que salva, y a No Kill Shelter, para animalitos en espera para adopción.  Soy amante de los perros, son como mis hijos. ¡Hay que ayudar estos lugares y educar a la gente a adoptar y salvar a los perros de los refugios! Ojalá  la gente considere visitar estos refugios para adoptar y no solo ir a boutiques que son parte de los crueles criaderos (#adoptdontshop).

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“El momento que me transformó para siempre de manera positiva, fue aquel en el que decidí prestarle atención al poder de las palabras. nuestras palabras crean nuestras vidas. lo que hablamos se convierte en realidad...”. Who inspired you to become the person you are today?

My parents inspired me to become who I am today. I’m grateful that I’ve never had to look outside my own home for role models. My mom and dad are hard-working, honest and loving people. A moment that forever changed you in positive way...

The moment that changed me forever was the moment I decided to truly pay attention to the power of words. Our words create our lives. We speak things into fruition... both good and bad. At times, we may think that speaking negatively is harmless, but it can be very toxic. This toxicity affects the people around us, and it can primarily affect ourselves. If we speak positively, we can spread that positivity throughout our lives and the lives of others. I recently launched my YouTube channel called Wordaful because I want to start conversations and help others understand the power of our words.

Entrepreneurship is never an easy road; how do you face obstacles in your career?

When I face any obstacle, including those in my career, I find it important to have strong, smart and independent women within my inner circle. These women are my sounding board. I never assume to have all the answers, so I ask for their opinion, feedback and experience because I need to feel supported. Ultimately, no matter the setbacks I face, the main tool I use is faith in myself. In three words, what makes you INSPIRING? Go!

Faith, attitude, and gratitude. What brings you ALEGRIA?

Time spent with the people I love. Some say “Love is Service”. How have you served others this year?

I have found new ways to be of service. My mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, three years ago, and I was her caregiver for the first two years after her diagnosis, so I absolutely understand that Love is Service. Now, I use my platform to try to bring awareness to this disease with hopes of helping others.




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¿Quiénes te inspiraron a ser la persona que eres hoy?

Mi mayor inspiración hoy y siempre, la he encontrado en toda mi familia, principalmente en mis abuelos, mis padres y hermanos. Ellos son mi motor, mi alegría y fuente de motivación. Gracias a ellos y a todas las personas que con amor y lecciones de vida me enseñan cada día a ser mejor, ser bondadosa y darle valor a cada instante. Un momento que haya cambiado tu vida definitivamente, para bien.

Uno de los momentos más importantes para mí, fue el día en que conocí al amor de mi vida. Cuando llegué a vivir a Estados Unidos a los pocos meses, conocí a Enrique Gutierrez y el además de llenarme de amor, apoyarme en mi carrera y hacerme sentir especial, me ha ayudado a confiar en que nosotros no tenemos control de nada, el único que tiene los tiempos perfectos y los planes para nosotros es Dios. Y gracias a que comparto mi vida con un ser humano lleno de fé, es que encuentro paz en mi misma y puedo compartir mi felicidad con todos los que me rodean. El emprendimiento no es un camino fácil. ¿Cómo enfrentas los obstáculos en tu trayecto?

Querer salir adelante y poder cumplir nuestros sueños viene acompañado de retos y obstáculos que son parte de nuestro camino y del recorrido hacia nuestras metas. Cada paso en nuestro sendero, sea corto o largo, tiene valor y nos acerca más cada vez hacia nuestro destino final. En cada situación nos llevamos algo invaluable, que es la experiencia. Lo importante es saber enfrentar los desafíos y tomarlos como oportunidades de crecimiento personal y profesional.

En tres palabras, ¿qué te hace INSPIRADORA?

Pasión, alegría y agradecimiento. ¿Qué te da ALEGRIA?

Lo que le trae ALEGRIA a mi vida es poder compartir mi tiempo con mis seres amados y poder trabajar en lo que me apasiona como la televisión, la danza, el cine y el teatro. Algo que llena mis días de ALEGRIA es conocer las historias de personas que llegan a mi vida para inspirarme y repetirme lo bendecida que soy y que lo más importante es ser agradecidos y mostrar sensibilidad hacia nuestros semejantes. Además, me encanta hacer reír y ver feliz a las personas a mi alrededor. Algunas personas dicen que “Amor es Servicio”. ¿Cómo has servido a los demás este año?

La mejor forma de demostrar amor y ser servicial la he encontrado este último año a través de mi trabajo, que me ha dado la oportunidad de conocer las historias de vida de personas que han llegado a este país con un sueño en el corazón. Darles voz y contar sus historias en la televisión hispana me llena de satisfacción, porque sé que le estamos rindiendo tributo a una persona que nos da el buen ejemplo, que el latino es un ser trabajador y bondadoso y a la vez sus historias inspiran a otros a no rendirse y salir en busca de su sueño.

“We are paying tribute to people who gives us a good example, Latinos are kind, hardworking people, and through their stories, they inspire others not to quit and to get out and pursue their dreams.”


FLORES Photo by:Robson Muzel


Who inspired you to become the person you are today?

I really can’t pinpoint one person in particular. It’s been the many people in my life and the situations I have been in that have each planted a seed that has led to where I am now. My mom definitely inspired my resilience and strength in character. A moment that forever changed you in a positive way…

Few people know this story, but in the year 2000, when I was living in Mexico City, I survived an ectopic pregnancy which landed me in the hospital. My fallopian tube ruptured, and I was bleeding internally. I had an emergency procedure to save my life. It all happened so fast that all I can remember is closing my eyes as the anesthesiologist was working on me, and putting my life in the hands of God. I obviously made it, but the recovery and healing process were long and intense. It was through that process that I discovered yoga, Ayurveda, alternative medicine, deep spirituality and the power of healing through foods. It was also the moment when fear of the unknown stopped having any sort of control over me because I realized that no matter what happened, I had the strength and faith to bounce back. It was definitely a before-and-after moment in my life that changed me for the better, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Entrepreneurship is never an easy road; how do you face obstacles in your career?

By not ignoring that obstacles exist, greeting them when they come my way and tackling them head-on, but with tons of patience and perspective. I’ve also learned to see every obstacle as a learning opportunity and a motivating factor. If you believe that you create your own reality, then it’s easy to see that you’ve created that obstacle for yourself to teach or guide you. In three words, what makes you INSPIRING? Go!

I embrace change. What brings you ALEGRIA?

My daughter. Dancing. Spending time alone. My friends. Mexico. Follow @WeAllGrowLatina on Twitter and Instagram.

“He aprendido a contemplar cada obstáculo como una oportunidad de aprendizaje y un factor motivador. Si crees que puedes crear tu propia realidad, entonces es fácil ver que has creado ese obstáculo tu mismo para enseñarte o guiarte”.




ESCOBAR Photo by: Gils Weber


Who inspired you to become the person you are today?

My mother and father have been a great influence in my life, teaching me discipline, courage and the true meaning of responsibility. Music, one of my biggest passions, has also helped shape the person I am today. Over the years, music has motivated me to travel, explore different cultures, and most importantly to dream that everything is possible if you have the courage and motivation to make it happen. A moment that forever changed you in a positive way...

After finishing college in Colombia, I came to L.A. for a brief summer vacation and decided to work at a restaurant while I was here. The owner of the restaurant knew I was unable to work legally but said that we would figure it out later. After a 10 hour shift on my first day at the job, he stated that he wouldn’t pay me because “I didn’t have papers.” Even though I felt hopeless, my boyfriend took me to a friend’s party hoping to make me feel better. A few minutes later at that party, I met the girl who got me my first job at a record label. Entrepreneurship is never an easy road; how do you face obstacles in your career?

Having been raised in a country like Colombia, I had to face many obstacles. As a business owner, I think it’s important to have strong convictions and a clear understanding of what you can offer in any partnership. I’ve also learned that not all battles are meant to be fought, and so the best thing, at times, is to learn when to let go and move on. In three words, what makes you INSPIRING? Go!

Passion, Courage, and Vision. What brings you ALEGRIA?

My nieces make my heart skip a beat, and so does a good song and a really good concert. Traveling, a simple thank you note and spending time with close friends and family also bring a smile to my face, but no words can describe that feeling you get when you close a great deal. Some say “Love is Service.” How have you served others this year?

I try my best to motivate people that are new to the industry, which is very challenging and evolves constantly. I have reminded those around me that it’s important to have a clear vision and that all dreams can become a reality if you work diligently to make them happen.

“Como dueña de un negocio, creo que es importante tener convicciones sólidas y un claro entendimiento de lo que puedes ofrecer en cualquier sociedad. También he aprendido que en los negocios no todas las batallas deben pelearse y que lo mejor, en ocasiones, es aprender cuándo soltar y seguir adelante”.





RESENDEZ Photo by: Exclusive access.net Photography


“Mi madre, Elida Florinda, sin duda me inspiró. Migró de Guatemala a México y luego a los Estados Unidos en busca de una mejor vida para ella y su futura familia... Who inspired you to become the person you are today?

It may sound cliché, but without a doubt, my mother, Elida Florinda, inspired me. She migrated from Guatemala to Mexico and then to the U.S. in search for a better life for herself and her future family. She made it a point to make sure I was born in the U.S. so that I could create the life I wanted. I won’t take her efforts for granted; I’ll always be a mamma’s boy, and I’ll always strive to make her proud. A moment that forever changed you in positive way...

Moving day: the day I left the nest, moved from my small hometown in Port Arthur, Texas, and started my college and professional life in Miami. That day was full of tears of joy, being the first in my family to go to college, to move out of the house, let alone leave the state for a whole new city, with no family and friends. I wanted this type of challenge; I sought it out to prove to myself that I was capable. Entrepreneurship is never an easy road; how do you face obstacles in your career?

Obstacles are there no matter what road you take; the key is to leverage them to improve yourself, learn from your mistakes, learn from other people’s

mistakes, be open to advise, and ask for help when you need it. In our Latino industry and community, we’re all a big familia; there’s no reason we should not all be collaborating and helping each other out. I face obstacles with faith and courage; I always remind myself the outcome will be worth it. In three words, what makes you INSPIRING? Go!

Proud. Creative. Driven. What brings you ALEGRIA?

Family, friends, travel, and food of course. Being able to share your life with people I love, such as family and friends, being able to travel, even if it’s to a nearby town, exploring and continuing to learn more about people and culture – that’s where the food comes in. I’m a foodie. Tacos are great, but tacos with loved ones bring me ALEGRIA. Some say “Love is Service.” How have you served others this year? 

Mentorship. People are always asking for my tips for success. Putting my personal brand on the map, speaking on expert panels and collaborating with brands as an influencer, have all been key. Also, excelling at my job working with Fortune 500 companies. I make myself available to guide others, to offer advice, to be a connector, and to give back to my community.








Who inspired you to become the person you are today?

Many artists have endured hardships to follow their dreams: I love music, so it has always inspired me to follow my own. I think it is not just one person but all of those who have given it all to succeed in an industry as difficult as ours. A moment that forever changed you in a positive way...

I guess it was the moment I decided to leave the corporate world (I was working with Verizon in Seattle) and venture into the Unknown. I wanted to find new challenges and follow my dreams, so I decided to move to Los Angeles. I didn’t know anybody here at the time, but I managed to work my way to a seasonal internship (2 months) at a reputable PR agency  focused in Entertainment and Music; they represented the biggest Latin names in the industry at the time. That would turn into the most decisive moment of my life because it allowed me to start a new career, create a future for myself and open my own company. Entrepreneurship is never an easy road; how do you face obstacles in your career?

Small businesses always have their ups and downs, lots of obstacles, cash flow, trying to put your values before of the money... However, believing in yourself and your talents is key. That belief gets you through the tough times. You know things will work out when you believe in yourself. In three words, what makes you INSPIRING? Go! 

Passion. Patience. Empathy. What brings you ALEGRIA?

A great song, a job well done, the happiness of those around me. Oh! And a nice vacation with great food: you have to know how to disconnect. Some say “Love is Service”. How have you served others this year?

When I get the chance, I motivate new independent artists to follow their dreams; I always encourage them to be professionals at what they do, at every level of their profession. I also highlight the importance of having an open mind, to be willing to listen, and to follow the advice of the people who have experience in the music industry.

“Muchos artistas han pasado penurias para seguir sus sueños: amo la música, así que siempre me ha inspirado a seguir los míos”.


MOLINA Photo by: Gils Weber





RODRIGUEZ Photo by: Karina Llamas

“Espero estar enseñando a mis hijos que hay un valor más grande en el amor que en ninguna otra cosa. Porque el amor es magia y la magia es vida”.


Who inspired you to become the person you are today?

I don’t think there is ever just one person... there are the good things and people, and the bad things, bad relationships, the struggles that happen in life that I believe inspire us all. I have found inspiration and inner strength in different things. However, my mother is one of the strongest persons I know. She came to this country with nothing but the shirt on her back. Despite every obstacle, she pushed and worked so hard always to keep her family healthy and safe. I don’t think we can ever repay our parents for their sacrifices.

A moment that forever changed you in a positive way...

Two distinct moments: the birth of my first child 6 years ago, and losing my house to a fire back in 2014. When my son was born, the way I saw life completely shifted to a purpose. This life wasn’t about me anymore, but about what I could do to make it a better place for our children. And then the fire. It was such a dark and depressing time in my life. I was stripped off everything and given the opportunity to start all over again. Instead of focusing on the ugliness of it, I decided to see it as a cleansing of everything that was obstructing my view. Entrepreneurship is never an easy road; how do you face obstacles in your career?

There isn´t one clear answer to this question. I think I am doing the best I can and I am doing it with love. That is how you face obstacles, whatever comes your way, you face it with love. Some days are harder than others, and I try not to beat myself up. We must understand that our biggest obstacle is our mind. If

you tell yourself, you cannot do something; you won’t be able to do it. In three words, what makes you INSPIRING?

I don’t know if I can answer this myself. However, I’ll tell you what I want to be every day. I want to be: strength, love, and fairness. What brings you ALEGRIA

My children. My beautiful, passionate community. Seeing other women working toward their dreams. Seeing their dreams become a reality. Nothing is ever easy. It takes a lot of courage and love to get to accomplish even the smallest dream. Some say “Love is Service.” How have you served others this year?

I hope I am serving my community and making them proud. I hope I am raising my children to become great men in society. I hope I am teaching them that there is bigger value in love than in anything else. Because love is magic, and magic is life.

Lizza Monet

MORALES Photo by: Grace Bukunmi


Who inspired you to become the person you are today?

My Mother and dear Abuelita have been the most impactful people in my life. They co-raised me after my parents divorced. I feel blessed to have been raised with old school traditions and progressive thinking. They passed onmy Latino heritage, in both language and culture, and also raised me to be what we call a classy chingona. That is a woman who knows what she wants and stands up for herself unapologetically, with style and grace. A moment that forever changed you in a positive way...

Last year, I was blessed with an invitation to the Dalai Lama’s birthday party. I had the honor of speaking with him and doing a forehead to forehead energy exchange with His Holiness. During that time, he thanked me for my work as an agent of love via my community #LoveBugNation. We spoke about how technology makes it easier today to spread the messages of peace and love, unlike when he first started. That interaction has stayed with me and fueled me to double down on my efforts to spread love and positivity in my work, my brand and through my community in bigger ways. I think back to our energy exchange on days I am feeling less than 100% and the memory alone serves as the perfect soul food to keep me going. Entrepreneurship is never an easy road, how do you face obstacles in your career?

My dear Abuelita taught me when life hands you a “no” that means you just have to find another way to get to your “yes.” Building on that, my mother taught me to look at a “no” to mean “next opportunity.” These two philosophies combined have enabled me to always keep focused on my end goal and be flexible with the “route” I take to get there. As an entrepreneur, being flexible is one of the primary keys to success. And being persistent to see your vision through is essential. In three words, what makes you INSPIRING? Go!

Passionate. Positive. Persistent. What brings you ALEGRIA?

Seeing the world through love-filled eyes. I firmly believe what you see and focus on, is what you attract. Happiness is a choice, even more soin tough times. The more we choose to see our blessings and focus on the positive, the more we free ourselves to pour love into everything we do and extend it to everyone we meet. Some say “Love is Service.” How have you served others this year?

I completely agree. I make it a point to focus on giving back to my community whenever I can. I am blessed with amazing fans, who I consider friends, and I love making time to mentor them among other things. It brings me great joy being of service to others and causes I believe in. Most recently,I flew out to Arizona to spend the day going door to door speaking with registered voters in English and Spanish answering questions about where their polling stations were, coordinating rides to get them to the polls and stressing how much their vote really matters. @xoxolizza

“Mi madre y querida abuelita han sido las personas más impactantes en mi vida… Me transmitieron mi herencia latina, tanto la cultura como el lenguaje, y me criaron para ser una chingona con clase. Esto es, una mujer que sabe lo que quiere y se defiende sin excusarse, con estilo y gracia”.






Photo by: The Dream Team Agency


¿Quiénes te inspiraron a ser la persona que eres?

Desde muy pequeño soñé con el “Sueño Americano”. No tenía familiares que vivieran acá, mis padres nunca pudieron venir… así que era solo eso, un sueño. Tomé clases de inglés en mi tiempo libre después del colegio y encontré en la peluquería un mundo donde encajaba perfectamente: el hecho de ser gay no era un obstáculo. Así que no paré de buscar nuevas oportunidades y junto con dos amigos montamos un salón de belleza en Bogotá. Después de varios años vendí mi parte y me empleé en una de las peluquerías más grande de Bogotá donde empecé secando el cabello. Ahí aprendí a maquillar y a los pocos meses ya estaba atendiendo a mis propias clientas. Todos los días aprendo algo nuevo, nunca hago un peinado igual, siempre estoy reinventando mi técnica de trabajo. Un momento que haya cambiado tu vida definitivamente, para bien.

La llamada que recibí de la manager de Shakira, pidiéndome que fuera su asistente personal, marco mi vida para siempre, Con ella llegue a Miami una semana antes de empezar la gira promocional de “Dónde están los Ladrones”, fui el responsable de sus diferentes cambios de look, desde el pelo negro, al rojo que identificó su momento roquero, y finalmente el rubio que la consagra como la artista Pop internacional que es hoy en día. El emprendimiento no es un camino fácil. ¿Cómo enfrentas los obstáculos en tu trayecto?

“When I see my work published in a magazine, or when I see one of my celebrity clients in the list of the most beautiful women, I feel happy that I have done a good job, that speaks of my passion and love for my profession”.

No paro de aprender, siempre estoy atento a las nuevas tendencias, a lo que se lleva, y lo integró a un estilo de trabajo muy mío, no copio la fórmula de ninguno de mis colegas. Por el contrario, me inspiro en ellas para poder hacer un trabajo que sea vigente, actual y moderno. En tres palabras, ¿qué te hace inspirador?

Cabello, maquillaje y ropa, me inspiran todo el tiempo. Me encanta ver todos ellos juntos en un look creado para una de mis celebridades clientas, ya sea para una alfombra roja o para un photo-shoot. ¿Qué te da ALEGRIA?

Cuando veo mi trabajo publicado en una revista, o cuando veo mi clienta en la lista de las más guapas, me siento feliz de haber hecho un buen trabajo, sinónimo de la pasión y el amor que siento por mi profesión.



“Disfruto superando obstáculos. La competencia es uno de ellos: le doy la bienvenida, la analizo y establezco ofertas claras que nos distingan de los demás.”


Photo by:J.C. Olivera


Who has inspired you to become the person you are today?

My great-grandmother, Piedad, had a challenging life, and as far as I remember, she was the eternal entrepreneur. Every night, she would stop whatever she was doing to sit down and hold me until I went to sleep. She always told me that perseverance is the key to success and I have followed that advice all my life.

A moment that forever changed you in a positive way.

On Christmas Eve 1986, I walked across the darkness of the US border; that’s where a new life began, and the opportunities to become somebody seemed endless. Entrepreneurship is never an easy road; how do you face obstacles in your career?

I learn from failure and take those experiences into improving my company’s business offerings. Whatever they may be, I enjoy overcoming the obstacles. Competition is one of them, and I welcome it, I analyze it and set clear offerings that set us apart. With that mindset, we have recently gone against some of the world’s leading Public Relations agencies, successfully pitched and acquired top clients.

In three words, what makes you INSPIRING? Go!

I’m a “life-loving sarcastic.” What brings you ALEGRIA?

Spending quality time with the very small group of people I love, as well as enjoying the quiet times by myself with great music, food, and the best wines. Some say “Love is Service.” How have you served others this year?

After being an activist for years for the LGBT community, most of my good deeds are very anonymous now. I think it’s important to pay forward and help others, not the notoriety you may get from it.


MARTÍNEZ Photo by:Trendy Inc.


Who inspired you to become the person you are today?

My mother. She was my first inspiration, as a truly genuine person with all the values she instilled in me and taught me. A moment that forever changed you in a positive way...

Becoming a mother changed my life; I realized I didn’t live only for myself anymore. My focus turned to my children, to nourish and give them all values and principles I learned from my parents. Entrepreneurship is never an easy road; how do you face obstacles in your career?

Seeing them as a step to progress and part of the learning process. Fear is always present; what sets an entrepreneur apart is what he or she does with that fear, so as to be able to make good decisions. In three words, what makes you INSPIRING? Go!

Determined, confident and a hustler! What brings you ALEGRIA?

My family, and the moment I see the results of my work paying off! Some say “Love is Service.” How have you served others this year?

In this phase of my career I feel like the most I can do is to pass all my knowledge to future generations of stylists. That´s why I decided to launch Trendy Academy, and my book, “El Manual Del Estilista”. If your question is more towards my personal service, I have two foundations close to my heart: FunVivir, which aims to help children with cancer and their families from my native Cartagena to experience a warmer day-to-day life during their treatments, and Sharing for Kids, which works to improve health conditions and education of needy children in Colombia.

“En esta etapa de mi carrera siento que lo máximo que puedo hacer es transmitir mi conocimiento a las futuras generaciones de estilistas. Por ello decidí lanzar Trendy Academy, y el libro “El manual del estilista”.



Who inspired you to become the person you are today?

I have always surrounded myself by powerful women, the first of whom is my mother, Soledad Jacquez. My mother is fearless, has an entrepreneurial spirit, endless hustle and immense creativity. My definition of a powerhouse. One could say I get my hustle from my mom! During our travels, I have gotten to know her as a woman, and her journey as a woman. Understanding her life has inspired me to want to help women like her succeed. Tita Yanar is another inspirational powerhouse. We met during my freshman year of high school at a National Hispanic Institute event. During her presentation, she looked directly at me and stated, “I dare you to be great.” This statement aroused a purpose in me and a responsibility to advocate for my community. Tita is the epitome of a strong Latina leader. Your soul moves whenever you hear Tita speak. She makes you feel as if greatness is your only option. Creating powerhouses like Soledad Jacquez and Tita Yanar is what inspired me to launch Miss Corporate Diva. I still hear Tita challenge me, “I dare you to be great.” A moment that forever changed you in a positive way...


JACQUEZ Photo by: David Jr. Martin


Miss Corporate Diva provides you with the tools and coaching you need to craft the career you’ve always wanted. Become a powerhouse through individualized programs designed to take you to the next level. We start with crafting a strong brand and help you understand how to leverage it to create opportunities for success. Miss Corporate Diva was founded by Amber-Marie Jacquez. Jacquez’s rapid success in corporate America makes her the perfect mentor for those looking to reach the next level. Jacquez’s goal is to help other women, specifically Latinas, succeed. She masterfully teaches how to capitalize your individuality and expertise to manage your career proactively. Her expertise encompasses assisting entry level to executive career management, as well as helping small businesses succeed. “I want women, especially Latinas, conquering the boardroom and other male-dominated industries, while embracing their diversity and unique style.” Amber Jacquez

Becoming a mentor showed me that my career and business coaching could propel others in their careers by teaching them how to create opportunities. Entrepreneurship is never an easy road; how do you face obstacles in your career?

1. Preparation is key. I try to foresee any obstacles and prepare for how to handle them. 2. I am resourceful. I have a large network of amazing people and I am never afraid to tap into them for advice or to collaborate. I also am very creative, so if things aren’t going as planned, I am flexible and can come up with solutions as needed. 3. I keep things in perspective. Obstacles are only as big as you make them. There is nothing that I can’t accomplish…sometimes I just need to adjust my strategy, but I never lower my goal. In three words, what makes you INSPIRING? Go!

I create opportunities. What brings you ALEGRIA?

Family and Friends. Some say “Love is Service”. How have you served others this year?

I am on the board of Amigas4MySoul, a non-profit dedicated to inspiring women to live purposefully and courageously. We helped inspire life-changing results in women through various events and programs. We are a board that truly serves from a place of love and purpose. We are self-funded, and 100% of all proceeds go back into programs and events. www.misscorporatediva.com/

Who inspired you to become the person you are today?

My family. Growing up with my siblings and all of our interactions. My big old  Mexican family and our gatherings: I was always in the center of every dance circle, wedding and quinceañera, so I think that was  part of the reason why I wanted to become an entertainer. A moment that forever changed you in a positive way...

What impacted me the most for the better was when we lost our home when I was nine years old, and then we all moved to our grandparent’s converted garage. It wasn’t easy, but we made the best out of it. Having nothing and knowing that we needed something, made us work hard to get that. That showed me what ambition is. Entrepreneurship is never an easy road; how do you face obstacles in your career?

I try to be patient. Sometimes I can find myself being easily frustrated, so I just take a second, take a deep breath and realize that I am truly blessed to be in the position I am in and that everything is going to work itself out. So I think patience is key.  In three words, what makes you INSPIRING? Go!

That I am HONEST, I think that’s really important. I am BRAVE because I am so young and I am not in the easiest career path. The last one is HAPPY; I think I inspire people with my energy because I am a happy person. I like to look at the glass half full, not half empty.  What brings you ALEGRIA?

My family. Some say “Love is Service.” How have you served others this year?

Being the oldest of four kids, I try always to be there for my younger siblings. Since they are at that age where they are transitioning from children to becoming adults and they are dealing with teenage emotions, I try to be there as much as I can for them.

“Soy honesta, creo que eso es muy importante. Soy valiente porque soy tan joven y no estoy en el camino profesional más fácil. Y por último, soy feliz; creo que inspiro a la gente con mi energía porque soy una persona feliz”.

Photo by:Ben Cope


¿Quiénes te inspiraron a ser la persona que eres?

Me puedo considerar una persona bendecida ya que he conocido a muchas personas (la mayoría mujeres), que me han inspirado a convertirme en el hombre que soy  y con las cuales he podido contar, tanto en lo personal como en lo profesional. Pero la persona que ha creado la base de lo que soy y mi más grande inspiración es mi Madre. Aparte de ser una mujer trabajadora, humilde, dulce y cariñosa, es alguien para quien siempre soy la prioridad. Ella me inspira a seguir creciendo profesionalmente, a ser mejor persona, mejor hijo, mejor amigo, y -en un futuro, mejor esposo. Un momento que haya cambiado tu vida definitivamente, para bien.

El cambio más importante fue cuando a mis 13 años, mis padres decidieron mudarse de Sinaloa, México, a Los Ángeles, en busca de mejores oportunidades de vida y en busca del añorado “Sueño Americano”. Hoy, 20 años después, puedo decir que el sueño americano existe y soy prueba de ello. El esfuerzo de mudarnos a Los Ángeles valió la pena. El emprendimiento no es un camino fácil. ¿Cómo enfrentas los obstáculos en tu trayecto?

De cada obstáculo en tu camino, habrá un aprendizaje. Lo importante es siempre fijar la meta y estar consciente de que puede ser un poco difícil, pero valdrá la pena si es lo que quieres. Mantenerte siempre fiel a quien eres, ser perseverante, mantener la calma, ser optimista y generoso, y trabajar duro. Esas son las herramientas que me han ayudado cuando he tenido obstáculos en mi carrera como publicista. En tres palabras, ¿qué te hace INSPIRADOR?

Mi dedicación, optimismo y generosidad. ¿Qué te da ALEGRIA?

Mi familia. Mis sobrinos: Joe, Juanito y George. La sonrisa y carita inocente de mí ahijado Benicio. Los abrazos de mis amigos. Algunas personas dicen que “Amor es Servicio”. ¿Cómo has servido a los demás este año?

Soy parte del programa de voluntarios Lionshares, un grupo que ofrece oportunidad a los empleados de Pantelion de asociarnos con organizaciones benéficas en nuestra comunidad y brindar apoyo durante todo el año. El programa no solo enriquece nuestra experiencia de trabajar en un estudio de cine, sino también nos permite interactuar con compañeros de trabajo mientras que ayudamos a organizaciones y personas que lo necesitan, creando así un impacto local y global.


RODRIGUEZ Photo by: @mokaLaguna

“Be true to who you are, be persistent, keep calm, be optimistic and generous, and work hard. Those are the tools that have helped me in my career as a publicist”.

  /Joseinla   /Joderodriguezla




MENA Photo by: Daryl Henderson


Who inspired you to become the person you are today?

My mother. A moment that forever changed you in a positive way...

The night that changed my life, October 15, 2005, when I faced a tragic car accident that killed my boyfriend at the time and left me paralyzed from the chest down. It forever changed me, for the better, as I had to start living life on two wheels, but also because it shaped me into becoming the person that I am today and that I am proud of. Entrepreneurship is never an easy road; how do you face obstacles in your career?

By staying focused and determined to succeed. I think back to the lowest points in my life, only to remind myself, “if I’ve been there and gotten back up, I can do it again…”, and I gain strength from that to keep on pushing. How can your business empower others?

Knowing that everything is possible; para PODER, hay que CREER y QUERER. The road to success is never easy, and it’s one you have got to travel yourself, but always keep your head high, no matter what you stumble upon the way. It’s easy to lose sight of things… You must not forget to be grateful for everything you have. Don’t take things for granted. You don’t want to be thankful for things, once you’ve lost them, once it’s too late… No matter what you’re facing in your career, keep things into perspective, remembering what is truly important at the end of the day. In three words, what makes you INSPIRING? Go!

I’m a Survivor, Determined, Grateful. What brings you ALEGRIA?

Having my loved ones near me and having God in my life.

“Para PODER, hay que CREER y QUERER. El camino al éxito nunca es fácil, y lo debes recorrer tu solo, pero siempre mantén la cabeza en alto, no

Some say “Love is Service.” How have you served others this year?

By motivating and empowering people in different ways; through social media and donating my time to several meaningful projects and events with a greater purpose. www.tamaramena.com

importa lo que te encuentres en recorrido. Es fácil perder de vista las cosas… No debes olvidar sentir agradecimiento por todo lo que tienes.”





GALÁN Photo provided by: Management


Who inspired you to become the person you are today?

The first Latina TV producer I ever met was Aida Barrera, from Texas. As a teenager, she hired me to work as an intern/researcher on a teen news show. At 17, I moved across the country to Texas to work for her. She changed my view of who I could become, and has remained in my life. Other Latinas who have inspired me include Sonia Sotomayor, our Supreme Court Judge; the most recent U.S. Treasurer, Rosie Rios; Nobel Peace Laureate, Rigoberta Menchu; the beloved and decorated Sandra Cisneros; and incredible entrepreneurs like Nina Vaca, Doreen Dominguez, Patty Arvielo, and my dear friends, Ingrid Duran and Catherine Pino. Sheri Lansing was the first woman President of a movie studio, Paramount Pictures. I clipped her picture and story out of a magazine and kept it on my wall for years. Later when I met her she exceeded my expectations. Her generosity in philanthropy inspired me to give back to Latinas in my community through The Adelante Movement. My idols are Gloria Steinem, Gloria Allred and Hilary Clinton. I am happy to have met them all and humbly try follow in their passionate, committed and brave footsteps. Finally, Suze Orman, who was the first woman whose books taught me about the power of my money, and she is as authentic and generous as she is brilliant. A moment that forever changed you in a positive way...

I was general manager at a small TV station. I was committed to growing the business; however my boss sold the station. I felt betrayed and blamed him for taking away “my baby.” When I complained to him, he replied: “Young lady, those are my chips. Go get your own chips.” That became a crucial “A-ha!” moment, one that taught me that I needed to achieve and create something of my own to forge my career.

Entrepreneurship is never an easy road; how do you face obstacles in your career?

By making fear and failure my best friends. Like most people, I have failed more often than I’ve succeeded. Every day, I’m afraid to go after my dreams—but I do it anyway. When I fail, I lick my wounds for a couple of days, analyze the situation, and then get back up and try again, this time armed with more information about how to do it better. In three words, what makes you INSPIRING? Go!

I am a turtle - slow and steady. Not an overnight success. My favorite word is “completion”. I take my time to decide what to do – but when I do, I complete what I begin. Completion is the key to life. What brings you ALEGRIA?

My son gives me ALEGRIA, he is the light of my life, Also, my life partner, my parents, my extended family and friends. I also love my dog Desi, who I call my “therapy dog” because he calms me down. I love my colorful house in the Venice Canals and Latin. I also feel tremendous ALEGRIA to meet and speak with women all over the country, and encourage them to flex their entrepreneurial muscles and go for it! Their success is my success too. Some say “Love is Service.” How have you served others this year?

In 2012 I created my non-profit, The Adelante Movement, which provides inspiration and training for Latina entrepreneurs. I have met over 100,000 Latinas on the road and trained over 25,000 in entrepreneurship. I have spent this year traveling around the country with my book Self Made. I have been to over 75 cities, and spoken and trained at corporations, non-profit organizations, Chambers of Commerce and universities, helping multicultural women find their self-made destinies. What could be better, and more rewarding?

“Como la mayoría de las personas, he fracasado más frecuentemente de lo que he tenido éxito. Todos los días, temo perseguir mis sueños pero lo hago.





POLANCO Photo by: Mariusz Jeglinski



Who inspired you to become the person you are today?

Tony Robins and Oprah Winfrey. Their drive for success and their giving nature inspire me to live a greater life, filled with love and abundance. A moment that forever changed you in positive way...

In December of 2009, we were struggling to survive after the market crash of 2008. On my wife’s birthday, we woke up to the sound of a car alarm blaring, and Trish said: “That´s is your car being repossessed.” I hit rock bottom at that moment; my car was repossessed, and we had already received an eviction notice. So, it’s the holidays, I have nowhere to live, no car and not even a dime to buy my son a present. It was at that

moment that I vowed: “Never again.” I pulled myself up from that rock-bottom moment and moved forward with my new business, Ruby Makeup Academy. Flash forward three years, and my company was making over a million a year and was recognized by INC Magazine as one of the fastest growing companies in the country. Entrepreneurship is never an easy road; how do you face obstacles in your day to day operations?

I have a very creative mind, and I am always up for challenges. At my worst moments, I pull back, and I ask: “If I wasn’t in pain, dealing with this situation, what would I do differently?” By removing myself from the equation, I’m able to see the problem, looking in from the outside. In three words, what makes you INSPIRING?

Passion. Vision. Drive.

What brings you ALEGRIA?

It’s the little moments in life, like a note from a Ruby Grad, telling me how her life has changed since she came to our program. Or at the end of an event, when I look across the room and see all my Ruby Girlz having such a great time. I think “Wow, I can’t believe this is my life.” Some say “Love is Service.” How have you served others this year?

My current passion project is “Reaching for the Stars,” in which I bring together over 400 women as my personal guests. I introduce them the most influential women in our industry to share their stories, inspire them and let them know that anything is possible, that we all overcame obstacles to be where we are today.



Photo by: JeanPaul SanPedro


Who inspired you to become the person you are today?

First and foremost, my father. He had a very tough life leaving Cuba as a political prisoner at 17, being homeless in Costa Rica and later living in one of the roughest neighborhoods in New York, with no family or a proper education, while he faced language and socioeconomic barriers. Through hard work and determination, he became a successful entrepreneur. His story is woven deep into the fabric of my being: I wear it on my skin. Career wise, my mentor Lorenzo Braun. He was my former boss and is currently General Manager of Sony Music Entertainment. He saw a talent in me that I didn’t even see at the time, and inspired me to be who I am today. He encouraged me to reach great heights in my career in the music industry, and because of him, I have accomplished a lot. A moment that forever changed you in a positive way...

There are two: The first, when I volunteered for ten days in Cambodia and the Philippines, working with 107 girls who were victims of sex trafficking. It was a cathartic and defining moment in my life. Upon my return, I started my non-profit, Travel With Purpose, and tattooed the words “sister” and “love” on my wrist. These were in the handwriting of two beautiful girls with whom I spent time so that I would never forget what my real purpose in life is: to inspire and empower women. The second, this year I started teaching at University of Southern California’s Thornton School of Music. It was a dream come true to teach at my alma matter and a turning point in my career. Not to mention I am the first Latina to join Thornton’s faculty in recent years, if not ever. Entrepreneurship is never an easy road; how do you face obstacles in your career?

Obstacles push you forward; they force you to think outside the box, reinvent yourself and find other ways to generate revenue. I have learned to embrace obstacles because I know that it leads to amazing places. Being malleable and trusting the process has helped me change with the times and stay afloat. Resisting change is detrimental to anyone’s career. In three words, what makes you INSPIRING? Go!


What brings you ALEGRIA?

My family, godsons, and friends bring me ALEGRIA, as well as teaching, making people laugh, inspiring others, traveling, philanthropic work, and music. Some say “Love is Service.” How have you served others this year?

I’m currently wrapping up a project in Haiti where I’ve been raising funds to expand an embroidery business and employ 100 more women by next year. Also, I mentor a 17-year-old girl from South Central LA, who was a former victim of sex trafficking. I try to do my little bit of good in this chaotic world we inhabit. It makes me feel alive, and it’s only right.

“Los obstáculos te impulsan hacia adelante; te fuerzan a pensar creativamente, a reinventarte y encontrar otras formas de generar ganancias. He aprendido a aceptar los obstáculos porque sé que ello lleva a lugares sorprendentes. Ser maleable y confiar en el proceso me ha ayudado a adaptarme a las circunstancias y mantenerme a flote.”





CALA Photo by: Cala Enterprises


¿Quiénes te inspiraron a ser la persona que eres hoy?

Me han inspirado muchas personas, a las que agradezco, porque creo firmemente en la inteligencia colectiva. Puedo mencionar a Oprah Winfrey, Larry King,Deepak Chopra, John C. Maxwell, Tony Robbins, entre muchos otros. Un momento que haya cambiado tu vida definitivamente, para bien.

Recuerdo dos momentos claves en mi vida. Cuando llegué a Canadá a los 28 años, mi primer televisor, que recogí en la calle, solo se veía en blanco y verde. Pero aun así descubrí a una persona que me cambió la vida para siempre: Oprah Winfrey. Y en ese mismo televisor, vi un spot comercial que anunciaba un programa de transformación de Tony Robbins. Creo que costaba 300 dólares. Y aquella fue la mejor inversión de mi vida. El emprendimiento no es un camino fácil. ¿Cómo enfrentas los obstáculos en tu trayecto?

I learned to find an opportunity

Aprendí a encontrar una oportunidad en cada obstáculo. Y algo muy importante: vi la vida de otra manera cuando entendí que no quiero permanecer en una cima, porque eso también es estancarse. Así que mi camino es de progreso continuo, de metas nuevas, de reinvención permanente. En tres palabras, ¿qué te hace INSPIRADOR?

in every obstacle. I saw life in a different way

La pasión, la paciencia y la perseverancia.

when I understood that I don’t want

Siento alegría al ver cómo una persona que se lo propone, consigue el cambio.

to stay on the top, because that also is stagnation. So my road is of constant progress, new goals and permanent reinvention.

¿Qué te da ALEGRIA?

Algunas personas dicen que el Amor es Servicio. ¿Cómo has servido a los demás este año?

Por ejemplo, a través del trabajo de Ismael Cala Foundation, que promueve programas de liderazgo emocional, orientación vocacional y educación para niños, adolescentes y jóvenes hispanos en situación de vulnerabilidad en Estados Unidos, Latinoamérica y el Caribe.   ismaelcala.com




ALCALÁ Photo by: Ruben Martin


¿Quiénes te inspiraron a ser la persona que eres hoy?

Mis padres, definitivamente. Desde muy joven me enseñaron el valor del trabajo arduo, la ética profesional y el respeto a la profesión Siempre me inculcaron que el estudio era lo más importante y gracias a su ejemplo de lucha he podido lograr lo que pensaba era imposible. A ellos y a mis hermanos les debo todo. Un momento que haya cambiado tu vida definitivamente, para bien…

Después de estar sola dos meses haciendo comerciales de televisión en Los Ángeles, conocí al manager de Luis Miguel, quien me entrevistó para el puesto de asistente. Empecé a trabajar en las oficinas del artista y a los pocos meses, me fui de gira por el mundo por nueve meses. Fue allí, en esa gira, donde me di cuenta que había encontrado lo que realmente me apasionaba, aunque fue una especie de “Boot Camp” ya que iba aprendiendo todo sobre la marcha. Desde entonces hasta ahora me he dedicado a las relaciones públicas.

El emprendimiento no es un camino fácil. ¿Cómo enfrentas los obstáculos en tu trayecto?

Algunas personas dicen que “Amor es Servicio”. ¿Cómo has servido a los demás este año?

Con sentido común, humildad, sin ego y tratando las adversidades con el respeto que se merecen. Cada obstáculo que se me ha presentado, trato de superarlo manteniendo el enfoque en lo que realmente es importante. Otra clave es que cuando consigas a personas que apuesten por ti, jamás las dejes ir. Rodearte de personas que sienten la misma pasión que tú por tú profesión es una bendición.

Toda la vida he creído que es mejor dar que recibir. A través de los años he colaborado con diferentes organizaciones, entre ellas The Susan G. Komen Foundation. Pero este año, tras tener que pasar siete meses en cama debido a tres operaciones en mi ojo, aprendí lo valioso que es el aceptar ayuda. Ha sido una lección muy grande para mí y he comprobado que si no estoy bien, no puedo ayudar al prójimo... Ahora me siento lista para continuar. Aprovecho estas líneas para agradecer infinitamente a cada una de las personas que de alguna u otra manera me hicieron sentir amada y acompañada durante este año tan difícil.

En tres palabras, ¿qué te hace INSPIRADORA?

Como diría un gran amigo: Guerrera, trabajadora y buen corazón. ¿Qué te da ALEGRIA?

Muchas cosas, ¡gracias a Dios! Entre ellas: mi familia, mi esposo, mis amigos que son prácticamente mi familia, la música, ver y vivir el triunfo de mis clientes, la fotografía, los atardeceres, el poder viajar y sobre todo, tener salud.

  www.rondenepr.com   /rondenepr   /rondenepr



Photo by: Omar Cruz


Who inspired you to become the person you are today?

Many people inspire me every day. Hands down, my parents, who have always pushed me to work hard and become a better person; Emilio Estefan, who taught me the importance of works ethics and my other PR colleagues who continually push me to become the very best in what I do. A moment that forever changed you in a positive way...

The moment I had the opportunity to work alongside the Estefan Family… learn from their incredible career, work ethics, meet amazing people and travel to places where I had never been. Entrepreneurship is never an easy road; how do you face obstacles in your career?

I believe that you always have to find the positive in every obstacle you face; that is the only way to make it through. I always take everything I do, even if it’s an obstacle and take it as part of the learning process… that always makes the outcome much better. In three words, what makes you INSPIRING? Go!

My positivity, my enthusiasm for work and my attitude towards life. What brings you ALEGRIA?

“Creo que siempre tienes que encontrar lo positivo en todo obstáculo que enfrentas; esa es la única manera de salir adelante”.

My family, my dog Cuchi Cuchi & Halloween. Some say “Love is Service.” How have you served others this year?

For many years our agency, The Dream Team Agency, has been supporting St Jude’s Research Hospital, becoming “Angeles de Esperanza” and trying to use all of our experience & knowledge to spread the word that they always need help, and money, to continue with their amazing mission.


Who inspired you to become the person you are today?

My mom has always inspired me to become a better person and to always fight for my dreams. A moment that forever changed you in a positive way...

The moment I was told I was working with Don Francisco. This opportunity to work beside him created an incredible change professionally and personally. Entrepreneurship is never an easy road; how do you face obstacles in your day to day operations?

Always believe in yourself and your abilities, that’s the easiest way to overcome all obstacles that may come in life. In three words, what makes you INSPIRING? Go!

Perseverance, happiness, positivism. What brings you ALEGRIA?

My family and friends! Some say “Love is Service”. How have you served others this year?

I’ve always liked to help others, specially the elderly, on an everyday basis. I am constantly helping others as a part of my regular day.



Photo by: Telemundo / Gio Alma

“Siempre cree en ti mismo y en tus capacidades, esa es la forma más fácil de sobreponerte a todos los obstáculos que pudieras encontrar en la vida”.




Fernanda KELLY

Photo by: Luis Reyes / Hair - Makeup: Vicktor Correa


Who inspired you to become the person you are today?

My family, they are my #1 cheering squad! Their support is PRICELESS! Oprah, who teaches you can beat the odds if you believe in yourself, circumstances notwithstanding. Angelina Jolie, by living her life so freely, completely unperturbed by society standards, but committed to her mission as an ambassador for the U.N. My LAnzado fans, and the men and women in the books I read! A moment that forever changed you in positive way…

When I became an SGI Buddhist 10 years ago. I became more compassionate, patient, determined, unstoppable and happy! I understand that I am the creator of my environment. Therefore I never feel a victim of any situation. Entrepreneurship is never an easy road; how do you face the obstacles in your career?

Head-on! I understand that the barriers in my career are there for two reasons: a. To teach me what it is that I am DOING to cause this “obstacle” and polish that aspect b. To make my mission in life even stronger. The more obstacles I overcome, the more I resonate with the world. In three words, what makes you INSPIRING? Go!

I embrace myself. What brings you ALEGRIA?

My family, horses, the ocean, a good book, my career, food, wine, chanting, coffee.

“Comprendo que soy la creadora de mi entorno. Por lo tanto, nunca, en ninguna circunstancia me siento víctima”.

Some say “Love is Service”. How have you served others this year?

In my Buddhist organization, we have leaders. I am the Young Women’s Division District Leader, and it enables me to connect heart to heart with young girls and women up to 35 years old, in the Los Angeles area. We support each other through prayer, studies, and activities. Through faith, we create the world we want to live in.   fernandakelly.com

Photo by: J.E. Moreno Photography

“El momento que cambió mi vida Para siempre fue cuando mi abuela Murió en mis brazos. La cargaba, Literalmente, cuando su corazón Latió por última vez. - RADIO PERSONALITY / SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCER / ENTREPRENEUR

Who inspired you to become the person you are today?

One of my biggest inspirations is my greatgrandmother, Mama Matty. I was lucky because I got to spend lots of quality time with her. One of my fondest memories is how she used to love garage sales. She had a hustler´s spirit. She would negotiate with people, and she was good at it. She was so determined. Everything she set her mind to do, she did. She was such a hard worker and the matriarch of our family. She taught me to be relentless and work hard and that even people told you “no”, it could still be done. She was such a badass woman! A moment that forever changed you in a positive way...

The moment that changed me forever is when my grandma (my dad’s mom), died in my arms. I was literally carrying her when her heart beat for the last

time. I knew she was gone. I was like 11 years old. From that day on, I knew I was special and strong and I could handle any situation thrown my way, good or bad. I knew I was meant to be of service to others when needed, and that was special. Entrepreneurship is never an easy road; how do you face obstacles in your career?

I like to face obstacles by communicating clearly. We can understand each other by talking. I have learned that any obstacle, regardless of how enormous and unbearable it may seem, is always a lesson to be learned. So I embrace obstacles and challenging moments as I know they are building my character and the person I will ultimately become. In three words, what makes you INSPIRING?

Personality; outlook on life; boldness. What brings you ALEGRIA?

Spending time with my beloved family and loved ones. The people who love me unconditionally. The

people who get me and my crazy, big, out of this world ideas and thoughts. My family fills my cup of tea. They are the jelly to my peanut butter and the waffles to my syrup. Some say “Love is Service.” How have you served others this year?

I am in service all year round with my organization, Amigas4MySoul, a non-profit dedicated to helping women live a purposeful life regardless of their background. We do events for women, workshops, conferences, sister circles, powerful conference calls, Fitness Parties, and youth conferences.I love creating awareness among women that they too can break cycles at any age.





Who inspired you to become the person you are today?

My mom inspired me to be the person I am today. She, like many Latinos, came from Mexico to the U.S. with just a suitcase, looking to create a better life for herself and her future family. Growing up, she was the only provider in the household and had various jobs including caretaker and seamstress to make sure our bellies were full, and we had clothes for school. She even made my school backpack from the leftover scraps of from her job at a sweatshop. She always had a sense of optimism, never felt sorry for herself, and kept moving forward no matter what her circumstances were. Now, she owns a successful business, and all four of her daughters graduated from great Universities, UCLA, UC Berkeley, LMU, and UCLA LAW. She did this all on her own! A moment that forever changed you in a positive way...

I remember in 11th grade, I was one of the best students in my science class at Venice High School. My teacher pulled me aside and asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up. No one had ever asked me that before. When I told him, “maybe just get married.” He said he thought I had the potential to do whatever I wanted in life and that I shouldn’t limit myself. At that time, I didn’t have many role models, so his validation meant the world go me. That made me think that my possibilities were endless. Teachers change lives! Thank you, Mr. Siegel! Entrepreneurship is never an easy road; how do you face obstacles in your career?

As a freelance journalist, I have to juggle multiple bosses. The obstacles I face include competition, and inconsistent work hours and schedules. When my workload starts to slow down, I either start pitching new articles or interview ideas, or I start looking for additional outlets I could freelance for. Entrepreneurship is a constant roller coaster ride, but you need to keep focused and hold on when things get bumpy. In three words, what makes you INSPIRING? Go!

My determination, balance in life, and positivity. What brings you ALEGRIA?

Having a nice meal with my familia! Casual conversations and laughs with friends! And of course, spending time with my two children, fouryear-old Brayden and 13-year-old Giselle. Some say “Love is Service.” How have you served others this year?

I feel as a journalist, I love telling the stories of my Latino community. I always seek out those stories that are hidden and may not be covered by the ‘mainstream media.’ Everyone’s story matters. Some of my recent stories include a group of foster youth that wrote and starred in their own short film that was screened at the White House, where they met President Barack Obama. I’ve also done stories on Latinos affected by toxic fumes from an old battery recycling plant in East L.A., and a Latino jogger who helps the homeless. I also have a passion for those who suffer from Domestic Violence. This year, I collected items such as baby clothes and books from all my friends so I could donate them to Amanecer, an organization with a commitment to the Spanish-speaking communityy that provides many services, including counseling.



REYNOSO Photo provided by: Talent

“Mi maestro me preguntó que quería hacer cuando creciera. Nadie me había preguntado eso antes. Le dije, quizá solo casarme. El me respondió que creía que tenía el potencial de hacer cualquier cosa que me propusiera en la vida, y que no debía limitarme”.


Who inspired you to become the person you are today?

On a personal level, my parents inspired me to be the person I am today. I am a first- generation Latina with hard-working, dedicated parents who struggled to make ends meets but never failed to give us unconditional love. I find satisfaction in helping others because of who my parents are. Professionally, I have been blessed to have a few individuals at City National Bank that pushed me to improve myself educationally and professionally. Currently, my mentor Steve Shapiro has given me the support to reach a goal that at one point seemed unattainable. A moment that forever changed you in positive way...

Marrying my best friend. It is the best feeling to having someone in my life that cares, respects, and supports my life goals. He is always ready to jump in and be my biggest fan! Our life with our kids makes it that much special. Entrepreneurship is never an easy road; how do you face obstacles in your career?

By being a team player. I am fortunate to be part of a team of professional bankers, who works tirelessly to make our client´s lives better. We never let customers see us sweat. With our combined years of experience and knowledge, we do a great job at overcoming challenges collectively. In three words, what makes you INSPIRING? Go!

Mother. Hardworking. Dedicated. What brings you ALEGRIA

My husband, my kids, my FAMILIA! The love I have for my family is priceless. Some say “Love is Service”. How have you served others this Year?

My professional career has become one of Love and Service. As a Entertainment banker, and a Latina working for City National Bank -which has been a part of the entertainment industry for over 61 years, it brings me great pride and happiness to see that I was an essential part of developing our Latin Entertainment Initiative. It is because of the love of my culture that I find this service very gratifying.


PEREZ Photo provided by: City National Bank

“Me da mucho orgullo y alegria ver que fui una pieza esencial en el desarrollo de nuestra iniciativa de entretenimiento latino. Es por el amor a mi cultura que este servicio me parece tan gratificante”.


AGUILERA Photo provided by: City National Bank


Who inspired you to become the person you are today?

Two people have inspired me and shaped who I am today. My mother, who at 75 became a U.S. citizen and was so proud to be able to cast her vote in a presidential election. Now 83 years young, she remains physically active and mentally strong, with a terrific sense of humor. Despite her struggles as an immigrant from El Salvador, she often describes her lifetime profession as a housekeeper with such pride and joy. The “Good Old Days,” as she calls them: when her income was $50.00 a week, and she stretched every dollar to provide an education for her three daughters.

“Migrar a esta tierra de oportunidades, a los 14 años de edad, llena de esperanzas y sueños, cambió definitivamente mi vida. Desde entonces, he logrado alcanzar muchas metas personales y profesionales a través del trabajo arduo y la determinación”.

My career mentor Steven Shapiro, for his guidance and support through the good and the bad during my 27-year banking career. For treating everyone with respect, for his relentless ability to find solutions “outside the box,” for his mindfulness in providing a fair, productive and creative environment and for his sense of humor. A moment that forever changed you in positive way...

Migrating to this land of opportunity at the age of 14, full of hope and dreams, changed my destiny for good. Since then, I have reached many personal and career goals through hard work and determination. Entrepreneurship is never an easy road; how do you face obstacles in your career?

A couple of years ago, Ana Y. Perez helped launch the Entertainment Latin Initiative at City National Bank, shortly after that I decided to join the journey. During this time, we have had an abundance of obstacles and have tackled them as a team, with the guidance and support of our City National colleagues. Obstacles are temporary, new ones always come up, but the satisfaction of overcoming them

and the respect and admiration I have for Ana and Steve are permanent. In three words, what makes you INSPIRING? Go!

Daring. Spiritual. Resilient. What Brings you ALEGRIA?

Your magazine brings ALEGRIA to my heart. Also, a memory that always provides ALEGRIA was witnessing our late Juan Gabriel, receive the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2016 Latin Billboard Awards in Miami. Some say “Love is Service”. How have you served others This Year?

I am a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteer. As such, I trained to advocate and to work oneon-one with children in the foster care system. My last case lasted almost two years. A 5-year old girl was left alone all night in an apartment by her mother; the neighbors heard the child cry and called the police. The little girl was taken away and ended up in foster care; my job was to visit her and to interview the mother monthly. I had to prepare and submit court reports with any progress or any safety/health concerns, along with my recommendations on steps to take for family reunification. Through this process, I used my Spanish to communicate with them and to encourage the mother to comply with the court´s requirements and classes. I am happy to report mother and child are reunited. By the way, CASA is in need of Spanish speaking volunteers.




SAENZ Photo by: Pablo Hernandez


Who has inspired you to become the person you are today?

I have been inspired by many individuals in my life, for various reasons. From an early age I realized that I needed to surround myself with people that inspired me; people like my teachers, my parents, friends, employees, bosses and most importantly, my daughter who inspires me to do more for the future of our country and the world. A moment that forever changed you in a positive way...

The singular moment that changed me forever was when I realized I had control over my own destiny. No one has control over how you feel or how you perform, and no one who can take that power away from you. Entrepreneurship is never an easy road; how do you face obstacles in your career?

I see obstacles as opportunities. They are a chance for me to learn, an opportunity to educate and to make change happen. I tend to look at the obstacle and put it into one of those buckets, then I make a decision to tackle it for the most positive result. Nothing comes without obstacles, but how you handle them is ultimately the result you get. In three words, what makes you INSPIRING? Go!


I like seeing others succeed, that’s my success, and that brings me the most ALEGRIA. Some say “Love is Service.” How have you served others this year?

My service to the Latinos, LGBT, Asian, African-American, Vets, women and other communities comes from my commitment to equality. This year we are launching multicultural business forums that empower various communities, and don´t just celebrate heritage. Also, our Latinos de Hoy Awards have become key for honoring the positive contributions of contemporary Latinos in America.

“Mi servicio a los latinos, LGBT, a la comunidad asiática, afroamericana, a los veteranos, las mujeres y otros viene de mi compromiso con la igualdad. Este año, estamos lanzando foros multiculturales de negocios que empoderan a distintas comunidades y no solo celebran la herencia cultural.




BEST INSURANCE BROKERAGE SERVING THE HISPANIC COMMUNITY Entrepreneurship is never an easy road, how do you face obstacles in your career?

We view obstacles as opportunities for growth and development; they inform us about where we need to improve or fine tune our processes and overall business model. In your own words. Only three, what makes you inspiring?

Commitment. Perseverance. Contribution. What brings you ALEGRIA?

Our well-being, the well-being of our family, our team members and the clients we serve.


·Workers’ Compensation ·Employee Benefits ·Payroll Services ·HR/Compliance ·General & Cyber Liability ·Employment Practices Liability ·Personal Insurance Claims Consulting New business contact number:

800-583-2787 www.insurenex.com connect@insurenex.com

Holiday Let´s kick off the holiday season and start doing what we love to do, shop, but this time around, for the ones we love. We’ve gathered the best ideas to give the most innovative gifts this upcoming holiday season.

GUIDE 2017

CANDLES Not just any candles, but French designer Mugler launched the iconic ANGEL Star candle, a version of the iconic fragrance, Angel, magnified into a shimmering candle that diffuses the scent as an end to the boudoir night ritual. A calming and celestial atmosphere is born as the original ANGEL scent falls into perfect synergy with Angel Etoile des Rêves and fills the room. Its beautifully crafted star-shaped design makes it a luxurious piece of décor and turns any woman’s bedroom into a private boudoir. With the ANGEL candle, it is now possible to fully immerse oneself in the starry world of this iconic fragrance. The candles come in various versions such as Allin, Oriental Express, Supra floral and more! Sister brand Clarins also launched Tonic Limited scent candle for the Holidays. New and exclusive Tonic Scented Candle, inspired by Clarins legendary Tonic Body Treatment Oil, invigorates the senses for an ultimate feeling of wellbeing.

Tonic Body Treatment Oil was one of the first firming and relaxing products launched by Clarins in 1961. Formulated with 100% pure plant extracts, it has become a staple for women around the world. Reinterpreted in a luxurious scented candle, aromatic blends of Bitter Orange, Geranium, Basil and Chamomile essential oils create a warm atmosphere to soothe away tension and promote overall relaxation. Beautifully crafted in a golden design, Clarins Tonic Scented Candle burns up to 60 hours and slowly evaporates to leave any room easily perfumed in the most subtle and rare aromas. The easiest way to recreate your own Clarins Spa experience at home.





Capturing the lights of the city in the night sky and the glow from within, the seduction of the Big Apple draws you in closer than ever. This story of seduction is revisited with a new apple that is redder, shinier, and sexier. DKNY Be Tempted captures an exciting feeling in a new Gourmand Oriental rooted in the lusciousness of fruits for an addictive scent that expresses a sensorial seduction

Angel Etoile des Rêves is a nighttime reinterpretation of ANGEL, MUGLER’s iconic and bewitching fragrance. This intimate, silky version invents a night perfuming ritual, joining the new fragrance segment: Eau de Parfum de Nuit. Angel Etoile des Rêves captures the essence of a woman in her most private state – her boudoir. Here, she strips herself of her daytime persona and wraps herself in a delicate negligée of scent while stepping into her secret nocturnal garden.

IN THE MIX For more personal details think luxury, wallets, purses pajama sets and watches. For winter, brands such as Tommy Hilfiger launch special hat and scarf sets that will wow anyone! I suggest sticking to classic colors such as navy and red for the holiday season, and trying shimmer and sequins for a “wow factor.” Fashion bow ties, fun t-shirts such as the limited edition Rolling Stones by Tommy Hilfiger, and key chains make fun stocking-stuffers! For the ladies, leather accessories, hand clutches, wallets and sequin bags are great gifts. Gentlemen will enjoy toiletry bags, and business card holders -these are the perfect detail for the special men in your life.

Tory Burch introduces a new variation of her first fragrance: Tory Burch Absolu intensifies the classic elements of the original for a boldly sophisticated take on the designer’s signature scent. Absolu opens with an immediate vibrancy created through contrasting elements of Black Currant Buds and Pink Pepper blended with the soft natural femininity of Lily of the Valley.


PANTOJA Photo by: David Jr. Martin



Who inspired you to become the person you are today?

My beautiful mother, who always taught me to work hard for what I want, and that everything is possible. She has shown me that strength is not only in handling the business but enjoying it with a smile. Her elegance and beauty astonish me and she always finds the time to be my biggest supporter. From the beginning, she has always pushed me to conquer my dreams and to accomplish what my heart desires. My two handsome sons, who make my life complete. They have shown me that Motherhood, though not an easy title, is worth it.

Entrepreneurship is never an easy road; how do you face obstacles in your career?

I remind myself that I need to take it one day at a time and that every day is a new day. And most importantly, to never give up! No matter how tired or busy I get, there isn’t any negative that cannot be turned around and seen as a positive. How can your business empower others?

We as a business are an example of where hard work can lead to. We continue to work towards growing the business, offering services that truly assist the body in healing, and always strive to improve on what we provide. That alone can help others by reminding them that, yes, you also can do it and open the business you want!

A moment that changed you forever for good...

In three words, what makes you INSPIRING? Go!

Motherhood. Not just becoming a mom, but the whole journey. I continue to learn as I strive to show my children what my mother taught me: that giving up is not an option and striving for your dreams is a must. My kids remain my priority. I am blessed to share this journey with my husband, who has also changed my life for the better.

Passionate. Dedicated. Genuine. I am and continue to be passionate about what we do and the healing services we provide. I am dedicated to hard work, to educating myself and to keep learning. I show up! Because this us who I am and I am not afraid to do it.

What brings you ALEGRIA?

What brings me ALEGRIA? My beautiful family. I absolutely love and enjoy watching my boys go out to that soccer field and play with all they´ve got. I can feel my heart fills up with so much ALEGRIA and smile when we are on the field. Some say “Love is Service”. How have you served others this year?

We are here to help heal the body, and I strive to do that for everyone that walks through the doors of Healing Therapy. We also give back to organizations and companies that continue to help us grow and help our communities grow.

Healing Therapy Spa 12470 Washington Blvd Whittier, Ca 90602 - (562) 945-2010

www.youthglowskincare.com 1 (800) 490-4748 – Instafab, LLC – 2239 E. Garvey Ave North – West Covina Ca 91791 – Suite 15 Instagram @youthglowskincare – Facebook: youth glow skin care



- ARTIST OF THE YEAR Photos by: Miguel Vazquez

Ricardo soltero La creatividad de Ricardo Soltero es imposible de ignorar. Cautiva al espectador con sus brillantes composiciones de color y sus siluetas espectaculares, creando personajes maravillosos y experiencias inigualables. Desde los 90’s ha diseñado para varias compañías de teatro y eventos como el del Day of the Dead at Hollywood Forever, Hollywood Bowl, y Unicef’s Masquerade Ball. Ha participado como diseñador en Metropolitan FASHION Week por tres años, siendo este el cuarto. Su trabajo ha sido exhibido en lugares tan importantes como el Seatle Art Museum y Denver Botanic Gardens. When did your passion for art begin?

I got involved in the arts since I was a kid, my passion began when at age 16, I co-designed escenery for an important Play and a new passion was born.

You have been part of the beautiful event for Dia de Los Muertos at Hollywood Forever, Can you share with us what is the most rewarding part of being part of this event.

I’ve Been working for Hollywood Forever’s Day of the Dead, for eight years, as designer for six consecutive years. The most rewarding part, is all the doors that have opened for me as an Artist. Why is the Catrina such an important figure in your creations?

Since the early 1900’s Jose Guadalupe Posada created La Catrina as a cartoon character to ridicule the Mexican society that started to act very “French”, since then La Catrina became an Icon. My Catrinas Are becoming “models” for brands and now are going beyond The Day of the Dead celebrations. What brings you ALEGRIA?

To see thousands of people admiring my pieces, with a face full of joy, and have pictures taken with my Catrinas, that brings me ALEGRIA!





Whether she’s hitting the books, organizing a service project or winning scholarships, scholar Jennifer Munoz is fighting for her future – and winning!


ure, teenagers have a lot on their minds – who is dating who, who is wearing what and how many “likes” their last post received – but when college student Jennifer Munoz was attending high school, her focus was set in the future and how to get herself into college. “I grew up in a rough neighborhood,” Jennifer admits.

“And, at times, I didn’t think I would be able to get out of it, but I always wanted to go to college.” Fortunately, Jennifer received constant encouragement and inspiration from her biggest cheerleaders -her family. “My parents were always pushing me: “Always do your homework, keep trying.” Her parents were not the only ones who inspired her. Her older sister, Nancy, whom she still admires and looks up to, was in her corner. “She is studying political science at San Jose State, and she may go to law school. She is my role model.”

With her determination and inspiration from her family, Jennifer spent her high school years working hard and preparing for the future. She pursued academic goals, joining the AVID program at her school, which gave her access to resources and support that enabled her to achieve her educational goals. She also demonstrated leadership in her community and became involved with organizations such as the Special Olympics, the Key Club and participated in student government.

Her hard work and humility paid off. In 2015, she applied to be a candidate for Colgate-Palmolive’s Haz La U Scholarship program. Partnered with the Hispanic Heritage Foundation, this initiative awards 31 scholarships to Hispanic students who have a strong academic record, have been involved with their community and have demonstrated leadership abilities. Competing with countless students from 10 other regions, Jennifer was doubtful that she would win. “I didn’t think I would get it; I thought it would be out of my reach,” she says. The moment when Jennifer got notified that she was, indeed, one of the few, select winners of the prestigious grant, was jaw-dropping. Jennifer chuckles as she remembers feeling “really, really, surprised. It was surreal, as I had never received that kind of recognition before.” Now, in her second year at college, Jennifer is enjoying school even more than before. “ I like it a lot more than my high school courses. I love how large the campus is, the diversity, my classmates. I love seeing people with books; it pushes me to do well.” With hopes to transfer to a four-year university in a year or two, what brings Jennifer ALEGRIA is encouraging others to accomplish their goals. Just like her older sister did with her, Jennifer is now mentoring her younger sisters to work hard and to stay focused because, “I know they have big dreams, like me.”





hen it comes to buying or selling homes, are you looking for best-in-class, record-breaking results? Alain Romero is the Real Estate expert you need. Over the past 18 years, he has been involved in different areas within this industry, such as Lending, Investment, and Development. Mr. Romero has a long track record of helping negotiate deals and close transactions successfully. A licensed Real Estate Broker in California, he currently brings his expertise to Teles Properites, a luxury real estate firm that has been ranked and recognized for three consecutive years by the prestigious Inc. 500 | 5000 list of the fastest growing private companies in America. Teles has been widely recognized by industry peers as “The Brokerage of the Future” for its unparalleled technology and client service platform. As a firm, Teles sells homes for the highest negotiated sales price in the shortest amount on time. Its billion-dollar international database helps reach potential local and overseas clients. The company prides itself on having a starstudded leadership team, which includes the highly-respected Mr. Romero.

ALAINROMERO, MS 626.204.5255 | alain.romero@telesproperties.com BRE #01759009

As a member of the North By Northwest Group at Teles, and a partner at North By Northwest Development, Mr. Romero manages deal structure and all related areas of real estate investment. This includes deal evaluation, acquisition negotiations, business development and investor relations. Additionally, his core areas of expertise are valuation, viability assessment, financial modeling and most aspects of development analysis and evaluation. He holds a Master’s Degree in Applied Economics & Finance and a Bachelor‘s Degree in Economics from the University of California, and is a Graduate of Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of Business, with an Executive Business Management Certificate.

The fully bilingual Mr. Romero is an active proponent of entrepreneurship and business leadership. He is a former board member of NHREP-Los Angeles, as well as Founder/President of The Society of Latino Professionals and an active volunteer with Junior Achievement. With Mr. Romero as your new go-to Real Estate advisor, rest assured that you will be able to buy, sell, invest or rent in the most strategic and elegant way possible.

We provide a variety of services for both the residential and commercial sectors. no job is too small or too large for our company. We take on projects ranging from single family residences stone and tile installation too full high rise stone and tile installations. Our team is experienced, and no other contractors can beat our prices.

LICENSE #: 998521

cesar@cadstoneworks.com | tel: 310-866 6409 | fax: 310 943-3345

Just steps from the Santa Monica Pier, 3rd Street Promenade, Tongva Park, and the city’s popular beaches and shopping districts, Shore Hotel is the newest addition to the coastline a LEED Gold (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified property that offers eco-friendly accommodations with stunning views of the ocean. The AAA Four Diamond property boasts an openair, U-shaped design with stainless steel-clad trellis, outdoor “living room,” with pool, cocktail bar, water feature, and patio dining at Blue Plate Taco. Amenities on property include a fitness center, state-of-the-art meeting and special event space, a business center, in-room dining, valet, and superb access to year-round leisure activities in Santa Monica, as well as the city’s beaches. The highly awarded Shore Hotel received two distinct honors in 2015: the prestigious Sustainable Quality Awards (SQA) Grand Prize and the Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International (HSMAI) Los Angeles Best Green Hotel Award.

To make a reservation at Shore Hotel, please visit www.shorehotel.com or call 800.599.1515

untos P Calientes

l caserio is a restaurant where you can relax to the explosive tastes of a South EAmerican & Italian Cuisine. A place where

the ambiance is just right, indoor & outdoor. We offer lunch and dinner, and our patio is perfect for sunny afternoons with friends! Feel free to call for a reservation or just drop by, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

EL CASERIO RESTAURANT 401 Silverlake Blvd. Los Angeles CA, 90026 (213) 273 8945

Monday 11am - 9pm Tues - Thurs 11am - 10pm Friday 11am - 11pm Saturday 12pm - 11pm Sunday 10am - 10pm

Le Petit Paris is the vision of Cannes-based restaurateurs David and Fanny Rolland. The 400 seat restaurant brings a quintessential brasserie dining experience to Downtown LA’s Historic Core. Under the direction of Executive Chefs Baptiste Grellier and Jeremie Cazes, Le Petit Paris offers brunch, lunch, and dinner and has a retail store, “La Boutique,” which showcases exclusive French specialty products and display art from some of France’s most notable artists. Le Petit Paris provides a tranquil, bright dining venue during the day and transforms into an upscale lounge atmosphere at night, DJ included. While both Fanny and David were born in Northern France, the two relocated to Cannes with their families when they were young. Shortly after meeting, the husband and wife duo decided to turn their dreams into reality by opening Miramar Plage on La Croisette and the original Le Petit Paris, both located in Cannes. It was second nature for the Rollands, both having spent many years in the restaurant industry. Los Angeles’ Le Petit Paris is housed in the El Dorado Building, originally built in 1913. The restaurant, designed by the Rollands, features multiple skylights, two bars, a mezzanine level and a large outdoor patio.






comparte algunos de los recuerdos más genuinos y conmovedores de Hilfiger.


PUBLICA SU MEMORIA, AMERICAN DREAMER Honesta, cándida y sincera, la memoria de Hilfiger revela historias nunca antes contadas de su vida personal y profesional, además de los triunfos y reveses de construir una marca de moda y estilo de vida global. NUEVA YORK, NUEVA YORK (1 de noviembre de 2016) – Tommy Hilfiger, propiedad de PVH Corp. anuncia el lanzamiento global de la memoria de Tommy Hilfiger, American Dreamer, la cual relata su vida y carrera al convertirse en uno de los diseñadores de moda más reconocidos y estará a la venta iniciando mañana. Desde sus inicios como un deseoso emprendedor en Elmira, Nueva York hasta fundar su marca homónima y construir un crecimiento internacional, la memoria

“Luego de más de 40 años en la industria de la moda, quise registrar las memorias detrás de mi vida y mi marca”, acotó Tommy Hilfiger. “American Dreamer es una hoja de ruta de los momentos que han definido ambas, mi carrera y mi vida personal—desde mi infancia en Elmira, Nueva York hasta construir un negocio global. Estoy emocionado por compartir mi trayectoria y espero que pueda inspirar a otros a perseguir sus sueños”. American Dreamer ha obtenido elogios tempranos: “Cuando pienso en Tommy Hilfiger, pienso en un diseñador que ha sido capaz de envolver la moda en la bandera americana. En American Dreamer, Tommy demuestra cómo ha tomado las estrellas (de rock) y las rayas (preppy) para crear un look—y una etiqueta— que son reconocidos globalmente como americanos por excelencia, así como también una marca que constantemente lleva el ritmo con la música pop”. —Anna Wintour


DANCE TO SUCCESS ENTREPRENEUR, EVENT PRODUCER, BUSINESS OWNER, INVESTOR. Moshe is a highly energetic and exuberant, entrepreneur, event producer, marketing strategist and a successful investor.


MARTINEZ “EL MANUAL DEL ESTILISTA” representa el primer proyecto literario de la estilista Irma Martínez. Este es un libro clave para las nuevas generaciones de estilistas de moda que quieren entender en que consiste realmente esta profesión. No se trata de una guía de cómo vestirte, aunque encontrarás en este libro muchos consejos prácticos que te ayudarán a hacerlo. Mas allá de esto, consiste en recopilar la experiencia de un experta en moda que ha sabido convertir este oficio en una empresa de éxito.

Por primera vez Irma Martinez, reconocida como una de las mujeres latinas más influyentes en E.U.A., nos cuenta su trayectoria de más de 20 años. A través de anécdotas, casos de estudio con más de un centenar de celebridades y producciones internacionales, lograremos entender la realidad de esta profesión. Los testimonios de figuras de gran renombre en la industria del entretenimiento le otorgan impacto y credibilidad en el público al que va dirigido este libro. El diálogo ameno que Irma Martinez entabla con el lector, en un lenguaje didáctico y muy práctico, así como la potente imagen visual a lo largo de cada página, hacen de este libro una fuente de inspiración, no solo para estilistas sino para el público en general, amantes de la moda y el estilo.

After moving to Miami in  2003, In 2008 he created the Aventura Dance Studio, attracting thousands of members. In 2009, he took his concept global by creating the currently annual Aventura Dance Cruise, starting with 472 members, exploding to the worlds largest Latin dance cruise of nearly 3000, selling out an entire ship for 3 years in a raw in 2013 & 2014 & 2015, being the youngest person ever to charter a full ship for an

event. “My goal is to continue to develop the ADC brand, take on bigger ships, have multiple cruises a year, have constant improvement year after year, and touch as many people lives as possible through the music and the dance we love so much.” He uses his skills to consult other entrepreneurs and businesses in areas of marketing; investing; management, operations, and finances. In 2007 earned his MBA at Nova Southeastern University Wayne Huizenga School of Business and Entrepreneurship, and his B.A., Business Administration in 2006. Currently Moshe resides in Los Angeles, CA.


Healing Tis the season. Well, almost. A new year is about to welcome us with yet another chance to set goals for new adventures and resolutions. Or perhaps reattempting past ones? According to Forbes magazine, only 8% of people actually stick to their resolutions. As we are about to step into this big doorway called 2017, it is time for us to deeply understand that the way we perceive our world and its rules keeps changing and expanding, and if we want to progress, we need to comprehend that our reality shapes itself according to our consciousness and awareness. What we need to master as humans that keep growing and evolving is the precious art of observing, feeling, witnessing without judgment or attachment. A great opportunity for us to dive into a totally different perception  – what the new quantum physics calls nonlocal state –   and recognize that our true potential is accessed as we receive Reconnective Healing, the new leading form of energy healthcare.   Science tells us that Reconnective Healing is comprised as a wide spectrum of frequencies that allows our cellular structure to vibrate in a more coherent and harmonious way, bringing a shift in the amount of biophotonic light that our tissue are able to emit and receive. This quantum energy field, according to Dr. Gary Shwartz of University of Arizona, leads us into a  state of “quiescence,” an abundant development for our body and its vitality. There are currently more than 2000 independent studies that support this fast-spreading new form of healing, with over 100,000 people trained all over the globe, many working in hospitals, independently, or in one of the many Centrums that are exclusive to this field.             In my personal experience as a Mentor, Teaching Assistant, and Practitioner, I’ve had the honor to facilitate hundreds of sessions, and have witnessed countless physical transformations. But Reconnective Healing is much more than that. It is a marvelous opportunity to truly get to “know thyself.” As we vibrate at a higher frequency, we start attracting different circumstances and people, allowing us to respond with truthfulness to new opportunities. “The healing may come in the form we anticipate… or it may come in a form we haven’t even dreamed of, the one that the perfection of the universe has designed specifically for you”, says founder Dr. Eric Pearl.

It is important for us to step into Reconnective Healing without expectations or specifically intended outcomes, but rather trusting our bodies, our instincts, and the higher intelligence of this Field to take the best care of us. This will help us shift from our conditioned mindset of constantly searching for results and evidence, and allowing us to take a step back to practice observation, allowance, and gratitude. Think of yourself as a seed, trusting that Mother Nature will provide everything you need in order to blossom into a beautiful species that will in turn contribute to the evolution of life.   My journey with Reconnective Healing started a few years ago. I was a fresh graduate with a Masters in Industrial Biotechnology, trained to believe that my happiness laid in a lifetime of conducting research. One day, a friend of mine recommended that I receive a healing session. As a big left-brainer, my immediate reaction was met with suspicion and skepticism. But he had a grating voice, and I went with him just to put a halt to his tireless nagging.   I remember lying down on the massage table, ready to start and my only thought was: “why am I wasting my money like this”? The session itself was quite bizarre.  I felt pulling sensations from the top of my head and from my feet, and little explosions inside my veins. I also started to notice a new, very unique and quite pleasant scent. But as I mentioned before,it’s not so much about the physical experience during the session, but the growth that ensues. My life course and my awareness started to shift in the most marvelous ways possible. It was like I had been flushed out and left with a sense of clarity that was at once puzzling and sensational. I questioned the path that I had chosen when I Think of yourself as was still a victim of preconceived a seed, trusting that notions set forth by my family and my society. Three months Mother Nature will later, and despite everyone’s objections and a complete lack provide everything of subsequent planning, I quit you need in order to my job. Fast-forward to three and one-half years, as I write an blossom into a beautiful article from my hotel room in Rio de Janeiro, where I am one of the species that will Mentors, TA’s and speakers at a in turn contribute to Reconnecive Healing Training Program. And I couldn’t be the evolution of life. happier.   Reconnective Healing brings clarity, gives us the ability to listen to the  Whisper, to follow our instincts. It is an opportunity to invite in our existence, wholeness and human evolution... and  gives us the self-trust to pursue our Dream. Many people invest in fortunetellers to learn more about their future. Others see therapists to solve their past traumas. But Reconnective Healing connects you with the magic of each present moment.  It gives us a clear state of certainty of who we are, a silent knowingness of our super-natural state of being. The Journey called life becomes a joyful and playful game. And how about that for a New Year’s resolution?

MARCO NUNZIO ALATI Masters in Biotechonology Mentor & Teaching Assistant of The Reconnection Dream Connector of School for Dreamers Mobile: (323)617-2289 Skype: marcoalati






Un Reino Sin Nombre, es el título de un cuento cuya inspiración son los niños con necesidades especiales de comunicación, y que ahora se recrea en los pasillos del pabellón infantil de niños con paladar hendido y labio leporino del White Memorial Medical Center de Los Ángeles. Lina María Ramírez es la artista que lidera este proyecto, en que poner color a las paredes del hospital y generar una avalancha de sonrisas en los niños es el objetivo principal. Lina comenzó a escribir este cuento en que las personas no necesitan hablar para comunicarse y tener un mundo mejor. En aquel lugar mágico, las plantas, los animales y los niños se conectan a través del amor, el respeto y la imaginación. Todo esto inspirado por la necesidad de

t r A

entender a su hijo que tiene la condición de autismo, y quien la ha hecho descubrir su maravilloso mundo: el mundo donde los niños perciben y ven la realidad de una manera diferente. Healing Art (Arte que Cura), es el nombre de este proyecto que surgió de una coincidencia una tarde cualquiera y que nos enseña que ayudar a los demás no siempre es una cuestión económica, sino un deseo que nace en el corazón de quienes ofrecen su tiempo y habilidad para que un pensamiento se convierta en realidad. Hoy, Un Reino Sin Nombre encontró su lugar en el White Memorial Medical Center, y cada niño que camine por sus pasillos y llegue a sus terapias de lenguaje, escribirá una nueva pagina del cuento, su propia historia escrita con los pinceles de su imaginación.

Photos by: David Jr. Martin

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ALEGRIA Fall Issue 2016  

ROSELYN SANCHEZ Most inspiring latinos - Fall Issue 2016

ALEGRIA Fall Issue 2016  

ROSELYN SANCHEZ Most inspiring latinos - Fall Issue 2016