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What is not to love about our new ALEGRIA highlighting Self- Made Latinas in the US? I am happy to dedicate this edition to all the Latinas that believe in the power of their love and dreams. There is nothing more powerful than love shared through contribution! Our cover girl, TV personality Alejandra Espinoza, inspires with her story, in which she proudly proclaims, “I am the American Dream.” From humble beginnings she has become one of the most influential young Latinas on Hispanic Television. Indeed, Alejandra Espinoza is the epitome of grace and discipline, but most importantly she represents our #ALEGRIA women! This summer has taken me many places where magic has flourished and from these journeys, I have re-emerged anew. One of these trips has taken me to AZULIK in Tulum, and I found it to be a perfect destination to reconnect with our souls and our loved ones.

After I finished reading our ALEGRIA stories inside this edition, I became reenergized in my purpose. Here, I find storytelling that inspires our community and highlights our current everyday role models and heroes. Here you can read about the dreamers and entrepreneurs and their perseverance and sacrifices made for a higher version of themselves to carry out a positive message to the world about our community. It is not in vain that we share the news of constant growth within: We welcome our launch in Miami and NYC this fall full force! I can’t wait to see you at our coming events to celebrate together the journey thus far! This is to you our reader, our sponsor, our believer, our #ALEGRIA familia! Much love,

Davina Ferreira

the TEAM DAVINA FERREIRA - PUBLISHER Davina Ferreira is the publisher of ALEGRIA magazine. She is also a poet and published author. Recently ,she received the prestigious Rising Star Award by the National LBWA at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood. This honor recognizes entrepreneurial excellence to a business owner under 35. She is currently working on her second book: "Finding my ALEGRIA." Her ALEGRIA? Sharing time with her loved ones and her dog Emilio, traveling (minus the flying) and helping others accomplish their dreams.

KARLA SILVA - MARKETING Born and raised in Mexico City. She comes from a family where her parents taught her that honor, respect and integrity are the main keys of credibility in the business world. Karla got her bachelor’s degree from the University of Iberoamericana in Torreon, Mexico in Communication Sciences which covers marketing, publicity and journalism. She came to the United States to study English as a second language and found many opportunities for her career and future. Karla started her own design studio for record labels in 1995 and was very successful for twenty years. As we all know the record industry changed and this led Karla to explore many other business opportunities in the Latino and Armenian community. Karla has become an image consultant, designer and marketing director for many successful business owners. CLARE MIRANDA - WRITER Clare is a Los Angeles native. Of Mexican-American heritage, Clare spent years singing and acting in choral and theatrical productions. After studying in Italy and traveling throughout Europe, she completed her B.A. in Speech Communication and went to work in the fashion industry specializing in bridal fashion and helping to run a trendy boutique. When not traveling, or planning her next adventure, she enjoys kickboxing, dancing and supporting the arts. What gives her the most ALEGRIA in life, however, is spending time with her beloved family; Ysidro, Grace and Leah and their Dutch shepherd puppy, Kuma.

RIITTA KÄRÄVÄ - TRANSLATOR Editor Riitta Kärävä was born in Helsinki, Finland and received her Master of Science degree in International Marketing of Foodstuffs from the University of Helsinki. She spent her free time playing ice hockey, designing fashion semi-professionally, learning languages, and travelling extensively while working as a multilingual tour guide for 10 years in Europe. After two decades in California, she decided to immerse herself in Spanish language at California State University Channel Islands, where she obtained a certificate in Spanish translation and a pool of Latino friends. Her husband and two adult children bring her mucha Alegría. She is still passionate about languages and international travel. SHARON RAPOPORT - WRITER / TRANSLATOR Sharon Rapoport is a professional writer. She has published more than 1,000 articles, stories, and interviews in well known magazines and online media, both in Mexico and in the U.S. She has written about every imaginable topic, from work strategies, to health, personal finance and parenting. Her husband thinks that if she were to practice 5% of advice she´s provided through her articles, she would be the perfect woman.

SANDRA RODRIGUEZ - WRITER Entertainment and fashion are two of Sandra’s areas of expertise, but she enjoys talking and writing about all topics, be they mainstream or obscure. This bilingual communications expert with considerable experience in media and publishing currently lives in Los Angeles and writes for magazines, websites and newspapers in the U.S. and Mexico. Previously a managing editor for one of the most influential newspapers en Latin America, she has impressed various industry leaders. She has, for instance, been described as “a great conversationalist” by the former Senior Creative Director for BBC Worldwide, and as a person who is “always up-to-date on the latest trends and brings great intelligence and creativity to all of her endeavors” by the Marketing Director at Discovery Communications.

CARLOS MENDOZA - CREATIVE DIRECTOR Carlos is a Colombian designer passionate about illustration, editorial design and graphic design applied to fashion marketing. His spare time is spent teaching design at universities in the city, creating graphic publications with multiple applications (clothes, magazines, archigraphy), cycling and walking his dog “Domingo” (Sunday).

DAVID JR. MARTIN - PHOTOGRAPHER I moved to LA from the Bay Area to pursue my music career some time ago. Along my journey I did many photoshoots myself, as an artist. I slowly fell in love with the art of photography. I can now see through both sides of the lense while bringing my experience and passion into every shot that I take. Iv'e always been obsessed with perfecting my craft and creating your flawless image. Perhaps I'll let my work do the talking. Shooting with me is professional, comfortable, fun, and in return you will get some top notch images! My clients like that they can be themselves when working with me. All that I am looking for from you is to bring your "A" game. I'm here to help you build your career, capture your moment, or save your memory. ANTONIO JIMÉNEZ - TRANSLATOR Passionate about languages and travel, Antonio Jiménez studied translation and interpretation in his home town of Málaga. After saying olé to Spain and hello to the U.S. , he continued his studies at Pennsylvania State University where he obtained his Doctorate in Spanish Linguistics in 2003. Since then, he has been working at California State University Channel Islands, where he tangos between directing the Center for International Affairs and teaching courses in Spanish and translations. As of 2012, he is certified translator from English to Spanish by the American Translators Association. Design, food, swimming movies, reading, family, but most of all, his doggie Moli keep him inspired the rest of the time. DAISY SOLIS - WRITER Daisy Solis is a Los Angeles based freelance writer of Mexican descent. She currently works in the field of education but enjoys doing a kaleidoscope of things. She is the Event Planning Coordinator for Latin Dance Pro, a Los Angeles/Pasadena-based dance academy. What gives me ALEGRIA? That’s easy: writing, dancing and creating beautiful events!” Daisy can be reached at: and via FACEBOOK.

YESIKA BAKER - SPECIAL EVENTS DIRECTOR This Venezuelan beauty is an award winning trainer and entrepreneur. She is the director of ALEGRIA´s special events division. In her free time, you can find her hanging out in Hawaii or running a marathon. Her son Matteo and merengue music bring her true ALEGRIA.

MAX FERREIRA - DISTRIBUTION Originally from Colombia, Max oversees local distribution and also freelances as a photographer and videographer for red carpet events in Los Angeles. He loves motorcycle racing and enjoys music such as Reggaeton. You can catch Max Lounging on Venice Beach in his free time, always spreading his ALEGRIA.

PAOLA HERNANDEZ - WRITER Paola Hernandez is a journalist and a co-founder of KiiKAS (a breast cancer awareness program) from Pereira - Colombia. She is a passionate writer, an amateur chef, and a love expert. She posseses a unique sense of humor and a lot of friends. Paola is a proud Scorpio and a sexy momma who loves to read, travel and go on hot dates with her husband. Paola’s ALEGRIA is her son Santiago.

luxury & bilingual latin arts and lifestyle magazine in the united states General counsel: AlvaradoSmith | cover: Alejandra Espinoza, photographer: Fidel Gonzalez All rights reserved © 2016, the entire contents of this publication are protected by copyright. no part of this publication can be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any forms or by any means without the express written prior permission of the copyright owner. The translating of the content has been created by the editing board and does not represent literal translation of the articles. Some words have been modified based on editorial needs for each language. although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this publication, alegria magazine cannot accept liability for errors or omissions.






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A multifaceted Mexican Artist, Varenka Ruiz is making waves in NYC Art Scene. We got close and personal with her to learn more about her many passions and the way ART & life keep inspiring her.

1. You are an artist that has studied so many disciplines. What is the source of your inspiration?

Perhaps one of the hardest things in life is finding your true passion, at least it was for me, and that’s why I tried so many disciplines. What kept me going was not only my curiosity for learning new things, but the realization that I wasn’t fulfilled with the things I was doing. That pushed me to keep looking until I discovered my true calling and what I really wanted to do. My inspiration comes from everywhere... Mostly from being aware, present, conscious and always listening to my heart/intuition. Inspiration can be triggered by a sentence in a book, a person, a smell that transports me to a lovely memory; I can be sitting in traffic and take time to admire what’s around me; it can be politics, dreams, and many times it’s simply closing my eyes and imagining. I like to think of this ancient belief from the Greeks and Socrates where creativity didn’t come from human beings but from a divine attendance of a spirit that came to them from a distant unknowable source… Quite romantic to think that our creations are not only ours, but belong to a collective psyche.




2. Mexico or NYC? What has each place given you as an artist?

Mexico is surreal. As Salvador Dalí said: “De ninguna manera volveré a México. No soporto estar en un país más surrealista que mis pinturas (There is no way I will return to Mexico. I can’t stand being in a country that is more surreal than my paintings).” Mexico shaped my morals and my love for tradition, the ancient, and the true understanding of family. I learned the importance and the magic of food and developed a key habit of always finding a way to make things happen. Mexicans have a unique creativity: as we don’t always follow rules, our mindsets are more expanded with more possible solutions. I am not saying breaking rules is ok but it is definitively ok seeing beyond them. On the other hand, in Mexico, I saw extreme poverty, cynical corruption, and the face of injustice. My love for politics started there as well as the desire of becoming better and one day, helping or at least inspiring others. Mexico gave me passion, strength, a good heart plus all the tools I needed to perform differently in NYC. In contrast, NYC is really tough in the beginning. It’s competitive, really cold or really hot, solitary, expensive, always fast, there is no nature, full of rules, and yes, miserable at times. However,

1. Eres una artista que ha estudiado tantas disciplinas. ¿Cuál es tu fuente de inspiración?

2¿México o la ciudad de Nueva York? Como artista, ¿qué te ha dado cada lugar?

Tal vez 1 de las cosas más difíciles en la vida sea encontrar su verdadera pasión, por lo menos así fue para mí, y es por eso que probé tantas disciplinas. Lo que hacía que siguiera adelante no sólo era mi curiosidad por aprender cosas nuevas, sino darme cuenta de que no estaba satisfecha con las cosas que estaba haciendo. Esto me orilló a seguir buscando hasta que descubrí mi verdadera vocación y lo que realmente quería hacer.

México es surrealista. Como dijo Salvador Dalí: “De ninguna manera volveré a México. No soporto estar en un país más surrealista que mis pinturas”. México le dio forma a mis valores y a mi amor por la tradición, lo antiguo y la verdadera comprensión de la familia. Aprendí la importancia y la magia de la comida y desarrollé la costumbre clave de siempre encontrar una forma de que las cosas sucedan. Los mexicanos tienen una creatividad única: dado que no siempre seguimos las reglas, nuestra mentalidad se ha expandido con más soluciones posibles. No digo que esté bien romper las reglas, pero definitivamente está bien ver más allá de ellas. Por otro lado, en México vi pobreza extrema, corrupción cínica y el rostro de la injusticia. Mi amor por la política comenzó ahí, al igual que el deseo de mejorar y algún día ayudar o por lo menos inspirar a los demás. México me dio pasión, fuerza y un buen corazón, además de todas las herramientas que necesitaba para desempeñarme de manera distinta en la ciudad de Nueva York.

Mi inspiración proviene de todos lados... principalmente de estar alerta, presente y consciente, y de siempre escuchar a mi corazón/intuición. La inspiración puede ser desatada por una frase de un libro, una persona, un aroma que me transporte a un bello recuerdo, puedo estar sentada en medio del tránsito y tomarme el tiempo para admirar lo que me rodea; pueden ser la política o los sueños y muchas veces simplemente basta con cerrar los ojos e imaginar. Me gusta pensar en la antigua creencia de los griegos y Sócrates, de que la creatividad no provenía de los seres humanos sino de la presencia divina de un espíritu que les llegaba desde una fuente lejana imposible de conocer… es bastante romántico pensar que nuestras creaciones no sólo son nuestras, sino que pertenecen a una psique colectiva.

De manera contrastante, la ciudad de Nueva York es realmente difícil al principio. Es competitiva, muy fría o muy calurosa, solitaria, cara, siempre veloz, no cuen-

Mural at TBA Brooklyn Club in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

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4. Best walk to get inspired in NYC?

it is also fascinating, rich in culture or anything that interests you, filled with very talented, hard-working people, multicultural and grounded. It can be really inspirational, and the city itself never stops changing, which shocked me at first. The challenge is to overcome the constant tests that the city has for you. With time, you start to understand the city better and surf its constant waves. New York made me give my best, I discovered how strong I was, and what’s best: hard work it is always rewarded. New York is a great example of how cultural diversity makes everything much better. We are all from everywhere, we all live together and learn from each other through food, fashion, or simply walking through different neighborhoods as they all have very strong identities. Without a doubt, I am really lucky to have both places teaching me and giving me so much, as both are incredible! 3. A book...?

Love reading… and choosing one is really hard! For pleasure, Donde Mejor Canta un Pájaro by Alejandro Jodorowsky; for my inquisitive mind, A Brief History of Time and The Universe in a Nutshell by Stephen Hawking, the illustrated version (way more enjoyable to read); and for personal growth, The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.

The best part about NY is that you can walk everywhere… it’s great getting lost!. Personally, I love walking through the Hasidic neighborhood in Brooklyn which is like traveling back in time. ...and best inspirational walk in Mexico...?

I love walking in downtown Mexico City. Back in the 15th century, Tenochtitlan, the capital of Aztec Empire was there. My favorite street is called Donceles; all the stores in that street are mom and pop style that sell used books really cheap. Some stores are very organized and clean and in others you have to look through dusty books. Love that experience! 5. What is a normal day in the life of Varenka, the Artist?

Routine has never been my forte but normally, if I am painting a mural, I start my day very early, meditate, go to my studio in Greenpoint where I grab my spray paint and materials. I go to the location where I paint all day until sun goes down. There are always breaks when friends pass by, to eat, etc. My boyfriend comes to the location at the end of his day and helps me with whatever is needed. Then we head home, eat and read together on the couch. We don’t own a TV so we do different things at home after our working day. I love taking care of my plants (we have a little jungle in our place), making puzzles and, of course, going out and see friends.

6. What brings you ALEGRIA?

Working, as nowadays my work is not work anymore, it’s a place where time stops and I become one with what I do... The outcome is least important; doing it, making it—in my case creating my art—that’s pure ALEGRIA. Helping others also brings me ALEGRIA, gratitude brings me ALEGRIA and eating mangos in Mexico brings me ALEGRIA. 7. What is the essence of your artwork?

I guess my childhood really shaped the dialog or essence present in my creations. Always awake at night, imagining things, creating little universes… I always talk about perspective, parallel realities and nature in my murals. But at the end, my murals or pieces are an open window for the viewer to enjoy.




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ta con naturaleza, está llena de reglas y, sí, provoca infelicidad a veces. Sin embargo, también es fascinante, rica en cultura o en lo que sea que te interese, está llena de personas muy talentosas y trabajadoras, es multicultural y tiene los pies sobre la tierra. Realmente puede inspirar, y la ciudad en sí nunca deja de cambiar, lo cual me impresionó al principio. El reto es sobreponerse a las pruebas constantes que la ciudad tiene para ti. Con el tiempo, empiezas a entender mejor la ciudad y a surfear sobre sus olas continuas. Nueva York me hizo dar mi mejor esfuerzo, descubrí lo fuerte que yo era y algo incluso mejor: que el trabajo duro siempre se recompensa. Nueva York es un gran ejemplo de cómo la diversidad cultural hace que todo sea mucho mejor. Provenimos de todos lados, todos vivimos juntos y aprendemos el uno del otro a través de la comida, la moda o simplemente de caminar por diferentes vecindarios, dado que todos tienen identidades muy marcadas. Sin duda, ¡soy muy afortunada de tener ambos lugares que me enseñan y me dan tanto, dado que ambos son increíbles! 3. ¿Un libro...?

Me encanta leer… ¡y elegir uno es realmente difícil! Por placer, Donde Mejor Canta un Pájaro de Alejandro Jodorowsky; para mi mente inquisitiva, A Brief History of Time y The Universe in a Nutshell de Stephen Hawking, en su versión ilustrada (cuya lectura se disfruta mucho más); y para el crecimiento personal, The Power of Now de Eckhart Tolle. 4. ¿Cuál es el mejor recorrido a pie para inspirarse en la ciudad de Nueva York?

Lo mejor de N.Y. es que puedes caminar todos lados… ¡perderse es maravilloso!. En lo personal, me encanta caminar por el vecindario hasídico de Brooklyn, que es como retroceder en el tiempo. ¿...y la mejor caminata inspiradora en México?

Me encanta caminar en el centro de la Ciudad de México. En el siglo XV, ahí estaba Tenochtitlan, la capital del imperio

azteca. Mi calle favorita se llama Donceles; las tiendas de esa calle son negocios familiares que venden libros usados a precios realmente baratos. Algunas tiendas están muy organizadas y limpias y en otras tienes que buscar entre libros polvorientos. ¡Me encanta esa experiencia! 5. ¿Cómo es un día normal en la vida de Varenka, la artista?

La rutina nunca ha sido mi fuerte, pero si estoy pintando un mural, inicio mi día muy temprano, medito, voy a mi estudio en Greenpoint donde tomó mi pintura en aerosol y mis materiales. Voy a la ubicación donde pinto todo el día hasta que se pone el sol. Siempre hay descansos cuando pasan por ahí los amigos, para comer, etc. Mi novio viene a la locación al final de su día y me ayuda con lo que se necesite. Luego nos vamos a casa, comemos y leemos juntos en el sillón. No tenemos televisor así que hacemos cosas distintas en casa después de nuestro trabajo. Me encanta cuidar mis plantas (tenemos una pequeña selva en casa), hacer rompecabezas y, por supuesto, salir y ver amigos. 6. ¿Qué te trae ALEGRÍA?

Trabajar, hoy en día mi trabajo ya no es trabajo , es un lugar donde el tiempo se detiene y me convierto en una misma con lo que hago... el resultado es lo menos importante; realizarlo, hacerlo —en mi caso, crear mi propio arte— es ALEGRÍA pura. Ayudar a los demás, la gratitud me trae ALEGRÍA y comer mangos en México me trae ALEGRÍA. 7. ¿Cuál es la esencia de tu labor artística?

Creo que mi niñez realmente le dio forma al diálogo o a la esencia que está presente en creaciones. Siempre despierta durante la noche, imaginando cosas, creando universos pequeños… siempre hablo acerca de la perspectiva, las realidades paralelas y la naturaleza en mis murales. Pero a fin de cuentas, mis murales o piezas son una ventana abierta para que el espectador las disfrute.



Moderated by: Julio Trejo


Cinematic, alternative, latin music from seasoned musician/singer/songwriter Asdru Sierra of Ozomatli produced by Balthazar Getty. ABSTRAKTO IS THE EXCITING ANSWER TO THE QUESTION OF WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU MIX THE VOCALIST AND MULTI-INSTRUMENTALIST OF THE MULTI-GRAMMY-WINNING GROUP OZOMATLI, AND AN ACTOR THAT DOUBLES AS A MUSIC PRODUCER. Asdru and Balt met at their kids’ school, leading to Asdru laying down some vocals on the critically acclaimed album Balt produced,“Solardrive”, which was the launching pad for Purplehaus Records. Their creative collaboration sparked a friendship. In late 2013, ABSTRAKTO was born in Balt’s Hollywood recording studio.

1. How did the concept of Abstrakto come about? What was it that drew together two creative souls from seemingly different worlds?

Balthazar: Asdru’s kids and our kids were in pre-school and each knew who the other was...we developed a fast friendship. I had a vision to do an album in Spanish and felt he was the guy. We are both music nerds and have a love for music and were drawn to a lot of the same inspirations. I am an Angeleno and grew up loving the Latino culture and we work very well together with a lot of trust. Artists tend to find one another. Asdru: Balt and I met at our kids’ school! He was working on his Solardrive record and asked me to come in one night to work and write “Go Away.” Love that tune. First time I ever cuss in a song in my whole career. I’m very proud of that piece of work! That’s what really inspired me to work with Balt. In the studio, as a produc-

er, he’s a great coach that inspires you to be a better “you.” I always tend to be too critical of myself, and Balt just encourages and pushes me to do better. He simplifies my approach in writing music. 2. Life is about balance. How do you maintain a balance in your life professionally and personally in a world so full of demands?

Balthazar: Balance is the key if one is able to obtain it. I work at it every day. Luckily my studio is in the house and the way we have put our lives together, a lot of my professional life is intertwined with my personal things. I work with my wife’s fashion line Rosetta Getty, and even the kids work on projects with me. I’m constantly having to re-calibrate and put time into both. Asdru: Other than Abstrakto, I also have Ozomatli and my film/TV composing


career. But first and foremost, I’m a husband and father. Making music doesn’t make sense to me if my home isn’t in order. I can’t say it’s perfect how things end up going. But I do my best to keep things rightsized. Both my kids are trying on music and arts for size. I do my best to make it to my son’s shows with his alt rock band and my daughter’s musical theatre and dance recitals. Bottom line; love is the only thing that keeps me in balance. If love isn’t flowing into my art and my family, it all falls apart. 3. You are both known for being married to incredibly talented women. How have they contributed to your success?

Balthazar: Rosetta has an amazing eye and sense of style. Other than just the constant support, she has been there and dusted me off and screwed some pieces back on. She is a constant inspiration and we are partners. Asdru: My wife is the “Frida” to my “Diego.” She is also the major barometer to really checking if my music is any good. When I was at Balt’s house writing the record, I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t show it to her until I was done writing! She’s been there for my whole career, so I want to make sure my lyrics and music are tip-top before I show it to her. I met her in high school. She played cello in the music school we went to as teens. Her dad was heavy in the music scene, so there was never any getting away with anything. “Hey, I KNOW the meet & greets don’t go that long. WHERE are you and what are you DOING??!!” Hahaha! Love her. I regret voting her out of Ozo. Now she’s back in school following her dream being a philosophy major and eventually to become a lawyer! She gets straight A’s! 4. You both have an incredible amount of stamps on your passports. What are some of your favorite cities around the world and why?

Balthazar: We are on our way to Italy now and spend every summer there. It doesn’t get much better than starting on the Amalfi Coast and heading up to Tuscany.

Balance is the key if one is able to obtain it. I work at it every day.



Tuscany is definitely up on the list. Asdru: I loved Cairo and Alexandria, Egypt. Though my band was on a heavy tour, we managed to set some time apart to check out the Giza Pyramids and the Sphinx! Japan was always great! Love the takoyaki in Osaka and the big castle in Kyoto. But I always loved playing the Fuji Rock Festival in Naeba, not too far from Mount Fuji. Old Delhi is rad, too—I visited this orphanage there and almost came home with a whole family.

of galleries and great food. I really enjoy hanging out there.

5. What makes Los Angeles home to you? What are some of your favorite places to a.) relax, b.) eat, c.) have a date, e.) shop for your favorite things?

Balthazar: I try to run as much as possible. Cycling has been a big part of my life since I was a kid. I try to watch what I eat...I think that´s important. You can work out three hours a day, but if you don’t eat right you still suffer. I have four kids and they keep me young...skateboarding and cycling. Surprisingly, DJing is quite the workout when you are jumping up and down and moving to the beat for two or three hours.

Balthazar: I’m a true Angeleno, I was born here. Though I lived in the Bay Area for a while, I’m a Los Angeles boy. Right now LA is having this incredible Renaissance. I have always felt it was an incredible place for art and music and all of these things converging. For food, LA is getting that reputation on the world stage, so anything from Korean food in Koreatown, Mexican food in East LA, some of the best sushi in the world. We have some of the best museums in the world; you can walk around Little Tokyo; or ride bikes on the beach. You can surf in the morning or ski in the afternoon if you choose to do so. Asdru: For a date with my wife, I love visiting my homie, Chef José’s spot, Bazaar. He is the Willy Wonka of food. I wanna be Charlie. Or Chi Spacca!! I love eating meat. For breakfast/brunch I love eating at Sweetsalt in Toluca Lake. For coffee, I love going to Zona Rosa Caffe in Pasadena. Honestly, to relax, I love being home. I’m always on the road! 6. We recently launched ALEGRIA Magazine in Miami. Do you have any local Miami spots you like to visit?

Balthazar: My exposure to Miami is relatively new. I’m just starting to find my different haunts. We have been to Art Basel for the last two years. There is a neighborhood...the Wynwood Arts District that is very industrial and had been abandoned and derelict and now it’s full

Asdru: I love Chef José’s Bazaar in Miami, too. But being Latino, I gotta give it up to Morro Castle or El Rey De Las Fritas!! I guess I like to eat good food. Like the critic in Ratatouille. Or maybe I’m more like Remi. 7. With such a grueling schedule, what do you do to maintain your health?

Asdru: I don’t drink or smoke. I take the stairs instead of elevators. I eat half of everything on my plate. Stay away from the greasy foods and fine sugars, refined, fake foods. I’d like to say I work out all the time, but I don’t. One time I had one of those calorie burning counters on me during a 2 hour show. I burned 980 calories!! That’s good, right? 8. What are you listening to right now? What are you watching (i.e. TV or film)

Balthazar: I’m addicted to Viceland...the new network that Vice launched. I’m loving Ellen Paige’s show “Gaycation,” “Balls Deep” and “Huang’s World.” I’m listening to Lil Uzi Vert; loving the new Flume record. I love records that make people move. Asdru: I love Radiohead’s new album. But mostly listening to the single, “Spectre.” I really enjoy music that seems to be made with the highest integrity of art taken into consideration. I’m also listening to The Zombies from the ‘60s, (thanks to my daughter...she got me into them again!) And thanks to my son, been listening to

Jaimie N Commons’ EP! 9. What is next for both you as Abstrakto?

Balthazar: We released the double vinyl with the remix album on vinyl. We have yet to release it on digital and doing that this summer. We are doing a big event at the end of summer with my label that will include Abstrakto performance. Asdru: Right now we have a double vinyl record out with the original, organic album, along some remixes on the other vinyl. For all the audiophile community! 10. Are there any current projects you are working on outside of the band you are excited about?

Balthazar: There is Solardrive and Balt vs. Beats. The event this summer for my label PurpleHaus will include the release of Solardrive; DJing; Balt vs. Beats; fashion, art. All of the things that I feel represent me personally and the label. It will be the crossroads of music, art and fashion. Asdru: Man...I’m in this awesome Jazz trio called “Trio Retro” with the great Cindy Gomez and Anthony Marinelli. My other band, (Ozomatli) just finished making a record with legendary reggae icons, Sly & Robbie. It’s a tribute to all the Mexican songwriters that have been translated and covered into 50 different languages throughout history like “Bésame Mucho” that was written by Consuelo Velasquez. From Andrea Bocelli to The Beatles, this song is an example of how influential Mexican music has been to the world. We have lots of guests like G Love and Slightly Stoopid, Herb Alpert, and many other surprises. I’m also doing an awesome record with Salvador Santana (Carlos’ prodigal son), which we are finishing up, too. That one is gonna make everyone get up and shake their booties!!! I’ve been also featured vocalist on a few movies including Gods of Egypt, and many others that I had to sign a gag order contract for until it’s all done. Lol. But honestly, I’m really looking forward to Abstrakto 2! Hoping to make more cinematic, deep grooving music like our last record!

Beats; fashion, art. All of the things that I feel represent me personally and the label.

Photos by: Management.




YOUR MUSIC TRANSCENDS TIME AND GENERATIONS. WHAT DO YOU THINK IS THE THING THAT MAKES YOUR MUSIC TIMELESS? More than the music, that is of course important, I think it’s the seal of my voice. It is what identifies the artist. In the future i would like to continue to write good songs and to stay in the heart of the people, especially in this moment where life is really strong and many things don’t work. Music and love are essential to give a positive signal to the world.


Well, it ‘always been so. Every successful song in the world speaks of love. From “Yesterday” of The Beatles to the Led Zeppelin songs .. or to “Angie” of the Rolling Stones. Rock music apart - which has an “unlimited life” - songs of love have always been very important. It’s very important to teach love and to talk about love.

HOW DID YOU UNDERSTAND LOVE THROUGH YOUR LIFE? HOW DID YOUR EXPERIENCES CHANGE YOU? WHERE ARE YOU NOW? First of all this special way to live life, this feeling, if you have it inside yourself, it remains forever. When you stay with your people in general, with your wife, with your children, you have it inside of you, nobody can give it to you. Life gives you the opportunity to have experiences. it can be

a unique experience or many experiences put together. At this moment in my life, my children are the most important thing in my life and they’re doing ery well.


WHAT CAN PEOPLE EXPECT FROM YOUR LAST SHOW? A lot of energy. You can have a long career only if you give people your energy during your “live” concerts. People want to see your soul, especially in this moment where music is “flat.” every song you listen to on the radio is very similar to another one and it’s difficult to recognize the artist.


WHAT DOES IT GIVE TO YOU “ALEGRIA” ? Watching my son grow up or my daughter playing. The evolution of my children gives me “alegria,” but i also think about their future and i’m not so happy because i know we’re living in a very challenging world.

WHAT IS THE BEST PLACE WHERE YOU GO TO DREAM, TO FIND INSPIRATION? In a quiet room, especially when it’s on the mountain. I think a mountain is a very creative place, a place where you can have a lot of concentration, much more than by the sea. The sea with its waves, its eternal movement creates tension, while a mountain offers tranquility.



Dress: Ekaterina Kukhareva @ekukhareva Earrings: Swarovski @swarovski Clutch: Nicoli @NicoliOfficial Ring: Charles Albert @charlesalbert_jewelry

Skirt: Ekaterina Kukhareva @ekukhareva Bodysuit: Sugarpuss Clothing @sugarpussclothing Necklace/Bracelet: Madame Baloge @madamebaloge_nyc

Dress: Ekaterina Kukhareva @ekukhareva Belt: Vitusevich @bronislav_vitusevich Boots: Michael Kors @michaelkors Sunglasses: Anya Liesnik @anyaliesnik Rings/Cuff: Charles Albert @charlesalbert_jewelry

Top: MacDuggal @macduggal Pants: Ziztar @ziztar Shoes: Office London @officeshoes Ring: Charles Albert @charlesalbert_jewelry Earrings: Swarovski @swarovski

Top: Sophie Cameron Davies @scamerondavies Bodysuit: Sugarpuss Clothing @sugarpussclothing Pants: Laison by Aurelia Santoso @laisonbyaurelias Sequin Belt: Anya Liesnik @anyaliesnik Hat: Giovannio New York @giovanniohats Boots: Michael Kors @michaelkors Earrings: Few Moda @fewmoda

Photography: Fidel Gonzalez / Makeup Artist: Fidel Gonzalez, using MAC COSMETICS & Artis Cosmetic Brushes / Nail Artist: Fidel Gonzalez, using Morgan Taylor Lacquer / Hair Artist: Jeanie Scoggin Wardrobe Stylist: Jen Summers Wardrobe Assistant: Alyssa Estrada Model: Ellie Leith with Two Management Retouching: Kristina Klizhevski / Artist management: Joshua McIntyre /




Mario Corona has succesfully worked in Mexico as a film and theater actor as well as a TV host. He has come to Hollywood to continue with his magnificent career and he is certainly leaving his mark. We sat with the actor in Hollywood to explore his journey thus far... 1. You left Mexico to pursuing your dream in Hollywood. How has this experience turned out so far?

Ha! Do you remember that female character from ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’, Agatha? She had a spot that was shaped like Mexico on her right cheek. I feel just like her, only I’ve got my country tattooed on my soul, so in a way, I never left Mexico. Everything I do here, I do in a manner that is deeply connected to my country. As artists, we are more than just emotions, we are also thoughts, and every day I’m thankful for being here, doing what I love the most and thinking I’m on the right path. Since my arrival here a couple of years ago, I’ve done theater, commercials, television and films. This experience has made me value all the work involved, not only as an actor, but also in other areas. It’s gratifying and beautiful. 2. You are known for being a very versatile actor who loves to accept lots of different roles. What would your dream role be?

It’s funny, I have always found analogies between futbol (soccer) and acting, and being a versatile actor is like playing different positions on the field, each with different mindsets. For instance, midfielders keep the ball and create the plays, strikers score and keepers have the best angle of the overall game. Characters are no different, because they have different positions and perspectives in relation to the story, different natures and different needs, and, therefore, different ways to show them. When it comes to that, you go to your true self and search for that unique thing you think might help the character stand out. In the end, this is a choice you make. I love it when characters undergo a substantial change in their lives. I am working on a script where 1. Dejaste México para perseguir tu sueño en Hollywood. ¿Cómo ha sido hasta ahora esa experiencia?

¡Ja! ¿Te acuerdas del personaje de Agatha en ‘El Gran Hotel de Budapest’? Ella tenía un lunar en forma de México en la mejilla derecha y yo me siento como ella, sólo que tengo tatuado mi país en el alma, así que de alguna manera, nunca dejé México. Todo lo que hago aquí lo hago profundamente conectado con mi país. Como artistas, somos algo más que emociones, somos pensamientos también, y cada día estoy agradecido por estar aquí, haciendo lo que más me gusta, y por pensar que estoy en el camino correcto. Desde mi llegada hace un par de años, he hecho teatro, comerciales, tele y cine. Esta experiencia me ha hecho valorar todo el trabajo, no sólo como actor, sino además el de otras áreas. Es muy gratificante y bello. 2. Eres conocido como un actor muy versátil al cual le encanta tomar muchos papeles distintos. ¿Cuál sería el papel de tus sueños?

Es chistoso, pero siempre he hecho analogías entre el futbol y la actuación, y ser un actor versátil es como jugar distintas posiciones en la cancha, cada una con diferentes maneras de pensar. Por ejemplo, los medios contienen o crean juego, los delanteros meten goles y los porteros tienen la mejor visión del campo y juego. Los personajes no son nada ajenos a esto, porque también tienen distintas perspectivas con respecto a la historia, naturalezas y necesidades distintas y, por lo tanto, distintas maneras de mostrarlas. Con respecto a eso, buscas en tu ser verdadero eso que es único y que crees que podría ayudar al personaje a sobresalir. al final es una decisión la que haces. Me encantan los personajes que tienen un cambio considerable en sus

the character travels to get something of personal importance, only to reveal in the end that life sometimes works in unexpected ways. That’s part of the journey. 3. What has Mexico given as an actor and now what is Los Angeles offering you?

Mexico has given me the opportunity to speak to my own culture through movies, television shows and theater. All of these media outlets have been a vehicle to get close to people, to the very pulse of my nation, regardless of the genre. In Mexico, there are people from different backgrounds, and that has been the key to participating in varied projects, because of how different stories are and how they are told and presented to the world. Los Angeles, on the other hand, is the perfect city for an actor. Many opportunities come up every day, and it happens to be the second city with the most Mexicans in the world, so it makes you feel like home in a way. Actually, working in LA means working with directors, producers, casting directors, fellow actors and crews from international backgrounds, and this gives you a perspective of how productions are changing the way stories are told, produced, and distributed. So, yes, diversity is the word, and I’m glad it’s happening more often. 4. Best part about being an Angeleno?

the Griffith Park and Observatory, that’s where you get to see the real stars. 5. How does your bilingual and bicultural heritage influence your work?

I was born and raised in Mexico City (in Spanish, I will continue to call it DF, the way it was previously referred to), but speaking Spanish half of the day and English during the remaining half turns you into someone aware of how amazing these two worlds are. They both complete my life, as this important merging happens every day. This crossover encourages you to become like an ambassador for your culture and language, and when you’re on set, that spark ignites the magic. I remember when I helped ‘Larry The Cable Guy’ pronounce his text in Spanish correctly; we both laughed a lot. 6. What are you working on right now?

Besides the script I was telling you about, there is a project where I’ll be happy to be involved. It’s a feature film, a comedy produced by the British producer of ‘Dark Places’ and ‘Elsa and Fred’ (English version) that touches on an amazing subject regarding being different. 7. What brings you ALEGRIA?

Thank you for giving me the keys to the city! Haha. Riding your bicycle everywhere, I’m serious, ha! People complain about distances here, but trust me on this one, you can make it with a bike. Also the understanding that auditioning with an ethnically ambiguous look can get you multiple roles. The blending of many cultures within one city, and, of course, last but not least,

ALEGRIA, joy, I’m one of those people who enjoys simple things: my parents, my brother’s face, a smile, a beautiful night sky, playing the piano and playing futbol, and to score a goal, of course! An unexpected call from someone I haven’t heard from in a while. A kiss, well, a good kiss, haha! A sunset, nature, those are the real gifts. Also when my team wins, of course!

vidas. Estoy trabajando en un guión donde el personaje principal viaja para obtener algo de suma importancia personal y al final se revela que en la vida a veces pasa lo inesperado. Es parte del viaje.

te lleva a tener múltiples papeles. La mezcla de varias culturas dentro de una misma ciudad y, por supuesto, algo no menos importante: el Parque Griffith y su Observatorio, ahí es donde ves a las verdaderas estrellas.

3. ¿Qué te ha dado México como actor y ahora qué te ofrece Los Ángeles?

5. ¿Cómo influye tu herencia bilingüe y bicultural en tu trabajo?

México me ha dado la oportunidad de hablarle a mi propia cultura a través del cine, la televisión y el teatro. Todos estos medios han sido el vehículo para acercarme a la gente, el verdadero pulso de mi nación, independientemente del género. En México existen diferentes orígenes, y eso ha sido la clave para tener proyectos diversos, por lo diferentes que pueden ser las historias y la manera en que se cuentan y presentan ante el mundo.

Nací y crecí en México DF (jamás cambiará para mí), pero hablar español la mitad del día y la otra mitad inglés te convierte en alguien consciente de lo increíble de estos dos mundos, ambos complementan mi vida, pues esta mezcla acontece cada día.

Los Ángeles, por su parte, es la ciudad perfecta para el actor. Hay muchas oportunidades todos los días y resulta que es la segunda ciudad con más mexicanos en el mundo, así que de alguna manera te hace sentir como en casa. De hecho, trabajar en LA significa trabajar con directores, productores, directores de casting, compañeros actores y de trabajo de distintos orígenes, y esto te da una perspectiva de cómo es que las producciones están cambiando las formas de contar historias, de producirlas y distribuirlas. Así que “diversidad” es la palabra a destacar, y me encanta que esté pasando más frecuentemente. 4. ¿Qué es lo mejor de ser de L.A?

Gracias por entregarme las llaves de la ciudad, ¡jaja! Andar en la bici por todos lados, en serio, ¡ja! Hay gente que se queja de las distancias aquí, pero créeme que con tu bici la puedes hacer. También el entendimiento de que audicionar con un look étnicamente ambiguo

Este cruce te incentiva a ser como el embajador de tu cultura e idioma, y cuando estás en escena esa chispa enciende la magia. Me acuerdo cuando le ayudé a ‘Larry The Cable Guy’ a pronunciar correctamente su texto en español; ambos nos reímos muchísimo. 6. ¿En qué estás trabajando ahora?

Además del guión que te comentaba, hay un proyecto en el que estaré involucrado felizmente. Es una película, una comedia producida por un productor británico que hizo ‘Dark Places’ y ‘Elsa y Fred’ (versión inglesa) y que aborda un tema increíble sobre ser diferente. 7. ¿Qué te trae ALEGRÍA?

ALEGRIA, soy de esas personas a las que les gustan las cosas simples: mis papás, el rostro de mi hermano, una sonrisa, un hermoso cielo de noche, tocar el piano o jugar futbol ¡y anotar, claro! Una llamada inesperada de alguien que no he visto en un buen. Un beso, bueno, un buen beso, ¡jaja! Un atardecer, la naturaleza, esos son los verdaderos regalos. Por supuesto, ¡también cuando mi equipo gana!



@mariomongi Photographer: David Jr. Martin




Angel Ray grew up in Veracruz, Mexico, inspired by his father’s love of music. There, the romantic spirit that permeates his music acquired the nostalgia so felt in his songs. His music is deeply felt by the listener who can’t help but think of the great ones of this genre who have come before him. He captures both the Romanticism and essence of the Traditional Pop genre so treasured in Latin America and around the world. As an independent artist who has worked for years to cultivate his singing career in the US, the challenges have been endless, yet his faith has kept him strong. It was not a mere coincidence that lead him to be discovered in his local church years ago; he began to sing just looking for an outlet during one of his life’s hardest moments: losing his parents. From there, life just took its course, reiterating to him through different opportunities, that his life’s calling was indeed music. It was not until he met the team behind Latin American super star Luis Miguel that he got his big break. Looking to break into the Mexican-American market in Los Angeles and elsewhere in the US with a new pop album, everything aligned for Angel Ray to participate and tour both Mexico and the US with his latest production. “Nada es Igual” is one of the hits of the album where his talent really comes forward. 1. What is one of the main accomplishments in your new album?

To have had the privilege of working with the producer of my new album Volver a Empezar, Salo Loyo. Salo Loyo is an independent musician and producer who was born in Mexico City. He grew up in a family of musicians, which is why, since a young age, he was in contact with music, especially with the piano. Some of the musicians that Salo has worked with are Jon Anderson (Yes), Howard Hewitt, Herb Alpert, Marco Antonio Solís, Charlie Zaa, and Luis Miguel. Salo has written numerous songs for Luis Miguel, including “Amarte es un Placer,” “Sol, Arena y Mar” (winner of a BMI award), and “Dímelo en un Beso,” included in an album which won Grammy and Billboard awards. He also wrote songs for the album “Labios de Miel” (in which he also was involved in the pre-production and programming of the project.) In addition to his work with Luis Miguel, Salo has been a member of his band, No-Pals, since 2002. The band gives clinics and concerts in all of Latin America. 2. What brings you ALEGRIA?

To know that a piece of me stays in every song forever; but most importantly my family, their unconditional love for me, and the beach.

3. What is your goal with your new album?

I want people to know that Latino independent artists like me can produce quality work. I want to take this album everywhere I can. I want people to feel, to relate and sing to every song in the album. The music industry is tough but beautiful in a way that someone can relate to you through a song without knowing you at all. 4. What are the festivals you are involved with this year?

We had several shows throughout the year; for the summer we are planning a big release party. There are many other shows that are still in the process of being confirmed in different venues in LA, San Diego and Mexico. 5. What is your advice for a young artist who wants to make it in the music industry?

The music industry is a marathon. If it sounds too good to be true, it isn’t. Writing, singing and producing are essential but that’s just a small percentage of what you need to know to succeed. You must learn a lot of other areas in this industry. Protect your money, some people can make a living from your pocket and take you nowhere. Be involved in all areas of your work so you learn and make it better. Be patient, passionate and polish your craft, and most importantly, never, ever think you are above everyone else. Work very hard but stay very humble.



Angel Ray creció en Veracruz, México, inspirado por el amor de su padre por la música. Allí, el espíritu romántico que impregna su música adquirió la nostalgia tan conmovedora de sus canciones. Él capta tanto el romanticismo como la nostalgia del género Pop tradicional, tan valorado en América Latina y en todo el mundo. Como artista independiente que ha trabajado durante muchos años para cultivar su carrera como cantante en los EE.UU., ha enfrentado desafíos interminables, sin embargo, su fe le ha mantenido fuerte. No fue coincidencia que fuera descubierto en su iglesia local hace muchos años; comenzó a cantar para encontrar una válvula de escape durante uno de los momentos más duros de su vida: la pérdida de sus padres. A partir de ahí, la vida más o menos tomó su curso, reiterándole a través de diferentes oportunidades, que la música, de hecho, es la vocación de su vida. No fue hasta que se encontró el equipo detrás de súper estrella latinoamericana Luis Miguel que Angel Ray tuvo su gran oportunidad. Al tratar de iniciarse en el mercado mexico-estadounidense en Los Ángeles y en otros lugares en los EE.UU. con un nuevo disco, todo se alineó para que Ray participara e hiciera una gira con su última producción en el territorio. “Nada es igual” es uno de los hits del álbum donde su talento se manifiesta efectivamente. 1. ¿Cuál es uno de los principales logros de tu nuevo álbum?

Tuve el privilegio de trabajar con Salo Loyo, el productor de mi nuevo disco Volver a Empezar. Él es un músico independiente y productor de Cd. de México criado en una familia de músicos, por lo cual, desde pequeño, tuvo contacto con la música, en especial con el piano. Algunos de los músicos con los que ha trabajado son Jon Anderson (Yes), Howard Hewitt, Herb Alpert, Marco Antonio Solís, Charlie Zaa y Luis Miguel. 2. ¿Qué te da ALEGRÍA?

El saber que a través de mi música dejo parte de mí en cada canción para siempre, pero sobre todo mi familia, el amor incondicional que tienen hacia mí y la playa. 3. ¿Cuál es tu objetivo con el nuevo álbum?

Quiero que la gente sepa que los artistas latinos independientes como yo pueden producir trabajo de alta calidad. Quiero distribuir este álbum en todas partes. Quiero que la gente sienta, identifique y cante con cada canción de este álbum. La industria de la música es difícil pero hermosa, ya que alguien puede identificarse contigo a través de una canción sin siquiera conocerte. 4. ¿En qué festivales actúas este año?

Hemos tenido varios espectáculos a lo largo del año. Para el verano, planeamos una gran fiesta para el estreno. Hay muchos otros espectáculos que están en proceso de ser confirmados en L.A., San Diego y México. 5. ¿Qué consejo darías a un artista joven que desea tener éxito en la industria de la música?

La industria de la música es un maratón. Si parece tan bonita para ser verdad, no lo es. Escribir, cantar y producir son solo una pequeña parte de lo que necesitas saber para triunfar. Debes aprender mucho sobre los demás campos de la industria. Cuida tu dinero; hay gente que se gana la vida aprovechándose de ti sin darte ningún resultado. Involúcrate en todas las áreas de tu trabajo para aprender y hacerlo mejor.. Sé paciente, apasionado y pule tu arte, y nunca, nunca pienses que estás por encima de los demás. Trabaja muy duro pero mantente muy humilde.

Photographer: GIO SOSA





Andrés is a Colombian arranger, orchestrator, composer and pianist who is currently working for Joann Kane Music Service (JKMS), one of the top music preparation houses in Hollywood. Beside Andrés’ work at JKMS, he has worked for one of the top orchestrators and composers in the industry, Tim Davies. Joining his team, Andrés was able to work on projects such as the animated feature Minions, The Book of Life, Crimson Peak (directed by Guillermo Del Toro), the video game Batman: Arkham Knight. Also under Davies’ leadership, Andrés was one of the orchestrators for the feature Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse (Paramount) and the TV shows Revenge (ABC) and Empire (FOX). In his native Colombia, Andrés was the orchestrator for the movie “Alias María” (official selection in Cannes 2015) and the documentary Carta a una sombra. Andrés worked too as the Artistic Coordinator of The Fine Arts Theater in Bogo tá (2010-2012); he is one of the founders of Orquesta Sinfónica de Bogotá, and has done several arrangements of traditional Colombian music in symphonic versions for the New Year’s Concert in Bogotá. 1. Getting to know you as one of the most prolific young composers in Latin America is such an honor. Now, you are in Hollywood working with some of the best in the industry. What does it mean for you?

It means that hard work, discipline and passion can get you anywhere. I was lucky to meet the right people at the right moment who gave me the opportunity to work on some great projects in Hollywood. But if I go back a few years, to understand how everything happened, I have to say that it started with the education I received at the Conservatory in Bogotá, Colombia. All my teachers were very good and I got a lot from them. Then, my graduate studies in film scoring here

in LA gave me the last push I needed to better understand the industry. When the opportunity came, I felt I wasn’t ready and I was afraid to fail. I think we all feel the same way when we start a new journey. And now, when I look back 2 years, when I started working in the industry, I can say that all my efforts to keep improving my art are paying off. 2. You are currently working for one of the top orchestrators and composers in Hollywood, Tim Davies, and you have participated in projects like the Twentieth Century Fox animated feature The Book of Life; Disney’s Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day;

Warner Games’ Batman: Arkham Knight; and the ABC TV series Revenge. Is it still hard to believe? Do you stay grounded and motivated?

When I got to Tim’s studio for the first day of work, I was assigned some tasks on a project which had a working title. To be honest, the title didn’t mean anything to me and I was really focused on what I had to do. It was not until a couple of days later that I realized, through some information I needed to do my work, that the project was the video game Batman: Arkham Knight! Then it was The Book of Life, which I knew was a Fox production, but it was still a project that no matter how big or small it was, I needed to do my work at my best. Once the movie was out, I realized how big it was! Working at JoAnn Kane Music Service, the pace is faster and we get to work for many composers who write the music for studio films and TV shows. But the feeling is the same. When I see the title of the project for the first time, I have no idea what the movie is about, or who is in it. I just enjoy doing my work at my best, knowing that I have to meet the highest standards in the music industry. After a few months, when I start seeing ads and billboards all over the city, I realize that I worked on those movies! 3. What is your ultimate dream as a composer? I WANT TO KEEP CONTRIBUTING TO THE MUSIC INDUSTRY WITH MY KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE. I FEEL MUCH HONORED TO BE ABLE


4. How has your bilingual heritage influenced your work and career?

My first professional arrangement, which was performed at the new year’s concert in Bogotá, was one of the most popular pieces of traditional colombian music adapted for symphonic orchestra. It was a translation from the roots of the music of my country to a universal language which is the symphonic orchestra. That arrangement opened many doors in my career, gave me more experience, and that’s probably one of the reasons I’m here now. All influences, from latino culture to american culture have contributed to my musical education and to better skills to develop my work. 5. What brings you ALEGRIA?

Waking up in the morning to go to work and see music notes, and listen to music (not for recreation, but for work) brings me Alegria. When someone after a performance comes to me and expresses how much he or she enjoyed it brings me lots of Alegria! (That’s probably the best compliment a musician can get.) Being able to do what I love for a living brings me Alegria.




Andrés es un arreglista, orquestador, compositor y pianista colombiano. Actualmente Andrés hace parte del equipo de JoAnn Kane Music Service (JKMS), una de las casas de preparación de música más importantes en Hollywood. A parte de la labor que Andrés desempeña en JKMS, desde hace un par de años ha venido trabajando para uno de los orquestadores y compositores top en Hollywood, Tim Davies. A su lado, ha podido trabajar en proyectos como la película animada de FOX The Book Of Life, Crimson Peak (dirigida por Guillermo del Toro), Minions, el videojuego Batman: Arkham Knight; se ha desempeñado como orquestador para la película de Paramount Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse, las series Revenge de ABC y Empire de FOX, proyectos en los que Tim Davies ha sido el orquestador principal. En su país natal Andrés ha colaborado con orquestaciones en la película “Alias María” (selección oficial de Cannes en 2015) y el documental Carta a una sombra (ganador del Premio Especial del Jurado y Premio del Público en el Festival de Cartagena de Indias 2015). También trabajó como coordinador artístico del Teatro de Bellas Artes de Bogotá (2010-2012), es miembro fundador de la Fundación Orquesta Sinfónica de Bogotá y ha realizado múltiples arreglos de música colombiana en versión sinfónica para el Gran Concierto de Año Nuevo de Bogotá. 1. Conocerte como uno de los jóvenes compositores más prolíficos de América Latina es un honor. Actualmente estás en Hollywood trabajando con algunos de los mejores en la industria. ¿Qué significa esto para ti?


Significa que con trabajo duro, disciplina y pasión puedes lograr el éxito. Tuve la suerte de conocer a las personas adecuadas en el momento justo, lo que me dio la oportunidad de trabajar en grandes proyectos en Hollywood. Pero si pienso en lo que pasó hace algunos años para comprender cómo sucedió, puedo decir que todo inició con la formación que recibí en el Conservatorio de Bogotá, mis profesores eran muy buenos y recibí mucho de ellos. Luego, mis estudios en composición de bandas sonoras en LA me dieron el impulso necesario para entender la industria. Cuando llegó la oportunidad, sentí que no estaba listo y tuve miedo a fracasar. Creo que es un sentimiento común cuando empezamos una nueva fase en la vida. Ahora, cuando pienso en mi comienzo en la industria, puedo decir que todos mis esfuerzos para mejorar mi arte, me han dado resultados. 2. Actualmente trabajas con uno de los principales orquestadores y compositores en Hollywood, Tim Davies y has participado en proyectos como: The Book of Life, Batman: Arkham Knight de Warner Games, la serie Revenge de la ABC TV... ¿Es todavía difícil creerlo? ¿Aun tienes los pies en el suelo y sigues motivado?

Al llegar al estudio de Tim, me asignaron algunas tareas en un proyecto con un título provisional. Sinceramente, el título no decía mucho para mí y yo estaba concentrado en lo que tenía que hacer. Fue solo un par de días más tarde, que supe que el proyecto era ¡el videojuego Batman: Arkham Knight!. Luego, llegó The Book of Life; sabía que era una producción de Fox, y que era un proyecto donde tenía que dar lo mejor de mí, sin importar su magnitud. Una vez estrenada, ¡me di cuenta de la importancia de la película! El trabajo en JoAnn Kane Music Service tiene un ritmo más rápido y podemos trabajar con muchos compositores que crean la música para las películas de estudios y programas de la televisión. Pero la sensación es la misma. Cuando veo el título del

proyecto por primera vez, no tengo ni idea de qué se trata la película o quién son los actores. Simplemente, disfruto haciendo mi trabajo dando lo mejor de mí, sabiendo que tengo que cumplir con los estándares más altos en la industria. Después de algunos meses, cuando empiezo a ver anuncios y carteleras por toda la ciudad, me doy cuenta de que ¡he trabajado en aquellas películas! 3. ¿Cuál es tu mayor sueño como compositor? QUIERO CONTRIBUIR A LA INDUSTRIA MUSICAL CON TODO MI CONOCIMIENTO Y EXPERIENCIA. ME SIENTO HONRADO DE TRABAJAR CON GRANDES COMPOSITORES, ARREGLISTAS Y ORQUESTADORES DE HOLLYWOOD ACTUALMENTE, SIN EMBARGO, NO ES EL FIN DE MIS SUEÑOS. LOS SUEÑOS NO TIENEN UN LÍMITE Y SE REALIZAN CUANDO ESTAN LISTOS PARA TI. HABRÁ NUEVOS PROYECTOS Y MI SUEÑO ES SER PARTE DE ELLOS, COMO COMPOSITOR, ARREGLISTA, ORQUESTADOR O PIANISTA.

4. ¿Qué influencia ha tenido tu herencia bilingüe en tu trabajo y carrera?

Mi primer arreglo profesional, tocado en Bogotá durante un concierto de Año Nuevo, fue una de las piezas de música tradicional Colombiana más populares adaptada para una orques- ta sinfónica. Fue una traducción de las raíces de la música de mi país a la lengua universal. Este arreglo abrió muchas puertas en mi carrera, me dio más experiencia, lo que es probablemente una de las razones por las cuales estoy aquí ahora. Todas las influencias, desde la Cultura Latina hasta aquella Americana, han contribuido a mi educación musical y mis mejores habilidades para perfeccionar mi trabajo. 5. ¿Qué te da ALEGRÍA?

Despertar para ir a trabajar, ver notas musicales y escuchar música (no para recreación sino para el trabajo), esto me da Alegría. Cuando después de un concierto alguien viene a expresar que le gustó mucho ¡me da mucha Alegría! (Es probablemente el mejor halago a un músico.) Poder hacer lo que me encanta para ganarme la vida me da Alegría.



H 1. Cómo nació tu amor por la moda?

is work portfolio includes stars like Belanova, Dayanara Torres, Gerardo Ortiz and GLoria Trevi among many others. He has worked on some of the most popular music videos, commercials, TV and fashion shows for the Hispanic market. His TV fashion segments for Univision, Telemundo, Azteca, Unimas, EstrellaTV and most recently Mundofox have made him a household name for his charisma and talent.

Mi amor por la Moda nació cuando yo era adolescente. Yo vengo de una familia grande, somos 6 hermanos y 2 hermanas. Yo jugaba todos los deportes con mis hermanos y a escondidas jugaba con mi hermana con las barbies y yo les hacía sus vestidos de tela o material que yo cortaba de cortinas o cobijas. Les hacía vestidos cortos y largos y las arreglaba y les hacía el pelo. Jugábamos a que las barbies iban a una fiesta o gala.

2. Has sido el estilista de grandes celebridades por varias décadas, ¿ Qué continua inspirándote en tu trabajo día a día?

Mira, a través de todos estos años(décadas) he tenido el honor de trabajar con grandes celebridades, cantantes, actrices, y actores. He vestido a dos Ex Miss Universos en alfombras rojas y galas y te cuento que

día a día es diferente para mí. Lo que continúa inspirándome es eso, que cada celebridad y trabajo es algo diferente y me encanta ir de shopping para cada una de ellas. Escoger el estilo, los diseñadores, los showrooms, las joyas, los zapatos y y ver el resultado en la mujer latina. 3. Qué es el estilo para ti?

El estilo para mí es la expresión no sólo del exterior si no también el interior. Me refiero, que el estilo te da una expresión por fuera por lo que llevas puesto, pero en el interior tienes que tener confianza en ti mismo para poder lucir tu estilo.

4. Lo Sexy o Lo Clásico?

Para mí en la mujer definitivamente SEXY!!, Para el hombre CLÁSICO!! 6. El mejor accesorio para un hombre...

El mejor accesorio para un hombre es su sonrisa. 7.El mejor accesorio para una mujer...

La confianza en su propio cuerpo y conocer su cuerpo. Nuestras latinas tienen curvas y por eso tener el conocimiento que pueden ponerse y que no. 8.Qué te da ALEGRIA?

Saber que por fin a nosotros los Latinos, nos están dando muchas oportunidades aquí en Hollywood y a Alegria Magazine que reconoce a las mujeres latinas y a los Latinos en general!!



- COSTUME AND SET DESIGNER Photos by: Miguel Vazquez

Ricardo soltero La creatividad de Ricardo Soltero es imposible de ignorar. Cautiva al espectador con sus brillantes composiones de color y sus siluetas espectaculares, creando personajes maravillosos y experiencias inigualables. Desde los 90’s ha diseñado para varias compañías de teatro y eventos como el del Day of the Dead at Hollywood Forever, Hollywood Bowl, y Unicef’s Masquerade Ball. Ha participado como diseñador en Metropolitan FASHION Week por tres años, siendo este el cuarto. Su trabajo ha sido exhibido en lugares tan importantes como el Seatle Art Museum y Denver Botanic Gardens. 1. When did your passion for art begin?

I got involved in the arts since I was a kid, my passion began when at age 16, I co-designed escenery for an important Play and a new passion was born.

2. You have been part of the beautiful event for Dia de Los Muertos at Hollywood Forever, Can you share with us what is the most rewarding part of being part of this event.

I’ve Been working for Hollywood Forever’s Day of the Dead, for eight years, as designer for six consecutive years. The most rewarding part, is all the doors that have opened for me as an Artist. 3. Why is the Catrina such an important figure in your creations?

Since the early 1900’s Jose Guadalupe Posada created La Catrina as a cartoon character to ridicule the Mexican society that started to act very “French”, since then La Catrina became an Icon. My Catrinas Are becoming “models” for brands and now are going beyond The Day of the Dead celebrations. 4. What brings you ALEGRIA?

To see thousands of people admiring my pieces, with a face full of joy, and have pictures taken with my Catrinas, that brings me ALEGRIA!




A Saturday afternoon driving the new LEXUS RX F SPORT in Los Angeles. 4 Latino friends and influencers get together to talk about Life and Art. The Pursuit of Perfection.

Carlos Hurtado @CarlosHurtado fb

Award Winner Filmmaker Capturing Art through his lenses.

Gilbert Saldivar @gilbertsaldivar

Dancer/Choreographer Dancing as a way of Life.

Alejandro Montesinos @alejandromusk

Model/ Entrepreneur Creating is his life.

Pablo Ortega Mateos @paullenk

Travel Blogger Seeing the world is his passion.

Photographer: David Jr. Martin





Writer: Pablo Ortega

Viajar ya no es sinónimo de descuidar la manera en la que vestimos. Marcas, tanto de ropa, como de tecnología, nos ponen las cosas fáciles para que podamos recorrer el mundo con comodidad, pero sin dejar atrás nuestro estilo.




Aquellos que tengan que tomar un “red-eye” o estar presentables en cualquier momento, deben causar siempre una buena impresión. Escoge una bolsa elegante, como la Travel Duffle Bag de Zara, que en su interior esconde varios bolsillos en los que puedes guardar tu ropa, el laptop, el teléfono y la cartera. Recomendable para viajes rápidos. - PARA EL HOMBRE DE NEGOCIOS -

PRECIO: $39.99

¿Necesitas estar permanentemente conectado y quieres evitar que la batería de tu smartphone o tablet muera a toda costa? La marca Powerbag lo tiene todo pensado. Powerbag fue una de las primeras compañías en desarrollar maletas y bolsas que cargan tus dispositivos mientras viajas. Todo es posible gracias a que, en el interior de la bolsa, se encuentra una batería con capacidad de 6000mAh capaz de cargar varias veces tu teléfono (ya sea de Apple o Android), tablets, eReaders y audífonos. Porque más vale prevenir que curar. PRECIO: $115


Una chaqueta de cuero siempre va a estilo con todo. No importa lo que lleves puesto debajo, ya sea una camiseta o una camisa, el cuero te dará un toque elegante y desenfadado al mismo tiempo. Mango te ofrece una chaqueta de cuero cómoda y estilosa. Un complemento que marca estilo y personalidad. PRECIO: $115




La elegancia no se puede perder en ningún sitio, incluido el baño. Puede que por el nombre te sorprenda, pero Porsche ha diseñado una bolsa de baño, con varios compartimentos (para que metas colonias, maquinilla de afeitar, etc.). Para que presumas de elegancia. PRECIO: $150


Cuando pasamos muchas horas de pie o sentados es siempre recomendable tener un calzado cómodo. VANS es la solución y lo apreciarás, sobre todo, en el momento en el que tengas que quitarte el calzado con rapidez en los controles de seguridad de los aeropuertos. El diseño Samurai Warrior Era en color gris hará un buen conjunto con cualquier ropa que lleves puesta. PRECIO: $60


Si eres amante de la tecnología, no puedes dejar de viajar sin el mejor gadget de vestir: el Apple Watch. El reloj inteligente de la manzana mordida hace las veces de asistente cuando nos ponemos en marcha. Nos avisa de a qué hora sale nuestro vuelo y se encarga de cargar la tarjeta de embarque en su pantalla. Cuando lleguemos al aeropuerto, tan solo tendremos que escanear el reloj para atravesar las medidas de seguridad con fluidez. ¿Atravesarás varias franjas horarias en tu vuelo? Descuida, el Apple Watch se encarga siempre de enseñarte la hora correcta. $299 (Sport) / 10000 (Oro de 18 quilates)


Los ruidos del tren y de los motores del avión interfieren con nuestro deseo de escuchar música, aislarnos del mundo y poder relajarnos. Pero la marca Bose es experta en este departamento, ya que ha conseguido desarrollar uno de los mejores audífonos para aislar ruido. Los Bose QuietComfort se pueden conectar al teléfono mediante Bluetooth. Atrás quedan esos tiempos en los que teníamos que desliar cables: la batería de estos Bose llegan a durar hasta 20 horas. Perfectos para cualquier tipo de viaje. PRECIO: $350





PARA OJOS Luce a la moda! En primavera todo a nuestro alrededor despierta después del invierno; la naturaleza vuelve a florecer y nuestro guardarropa se llena nuevamente de color, de accesorios divertidos y nuestro look es mucho más relajado. Pero la ropa no es lo único que debemos cambiar, nuestro rostro también pide lucir diferente, por eso te comparto las tendencias de maquillaje para la Otoño 2016.

Las tendencias de maquillaje para esta primavera ya están aquí, y para este año los tonos piel han sido elegidos por los grandes diseñadores del mundo de la moda. Es hora de lucir tus ojos con colores natural o los llamados nudes (colores piel o desnudos). Para enmarcar el ojo tenemos una excelente recomendación y es el 3 dot liner de Clarins el cual usa la tecnología de aplicar, a punto de pulso, tres puntos a la vez para lograr un look limpio y natural definiendo los ojos.



Las pestañas son las alas de tu cara y como lo son hay que hacerlas volar! Para completar el look “it” de esta temporada te recomiendo probar la pestañina de Clarins “Supra Volume” la cual contiene una forma revolucionaria de que activa el crecimiento con cada uso, creando pestañas sexy y voluminosas.

Para completar tu look perfecto enmarca tus labios con un color rojo como la manzana o en tonos naranjas. Puedes encontrar tonos perfectos en la ultima colección de Brillos labiales Infallible Pro-Matte Gloss, de L’Oréal Paris.



Las fragancias también deben de ser cambiadas durante las temporadas! Ellas nos dan confianza y nos refrescan para cada paso del día. Recientemente conversamos con la modelo Adriana Lima y le preguntamos cómo definía ella ser un “Bombshell” - nombre que lleva la nueva fragancia de la marca de Victoria’s Secret de la cual ella es imagen, y nos comentó: “Sentirse un Bombshell es sentirse wow! y yo lo logro llevando conmigo mi perfume a todas partes para refrescarme; es como la esencia de mi día… y siempre lo llevo en mi cartera”. Bombshell es la primera fragancia de la marca de ganarse tres premios como fragancia del año. Sus ingredientes mezclan vainilla con orquídea dándole una esencia divertida y sexy.

Be Tempted es otra buena alternativa para otoño, El corazón de esta fragancia es envigorante; con un toque de feminidad y pasión, con aceite de rosa esencial, el cual es mezclado con pileta y flor de naranja, sumando así un toque sensual. El exótico ingrediente de aceite de Patchuli se derrite con la crema de vainilla y la esencia de flor de naranja. Entrégate a Be Tempted!

Para que tu piel este fresca, después de 10 años de investigación, Clarins lanza nuevos Boosters. El estilo de vida y el medio ambiente pueden cobrártela luego con tu piel. Dale un impulso a tu piel con este paso de belleza innovador. Sólo tienes que añadir de 3 a 5 gotas a la crema hidratante, máscara, suero o base liquida. Tú eliges! Úsalo por un día, una semana, un mes; en cualquier momento que tu piel lo necesite. ¡Mézclalo para regenerar tu piel!. Consulta los tonos de maquillaje que se llevarán esta temporada y disfruta de los colores y cambio que llegan con esta época del año.




La fragancia que elegimos dice mucho de nosotros mismos, están relacionadas con nuestra personalidad, con el momento y la actividad que deseamos, por lo tanto un perfume habla de nosotros y demuestra nuestro a personalidad .Cuando elegimos un perfume debemos tener en cuenta ciertos factores. Desde el perfil genético, los hábitos alimenticios, la sudoración y hasta el temperamento pueden afectar al aroma, es decir, lo que en otros puede oler muy bien, en ti mismo puede ser totalmente diferente. Los perfumes tienen tres fases, así que no te dejes guiar por la primera impresión, la cual durará sólo 15 minutos y dará pie a otra fase que durará 40 minutos más, para dejar un fondo que estará por horas en tu piel. Por lo tanto, este último es el aroma que permanecerá por más tiempo y el que debe agradarte.

Para el día son recomendables los aromas ligeros y suaves, que se evaporan rápido y que combinan flores y frutos. Michael Kors presenta Sexy Blossom, una fragancia floral leñosa con almizcle, inspirada en la esencia de la primavera y que florece seductoramente durante la temporada. El olor evoca al instante un sabor dulce; suave lichi que añade brillo a pétalos de rosa y la frescura de las hojas cubiertas de rocío. En el corazón, peonía, muguet y fresia se combinan para complementar la orquídea rosada, muy apreciada por su belleza y delicado calor exótico. “The dry down” evoca maderas de terciopelo - voluptuosa ambrox, almizcle y sándalo suave. Michael Kors Sexy Blossom se encuentra en la botella de Michael Kors Collection. El jugo teñido de fucsia y el exuberante pendiente de la caja de cartón capturan el encanto irresistible de un jardín en primavera.

Este temporada, Tory Burch introduce una nueva variante de su primera fragancia: Tory Burch Absolu la cual intensifica los elementos clásicos de la original para una audaz y sofisticada toma en olor de la firma del diseñador. Absolu presenta una vitalidad inmediata creada a través de elementos de grosella negra y pimienta rosa mezcladas con la feminidad suave y natural de convallaria majalis en contraste. El corazón se enriquece con un a bouquet rosas, nardo fresco y el resplandor de jazmín sambac. La base ofrece un refinamiento intenso, el equilibrio del cremoso aceite de sándalo con las facetas de textura de madera de cedro y el vetiver, vainilla, mientras que crea una estela cálida y sensual. Una mezcla audaz y dinámica, Absolu viene envasado en una botella de vidrio con una orignal tapa con grecas. Tory Burch Absolu estará disponible en las tiendas por departamento como Sephora y a través de




“El aura de una mujer es cautivadora. Es la energía que pone al mundo antes de que ella diga una palabra. Poderosa y magnética, que te atrae y acerca más - como un toque de lujo de cashmere. Ahora introducimos una fragancia moderna que revela la luz de la más convincente y seductora posesión de una mujer - su aura. No hay nada más atractivo.” -Donna Karan ¿Qué hace que una mujer sea única? Su esencia, su espíritu, su brillo interior - en resumen, el aura que emana de su interior. Presentarmos Cashmere Aura, una emocionante nueva fragancia de Donna Karan que captura la más poderosa atracción de una mujer. Tomando con confianza un enfoque moderno a la fragancia, Cashmere Aura tiene una hermosa sencillez que permite que la esencia de la mujer brille. Inspirada por el aura que queda en el aire de la fragancia original, Cashmere Aura irradia calidez y suavidad. Creado con ingredientes cualitativos, Cassie Absolute teje con cashmere y almizcle, con toques de aldehídos espumosos para un ascensor trascendente. Provocativamente atractiva, Cashmere Aura empodera el espíritu de quien lo usa para revelarse al mundo.

En verano, lo ideal son ligeros, florales y frutales; en invierno, pueden ser más pesados y amaderados. Si quieres un aroma para seducir, los mejores son los intensos. La seducción de la Gran Manzana te invita a acercarte más que nunca; capturando las luces de la noche y su brillo. La historia de la seducción es reinventada con una manzana más roja, más brillante y más sexy que nunca. DKNY Be Tempted captura una sensación más emocionante y la mezcla con la sensación de el Gourmand Oriental; sembradas en la lociones de frutas de una fragancia que es una seducción llenas de emociones. El corazón de esta fragancia es envigorante; con un toque de feminidad y pasión, con aceite de rosa esencial, el cual es mezclado con pileta y flor de naranja, sumando así un toque sensual. El exótico ingrediente de aceite de Patchuli se derrite con la crema de vainilla y la esencia de flor de naranja.

Si hacés deporte, evita fragancias dulces. Usa mejor las fragancias frescas. En cambio, si vas a una entrevista de trabajo, apuesta por las flores suaves y los cítricos, por ejemplo,Michael Kors presenta una evolución notable de estilo y espíritu con su nueva fragancia para mujeres, Wonderlust. La nueva fragancia introduce una nueva perspectiva al mundo de la belleza de Michael Kors, uno inspirado tanto por el viaje como por el destino. “Wonderlust es un infinito deseo de aventura, romance y descubrimiento,” dice Michael Kors. “Es para aquellas mujeres con la curiosidad y la pasión de confiar en sí misma y seguir su corazón.” La mundialmente conocida modelo Lily Aldridge invoca el espíritu libre de la campaña, capturando el sentido de la espontaneidad de lujo que se encuentra en el corazón de la nueva fragancia. Cautivante, confiada y siempre sexy, Wonderlust evoca una vida donde la belleza, la sensualidad y el impulso marcaron el tono. Profundamente romántica, es una fragancia inspirada en lo inesperado, lo desconocido y lo exótico. Todo es posible en este apasionante mundo.

Las fragancias duran más tiempo en los puntos del cuerpo con mayor pulsación: las muñecas, el ombligo, el cuello y detrás de las rodillas. Evita ponerlo encima de la ropa porque algunos tejidos corren el riesgo de mancharse. Si te vas a exponer al sol, no te apliques demasiado perfume porque puede sensibilizar la piel y mancharla.Y nunca olvides esta frase:




n 2011, cofounders Pepita Marín and Alberto Bravo were walking down a street in New York City when they spotted a small group of friends knitting at a café. Rather than sparing solely a passing glance and moving on, Marín and Bravo found themselves intrigued with the atmosphere and idea that accompanied the group. After returning home to Spain to their respective jobs at one of the “Big Four” accounting firms where they were both working, they realized that they couldn’t shake the memory of the friends knitting in New York. The ideals of a slow, handmade, and authentic lifestyle embodied by the knitters began to transform into something larger than a concept, and eventually became the We Are Knitters that we know today.



n 2011, Pepita Marín y Alberto Bravo, fundadores de We Are Knitters, paseaban por las calles de Nueva York cuando vieron un grupo de chicas tejiendo en una cafetería, parecían un grupo de amigas que habían decidido tejer juntas en público. Les sorprendió mucho ver esta situación, de hecho, se sintieron atraídos por la atmósfera que envolvía a este grupo de tejedoras. Cuando regresaron a España de su viaje y volvieron a la rutina diaria de la oficina, se dieron cuenta de que no podían quitarse de la cabeza la imagen de aquel grupo de chicas tejiendo. El ideal de un estilo de vida auténtico y el valor del handmade (Hazlo tú mismo) que representaban estas chicas, dejaba de ser algo más que un simple concepto para convertirse en lo que hoy conocemos como We are knitters.



We Are Knitters designs and creates DIY knitting and crochet kits that are modern, stylish, and come in a range of skill levels and materials; so no matter your taste or experience, you’ll find a kit to match. The Madrid-based team is a dedicated, passionate group of international professionals and knitting enthusiasts, working together to renew and refresh the way the world thinks about knitting. Once stereotyped to be a craft only for the elderly, knitting is undergoing a renaissance that is placing it in the hands of some of the most unexpected creators and enabling it to span across almost every demographic imaginable.

We Are Knitters diseña kits de tejer y de crochet modernos para todos los niveles. Independientemente de tus gustos o experiencia, siempre encontrarás el kit que estás buscando. El equipo de We Are Knitters tiene su sede en Madrid y lo conforma un grupo internacional de profesionales con mucha dedicación y pasión por tejer y que además trabaja para dar un nuevo enfoque a esta forma de arte. En más de una ocasión, se asocia el estereotipo de que el mundo de las manualidades queda relegado a la gente mayor. Sin embargo, tejer está experimentando un resurgimiento entre un público de lo más inesperado, abriéndose paso en todos los rincones del mundo.

If you were to spend a day with We Are Knitters, one of the first things that you would notice is the variety of backgrounds and experiences that come to influence the final wooly product that arrives on your doorstep. This highly international and diverse environment reflects one of the biggest ideals of WAK; to combine traditional practices with the increasingly globalized world that we have come to accept as the norm.

Quien pasa un día en We Are Knitters, queda sorprendido por las diferentes fases y experiencias por las que atraviesa el producto antes de que llegue a tu puerta. Este ambiente diverso e internacional refleja uno de los ideales de We are knitters, donde se intenta combinar las prácticas convencionales con el mundo globalizado en el que vivimos.

This ability to combine the best of old and new is what has allowed WAK to flourish from an idea to a company with products that can be found all over Europe and North America.

Esta capacidad de combinar tradición y modernidad es lo que ha permitido a We Are Knitters pasar de ser una simple idea para convertirse en una empresa que actualmente comercializa sus productos en Europa y Norteamérica.

The current worldwide trend towards social media and e-commerce means that for any business to be successful, they must also be adaptable, and WAK has taken this advice to heart by leading a “knitting revolution” that depends on technology to be the vessel that leads the change.

Hoy en día la clave del éxito de un negocio reside en saber adaptarse al peso que tienen de las redes sociales y el auge del e-commerce. Siguiendo esta línea, We Are Knitters ha conseguido consolidarse como líder de una “knitting revolution” a través de la tecnología, rompiendo así con el modelo de tejer tradicional.

“Sin knitters, no somos nada” – is more than just a phrase on the wall at WAK HQ, it is the idea the drives the company to continue innovating, creating and growing. Many of those who begin their knitting journey with WAK have never held needles before, and this “blank slate” is not a weakness, but rather it is an opportunity to create a lifelong hobby that will allow the art and craft of knitting to endure beyond the almost dizzying speed that technology is advancing at.

El lema “sin knitters, no somos nada” es más que una de las frases que cuelgan en las paredes de su sede, es el pilar que permite continuar el camino hacia la innovación, la creatividad y el crecimiento. Muchos de los que se lanzan a la aventura de tejer con We Are Knitters cogen unas agujas por primera vez, pero esto no ha de ser un impedimento, con nuestros vídeos te enseñamos desde cero una actividad de lo más relajante que puede convertirse ennun hobby para toda la vida.

So, if you’re ready to get started, WAK is ready to teach you, and the knitting community is ready to welcome you with open arms.

Así que, si estás preparado para empezar a tejer, nosotros estaremos encantados de enseñarte y nuestra comunidad knitter te recibirá con los brazos abiertos.





Every swipe, click, comment and “like” adds to Jeannette Kaplun’s growing social media empire. The founder of “Hispana Global” talks to ALEGRIA about the demands of life and career in the Digital Age.


oogle “Hispana Global” —go ahead, I’ll wait—and what you will find are the trappings of a social media empire. This empire includes a splashy, colorful blog discussing everything from parenting to recipes, a Facebook account with videos detailing the new Star Wars Experience, an active Twitter account with devoted followers, a popular YouTube channel and an Instagram account filled with polished, gorgeous photos. Every medium makes you want to become a follower because of the fresh and engaging material it has to offer. Its founder, Jeannette Kaplun, will be the first to say that it’s certainly no coincidence and will admit that it’s a lot of work. As the founder of the online blog and the other social media channels that “Hispana Global” is involved with, Jeannette is the CEO and oversees the entire process of producing content, from conceptualization to fruition. “It’s a labor of love,” Kaplun describes, but for her it’s worth it. “I love connecting people and broadening horizons.” It wasn’t hard to find the demographic she wanted to target. When Kaplun was tinkering with the idea of creating “Hispana Global,” she wanted to create something that would interest herself – a woman, who was also a Latina, who was trying to be it all and have it all in the 21st century. “I felt we were missing content for women and especially Latinas,” she says. Her observation was that “A lot of sites were geared towards modern career women or moms – not thinking of women who were doing all roles and who are maybe overwhelmed and losing a sense of self.” Her focus and the goal of the blog is “To help women be, feel and do their best.”


Creating a brand with such a variety of different features and perspectives was a natural fit for Jeannette, who was able to draw inspiration from her background and talents. Born in El Paso, Texas, Jeannette moved to Chile, the country of her family’s heritage, when she was just seven years old. Living abroad gave Jeannette a rare viewpoint on culture and globalization, which has influenced her focus for “Hispana Global.” “I wanted to create



something that you could share with your girlfriend abroad and it’s important to be accessible to social media.” At a young age, she began to pursue journalism and became a TV reporter in Chile. By 19, she moved to a city that had the tropical climate that she liked and offered a diverse collection of cultures – Miami. There, she began building a prominent career in writing for various media outlets and hostingZQ shows and events. She also laid down roots when she met Joe, the man who would eventually become her husband and with whom she would start a family. She has still managed to have a career that would make many envious of her; a career that’s garnered several awards, has included appeaWrances on shows such as “Good Morning America,” CNN Latino and “Despierta America.” She has even been a guest at the most exclusive residence in the States, the White House.


ada desplazamiento de pantalla, clic, comentario y “me gusta” se suma al imperio creciente de redes sociales de Jeannette Kaplun. La fundadora de “Hispana Global” habla con ALEGRÍA acerca de las exigencias de la vida y del ámbito laboral durante la Era Digital. Busca “Hispana Global” en Google” (adelante, te espero) y lo que encontrarás serán los elementos que componen un imperio de las redes sociales. Este imperio incluye un blog llamativo que habla de todo, desde crianza hasta recetas, una cuenta de Facebook con videos que muestran en detalle la nueva experiencia de La Guerra de las Galaxias, una cuenta activa de Twitter con seguidores leales, un canal popular de YouTube y una cuenta de Instagram repleta de fotos refinadas y bellísimas. Todos y cada uno de los medios hacen que desees convertirte en seguidor debido al material fresco y cautivador que ofrecen.

Despite a busy and fulfilling career, however, Jeannette still saw a void in the social media space and, in 2012, launched “Hispana Global.” “I knew it would be a full-time job. I gave myself a year Su fundadora, Jeannette Kaplun, será la primera en decir que and now here I am, 3 ½ years later and Hispana Global is definitivamente no es coincidencia y confesará que requiere growing and evolving.” She claims that, “Social media is the best mucho trabajo. Como fundadora del blog en línea y de los thing that’s happened to storytellers.” She also believes that for otros canales de redes sociales con los que “Hispana Global” anyone who is passionate and curious está involucrado, Jeannette es la diabout trying it, don’t be shy! “You don’t “I WANTED TO CREATE SOME- rectora general y supervisa el proceso have to be a tech expert or a media excompleto de producción de contenido, pert. What creates an impact is learning THING THAT YOU COULD SHARE desde la conceptualización hasta su how a person feels and thinks. It’s the WITH YOUR GIRLFRIEND ABROAD materialización. “Es trabajo que se hace emotional connection that’s made.” AND IT’S IMPORTANT TO BE ACCES- por amor,” describe Kaplun, pero para ella vale la pena. “Me encanta conectar The demands of maintaining and run- SIBLE TO SOCIAL MEDIA.” a la gente y ampliar horizontes.” ning such as vast array of channels means that her schedule is busy and she often feels that there No fue difícil encontrar el grupo demográfico al cual quería simply aren’t enough hours in the day. “My head is always full of dirigirse. Cuando Kaplun jugueteaba con la idea de crear ideas. There’s simply not enough time,” she laments. She wants “Hispana Global”, deseaba crear algo que le interesara a sí to continue to help empower women and has her eye on cremisma, a una mujer que también era latina y que deseaba ser ating eBooks that can be readily available. “Hispana Global,” y tener todo en este siglo XXI. “Sentí que nos faltaba contenihowever, continues to be her pride and joy and while she redo para mujeres y en especial para latinas,” dice. Observó que: mains at its helm, she’s expanded to include contributors to help “Muchos sitios estaban enfocados hacia las mujeres trabajadoher with the workload. “To any mom,” she says, “we’ve become ras modernas o las mamás, y no había nada que pensara en used to doing everything. It’s okay to not be ‘wonder woman’. las mujeres que desempeñaran todos los papeles y que quizá You have to have that time for yourself. We forget we’re part of estuvieran abrumadas y a punto de perder su sentido de identhe world that we need to nurture and we overlook the need of tidad.” Su enfoque y la meta del blog es: “Ayudar a las mujeres a self-care.” ser, sentirse y hacer lo mejor que puedan.” So what does Jeannette enjoy doing in her free time when she’s looking to unwind? She loves traveling (anywhere with clear, blue waters is fine with her) and also enjoys photography (“Memories are so fragile,” she whispers) but like any Latina mom, she values disconnecting from technology every once in a while and her ALEGRIA in life would be her two children, Michael and Sofia. “My kids are the biggest source of joy every single day. I love hanging out with my kids and relaxing at home.

Writer: Clare Miranda

Crear una marca con semejante variedad de características y perspectivas distintas le vino perfectamente a Jeannette, quien pudo tomar inspiración de su propia historia y de sus talentos. Tras nacer en El Paso, Texas, Jeannette se mudó a Chile, el país de sus ancestros, cuando apenas tenía siete años de edad. Vivir allí le brindó a Jeannette un punto de vista inusual respecto a la cultura y la globalización, el cual ha influido en su enfoque para “Hispana Global”. “Quería crear algo que pudieras compartir


con tu amiga en el extranjero y es importante ser accesible para las redes sociales.” A temprana edad, comenzó a explorar el periodismo y se convirtió en una reportera televisiva en Chile. Para cuando tenía 19 años, se mudó a una ciudad que tenía el clima tropical que le gustaba y que ofrecía una colección variada de culturas: Miami. Ahí, comenzó a construir una carrera destacada al escribir para distintos medios y conducir shows y eventos. Echó raíces cuando conoció a Joe, posteriormente su esposo y con el cual formó una familia. Ha logrado tener una carrera que muchos envidiarían; una carrera que ha obtenido varios premios, que han incluido tener presencia en programas como “Good Morning America”, CNN Latino y “Despierta América”. Incluso ha sido invitada a la residencia más exclusiva dentro de los EE.UU., la Casa Blanca. A pesar de tener una carrera que la mantiene ocupada y le brinda satisfacción, Jeannette notó un vacío dentro de las redes sociales lanzando en 2012 “Hispana Global”. “Sabía que iba a ser un trabajo de tiempo completo. Me di un año a mí misma, y ahora estoy aquí, 3 años y medio después, e Hispana Global crece y evoluciona.” Asegura que: “Las redes sociales son lo mejor que le ha ocurrido a los contadores de historias.” También cree que quien sienta pasión y curiosidad por probarlo ¡no debe ser tímido! “No necesitas ser experto en tecnología ni experto en medios. Lo que crea impacto es aprender cómo se siente y piensa una persona. Es la conexión emocional que se realiza.” Las exigencias de mantener y operar una gama tan amplia de canales significa que su horario está osiempre cupado y que con frecuencia siente que no hay suficientes horas en el día. “Mi cabeza siempre está llena de ideas. Simplemente no hay suficiente tiempo,” se lamenta. Desea seguir ayudando a empoderar a las mujeres y tiene en la mira crear libros electrónicos que puedan estar disponibles con facilidad. Sin embargo, “Hispana Global” sigue siendo su orgullo y aunque sigue manejando el timón, se ha expandido para incluir a colaboradores que le ayudan con la carga de trabajo. “Todas las mamás,” dice, “nos hemos acostumbrado a hacer todo. Está bien no ser la ‘mujer maravilla’. Necesitas tener ese tiempo para ti misma. Se nos olvida que somos parte del mundo que necesitamos alimentar y pasamos por alto la necesidad de cuidarnos a nosotras mismas.” Entonces, ¿qué es lo que Jeannette disfruta en su tiempo libre cuando busca relajarse? Le encanta viajar (cualquier lugar con agua cristalina y azul le parece bien) también disfruta la fotografía (“Los recuerdos son tan frágiles”, susurra), pero al igual que cualquier mamá latina, valora el hecho de desconectarse de la tecnología de vez en cuando y su ALEGRÍA en la vida serían sus 2 hijos, Michael y Sofia. “Mis niños son mi máxima fuente de alegría todos y cada uno de los días. Me encanta pasar el rato con mis niños y relajarme en casa.”




THE SUPERLATINA WHO SHONE AT THE DAYTIME EMMYS Gaby Natale is the woman who spotlighted Latinos in the March 2016 celebration of the Daytime Emmy Awards by winning the award in both categories for which her program SuperLatina was nominated.


uperLatina has been on the air for nearly 10 years. It was born during one of the most severe economic recessions in the United States, however, it has stood out for being a cutting-edge, updated program of celebrity journalism. Gaby Natale, who with her Argentine accent has set her own style interviewing major celebrities in the show business, had a professional start with challenges and difficulties, which this businesswoman and TV hostess now recalls as vital experiences in her journey to give life to SuperLatina and other projects.

to switch from having a work visa to having my residency here in the United States, it was not that I just decided to be an entrepreneur, but I saw it as a privilege to finally be able to start my own company. 2. You work in a very competitive environment. Have you ever felt the desire to give up your dreams?

There were many moments; from the time we were told we can go on the air with our project but did not have the equipment to make the first program to the time we went to banks to apply for loans that would allow us to expand the business and were denied. There was a lot of frustration.

Unassuming, charismatic and a fighter are words how I describe this woman who has not stopped fighting to win over the hearts of her viewers. The 3. You gave a very emotional and name Gaby Natale is becoming a speech when you restrong and successful brand in all “YOU ARE NEVER TOO OLD, inspiring ceived your Emmy Awards. What her endeavors. FAT, UGLY, GAY, OR UNDOC- were your feelings or experiences UMENTED TO MAKE YOUR behind that speech? The attendees were moved by My strong belief in the power of Gaby’s speech upon receiving DREAM COME TRUE.” dreams was behind this speech. At her Emmy Awards, as she shared times, it looks like the dreams are only her strong belief in the power of dreams. “You are never too old, fat, ugly, gay, or undoc- for a few, but I believe that no one is too small not to leave a mark umented to make your dream come true.” These words in the world and sometimes one becomes his own worst enemy. gave a spectacular close to a day that marked a historical milestone in Gaby’s life. 4. What new projects are there for Gaby Natale? With her husband and partner Andrés Suárez present during our chat, Gaby tells us about the challenges they had to overcome to get where they are now, as well as about their new projects. 1. You are not only the hostess of the show, but also the producer and the owner. How did you achieve that?

The role that other hosts have is very limited and I had an expressive need to tell stories in my own style. When I managed

I am very excited to share with you my new Celebrastic project, which is a mobile application to inspire and create special events, in both languages, and will be ready in December this year. The idea is that if you have a special event to plan, you can find all the ideas and suggestions in one site, even the gift registry, so you will spend less time planning and more time enjoying. 5. What brings ALEGRIA to Gaby Natale?

To see my dreams come true, but at the same time, to help others fulfill theirs.


aby Natale puso en alto el nombre de los latinos en la pasada celebración de los Daytime Emmy Awards 2016, ganando el premio para las dos categorías a las que su programa estaba nominado. SuperLatina tiene cerca de 10 años en el aire. Nació en medio de una de las recesiones económicas más fuertes de los Estados Unidos, sin embargo, se ha destacado por ser un programa de vanguardia que refresca el periodismo de farándula. Gaby Natale, que con su acento argentino ha marcado su propio estilo entrevistando a las grandes celebridades del mundo del espectáculo, tuvo un inicio profesional con retos y dificultades que hoy recuerda como experiencias que fueron vitales para dar vida a SuperLatina y otros proyectos en los que esta empresaria y presentadora de televisión ha incursionado. Sencilla, carismática y guerrera es como defino a esta mujer que no ha dejado de luchar por ganarse el corazón de sus televidentes. El nombre de Gaby Natale suena cada vez más y se posiciona como una marca de éxito en todo lo que emprende. Su discurso al recibir los premios Emmy emocionó a los asistentes, pues Gaby tiene la firme creencia en el poder de los sueños. “No eres demasiado viejo, gordo, feo, gay o indocumentado para hacer tu sueño realidad”. Fueron las palabras que dieron el cierre con broche de oro a un día que marcó historia en la vida de Gaby. Ella, quien tuvo presente en toda la charla a su esposo y socio Andrés Suárez, nos cuenta por todo los retos que pasaron para llegar hasta aquí y nos comparte sus nuevos proyectos. 1. No solo eres la presentadora del show, también la productora y dueña. ¿Cómo lo conseguiste?

El rol que tienen otros hosts es muy limitado, y yo tenía una necesidad expresiva de contar historias con mi propio estilo. Cuando logré pasar de mi visa de trabajo a tener mi residencia aquí en los Estados Unidos, no sentí que me animé a ser emprendedora, sino que lo vi como un privilegio al poder finalmente hacer mi propia empresa. 2. Trabajas en un medio muy competitivo. ¿Alguna vez sentiste el deseo de renunciar a tus sueños?

Hubo muchos momentos, desde cuando nos dieron el sí para sacar al aire nuestro proyecto y no teníamos equipos para realizar el primer programa hasta cuando visitábamos bancos en busca de préstamos que nos permitieran engrandecer el negocio y los negaban. 3. Tu discurso en el momento de recibir tus premios Emmy fue muy emotivo e inspirador. ¿Qué sentimientos o vivencias hay detrás de ese discurso?

Detrás de ese discurso estaba mi gran creencia en el poder de los sueños. A veces parece que los sueños son para unos pocos y yo creo que nadie es tan pequeño como para no dejar huella en el mundo y a veces uno mismo se convierte en su peor enemigo. 4. ¿Cuáles son tus nuevos proyectos?

Estoy muy emocionada de compartir con ustedes mi nuevo proyecto Celebrastic, que es una aplicación móvil para inspirar y crear eventos especiales en ambos idiomas y estará lista en diciembre de este año. La idea es que si tienes un evento especial que planear, puedas encontrar todas las ideas y sugerencias en un solo sitio y hasta registro de regalos para que pases menos tiempo planeando y más tiempo disfrutando. 5. ¿Qué le da ALEGRIA a Gaby Natale?

Ver realizados mis sueños, pero a la vez, subir a otros ayudándoles a cumplir los suyos.

Writer: Paola Arcila

ized that I was passionate about this and so i took the decision to study professional makeup. I started up with a Facebook photo of the makeup i did on people and then asked me to explain with a video on how I did it and this is why i become a youtuber I did not seek it just came. I think I was the first person uploading makeup videos in Colombia.

Writer: Paola Arcila - MAKE UP SUPER STAR -

Entering Laura Sanchez youtube channel is like hypnotizing yourself by her creativity and professionalism of this young Colombian makeup artist and influencer of social media networks. I, myself already a fan of her videos, had the privilege to share a cup of coffee and talk in depth about her great success as a professional makeup artist, there I discovered the sweet person and yet how strong Laura is,and a perfect combination to make herself meet with artists like Thalia and Meghan Trainor. It’s more than 1 million followers on youtube and social networking, that have positioned her as one of the most recognized makeup artists. Her style is unique, starting with her hair constantly changing colors along with her other different styles, make people who see her videos feel inspired and why not dare to do something different. Laura generally advised in her tutorials that change feels good in her own skin, and making a video challenge opposite of what most youtubers made for the purpose of teaching that do not fall within the standard of beauty imposed by the TV is fine and it can also be beautiful; Thanks to this, Laura received the MTV CHIUKU award for her fight against bullying. 1. How to become a part of Youtube makeup tutorials?

It’s funny, most beauty youtubers start showing what they know empirically and after studying makeup. Not me, first I went to Vancouver to study makeup and then I started with social networks, 6 years ago in Latin America was when I began to know what was a tutorial, and people showed what they could do. I started doing makeup on my classmates of film and they asked me to do wounds and other stuff and more, so that’s when I real-

Entrar al canal de youtube de Laura Sánchez es quedarse hipnotizado por la creatividad y profesionalismo de esta joven colombiana make up artist e influencer de las redes sociales. Yo, que ya era seguidora de sus videos, tuve el privilegio de compartir un café y conversar a fondo acerca de su gran éxito como profesional del maquillaje, allí descubrí a la persona dulce y a la vez fuerte que es Laura, combinación perfecta para darse a conocer con artistas como Thalia y Meghan Trainor. Sus más de 1 millón de seguidores en redes sociales, la posicionan como una de las make up artists de mayor reconocimiento. Su estilo es único, su cabello cambia de color constantemente y junto a sus diferentes estilos, hacen que quienes la veamos nos queramos inspirar y por qué no, atrevernos a hacer algo diferente. Laura generalmente aconseja en sus tutoriales cambiar y sentirse bien es su propia piel, además de hacer un video challenge opuesto a lo que la mayoría de youtubers hacían, con el propósito de enseñar que no estar dentro del standard de belleza impuesto por la TV está bien y también puede ser hermoso; gracias a esto, Laura recibió el premio MTV CHIUKU por su lucha contra el bullying. 1. ¿Cómo te conviertes en Youtuber de tutoriales de maquillaje?

Es muy chistoso, la mayoría de youtubers de belleza comienzan mostrando lo que saben empíricamente y después estudian

maquillaje. Yo no, primero fui a Vancouver y estudie maquillaje y después empecé con redes sociales, esto fue hace como 6 años, en ese entonces en Latinoamérica empezamos a conocer qué era un tutorial y a mostrar lo que sabíamos hacer. Comencé maquillando a mis amigos, así me di cuenta que me apasionaba esto y por eso tome la decisión de estudiar maquillaje profesional. Comencé subiendo a Facebook la foto de los maquillajes que hacía y la gente me pedía que explicara con un video el cómo lo hacía y por esto, ser una youtuber me llego, no lo busqué. Creo que yo fui la primera persona subiendo videos de maquillaje en Colombia. 2. Recibiste el premio MTV CHIUKU por tu iniciativa contra el bullying, premio que ha sido otorgado a artistas como Eva Longoria y Juanes. ¿Cómo fue ese momento para ti?

Fue un momento muy lindo, nunca planeé empezar una campaña contra el bullying, simplemente muchos de mis videos se enfocan en la autoestima y en cómo vencer el bullying, tengo hasta un video que titulé “traumas de mi infancia”. Realicé un video completamente maquillada y poco a poco se va viendo el proceso hasta quedar desmaquillada, allí hablo de todo lo que yo pienso del maquillaje, la belleza y los estándares de belleza. Y ese, es el video que mas impactó para ganar este premio que es un reconocimiento a la labor humanitaria. 3. Viene el verano, ¿Cuáles son las tendencias de maquillaje y color que se van a imponer?

Está muy de moda el glow en la piel, aconsejo solo poner la

2. Did you receive the Chiuku MTV award for your initiative against bullying, was the prize awarded like Eva Longoria and Juanes. How was that moment for you?

It was a very nice time, it was never how I planned to start a campaign against bullying, just because many of my videos are focused on selfesteem in young people and how to overcome bullying, I have a video that I titled “traumas of my childhood” . I made a video with full makeup and gradually having less and less makeup, and how the process is, there I talk about what I think of makeup and beauty standards. And that is the video that hit more in winning this award and recognition of humanitarian work. 3. When summer Comes, What are the trends in makeup and color that will be imposed?

The glow in on the skin is very fashionable, I advise to just put the base without powder so the skin is with wet effect and if the skin is oily use only translucent powder. Color, coral, and yellow is very fashionable even lavender and dark cherry. 4.What new projects come for you? And how do you see yourself in the future?

I am currently participating in the NYX Face Awards, I’ve been through different challenges and I’m very nervous, hopefully I get to the end and receive the support of my fans. My focus for the future is to be an entrepreneur and maybe do something related to extensions or hair color, I’m thinking a lot about all the things that I can do. 5. What advice would you give young people who admire you and want to follow your footsteps?

I have many followers who are girls between 13 and 19 years old and they ask a lot this, and the first thing I tell them is that they should never pretend to be someone else, they should always be themselves. Second , be very disciplined , perseverance must be present and know that one does not become famous or millionaire overnight , being a youtuber requires hard work , not just sitting down and recording. 6. That gives joy to Laura Sanchez

I give joy to animals, especially dogs. Upload my videos. Meet people who watch my videos. It gives me joy to eat and being with my family definitely gives me great joy .

base sin polvos para que la piel quede con el efecto mojado en la piel y si la piel es grasa usar solo polvos traslucidos. En colores, el coral, amarillo y está muy de moda el lavanda y el cherry oscuro. 4. ¿Qué proyectos nuevos vienen para ti? Y ¿Cómo te vez en el futuro?

Actualmente estoy participando en los NYX Face Awards, he pasado ya a los diferentes retos y estoy nerviosa, esperemos llegar a la final y recibir el apoyo de mis seguidores. Mi enfoque a futuro es ser una empresaria y tal vez hacer algo relacionado a extensiones o color del pelo, estoy pensando mucho en lo que puedo llegar a hacer. 5. ¿Qué consejo les darías a los jóvenes que te admiran y quisieran seguir tus pasos?

Tengo muchas seguidoras que son niñas entre 13 y 19 años y me preguntan mucho esto y lo primero que les digo es que no deben fingir nunca ser alguien mas, siempre ser ellas mismas. Segundo, ser muy disciplinado, la constancia tiene que estar presente y saber que uno no se vuelve famoso o millonario de la noche a la mañana, ser youtuber requiere de mucho trabajo, no es solo sentarse a grabar. 6. ¿Qué le da ALEGRIA a Laura Sánchez? Los animales, especialmente los perros. Subir mis videos. Conocer personas que ven mis videos. Me da alegría comer y definitivamente estar con mi familia.


1. What inspires you?

Claudia Felix - Garay

One of the things that inspires me is my culture. Being able to include parts of my culture into my day to day life is what not only motivates me but inspires me every day. I enjoy being Latina, being curvy and being that girl that everyone notices when she walks into any room. 2. Social media personalities you love and why?

Ana Flores, from Latina Bloggers Connect is a person whom I admire daily: from her hard work and dedication to her brand to the connections that she makes with people. She is a sweet and humble person that I admire for many reasons but mainly because she believed in me from the beginning and she pushes me out of my comfort zone to be my best.


Julie Sarinara, from Sincerely Jules. She is a very influential woman. She was a major reason why I began blogging. She has gorgeous pictures and is such a sweetheart. I am constantly inspired by her. 3. What is a successful digital platform (besides the #)?

For me, a successful platform is one in which you are able to communicate with your readers/followers and create REAL interactions and REAL relationships. There are so many new friends and connections that I have made through digital platforms, such as Instagram, and they all began through real interactions on the platform. When you can develop personally and/or professionally from your digital interactions, then that’s when you have a successful digital platform that can flourish into a successful brand. 4. Any artistic tips when posting?

When posting on any social media, I am a true believer that pictures have to be of great quality and, of course, something that is appealing to the eye. Also being consistent, on any social media platform, is great in order to be able to grow your audience and create more interaction. 5. What brings you ALEGRIA?

What currently brings me ALEGRIA is my soon-to-arrive baby boy Kai. I am expecting my first child this August and every day I wake up to his kicks is such a blessing to me. Also, being able to share the things that I enjoy with my readers and being some form of inspiration to people, even if it’s just one person, is something that brings me Alegria as well.

1. ¿Qué te inspira

Mi cultura es algo que me inspira. La posibilidad de incluir partes de mi cultura en mi vida cotidiana no sólo me motiva, sino que me da inspiración cada día. Disfruto del hecho de que soy latina, con curvas, y la chica en la cual todos se fijan cuando entro en cualquier lugar. 2. ¿ Personas de las redes sociales que te encantan y por qué?

Ana Flores, de Latina Bloggers Connect, es una persona que admiro cada día; su trabajo duro y dedicación, su marca y las conexiones que hace con la gente. Es una persona dulce y modesta y le admiro por muchas razones, pero sobre todo porque, del inicio, tuvo confianza en mí. Además, me empuja más allá de mis límites para poder dar lo mejor de mí. Julie Sarinara, de Sincerely Jules. Es una mujer que es una verdadera fuente de inspiración. Ella fue una gran razón por la que yo empecé a escribir en mi blog. Tiene fotos preciosas y ella es un encanto. Me inspira continuamente. 3. ¿Cómo defines una plataforma digital exitosa (además del #)

Para mí una plataforma exitosa es la que puede comunicarse con sus lectores/seguidores y crear interacciones

reales y relaciones reales. Tengo muchos nuevos amigos y conexiones que he hecho a través de las plataformas digitales, tales como Instagram, y todos ellos comenzaron a través de interacciones reales en la plataforma. Cuando puedes desarrollarte personalmente y/o profesionalmente a través de tus interacciones digitales, tienes una plataforma digital exitosa que puede florecer en una marca de éxito. 4. ¿Puedes compartir algunos consejos artísticos al publicar en un blog?

Al publicar en cualquier red social, creo firmemente que las imágenes tienen que ser de alta calidad y, por supuesto, atractivas a la vista. Además, ser consistente en cualquier plataforma de medios sociales es genial si quieres hacer crecer tu audiencia y crear más interacción. 5. ¿Qué te da ALEGRÍA?

Actualmente, lo que me da ALEGRÍA es que dentro de poco nacerá mi bebito Kai. Estoy esperando mi primer hijo este mes de agosto y cada día cuando me despierto sintiendo las pataditas del bebé es una bendición para mí. Además, poder compartir con mis seguidores las cosas que yo disfruto y ser alguien de inspiración a la gente, incluso si se trata de una sola persona, es algo que me lleva ALEGRÍA también.




1. What inspires you?


In fashion, everything inspires me. As Coco Chanel said: “We have fashion in the streets, in the sky, in our grandmothers.” But in my life, my daughters are the best inspiration. Every day and every morning when I wake up, I say to myself: “You have to do your best because these two little princesses are always looking up to you.” 2. Three social media personalities you love and why?

I have different moods for this, for example, I have some accounts that I love for fitness tips, another for healthy food, and, obviously, some for fashion and street style. I love @Wendyslookbook for its simplicity and tastefulness, @CamilaCoelho for its diversity, and @Micahgiannelli for its elegance and sensuality. 3. What is a successful digital platform?

Well, this is a complicated topic because everyone uses the digital platform in different ways. For example, for street style we have Instagram and for interior design and tips Pinterest, which are the best. But in the end, it is important that you have a media for explaining yourself to others, to teach, to learn. 5. What brings you ALEGRIA? 4. Any artistic tips when posting?

The most important tip: BE YOURSELF. As influencers, as bloggers or as Instagrammers you have to do your best for your followers. Be organic, be you; maybe someone is going to hate you for that but others are going to love you.

Basically, my family and my inner peace are my ALEGRIA. When you have peace you can do whatever you want, and you will be fabulous anyways. Some things don’t have a price; like a special moment or a real smile, little things that are unique. When I see my daughters laughing: that is my ALEGRIA!

1. ¿Qué te inspira?

En la moda, me inspira todo; es como dijo Coco Chanel: “Hay moda en las calles, en el cielo, en nuestras abuelas”. Pero en mi vida, mis hijas son la mejor fuente de inspiración. Cada día y cada mañana, cuando me despierto, me digo a mí misma: “Tienes que dar lo mejor de ti porque estas dos princesitas te están admirando”. 2. ¿Tres personas de las redes sociales que te encantan y por qué?

Tengo diferentes estados de ánimo para eso, por ejemplo, hay algunas cuentas que me encantan por consejos de fitness, otras por comida saludable y, por supuesto, algunas por su moda y estilo callejero. Me encantan @ Wendyslookbook por su simplicidad y buen gusto, @ CamilaCoelho por su diversidad y @Micahgiannelli por su elegancia y sensualidad. 3. ¿Cómo defines una plataforma digital exitosa?

Bueno, esto es un tema complicado porque cada persona usa la plataforma digital de una manera diferente. Por ejemplo, para el estilo callejero tenemos Instagram y para el diseño de interiores y consejos hay Pinterest, que son los mejores. Pero al final, es importante que tienes un medio de comunicación para explicarte a los demás, para enseñar, para aprender. 4. ¿Algunos consejos artísticos al publicar?

El más importante sería: SÉ TÚ MISMO. Como personas influyentes, blogueros o Instagrammers, tienes que dar lo mejor de ti a tus seguidores. Sé orgánica, sé tú; a lo mejor alguien te va a odiar pero otros te van a amar. 5. ¿Qué te da ALEGRÍA?

Básicamente, me dan ALEGRÍA mi familia y mi paz interior. Si tienes paz puedes hacer lo que quieras, y vas a estar fabulosa, de todas formas. Algunas cosas no tienen precio; como un momento especial o una sonrisa genuina, las cosas pequeñas que son únicas. Cuando veo a mis hijas riéndose: ¡Eso es mi ALEGRIA!


1. What inspires you?

I draw my inspiration from a variety of places, depending on what I’m feeling at that time. I can find it in a portrait that tells a quiet story about that person or I can find it in a conversation with someone. If I’m challenged to think outside of the box, I become inspired to be better, do better... 2. Three Social media personalities you love and why?

1. Shini Park of Park and Cube - Not only is she an extraordinary photographer, stylist and designer, but she packs a lot of punch in her short posts. She’s funny and does not take herself too seriously, which isn’t that obvious when you first see her beautifully curated blog. The layers of imagery and humor make it interesting. 2. Garance Dore - Garance started her blog with the hope of sharing her illustrations with the world. She thought it would be a great way to get feedback and perhaps a job. Well, she’s since created an empire with her art work, street style photography and writing. I admire her work ethic and ability to still be herself in the world of fashion.


3. Awesomely Luvvie - Sometimes I just need to read a real perspective on what’s happening in the world. Luvvie delivers that, and more. She says everything we’re thinking in one post and crafts it in away that makes you feel like you’re hanging out with your closest girlfriends. 3. What is a successful digital platform (besides/ away from the#)?

One where the numbers were built on trust. Many of us go online because we want to find like-minded people. We want to feel inspired, in-the-know and part of a community. Making meaningful connections through our work online is what I call success. 4. Any Artistic tips when posting?

1. Photography. Visual storytelling online has taken over. It’s important to include imagery in your posts as well as in your marketing strategy. It is what will immediately capture the viewer’s attention. Images evoke emotions and can strengthen your story. If photography is not your thing, try to work on it everyday. Take candids, look for

movement, light, shadows, textures and have fun. Look at photos that inspire you but don’t get too distracted by them. Be realistic about what you can do and the equipment you have. It’s a learning process. As time goes on, you will start developing your visual story. 2. Grammar. Sounds easy enough but you’d be surprised by the amount of grammatical mishaps we see on a daily basis. Like photography, writing is an art. When crafting your post, write without editing. Tell your story and let it go. Come back to your post and edit. You may need to edit several times before it’s ready to go live. You may even want to have someone else look it over. If you’re blogging with the intention of making it a business, you have to treat it with the same professionalism and attention to detail you would for any career. 5. What brings you ALEGRIA?

ALEGRIA has been a long time supporter of Latina Bloggers Connect and #WeAllGrow Summit. They’ve believed in the blogging community since the beginning, and it’s been an honoring partnering with them.


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it’s giving a voice to people who otherwise wouldn’t have one. It’s seeing their faces when they see themselves on screen and watching the hopefulness that comes from knowing you›re not alone. Someone out there heard them, someone out there cares. 3. What is the best advice you can give a young Latina about making it as a journalist in today’s world?

When I started out in TV, I wanted to get rid of my Spanish sounding name, my black hair, and my accent. Couldn’t I be called Mary-Anne instead of Mariana? Wouldn’t it be better if I had been born in Kansas instead of Caracas? I used to wonder. Then I would go out reporting and find 57 million Latinos in America identified with me, felt comfortable talking to me and telling me about their communities. I realized that my name and my accent were a reflection of them. I needed to be myself, not only for me, but because I was representing so many others and putting their stories in the news. With time, I have come to understand that my heritage isn’t a drawback, it’s the biggest asset I have. I won a Peabody Award for an investigation on the border; I interviewed Pope Francis in Spanish and English for ABC News; I put stories like the crisis in Venezuela, Mexico’s missing students, and unreported profiles of Latino voters on primetime. News executives still ask me whether I can speak English or they reference the fact that they have a nanny from Russia when I tell them I’m originally from South America, so don’t get discouraged if it happens to you. Just work hard. Push forward. Be yourself. Soon enough you’ll realize that being Latina doesn’t mean you’re different, it means you’re special.


1. Your successful career as a journalist has taken you around the world and allowed you to experience wonderful cultures and people. Can you tell us about one assignment that brings the best memories? Why?

When I visited Haiti to report on the anniversary of the earthquake, I was prepared to witness sorrow and extreme poverty. But when we entered tent city thousands of people are still living in tents the children ran over to play with us. They made music and art and soccer balls out of tin cans and wanted to give me one, even though it was all they had. You couldn’t help but smile just by looking at them. I never expected to find so much joy and hope amid such devastation. I got to see the ever-expansiveness of the human spirit that day. It put my whole life into perspective. 2. You know how it is to be in front and behind the camera since you have successfully directed and produced some of your best work. What is the most rewarding part of your job?

I like being in front of the camera because I love taking my audience on a journey and communicating what surrounds me. But honestly, at the end of the day the most rewarding thing isn’t seeing yourself on camera,

4. When you aren’t working, you can be found doing what?

Reading at the beach. I was raised in the Caribbean, so the ocean relaxes me and reminds me of home. During the week, I’m always checking my phone for news updates and running around. When I head to the beach (on my bike), I turn the phone on vibrate and go for a swim. It’s the best feeling. 5. What brings you Alegria?

Spending time with my dad. He’s the biggest goofball and the most lovable person I know. We become two big ‘payasos’ when we get together. He’s taught me to find joy in the simplest things and that it’s important NOT to take yourself so seriously in life. 6. Can you tell us about the joy of being bilingual? How has it served your career and personal life?

Being bilingual is an integral part of who I am and how I grew up. I was raised in South America during the school year but spent the summers in the US. My parents sent me as far as Brainerd, Minnesota every summer for four years so I could learn English. It’s only now that I’ve come to understand the extent of their sacrifice and the planning that it required. After I auditioned to host my first show in English, I called my parents and thanked them. I now work as a bilingual news anchor: on Univision in Spanish and Fusion in English. I’m also a contributing correspondent for ABC News. Being bilingual made that possible. It’s a more than competitive advantage, the way I see it, being bilingual is like having a superpower you get to inhabit two cultures, two traditions, two worlds. I never want to give that up.





Writer: Daisy Solis

Born in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, Alejandra, much like many Latinos in the United States, arrived in this country with her family when she was just a child. Her story, just like the story of millions of Mexican immigrants, was the search for a better future. When her father made the decision of coming to the United States, he did not come here alone; all twelve of them arrived: her mother and her father, along with Alejandra and her nine siblings. They lacked many things. Their parents worked so hard to give them what they could, and although they had very little, their childhood was very happy. Although their home was quite humble, it was extremely wealthy in terms of love. They never lacked love. When they see the beautiful model, many people only notice the glamour that surrounds her career and don’t know about her humble beginnings: in order to afford her studies and help her family, Alejandra got not one, but three jobs as soon as she was able to start working. During the day she was a cashier at a McDonald’s, she worked in a currency exchange office, and at night she was at a department store. Even so, she could not enroll in college because money was very tight.


A sweet but determined woman, with a unique type of charisma and a very genuine personality, Alejandra always set very specific goals that she has been attaining little by little, and she is now one of the most recognizable faces in Hispanic television. In addition to being a model, Alejandra has co-hosted numerous entertainment shows and has been on the cover of one of the most important magazines for the Latino reader in the United States, People En Español, which included her on the list of the 50 Most Beautiful People. All of those achievements were not effortless and certainly not handed to her on a silver tray. A lot of persistence, desire, passion and faith were involved. Her first victory as a queen came during a beauty contest she entered at ten years of age. With her father’s support, Alejandra continued taking modeling lessons. That was the reason she started to like walking the runway. She took part in the Nuestra Belleza México pageant in 2006 and ended up being the 4th finalist. That same year she continued working her three jobs, in addition to studying nursing. But in 2007, she took part in the contest that would change everything. She represented our beautiful and beloved Mexico in the first edition of the Nuestra Belleza Latina reality show, which she now hosts. Her victory in that contest brought her fame, magazine covers and contracts for work in television. But not everything was coming up roses for Alejandra. Holding the Nuestra Belleza Latina title was very difficult because she was not prepared for the criticism she was greeted with, something that hurt her and made her feel awful, since the audience was only looking at what could be seen on the outside: the happiness of a beauty queen that worked in television. The truth was that by winning the contest she took on a huge burden for which she was not prepared.


1. Dada la situación política, obviamente el enfoque esta en los inmigrantes, específicamente los mexicanos. Después de haber compartido tu testimonio personal, de tener 3 trabajos al llegar a este país, realmente vemos muestra de los humildes principios de lograr alcanzar el “American dream.” ¿Qué es lo que te mantuvo fuerte y motivada para seguir adelante? ¿Piensas que le hubieses echado las mismas ganas o tal vez más ganas si la situación en ese entonces hubiese sido la misma en la cual nos encontramos ahorita?



Yo creo que la mayoría de las personas que llegan a los Estados Unidos vienen con el sueño de superarse... de seguir adelante, pero las cosas nunca van a ser fáciles. Yo creo que si uno piensa que al venir acá te lo van a dar todo en las manos solamente porque llegas a un país donde todos los sueños se cumplen, no va ser fácil. Yo creo que ese es el error principal que comete mucha gente. Hay que venir acá a trabajar. Yo llegué a los Estados Unidos a los 15 años, todavía no cumplía los 16, que es la edad legal para empezar a trabajar, y yo ya estaba trabajando. A mí me dieron trabajo en un McDonald’s, trabajé en una casa de cambio y trabajaba en las noches en una tienda departamental, arreglaba la tienda para el día siguiente. Entonces me tocó echarle ganas mientras estaba en la escuela. Después de la “high school” me metí a escuela de enfermería, y siempre la meta fueayudar a mi familia, mi motivación principal siempre ha sido mi familia.


Mucha gente que viene a los Estados Unidos piensa que todo es color de rosa o la gente en México piensa que uno vive así. Pero no se imaginan que todo es muy caro, las rentas son muy altas y muchas veces por eso es que la gente se desilusiona. No se imaginan que uno se mata trabajando todos los días y hay que echarle ganas extra porque las cosas son extra caras. Entonces yo creo que simple y sencillamente estamos en un país, no, déjame corregirlo, estamos en un mundo donde no importa la época en la que vivamos. Yo no quiero pensar de aquí a 20 años, cuando mi niño esté más grande, qué es lo que va estar pasando, porque a lo mejor las cosas no van a estar tan bien. A lo mejor cuando yo estaba chiquita mis papás pensaban lo mismo: que las cosas no estaban tan bien y que ellos tuvieron una mejor niñez y que habían vivido en un mundo mejor.



Dress: Fernando Alberto Earrings: House of Oddities Ring: House of Oddities

She was studying nursing, not communications. Never did she think she would be working in front of the cameras. That’s why the harsh criticism she was greeted with affected her so much. Being away from her family didn’t help her situation either and she became depressed. On many occasions she wanted to give up and go back to her family in San Diego, California. She almost did that because she thought that this world was simply not for her… that perhaps she had dreamed too much. But the love of Aníbal Marrero, Univision choreographer and now her husband, was what made her change her mind. It was then that Alejandra realized it made no sense to abandon a dream that many people hope to attain and decided to change her life and work very hard so that the audience saw a different side of her, not only what was on the outside… that was why Alejandra continued improving herself, until she became the great host we currently see on television… a source of pride for Mexicans and a role model for so many young girls. Despite all of her achievements throughout her career, the best “role” God could have blessed her with, was something she received a year ago. After her hopes of becoming a mom were dashed three times, after so many tears and disappointments, Alejandra and Aníbal became the parents of a beautiful boy, Mateo Marrero,

who is the light of their life and what she wanted more than anything else in this world. Alejandra is now one of the most recognizable hosts in Latin America. One of the projects she is the most proud of is hosting La Banda, the show Simon Cowell, creator of “American Idol”, has on Univision. The fact that someone of Simon Cowell’s caliber has set his sights on Alejandra says much about her talent and about how bright her future is! So much that in October of 2015 she was named the new ambassador for REVLON cosmetics on a global level! I had the honor of speaking with Alejandra during her photo session for ALEGRIA at the Sofitel Hotel, in Beverly Hills. 1. Given the political situation, obviously the focus is on immigrants, specifically Mexicans. After sharing your personal testimony, regarding having 3 jobs when you arrived in this country, we can really see an example of the humble beginnings when you attempted to achieve the American dream. What kept you strong and motivated to keep going? Do you think you would have made an effort, or even more of an effort, if the situation back then had been the

same as the one in which we are right now? I do consider myself part of the American dream. I came from nothing… I AM the American dream. I think most people that live in the United States dream of improving themselves… of moving forward, things will never be easy. I believe that if you think that by coming here everything will be handed to you simply because you arrived in a country where every dream comes true, it’s not going to be easy. I think that’s the main mistake many people make. You need to come here to work. I arrived in the United States at age 15, I still wasn’t 16, which is the legal age for starting to work, and I was already working. I was given a job at McDonald’s, I worked in a currency exchange office and I worked evenings in a department store, I prepared the store for the following day. So, I had to make an effort while I was in school. After high school I enrolled in nursing school and my goal was always helping my family, my main motivation has always been my family. Many people that come to the United States think that everything is rosy or people in Mexico think you live like that. But they can’t imagine that everything is very expensive, rent is very high, and often that is why people are disappointed. They can’t imagine that you break your back working every day and you need to make




El mundo ha cambiado y yo creo que todos tenemos que empezar a cambiar con el mundo y no quedarnos estancados en lo que éramos y en lo que vivimos. Y ahorita en la actualidad, está como está y están en guerra en contra de los latinos. Yo pienso que hay que echarle ganas extra para demostrarles que están equivcados. Yo creo que vandalizar, gritar y maldecir a Trump no es el ejemplo que hay que dar. Tienen que ver como somos de otra forma, porque yo considero que no solamente los mexicanos, sino los latinos como tal, somos muy distintos a otras razas. Somos unas personas amorosas y trabajadoras. Así es como yo veo a mi círculo: mi familia, mis hermanos y mis amistades. Son gente que está aquí trabajando.

No soy cantante, porque no tengo buena voz, pero me encanta la música. ¡Me gusta de todo! Soy a lo que en México le decimos “una rocola”. Me sé canciones desde la época de los Beatles hasta

ayer. Mi papá me sacó de la escuela un día en un carro amarillo prestado y me llevó a una agencia que se llamaba Glamur. Era como una escuelita, y al final del curso tenían un concurso de belleza. Yo no sé cómo es que mi papá pagó por esto. Pobrecito, yo sé que él trabajó extra duro para pagármelo. ¿Por qué? No sé. Te voy a decir por qué no sé, no sé qué veía él en mí, porque yo tengo 4 hermanas mayores que yo. Y claro, yo siempre me paraba enfrente y hacia shows para la familia. Yo no sé cómo eran mis hermanas de chiquitas o por qué él no lo hizo con ellas. Dice que vio algo desde que yo nací. Yo nací en una casita humilde de dos habitacio-


Cuando yo tenía unos 7 años, mi hermano se vino de 16 años a vivir a Estados Unidos. Fue muy difícil para nosotros, pero él quiso una vida distinta porque lamentablemente en el área donde nosotros vivíamos había mucha violencia y vandalismo. Sin pedirle permiso a mi mamá, sin preguntarle nada a mi mamá. Y no lo vimos por doce años. ¿Y qué hizo él? Trabajar. Trabajó muy duro. Y ahorita él continúa con su problema migratorio, pero tiene su taller mecánico, tiene su casa y tiene su familia. Él, para mí, es un ejemplo de que si vienes a los Estados Unidos para superarte, lo puedes lograr, independientemente de tener papeles o no. Porque mi hermano no tiene papeles y sin embargo le sigue echando ganas todos los días. 2. ¡LA BANDA 2! El hecho de trabajar con Simon Cowell y que él se haya fijado en ti es algo increíble. ¿Esto te ha inspirado en cuanto a algún nuevo proyecto o a seguir una carrera en Hollywood? ¡Claro, me encantaría! ¡Por supuesto! La Banda fue una de las cosas que más había soñado. Siempre quise mi programa propio. Tengo alrededor de diez años de trabajar en Univisión, pero siempre fue en papeles como de reportera en El Gordo y La Flaca o como modelo en Sábado Gigante o luego Premios Juventud y haciendo “backstage” en Nuestra Belleza Latina… nunca tuve algo que me identificara. Yo quería ser conocida como “Alejandra la de...” ¡Pero era Alejandra la de todos lados! Era como un “wild card” o un “joker” en las cartas de baraja que puedes acomodar en todos lados. Eso es lo que yo era realmente en Univisión, y me encanta, porque me dio muchas tablas y por eso es que pude desarrollarme en tan corto tiempo. Pero quería que la gente me identificara con algo. Recuerdo que hace dos años, cuando vi el proyecto de La Banda en Univisión, antes de que me lo ofrecieran, se me iluminaron los ojos. Es lo que yo quería.

lo más reciente, y de todos los géneros. Imagínate, tenemos muchas generaciones en mi casa. Te digo, desde los Beatles hasta el día de hoy, ya sea pop, regional mexicana y ahora que estoy en Miami, la salsa, la bachata, el reggaetón... ¡no había canción que los chicos cantaran que yo no me supiera! ¡Todas me las sabía, todas!

nes. Mi papá era médico. ¡Él dice que cuando yo nací, nací llorando, que tenía una tremenda bocota y que casi me comía a mi mama! Yo estaba llorando a gritos y entonces él me cargó y dice que la televisión estaba prendida en una esquina y que dé repente yo volteé y me quede callada y fue cuando él le dijo a mi mamá: “¡Ésta va querer trabajar en la televisión!” Lo decretó él y, sin querer, declaró lo que iba ser mi vida. ¡Es muy curioso que mi esposo sea coreógrafo, porque yo siempre he sido de todo! Yo era coreógrafa también. Cuando vivíamos en Tijuana, todos los 16 de septiembre hacían el evento del día de independencia. Entonces yo me juntaba con mis primas y mis vecinas y les montaba shows. Claro, yo era parte del show también. Nos íbamos y nos presentábamos ante todo el mundo en la Explanada, sin pena ni nada y bailábamos la

Yo soy súper fan de los proyectos que ayudan a la juventud. Yo vengo de un proyecto de este tipo. Eso es lo que fue Nuestra Belleza Latina para mí hace 10 años. Soy un testimonio viviente, por eso es que soy súper fan de concursos que brindan oportunidades. A veces lo único que necesita la gente es un aventoncito. No significa que esa oportunidad te va llevar hasta donde tú quieres. Para llegar a donde quieres, ¡tienes que tomar la oportunidad y echarle ganas! Hay mucha gente que gana concursos y se queda en el camino. Y no significa que les den más oportunidades a otras personas. Simplemente que esa persona le echó muchas más ganas que otra persona que ganó. Ganar es solamente un primer paso. De ahí para arriba, lo que tú quieras, pero con esfuerzo. Actualmente estoy haciendo muchas cositas. La Banda va estar empezando en septiembre, entonces ahorita estamos con las audiciones. A mí me gusta concentrarme mucho en lo que hago de momento porque quiero que las cosas me salgan bien. Siento que si le pongo mucha energía a varias cosas a la vez una de ellas se me puede resbalar y no quiero que eso suceda con La Banda. Pero sí estoy tomando clases de actuación. Quiero empezar a audicionar. La actuación me encanta, la verdad no me quiero quedar con las ganas de explorar esa parte de mi carrera. Estoy trabajando con REVLON y me siento muy bendecida. Estoy a punto de lanzar mi “blog” también, es de “lifestyle.” Ya sabes, a mí me gusta hablar de todo. 3. ¿Siempre quisiste estar en la televisión? Siempre. Desde chiquita. Desde que tengo conocimiento y uso de razón y desde que estaba consciente de las cosas, sí. Desde chiquita hacía shows en la casa. Mi primer concurso fue a los diez años. Lo recuerdo como si apenas hubiera sido

Dress: Stello / Skirt: Fernando Alberto - Belt: JF London / Heels: JF London



an extra effort because things are extra expensive. So I think we are, quite simply, in a country, no, let me correct myself, we are in a world where the time we live in doesn’t matter. I don’t want to think what’s going to be happening 20 years from now, when my son is older, because maybe things will not be going as well. Perhaps when I was little my parents thought the same thing: that things were not going as well and that they had a better childhood and that they had lived in a better world. The world has changed and I think we all need to start to change along with the world and not remain stuck in regard to the way we were and what we experienced. And now, currently, it is what it is and there is a war against Latinos. I think we need to make an extra effort to prove them wrong. I think that vandalizing, screaming and cursing Trump is not the example we should give. They have to see how we are in a different way, because I believe that not only Mexicans, but Latinos as such, are very different from other races. We are loving, hard-working people. That’s how I see my circle: my family, my siblings and my friends. They’re people that are here working. When I was around 7 years old, my brother was 16 and came to live in the United States. It was very hard on us, but he wanted a different life because unfortunately in the area where we used to live there was a lot of violence and vandalism. Without asking my mom for permission, without asking my mom anything. And we didn’t see him for twelve years. And what did he do? He worked. He worked really hard. And now he still has his immigration problem, but he has an auto mechanic shop, he has his home and he has his family. To me, he’s an example of the fact that if you come to the United States to improve yourself, you can do it, regardless of whether you have documents or not. Because my brother does not have his documents and he’s still working hard every day. 2. LA BANDA 2! Working with Simon Cowell and the fact that he singled you out is amazing. Has this inspired you to work on a new project or to further your career in Hollywood? Of course, I would love that! Of course! La Banda was one of the things I had dreamed of the most. I had always wanted my own show. I have been working at Univisión for around 10 years now, but I was always in roles such as being a reporter on El Gordo y La Flaca or a model on Sábado Gigante or later on Premios Juventud, and doing backstage activities for Nuestra Belleza Latina… I never had anything people could link me to. I wanted to be known as “Alejandra, the one on...” But I was Alejandra, the one on every show! I was like a wildcard or a joker in a deck of cards that you can place anywhere. That’s what I really was at Univisión, and I love it because it gave me plenty of experience, that’s why my development took such a short time. But I wanted people to link me to something. I remember that two years ago, when I learned about the La Banda project at Univisión, before they offered it to me, my eyes lit up. It’s what I wanted. I’m not a singer, because I don’t have a good voice, but I love music. I love everything! I’m a jukebox. I know songs from the time the Beatles were popular up until the most recent ones, spanning all genres. Imagine, we have many generations within my home. I’m telling you, from the Beatles to today, be it pop, Mexican regional and, now that I’m in Miami, salsa, bachata, reggaeton... there wasn’t a single song that the kids sang that I didn’t know! I knew all of them!I’m a huge fan of projects that help young people. I come from this type of project. That’s what Nuestra Belleza Latina was to me 10 years ago. I’m living proof, that’s why I’m a huge fan of contests that offer opportunities. Sometimes all people need is a little push. It doesn’t

mean that opportunity is going to take you all the way to where you want. To get where you want, you need to seize the opportunity and make an effort! There are many people who win contests and get stuck along the way. And it doesn’t mean other people are given more opportunities. It’s just that the other person made much more of an effort than the person who won. Winning is just a first step. After that, you can do whatever you please, but you have to make an effort. I am currently doing a lot of things. La Banda is going to be starting in September, so right now we’re doing the auditions. I like to focus closely on what I am doing at any given moment because I want things to work out right. I feel that if I put a lot of energy into several things at a time one of them can slide and I don’t want

that to happen with La Banda. But I am taking acting classes. I want to start auditioning. I love acting, I really don’t want to leave that aspect of my career unexplored. I’m working with REVLON and I feel very blessed. I’m also about to launch my blog, it’s a lifestyle blog. You know, I like to talk about everything. 3. Did you always want to be on television? Always. Since I was little. Ever since I have had the use of reason and have been aware of things, yes. Ever since I was little I put on shows at home. My first contest was at the age of ten. I remember it as if it was yesterday. My dad took me out of school one day in a borrowed yellow car and took me to an agency called Glamur. It was like a little school, and at the end of the course they had a beauty contest. I don’t know how my dad paid for this. Poor thing, I know he worked extra hard to pay for this


persona se porta mal conmigo… a mí se me olvida a los tres días. Nunca me había preocupado por el medio ambiente, nunca me había preocupado por las guerras, nunca me preocupaba por si puede pasar algún desastre natural, pero desde que nació mi niño estoy súper estresada por la manera en la cual está el mundo. Yo a él le escribo en un “time capsule” y le pongo cartitas y hasta él lo podrá abrir hasta los 21 años. Ayer precisamente le estaba escribiendo lo que pienso que va pasar cuando él sea mayor, y me aterra pensar en el futuro. En su futuro. En cómo vemos el mundo en este momento y cómo se está destruyendo por las cosas que están pasando. Yo lo único que quiero es que sea una persona feliz. Eso es lo que le escribí ayer. Le dije: “quiero que seas feliz y quiero que entiendas que eres capaz de lograr lo que te propongas. No te dejes llevar por absolutamente nadie. No te dejes llevar por la destrucción del mundo. Quiero que seas una luz para las personas que estén a tu alrededor.” Siempre he querido eso para mi niño. Quiero que sea de esas personas que iluminan a los demás… ¿Ya sabes cómo hay ángeles en la tierra? Puedes estarte sintiendo mal y de repente llega esta persona y te alegra el día y te llena de vida y de cosas buenas… yo quisiera que mi niño fuese así. Yo no sé cómo vaya estar el mundo de aquí a 20 o 25 años. Yo solamente quiero que él sea feliz. No me importa cómo esté el mundo. No me importa lo que esté pasando. Quiero que esté consciente de que fue un niño súper amado y un niño súper deseado.


música de los “Vengaboys” y “La Onda Vaselina”, pero yo era la que montaba la coreografía de las Spice Girls y ponía a cada quien en sus posiciones ...siempre me ha gustado estar frente al público. No puedo describirlo, pero es una sensación deliciosa. Y es muy raro, me gusta estar enfrente de la gente que no conozco, pero no me gusta estar enfrente de la gente que conozco. Por ejemplo, cuando va a ser mi cumpleaños, me peleo tanto con mi esposo para que no me lo celebre. Él es súper fan de las fiestas sorpresa y yo las odio. No me gusta ser el centro de atención con mi familia. No me gusta que me hagan pasteles, no me gusta cuando me están cantando. Me siento muy avergonzada cuando me están cantando y estoy a punto de soplar las velas. ¡Hasta el día de mi boda fue súper “awkward” para mí!

Cuando vamos a fiestas, me gusta cuando es la celebración de alguien más, pero no cuando tiene que ver conmigo, es muy “weird.” Desde un mes antes ya le estoy diciendo, “pobre de ti…pobre de ti.” Un año hasta le cancelé la fiesta. Sin querer vi cuando le entró un texto de mi mejor amiga que decía: “yo recojo el pastel y nos vemos a las siete.” Le dije: “No. Yo no voy. Es más, no puedo. Tengo que trabajar mañana…” Y tuvo que cancelarla. Si es algo íntimo con mi mamá, mi papá y mis hermanos, chévere. Pero si es con otra gente y amistades, no me gusta. 4. ¿Cómo te ha cambiado el ser mamá? Espectacular. Es muy curioso, nunca he sido de las personas que se preocupan por nada. Yo vivo mi momento. Yo soy súper “chill”, yo nunca me agobio si una

Pero regresando a tu pregunta, a mí el hecho de ser mamá me ha vuelto mucho más consciente de las cosas, pero me ha llenado de mucha alegría. Ay, Dios mío, no hay nada que yo disfrute más en el día que levantarme con él y que me empiece a hablar a su modo. Así, como sólo él dice las cositas. Cuando se levanta, es lo más delicioso del mundo porque es cuando más cariñoso está. Está como entre dormido y despierto y es cuando más me abraza y se me pega. Es como una motivación extra para hacer las cosas. A veces tengo mis momentos cuando no quiero hacer algo y me digo a mí misma: “¿Para qué voy a seguir haciendo eso? A lo mejor estoy perdiendo el tiempo…” Y de repente llega él y lo veo y digo: “Por eso lo voy hacer. Por esta cosita que está corriendo aquí, lo voy hacer y le voy a poner esfuerzo extra y voy a trabajar horas extra. Voy a hacer las cosas para él y por él.” Me motiva a hacer muchas cosas. Me motiva a seguir soñando y seguir creyendo que puedo lograr cosas grandes. Quiero darle un mejor futuro. Quiero darle cosas que yo no tuve, pero tampoco quiero llenarlo de lujos o cosas materiales porque quiero que sea un niño consciente de que para tener algo, hay que esforzarse y para lograr cosas hay que trabajar duro. Dentro de lo que yo pueda lo voy apoyar y dentro lo que esté en mis manos le voy ayudar. Y mi esposo también. ¡Él es espectacular! Pienso que vamos hacer un buen trabajo. 5. ¿Por qué dirías que estás viviendo el mejor momento de tu vida? Porque tengo el mejor regalo que Dios pudo darme, que es mi hijo. Porque estoy cumpliendo muchos sueños, muchas cosas que siempre quise hacer, que quise vivir. Las estoy viviendo. ¡Yo batallé bastante para tener a mi niño! ¡Lo que pasa es que a mí me ha tocado batallar un montón con las cosas! [Riéndose] ¡Todo! ¡Absolutamente todo! Incluso las cosas personales. Yo batallé mucho para tener lo que tengo hoy en día. Me tomó casi 8 años tener un programa o lograr que tal vez Univisión me considerara para un programa. Batallé 4 años para tener a mi niño. Batallé mucho durante toda mi vida para lograr mis sueños. Pero, gracias a Dios, nunca me arrepiento. Si tuviese que vivirlo todo otra vez, yo vuelvo y lo vivo. Porque gracias a eso, tengo mucho que agradecer y todo lo disfruto muchísimo más.


for me. Why? I don’t know. I’m going to tell you why I don’t know, I don’t know what he saw in me, because I have 4 older sisters. And, of course, I always stood at the front of the room and put on shows for my family. I don’t know what my sisters were like when they were little or why he didn’t do this for them. He says he saw something since I was born. I was born in a humble two-bedroom home. My father was a doctor. He says that when I was born, I was born crying, that I had a huge mouth and that I nearly ate my mother! I was bawling and then he picked me up and he says the TV that was in a corner was on and that I suddenly turned around and fell silent and that’s when he told my mom, “This one is going to want to work in television!” He decreed it, and, unwittingly, declared what my life was going to be like. It’s quite interesting that my husband is a choreographer, because I’ve always worked in all kinds of areas! I used to be a choreographer as well. When we lived in Tijuana, every September 16th, the Independence Day event was held. I would then get together with my female cousins and neighbors and put on shows. Of course, I was also part of the show. We would go and perform in front of everybody on the Explanada, without being embarrassed or anything and we danced to music from the “Vengaboys” and “La Onda Vaselina”, but I was the one who decided the choreography for dancing to the Spice Girls and showed everyone their places… I’ve always liked being in front of the audience. I can’t describe it, but it’s a delicious sensation. And it’s very strange, I like being in front of people I don’t know, but I don’t like being in front of people I do know. For instance, when my birthday is coming up, I argue so much with my husband so that he doesn’t make me celebrate it. He is a huge fan of surprise parties and I hate them. I don’t like being the center of attention with my family. I don’t like people making cakes for me, I don’t like it when they sing to me. I feel very embarrassed while they’re singing and I’m about to blow out the candles. Even my wedding day was super awkward for me! When we go to parties, I like it when it’s someone else’s celebration, but when it has something to do with me, it’s very weird. A month prior I’m already telling him, “don’t you dare… don’t you dare.” There was one year I even canceled the party. I unwittingly saw when he got a text from my best friend saying “I’ll pick up the cake and I’ll see you at seven.” I said, “No. I’m not going. What’s more than that, I can’t. I have to work tomorrow…” And he had to cancel it. If it’s something intimate with my mom, my dad and my siblings, cool. But if it’s with other people and friends, I don’t like it. 4. How has being a mom changed you? it’s been spectacular. It’s very funny. I’ve never been one of those people that worry about everything. I live in my moment. I’m super chill, I never get upset if a person treats me poorly… I forget after three days. I had never been concerned about the environment, I had never been concerned about wars, I had never been concerned about the possibility of a natural disaster, but ever since my child was born I’ve been super stressed because of the state of the world. I’m writing in a time capsule for him and I include little letters and he won’t be able to open it until he’s 21. Just yesterday I was writing what I think is going to happen when he’s older, and I’m terrified to think about the future. About his future. About how we see the world right now and how it is being destroyed because of things that are happening. All I want is for him to be a happy person. That’s what I wrote him yesterday. I said, “I want you to be happy Blouse: ECRED LABEL / Pant: GM Studio By Georges Marciano Boots: JF London / Bag with Gold Eyelets: JF London Ring: House of Oddities

Estoy segura que adelante vienen cosas igual de difíciles o peores, pero hay que tomarlas siempre y enfrentarlas con buena cara. Hay que tomarlas como vengan y nunca arrepentirse de las decisiones que uno tome, sean buenas o sean malas. Es importante nunca arrepentirse de las cosas por las cuales uno ha pasado. Yo te digo y te soy sincera. No importa lo que yo he vivido en mi niñez. No importa por lo que pasé ahora ya trabajando en televisión, yo lo volvería a vivir TODO de la MISMA manera. Igualito. Lo bueno y lo malo. 6. Al estar casada con un boricua, ¿qué es lo que se escucha en tu casa los domingos: la salsa, la bachata, la cumbia o la ranchera? Yo escucho mucha música de banda. Mi esposo, como él trabaja con música todo el tiempo, no necesariamente quiere escuchar música. Pero ya, ni modo, me ganó en ésta: cuando Mateo iba a nacer, siempre hablábamos de esto, ¿Qué música le va a gustar a Mateo, la música de banda o la bachata? Y yo siempre le peleaba y le decía, la de banda obviamente porque yo sí escucho banda. Tú no escuchas bachata, tú escuchas rock. Tampoco puede gustarle el reggaetón, porque tú no escuchas reggaetón. Le gusta el reggaetón. ¡No le gustan ni Las Mañanitas, hazme el favor! ¡El día de su cumpleaños que le cantamos Las Mañanitas, lloraba! No le gustan las melodías. Si la música es melancólica, llora. Es muy sensible. Le gusta mucho la música de J. Balvin. Los sonidos de la música de J. Balvin le llaman mucho la atención. ¡Lo más mexicanizado que le puedo poner son Canciones de la Granja, que son de animales! Bueno, ¡tengo mucho tiempo para enseñarle de la buena música! ¡No me he dado por vencida! 7. ¿Falso o verdadero? Por allí escuche que a Aníbal le costó mucho conquistarte. ¡No, ni tanto! Él a mí me gustaba. Yo lo conocí en Nuestra Belleza Latina. Cuando lo vi, no fue amor a primera vista. Él dice que de su parte sí lo fue. Él sí se enamoró de mí cuando me vio. Pero de mi parte, no lo fue. ¡A mí me gustaba, que es muy diferente! Pero los dos teníamos pareja en esa época. Él era 10 años mayor que yo y en ese momento yo decía: “¡Ay no, jamás! ¡Él es un señor!” Yo sólo tenía 18 años. Sin embargo, me gustaba, era súper atractivo. Cuando me mudé a Miami, me hice muy amiga de él porque yo no sabía andar acá y necesitaba ayuda. Era antes de que los teléfonos tuvieran GPS. Entonces, ¡él era como mi GPS personal porque conoce Miami como nadie! Y bueno, salíamos y todo, pero eso sí, siempre acompañados. La primera vez que se me declaró fue después de haber ganado Nuestra Belleza Latina. Yo súper niña, obviamente, le empiezo a decir: “No, ¿cómo puedes decir eso…ya no te voy a querer hablar… ya no te voy a querer ver… tengo novio…lo siento mucho por ti, Aníbal… bla, bla, bla.” En fin, toda dramática y a los 2 días le hablaba por teléfono porque estaba perdida. Luego dejé a mi novio y seguimos siendo muy buenos amigos. Cuando Aníbal realmente me conquistó y yo dije “éste es el hombre para mí,” pasaba esto: cuando dejé a mi novio, a mí ya me gustaba Aníbal y él ya tenía tiempo de haber dejado a su novia. ¡Pero yo no quería andar con él aunque me gustaba un montón! Yo quería mi tiempecito para andar libre en Miami, “living la vida loca,” ¡pero no me duró nada el “living la vida loca!” Cuando me mega-conquistó, fue en mi cumpleaños en 2008. Me dio el mejor regalo “ever.” Me trajo a mi mamá de sorpresa. Y yo soy la persona más hogareña del mundo. Te lo prometo. Para mí eso fue como ¿qué? No inventes, te ganaste el cielo, la luna, el sol y las estrellas, y a mí, obviamente. De allí en adelante todo fue espectacular.

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Él es mi mejor amigo. No tienes idea. Ante cualquier otra cosa somos súper buenos amigos, nos llevamos exageradamente bien. No te imaginas el tipo de temas de los cuales conversamos. Hablamos absolutamente de todo. Él me hizo ser una persona mucho más extrovertida. Yo tenía muchos tabús y él era una persona súper “open-minded” y gracias a él me convertí en una persona más abierta. Es la persona con la que me encanta estar, me fascina compartir todo con él. No te miento, no salgo de hacer algo cuando ya le estoy marcando para contarle lo que pasó. No me importa. A veces salgo de Univisión, y hago 20 minutos a mi casa, esos 20 minutos me la paso platicando con él. No sé si me entiendes… llevamos casi 9 años juntos y las cosas nunca han cambiado. Desde el día 1 en que él y yo empezamos a salir, las cosas siguen idénticas. Y ahora, con el niño, es mucho mejor. Tenemos una muy bonita relación, de verdad. Me siento súper bendecida. Y más, porque desde el primer día él entendió la importancia que tiene para mí mi familia. Y eso lo hace mucho más especial. Y, a pesar de los 10 años de diferencia en nuestras edades, nunca me cuestiona las decisiones que tomo, siempre me da una ayudadita, nunca me dice lo que tengo que hacer, siempre me da su consejo, nunca me ha reprochado las cosas, me ha dejado crecer y madurar a mi manera.

8. Finalmente, ¿qué te da ALEGRÍA? Me da ALEGRÍA ver feliz a mi familia. Me da ALEGRÍA ver a mi familia orgullosa de mí. Me da ALEGRÍA saber que todo este tiempo que he pasado lejos de mi mamá, mi papá, mis hermanos, mis sobrinos y la gente que quiero ha valido la pena. Me da ALEGRÍA que gracias a Dios he construido una linda familia. Tengo un esposo excelente y tengo un niño que amo, que me da paz todos los días y me hace querer luchar cada día extra fuerte. Me da ALEGRÍA todo lo que tenga que ver con mi familia. Verlos contentos, verlos felices, verlos saludables, que es lo más importante. Y obviamente lo laboral; me da ALEGRÍA estar cumpliendo mis sueños.


and I want you to understand that you are able to achieve whatever you set your mind to. Don’t let absolutely anybody lead you away from that. Don’t let the destruction of the world lead you away from that. I want you to be a source of light for the people that surround you.” I’ve always wanted that for my child. I want him to be one of those people that light others up… You know how there are angels on earth? You can be feeling bad and all of a sudden this person arrives and cheers up your day and fills you with life and good things… I would like my child to be like that. I don’t know what the world is going to be like 20 or 25 years from now. All I want is for him to be happy. I don’t care what the world is like. I don’t care what’s going on. I want him to be aware that he was a super loved and super wanted child. But going back to your question, being a mom has made me much more aware of things, but it has filled me with a lot of joy. Oh my God, there’s nothing I enjoy more during the day than waking up with him and having him start speaking the way he does. That way, the way only he says things. When he gets up, it’s the most delicious thing in the world because it’s when he acts more tenderly than ever. He’s half asleep and half awake and that’s when he hugs me more than ever and latches on to me. It’s like extra motivation to get things done. Sometimes I have my moments when I don’t want to do something and I tell myself, “Why am I going to keep doing that? Maybe am wasting my time…” And all of a sudden he arrives and I look at him and I say, “That’s who I’m going to do it for. For this little thing that’s running around here, I’m going to do it and I’m going to make an extra effort and I’m going to work additional hours. I’m going to do things for him and because of him.” He motivates me to do many things. He motivates me to keep dreaming and keep believing that I can achieve great things. I want to give him a better future. I want to give him things I didn’t have, but I also don’t want to fill him with luxury goods or material things because I want him to be a child who is aware that in order to have something, you need to make an effort, and that to achieve things you need to work hard. I will support him as much as I can and I will help him to the best of my ability. And so will my husband. He’s spectacular! I think we’re going to do a good job. 5. Why would you say you’re experiencing the best time of your life? Because I have the best present God could have given me, which is my son. Because I’m making many dreams come true, many things I always wanted to do, that I wanted to experience. I’m experiencing them. I struggled a lot to have my child! The thing is, I’ve had to struggle a lot with things! [Laughing] Everything! Absolutely everything! Even personal things. I struggled a lot to get what I have today. It took me nearly 8 years to get a show or to get Univisión to perhaps consider me for a show. I struggled for 4 years in order to have my child. I struggled a lot throughout my entire life in order to make my dreams come true. But, thank God, I never regret anything. If I had to live everything again, I would turn around and live it again. Because thanks to that, I have many things to be thankful for and I enjoy everything a lot more. I’m sure that in the future there will be equally difficult or even worse things, but you always have to accept them and face them enthusiastically. You have to take them as they come and never regret the decisions you make, be they good or bad. It’s important to never regret the things one has gone through. I’m telling you this and I’m honest. It doesn’t matter what I experienced in my childhood. What I went through doesn’t matter now that I’m already working in television, I would relive EVERYTHING the SAME way. Exactly the same. The good and the bad. 6. Since you’re married to a Puerto Rican, what can be heard in your home on Sundays, salsa, bachata, cumbia or ranchera music? I listen to banda music. My husband, since he works with music all the time, does not necessarily want to listen to music. But, well, what can I do, he won in this sense: when Mateo was about to be born, we always talked about this, What music will Mateo like, banda music or bachata? I always argued and said , obviously banda because I do listen to banda. You don’t listen to bachata, you listen to rock. He can’t like reggaeton either, because you don’t listen to reggaeton. He likes reggaeton. He doesn’t even like Happy Birthday, for crying out loud! On his birthday, when we sang Happy Birthday, he burst into tears. He doesn’t like melodies. If music is melancholy, he

cries. He is very sensitive. He really likes J. Balvin’s music. The sounds of J. Balvin’s music really capture his attention. The most Mexicanized music I can play for him are Farm Songs, which are about animals! Well, I have a lot of time left to teach him about good music! I haven’t given up yet! 7. True or false? I heard that it was very hard for Aníbal to get you to fall for him. No, it wasn’t that hard! I liked him. I had met him on Nuestra Belleza Latina. When I saw him, it was not love at first sight. He says for him it was. He did fall in love with me when he saw me. But for me it wasn’t. I liked him, which is a very different thing! But we both had partners at the time. He was 10 years older than me and at that time I used to say, “¡Oh, no, never! He’s an older guy!” I was only 18. However, I liked him, he was super attractive. When I moved to Miami, we became close friends because I didn’t know how to get around here and I needed help. This was before phones had a GPS. So he was like my personal GPS because he knows Miami better than anybody! And, well, we went out and everything, but always accompanied by someone else. The first time he asked me to be his girlfriend was after having won Nuestra Belleza Latina. I was super young, obviously, and I started to say things like, “No, how can you possibly say that?… I’m not going to want to speak with you anymore… I’m not going to want to see you anymore… I have a boyfriend… I’m very sorry for you, Aníbal… blah, blah, blah.” Anyhow, I was being all dramatic and 2 days later I would call him on the phone because I was lost. Then I left my boyfriend and we continued being very good friends. When Aníbal really made me fall for him and I said “this is the man for me,” this happened: when I left my boyfriend, I already liked Aníbal and he had left his girlfriend a while back. But I didn’t want to go out with him even though I liked him a lot! I wanted a little time to be free in Miami, “living la vida loca,” but my “living la vida loca” stage hardly lasted any time at all! When he absolutely made me fall for him was during my birthday in 2008. He gave me the best present ever. He surprised me by bringing my mom. And I’m the biggest homebody in the world. I swear. To me that was like, what? I can’t believe it, you deserve the sky, the moon, the sun and the stars and, obviously, me. From that point on everything was spectacular. He’s my best friend. You have no idea. Regardless of anything else, we’re the best of friends, we get along extremely well. You can’t imagine the type of topics we talk about. We talk about absolutely everything. He made me become a much more extroverted person. I considered many things taboo and he was a super open-minded person, and thanks to him I became a more open person. He’s the person I love to be with, I adore sharing everything with him. I’m not kidding, the moment I finish doing something I dial his number to tell him what happened. I don’t care. Sometimes I leave Univisión, and I’m 20 minutes away from home, and I spend those 20 minutes talking to him. I don’t know if you understand… we’ve been together for nearly 9 years and things have never changed. From the first day he and I started dating, things are the same. And now, with a child, it’s much better. We honestly have a very beautiful relationship. I feel super blessed. Even more so, since from the very first day he understood the importance my family has for me. And that makes it much more special. And, despite the 10-year difference in our ages, he never questions my decisions, he always helps me out a little, he never tells me what I need to do, he always gives me advice, he has never berated me for anything, he has let me grow and mature in my own way. 8. Finally, what gives you ALEGRIA? Seeing my family happy gives me ALEGRIA. Seeing my family be proud of me gives me ALEGRIA. I feel ALEGRIA when I see that all this time I have spent far from my mom, my dad, my siblings, their children and the people I love has been worth it. I feel ALEGRIA because thanks to God I have built a lovely family. I have an excellent husband and I have a child I love, who brings me peace every day and makes me want to fight extra hard every day. Everything that has to do with my family brings me ALEGRIA. Seeing them happy, seeing them joyful, seeing them healthy, which is the most important thing. And obviously, when it comes to work, making my dreams come true gives me ALEGRIA.

Alegria Magazine PHOTOGRAPHER: Fidel Gonzalez PHOTOGRAPHY ASSISTANT: Joshua McIntyre KEY MAKEUP ARTIST: Fidel Gonzalez (using MAC Cosmetics) FASHION STYLING: Fidel Gonzalez MAKEUP & STYLING ASSISTANT: Magdalena Ramirez MAKEUP & STYLING ASSISTANT: Heather Roach HAIR ARTIST: Yaniv Katzav RETOUCHING: Kristina Klizhevski LOCATION: Sofitel Hotel at Riviera 31

Body Suit: Stello / Fringe Belt: Adolfo Sanchez / Giant Beatle Ring: House of Oddities




It is not every day that you get to witness the growth of an authentic Mezcal company in front of your eyes. I have been lucky enough to see Mezcal Los Javis grow into what it has become today: a staple in every respectable bar and mixologist repertoire in Los Angeles.

At the beginning of the last century amidst the chaos of the Mexican revolution, Mr. Don Esteban Mateo Arrazola was born. He became one of the founding fathers and pillars of the Mezcal Industry. A humble countryman with a great love of for maguey and a visionary, he was the first one to see the great potential of the drink of the “pueblo,” (the townspeople’s drink), Mezcal. While Don Esteban Mateo sold maguey to the local Mezcal producers,he made sure to teach his 6 children about its tradition and culture. It was the eldest of them, Manuel, and one of the younger ones, Javier, that chose to pursue their father’s dream and built the first family owned Mezcal Distillery (Palenque). Javier Mateo and his wife Gloria, with an entrepreneur’s mentality, then began to find a way to make Mezcal a valuable commodity. Even though it was not popular back then, they knew that sooner or later Mezcal would have its place among the best along with whiskey and cognac. It was this union of Javier Mateo and Gloria that became the foun-

dation and future of Los Javis. In 1979, Javier II was born and three years later another child, Jaime Mateo. Together, the family of four dedicated themselves to planting, producing and maintaining their magueys . Little by little they began to create a community of employees among the townspeople and Mezcaleros (Mezcal Lovers). Don Javier dedicated his life to sharing his knowledge of maintaining and caring for of the maguey to the younger generation in the community. His passion was the land and the entire process by which Mezcaleros transformed maguey to a Mezcal, a drink to he enjoyed sharing with his friends and palenqueros at the end of a hard day’s work. Although, he was loved and respected by the community, his only enemy was the economic recession of 1994, which pushed many young workers to migrate to the United States looking for a better future. It was then

that his son Javier II emigrated to the north to join the restaurant and tourism industry in the U.S. Like many Oaxacan men and women, Javier II arrived in Los Angeles, California in 1999 and started working as a bar back at the acclaimed Italian restaurant, Chianti. In less than three years, Javier II became a mixologist, specialized in wines and wine production,became the bar buyer and eventually the bar manager. Javier II had an inherent passion for spirits, a passion that Massimo Marmorino, the general manager of Chianti, immediately picked up upon. Marmorino noticed that Javier II frequently scribbled in his notepad at work; writing down the different qualities of wines he experienced and noting how sommeliers distinguished different grape varietals. Marmorino also recognized Javier II’s ability to distinguish subtle flavors tones and aromas similar to the ways of a sommelier.




Photos by: Guillermo Tovar e Iván Zapien


No todos los días presencias con tus propios ojos el crecimiento de una compañía auténtica de Mezcal. He tenido la fortuna de ver cómo creció Mezcal Los Javis hasta convertirse en lo que es actualmente: un básico en todo bar que se respete y dentro del repertorio de todo mixólogo de Los Ángeles. A principio del siglo pasado en medio del caos de la revolución mexicana nace quien sería uno de los pilares de la industria mezcalera, Don Esteban Mateo Arrazola, un humilde campesino con un gran amor a los magueyes y con una visión futurista, fue uno de los primeros en ver el gran potencial de la bebida del pueblo, el mezcal. Don Estaban Mateo vendía maguey a los productores de mezcal y a su vez enseñaba a sus 6 hijos la tradición y cultura del mezcal. Pero fue el mayor Manuel y uno de los pequeños Javier que siguiendo los sueños de su padre logran construir la primera fábrica familiar de mezcal (palenque).

Javier Mateo y su esposa Gloria con una mente emprendedora buscan la manera de comercializar su mezcal. Aunque desconocido por el mundo ellos sabían que tarde o temprano el mezcal tendría su lugar junto a los mejores Whiskeys y Cognacs. Esta unión fue la fundación para el futuro de Los Javis. En 1979 llego al mundo Javier II y 3 años más tarde dieron la bienvenida a su hijo menor Jaime Mateo. Juntos, la familia de 4 se dedicarían a la siembra, cultivo y mantenimiento de sus terrenos de maguey. Poco a poco los productores de maguey y mezcal Los Javis comenzaron a reclutar a trabajadores de su pueblo y así formar una comunidad de magueyeros. Don Javier se dedicó a compartir sus conocimientos en el cuidado y mantenimiento del maguey con los jóvenes de su comunidad. su pasión siempre fue la tierra desde la plantacion, crianza y mantenimiento del maguey hasta ver el producto de su cosecha, para asi poder tomar y compartir un trago de mezcal al final de la larga jornada de trabajo. Aunque amado y respetado por su comunidad su unico enemigio fue la crisis económica de 1994, esta tuvo un fuerte impacto en su comunidad, forzando

a emigrar a jóvenes hacia Estados Unidos en busca de un mejor futuro. Su mismo hijo Javier II emigra “al norte” para así incorporarse a la industria del la restauranteria y turismo de este país. Al igual que muchos Oaxaqueños, Javier ll arribo a la ciudad de Los Ángeles California en 1999 y comenzó a trabajar como barback en el famoso restaurante italiano Chianti. En menos de 3 años, Javier ll aprendió a crear cocteles y se enfocó en las técnicas de la producción de vino, y con esto logro ser el comprador y gerente del bar. Javier ll al descubrir que las tecnicas agricolas y de fermentacio de vino aunque modernas son tan tradicionales como las del mezcal, soñó en un dia poder implementar inovacion y tradicion en su propia comunidad que tanto extrañaba Santiago Matatlan. El Gerente general de Chianti Massimo Marmorino noto algo inusual en Javier ll: su hambre por aprender tecnicas de produccion, su inseparable libreta llena de diagramas y su talento de distinguir sabores y olores era comparable con los de un sommelier.

Javier II

With Javier II’s talent and Marmorino’s business acumen, in 2002 the pair moved their talents to another Italian restaurant, Il Fornaio.It was here that Javier II refined his talent in spirits and acquired a comprehensive understanding of wine and wineries education in at some of the best vineyards in California. Javier II soon realized that he could translate what he learned about wine production to refine his own family’s mezcal making. From planting magueys to distilling the elegant flavor of what would become Mezcal Los Javis, he would bring what he learned in the U.S. back home to Santiago Matatlán. While Javier II continued to build his knowledge base in the U.S., Doña Gloria continued to care for the family’s magueys in Oaxaca and even though Jaime was still attending university, she made sure to train him in the ways of a mezcalero.

Campos de maguey.

All the stars aligned in 2003: Jaime finished his engineering degree and Doña Gloria welcomed her first grandchild, Javier III. The same year, the first magueys the family planted were ripe enough to harvest and create mezcal. The energy of these new beginnings sparked the dawn of what is now Mezcal Los Javis, named as a tribute to the three Javiers in the family. Soon Jaime joined his brother Javier II in U.S. and set off to learn how the two could start marketing Mezcal Los Javis to bars and restaurants in the U.S. The brothers worked day in and day out, creating strategies and conceptualizing marketing plans to make their dream come true. Jaime’s weeklong trips turned into 6 month interludes where the brothers would discuss the ways in which their ancestors would have chosen to perfect their mezcal. The brothers finally pieced it together: the elements that they needed to

La separación de las fibras de maguey por medio de la tahona.

focus on were the maguey, the land, climate and water. Thus was born the heart of Mezcal Los Javis: a spirit true to its artisanal Oaxacan heritage. With a renewed spirit, Javier II moved back to Oaxaca and worked alongside his father Don Javier, implementing the techniques he learned studying winemaking and translating them over to making mezcal. Today, Mezcal Los Javis is the first and only family owned brand that does everything from planting and harvesting magueys to distilling mezcal in their own palenque in creating their product. Dedication, perseverance, discipline and the knowledge of Javier II had a lot to do with it: The Mateo family now distributes Mezcal Los Javis in eight countries on four different continents. When asked, the Mateo family would say “That is our ALEGRIA...”

El corte del maguey en el campo.

En el año 2002 Massimo y Javier ll decidieron juntar sus talentos y emprendieron una aventura en otro restaurante italiano llamado IL Fornaio, donde Javier ll refino su talento y se capacito en los mejores viñedos de California. Mientras Javier ll crecía en la industria, su mama Doña Gloria, seguía encargada del mantenimiento y cultivo del maguey; y a su vez formaba a Jaime como un profesionista inculcándole el ser mezcalero. En año 2003 se alinearon las estrellas: Jaime termino su Ingeniería, Doña Gloria le dio la bienvenida al mundo a su primer nieto Javier lll y los primeros magueyes cultivados estaban lo suficientemente maduros y listos para la producción de mezcal. Esto dio pauta a una nueva era para la Familia Mateo y de aquí nace la creación de una marca propia a la cual llamaron Mez-

La separación de las fibras de maguey por medio de la tahona.

La tapada o cocimiento de el maguey.

cal Los Javis haciendo honor al nombre de los tres Javieres (padre, hijo y nieto). Con este propósito en mente, Jaime viene a Estados Unidos a visitar a su hermano Javier ll y con la inquietud de comercializar su mezcal, los dos se obsecionan en la logística y estrategia de cómo convertir su sueño en realidad. Las vacaciones de Jaime de una semana se convirtieron en 6 meses de arduo trabajo ya que los hermanos Mateo no descansaron en estudiar el mercado para posicionar su mezcal en restaurantes como en los cuales Javier ll había trabajado.

obtenidas cuando se capacito en la elaboración de vino y perfecciono la produccion de mezcal artesanal. Javier ll, junto con su padre Don Javier , durante los próximos 3 años decidieron implementar estas técnicas meticulosas que aprendió en la producción del vino. Con esto adoptaron una nueva forma de separar predios, agaves y climas.

El tener una hermosa tradición hizo que Javier ll se preguntara si sus antepasados vivieran hoy, como ellos hubieran perfeccionado la elaboracion el mezcal y visualizo que ellos se hubieran enfocado en el cuidado y la importancia del maguey, la tierra, clima y agua. De ahí nace la inquietud de implementar las técnicas

Con dedicación, perseverancia, disciplina y los conocimientos que obtuvo de Javier II: La familia Mateo ahora tiene posicionado su mezcal en un total de 8 paises en 4 continentes. Eso es nuestra ALEGRÍA...

Mezcal Los Javis hoy en día es la primera y unica marca familiar desde el cultivo de agave hasta su distribicion.

La destilación en alambiques de cobre.




The company originates from my interest in the e-commerce. I love online shopping because I find it convenient. You just order what you like and it is delivered to your front door in the matter of days without you having to spend time at shopping centers and driving around. So I was thinking about all the people who are like me and like buying online. Additionally, this company originates from my passion for wines, champagne, food and traveling. I lived in Baja California, Mexico for 4 years, so I had the opportunity to visit Valle de Guadalupe in Ensenada where they have a plethora of wineries. I traveled regularly to the valley to visit the wineries, taste the typical food of the region and to enjoy the beauty of the area. I learned a lot from wine tastings and I studied books about viticulture. My partners are also wine enthusiasts, as well as lovers of traveling and good food. Sylvain, one of my partners, is part of the fifth generation of a wonderful family who owns a winery in Saint-Émilion in Bordeaux in France. He exposed us to the difficulties of importing wines in the United States through middlemen. This is why we decided to create a business model where we would have a direct contact with the wineries. This is how Winery to Consumer was born and how it got its name. We are currently working with different winer-

ies in premium regions such as Champagne, Gigondas, Vacqueyras and Bordeaux in France. Soon we will expand our portfolio to include wines from Spain and Italy. 2. What inspires you as a Latina entrepreneur?

I am inspired by being able to work for the Latino community. Every day I focus my activities on making my company grow, but at the same time on working for the Latino community, especially for the Latino children that live inside or outside the United States. Every year, part of my earnings are donated to the children that live in orphanages in Mexico. I travel to Tijuana, Mexico every month to visit children living in different orphanages. These children have really surprising pasts; many have been abandoned because of the parents’ addictions to alcohol or drugs making them incapable of taking care of the children. Others have been victims of prostitution. During the last two years, I have been taking food and clothes to them and we also organize sports activities for them. It deeply inspires me to continue helping these children and to share moments of happiness with them. This year, my efforts are directed to create a foundation to pay for their university studies and to offer them psychological help. This is what inspires me every day as an entrepreneur and as Latina.

3. You are one of the few Latina business owners that have made the e-commerce model work for your company. What is the advice you give other entrepreneurs about going online with their idea/ business?

My advice is to materialize their ideas and to take advantage of the various opportunities in the e-commerce. I advise them to read different market studies and statistics on e-commerce to pay attention to the great niche that exists. Additionally, I think that the emergence of social media has been a turning point in e-commerce. Today, companies can be visible to millions of people exposing themselves in the social media by publishing just one photo. This was not the case a few of years ago. In my experience, the social media is an important channel for sales as many of my clients have contacted me this way. Many have seen a posting of a bottle of champagne or a glass of wine together with some good food, they feel like tasting it, they contact me in a message, I invite them to one of our wine tastings, they try the product, buy it, and are happy. 4. What is your motivation every day to keep going?

My daily motivation is to have a different life from the one I had in the past. I was born in a very modest family. When I was eight years old, my life changed because of an accident my dad had. At that time, my parents had a little store where we sold candies, dairy, cleaning products and other basic necessity products. This store sustained our family and when my dad had the accident he had to spend a long time in hospitals and my mother took care of him, so little by little my sister and I started taking charge of the store. My life changed from that moment because I grew very rapidly and took on very big responsibilities. Nowadays, I am greatly motivated every morning when I wake up and remind myself that I want a life that is different from the one of my past. Every day I organize my day so that my activities are related to fulfilling my dreams because I want a different life. 5. What brings you ALEGRIA?

This is, no doubt, a very interesting question which I ask myself continuously. I find happiness in moments of most profound spiritual connection with myself or someone else; those moments when I am enthralled in peace and I notice that I am satisfied with who I am. This allows me to enjoy the daily routine of my life, walking on the beach, contemplating the dusk, reading a book, having a glass of wine, listening to classical music, laughing with friends, or cooking for my family.


1. ¿Cómo nació Winery to Consumer?

Esta empresa nace por mi interés en el mercado electrónico. Soy aficionada a comprar por internet porque considero que es muy conveniente. Sólo ordenas lo que te gusta y te lo llevan a la puerta de tu casa en cuestión de días sin tener que invertir tiempo en centros comerciales y en manejar. Entonces pensé en todas aquellas personas a las que como a mí nos gusta comprar por internet. Además, esta empresa nace por mi pasión por los vinos, el champaña, la comida y por viajar. Viví 4 años en Baja California, México, así que tuve la oportunidad de visitar el Valle de Guadalupe en Ensenada en donde existe una diversidad de casas vinícolas. Regularmente viajaba al valle para conocer las casas vinícolas, degustaba la comida típica de la región y disfrutaba de la belleza del lugar. Aprendí mucho de las catas de vinos, además me documenté leyendo libros de viticultura. Mis socios también son aficionados al vino, los viajes y la buena comida. Sylvain, uno de mis socios, es parte de la quinta generación de una maravillosa familia dueños de una bodega en Saint-Émilion, Burdeos en Francia. Él nos expuso la difícil tarea de importar vino a Estados Unidos a través de intermediarios. Así que decidimos crear un modelo empresarial en donde tuviéramos contacto directo con las bodegas. De esta manera nace Winery to Consumer y de ahí su nombre “Directo de la bodega al consumidor”. Ahora mismo estamos trabajando con diferentes bodegas localizadas en regiones importantes como Champaña, Gigondas, Vacqueyras y Burdeos en Francia. Próximamente ampliaremos nuestro portafolio de vinos a España e Italia. 2. ¿Qué te inspira como empresaria latina?

Me inspira el hecho de poder trabajar para la comunidad latina. Todos los días enfoco mis actividades en hacer crecer mi empresa, pero al mismo tiempo en trabajar



para la comunidad latina, especialmente con los niños latinos que viven dentro y fuera de Estados Unidos. Cada año parte de las ganancias de mi empresa es donada a niños que viven en orfanatos en México. Todos los meses viajo a Tijuana, México a visitar a niños que viven en diferentes orfanatos. Las historias de estos niños son realmente sorprendentes; muchos de ellos han sido abandonados porque sus padres padecen adicciones como alcoholismo y drogadicción y no pueden hacerse cargo de ellos. Otros han sido víctimas de prostitución. Durante los últimos dos años he estado llevando comida y ropa, y organizamos actividades deportivas. Me inspira profundamente continuar ayudando a estos niños y compartir momentos de alegría con ellos. Este año mis esfuerzos están encaminados en crear una fundación para pagarles sus estudios universitarios y que puedan recibir ayuda psicológica. Esto es lo que me inspira todos los días como empresaria y como latina. 3. Eres una de las pocas empresarias latinas que han conseguido que funcione bien el modelo del mercado electrónico. ¿Qué consejo podrías dar a otras empresarias que quieren entrar al mercado electrónico con su idea/negocio?

Mi consejo es que materialicen sus ideas y tomen ventaja de las diversas oportunidades en el mercado electrónico. Les aconsejo que lean diversos estudios de mercado y estadísticas sobre comercio electrónico para darse cuenta de que existe un gran nicho de oportunidades. Además, considero que la aparición de las redes sociales ha sido un momento muy importante para el comercio electrónico. Hoy en día las empresas pueden ser visibles para millones de personas exponiéndose en las redes sociales con tan sólo publicar una fotografía. Eso no pasaba hace algunos años. En mi experiencia las redes sociales son un

canal importante de ventas, pues muchos de mis clientes me han contactado a través de este medio. Muchos han visto las publicaciones de una botella de champaña o una copa de vino acompañada de buena comida, les apetece probarlo, me contactan a través de un mensaje, los invito a las catas de vino que organizamos, prueban los productos, los compran y están felices. 4. ¿Qué te motiva seguir adelante día a día?

Mi motivación día a día es tener una vida diferente a la que tuve en el pasado. Nací en una familia muy modesta; a mis ocho años mi vida cambió cuando mi padre se accidentó. A esa edad mis padres tenían una pequeña tienda donde vendíamos dulces, lácteos, productos de limpieza y otros productos de primera necesidad. Esta tienda era el sustento económico de la familia y cuando mi padre se accidentó, tuvo que pasar mucho tiempo en hospitales y mi mamá cuidaba de él, así que mi hermana y yo empezamos a hacernos cargo poco a poco de la tienda. Desde ese momento mi vida cambió porque crecí muy rápido y tomé responsabilidades muy grandes. Hoy en día, mi mayor motivación la encuentro todas las mañanas al despertar y recordarme que quiero una vida diferente a la que tuve en el pasado. Todos los días organizo mi día de tal manera que mis actividades estén relacionadas con la realización de mis sueños porque quiero una vida diferente. 5. ¿Qué te da ALEGRÍA?

Sin duda es una pregunta muy interesante y me lo pregunto continuamente. Encuentro alegría en los momentos de profunda conexión espiritual conmigo misma o con alguien más, aquellos momentos donde estoy extasiada de paz y me doy cuenta de que estoy satisfecha con lo que soy. Esto me permite disfrutar de lo cotidiano de mi vida, caminar en la playa, contemplar el atardecer, leer un libro, tomar una copa de vino, escuchar música clásica, reír con mis amigos o cocinar para mi familia.


l o s

a n g e l e s



Opened in 2015, Toca Madera features a menu designed by Executive Chef Raymond Alvarez. The menu is designed as a creative, shared-plate format offering modern organic Mexican cuisine with fresh seasonal cocktails as well as a full, separate vegan menu with gluten-free options providing an array of options for every eater. It is the newest restaurant and lounge concept by EveryDay Life (EDL), owned and operated by Tosh Berman and Amrou Manaseer. Locations include West Hollywood and coming soon, San Diego and Los Cabos, Mexico. For more information, visit :


l caserio is a restaurant where you can EAmerican relax to the explosive tastes of a South & Italian Cuisine. A place where the ambiance is just right, indoor & outdoor. We offer lunch and dinner, and our patio is perfect for sunny afternoons with friends! Feel free to call for a reservation or just drop by, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Monday 11am - 9pm Tues - Thurs 11am - 10pm Friday 11am - 11pm Saturday 12pm - 11pm Sunday 10am - 10pm

El Caserio Restaurant 401 Silverlake Blvd.Los Angeles CA, 90026 (213) 273 8945





El cielo creates a unique gastronomic experience that emphasizes the senses. They offer a menu that is inspired by ancestral Colombian roots and the study of neurosciences. Their unique menu aims to stimulate the senses through food and gives their patrons a unique sensory journey. They call this food for the soul. They are artisans and their job is to create a memorable experience for each and every guest that visits El cielo.

They scoured Colombia to rescue age old recipes that have long been a standing tradition in Colombian cuisine. Their ALEGRIA is to find and understand their ancestral roots. They work hand in hand with the indigenous population, farmers, and cooks in Colombia to capture the essence and the magic of their amazing cuisine. They combine these traditions with innovative culinary technology and studies of neuroscience to create a modern cuisine that will resonate with the world.

EL Cielo, Miami (305) 755 8840 - 31 SE 5TH St, Brickell On The River North Tower, Miami, Florida, 33131



Talavera Restaurant brings a taste of Mexico to Coral Gables. A delicious blend of old and new world Mexico, Talavera features a variety of popular Mexican dishes varying from recipes that originated in traditional street markets to others that have been refined in the classic restaurants of Mexico City.

TALAVERA 2299 Ponce De Leon Blvd, Coral Gables, FL 33134 - (305) 444-2955






FashionEntrepreneurSpotlight Why the fashion business and why now? Serendipity is the word that comes to mind when I try to answer the “why now?” question and also…why not?! It is never too late to pursue your true passion and make your dream a reality. Totally cliché, I know, yet so true. I have always had great love and appreciation for fashion and being the ultimate girly girl growing up in Orange County, California.

How important are social and digital media for your business? Digital and social media are absolutely crucial for our business continuity. That’s what makes the world go round. There is no better way to connect and communicate with our customers, especially on a personal level - which is always important for any business to survive and succeed.

Any noteworthy events coming up?

As ALEGRIA Magazine continues to highlight a diverse array of entrepreneurs, we recently sat down with Esther Ramirez, owner of Mod Owl, an online boutique and fashion truck based in “Surf City” Huntington Beach. Mod Owl offers customers – fashionistas to be exact – a fun and unique shopping experience, where style becomes effortless.

How do you find new revenues for growth without opening up brick and mortar stores?

Let’s begin with Mod Owl’s mission statement. What is it and what does it mean to you personally?

We acquired Mod Owl earlier this year, but the company was founded in 2013, during an era of movement for fashion trucks in Southern California, by a true fashionista with great vision and fashion sense.

A love for fashion starts at a very early age; our threeyear-old daughter, who schools me in fashion, reminds me of that every day. I can see that happiness and sparkle in her eye when she is wearing an outfit that she loves as she twirls and jumps around with the biggest smile on her face! I believe that this feeling carries on with us forever, no matter how old we are. I also truly believe that the right outfit empowers us to feel and be the best version of ourselves at any occasion – whether it is just another day at work, happy hour, vacation, a hot date, girls’ night out, or a night in with pizza and wine. Our main goal is to help women show off their inner beauty and confidence outwardly through their style. We want to be part of what creates their lifestyle.

The luxury of having the fashion truck is the mobility for us as well as our customers. We don’t wait for shoppers to visit us, instead, we visit them! We have the ability to be present where the people are, such as farmers markets, festivals, fairs and private parties. We offer shoppers a pleasantly unique shopping experience, convenience and personal styling.

How long has Mod Owl been in business?

There are few businesses that achieve success while still staying true to their mission in serving their loyal customers. How does Mod Owl stay relevant in a crowded marketplace of local boutiques and fashion e-commerce stores? We carefully hand pick every piece with our customers in mind. While it is important to keep up with current fashion trends, it is equally important to offer individuality. What separates us from most of the other boutiques and e-commerce stores - its our Mod Owl fashion truck; our pink baby on wheels.

Esther, husband Max and daughter Ava

Most definitely. Another passion of ours is to be part of something bigger and to help make a positive difference. At the moment, we are focusing on Breast Cancer Awareness month, which is coming up in October. We would love to do our part, with the help of our pink truck and loyal followers, to raise awareness and fundraise for this enormously worthy cause.

Last question. Who is your personal fashion icon? There are a few gorgeous and intelligent women that I admire but the one woman that stands out for me the most is Kate Middleton. She is a true modern fashion icon. My fashion motto is pretty much WWKW (What Would Kate Wear?) probably cheesy but can’t help it! We are always seeking to collaborate with independent fashion designers, brands, fashion bloggers, social media influencers, talent and brands for collaborations. Sign up at to receive updates, offers and where to find the fashion truck.



1. How was Lil’ Libros born?

Ariana: When Patty was pregnant with her first son, she wanted to make sure that he spoke her native language, Spanish. She searched for bilingual books that not only presented her to a bilingual journey, but that it had a purpose to introduce him to the Latino culture. The idea was submitted to the largest publishers in the country. Unfortunately, many “no’s” were received, and one publisher expressed that “Latinos do not read to their children”. Discouraged by the rejections received, the idea was put in the back burner for a few years. Two years later I had my first child. It was in talking with Patty around this time that we realized we shared the same hopes and dreams for our children. We both wanted our children to understand what a rich culture they share. After learning that Patty had been turned down by publishing houses and knowing we needed to move quickly if we wanted something to materialize, we decided to create our own bilingual children’s book company, and Lil’ Libros was born! We wanted to put out a product that resonated not only with Latinos, but also one that appealed to any parent looking to teach their kids Spanish and English.



2. Why did you find the need to create Bilingual books for Babies?

Ariana: We found the need from our personal experiences. Early literacy is such an essential part of a baby’s development and we want to be part of this beautiful moment in their lives. We also want to encourage parents to read to their children at the earliest age. There’s no better feeling knowing that we are inspiring some parents to do tasks they never did before. Patty: Our books are like little seeds. We hope our parents plant the love for reading at home and create an environment where literacy is as important as having a meal or taking care of your health. 3. Where do you get the inspiration for your books?

Ariana: Our inspiration comes from subjects we grew up with. For example, Lucha Libre was seen in our household every Saturday evening. As kids, we thought it was the coolest thing ever! It’s such a colorful sport with rich in culture! Or another example is Loteria, a very popular bingo game in the Latino culture. This game is an extension of our family’s tradition. We grew up playing it, and we still do!

Patty: I agree with Ariana, to me my children and community is what wakes me up every morning. 4. As entrepreneurs, What motivates you every day?

Ariana: Our children and our community! Also, the fact that we are doing this on our own, makes it very rewarding and motivating. It is a dream to be able to work for yourself and knowing you’re making a difference in the world. Patty: I agree with Ariana, to me my children and community is what wakes me up every morning. 5. You two wear many hats leading several business ventures and careers as well as being moms, How you find your ALEGRIA?

Ariana: I find my ALEGRIA by spending time with my family, friends, furbabies, binge watching Netflix shows, trying new restaurants, and of course having unas cervecitas! Patty: My two children. My mother. Conversations with friends about our dreams and goals.


We provide a variety of services for both the residential and commercial sectors. no job is too small or too large for our company. We take on projects ranging from single family residences stone and tile installation too full high rise stone and tile installations. Our team is experienced, and no other contractors can beat our prices.

LICENSE #: 998521 | tel: 310-866 6409 | fax: 310 943-3345



1. You are known for bringing your creativity and architectural background to the real estate business with great success. What is the best advice you can give someone new to the real estate business to thrive in such a competitive industry?

Be genuine and come from a place of gratitude. This allows you to completely listen to what people are saying and you can in turn consult them to the best of your ability. 2. What is the most rewarding part of your career?

Knowing that my business expands to the extent that I do. This pushes me to evolve and learn more every day. 3. How has your bicultural heritage influenced your work and your career?

1. Eres conocido por llevar tu creatividad y experiencia en arquitectura al negocio inmobiliario con mucho éxito. ¿Cuál es tu mejor consejo a una persona que está empezando en el negocio inmobiliario para que progrese en esta industria tan competitiva?

Que sea sincera y grata. Eso te permite que escuches completamente lo que dice la gente y, en cambio, vas a aconsejarles de la mejor forma posible. 2. ¿Cuál es la parte más gratificante de tu carrera?

El saber que mi negocio está creciendo de la misma forma en la que yo lo hago. Esto me impulsa a evolucionar y aprender más cada día. 3. ¿Qué influencia ha tenido tu herencia bicultural en tu trabajo y carrera?

Primarily through language. The most important factor has been the ability to code-switch. This has allowed me to understand very complicated language and translate it into understandable, everyday language. 4. What brings you ALEGRIA?

Family. This has been highlighted by the passing of my beautiful older brother. I am who I am today because of my family and I’m grateful for every moment I have with them. 5. As the retail construction manager for businesses like The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, what was the most rewarding part of this project?

Walking on a job site and seeing it transform every day. There’s an opportunity every time you’re on site. The goal is to truly see it as opportunities and not problems.

dad de usar el cambio de código. Esto me ha permitido entender lenguaje muy complicado y traducirlo al lenguaje comprensible, coloquial. 4. ¿Qué te da ALEGRIA?

La familia. Esto se ha puesto de relieve por el fallecimiento de mi hermoso hermano mayor. Soy lo que soy hoy debido a mi familia y estoy agradecido por cada momento que tengo con ellos. 5. Como jefe de obra para tiendas, como The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, ¿cuál ha sido la parte más gratificante de este proyecto?

Caminar en un lugar de trabajo y observar su transformación cada día. Hay una oportunidad cada vez que estás en el sitio. El objetivo es ver las oportunidades y no los problemas.

Principalmente a través del idioma. El factor más importante ha sido la habiliMark H. Mendez Associate/Buyer’s Agent Price + Hou and Associates CalBRE#: 01974201 m: 310.621.2531

Photographer: David Jr. Martin


Jose E. Alfaro and Carlos E. Alfaro

1. How was INSURENEX born?

Not by accident. While attending college at night, my brother and I were working for law firms in the areas of civil litigation, workers’ compensation and bankruptcy proceedings. After 7 years of filing claims, serving lawsuits and doing discovery work on behalf of plaintiffs, we told ourselves we either go to law school or do something else. We looked at various industries from opening a restaurant to owning a clothing store. Then we met with our Mom’s insurance agent and saw that he was doing well. We figured, hey, we know how insurance policies work, we know what’s involved in a claim’s process; why not go into the insurance business, after all, our background and experience are complimentary. Recognizing that we live in a litigious society and seeing firsthand examples of how unexpected events can impact the financial stability of a business or family when they lack adequate financial protection, we made a decision to focus our careers in risk management and insurance planning. In essence, we left the world of suing people and entered the world of assisting them to protect their financial wellbeing. In 1997, we opened our independent insurance brokerage under the name Alfaro & Alfaro, now known as INSURENEX.

From the start, we knew we wanted a business that would give us the lifestyle we envisioned but also make a positive impact in the process. We defined our purpose as one of empowering people to make informed decisions about protecting what matters to them in their lives. Fast forward 19 years, today we manage a growing portfolio of clients who own growth companies, clients who manage community-based nonprofit organizations, clients ranging from professionals in a broad range of fields and families. We enjoy the trust and respect of a select group of nationally trusted insurance companies; this allows us to offer a wide range of insurance products and specialty services at a competitive value. 2. Educating about risk management in all aspects of business is one of your passions. What is the most common mistake small business owners make nowadays?

“It’s not going to happen to me.” Literally, that mindset is by far the most common mistake. But that isn’t the only one. “I don’t need that type of insurance, we only have 5 employees and we’re like family.” Often times the business has grown to new levels or is offering other services and the insurance policies are vastly outdated or offer no coverage at all. We see misclassification of workers as “independent contractors” when in fact they are doing

the work of the company and acting as employees. There’s the mindset that the “cheaper” or lower the premium, the better it is for them. Increasingly, folks think they can get a policy on the internet or from a direct writer, not knowing what’s in the fine print of the policy contract until they have an uninsured claim. Particularly in the Latino community, we see businesses that got started on a “handshake” with more than one owner, yet, they don’t have an indemnification agreement or exit strategy in the event one of the owners is injured or dies. And lastly, albeit it is less common, we see many small businesses lacking up-to-date information and tools about human resources, employment practices and being in compliance with new laws and regulations. 3. Essentials to be covered on all sides...

Great question, except for the part that there’s no right answer. One possible answer we can give is to do your due diligence and align yourself with an experienced professional that can assess your particular situation and address the ‘essentials’ that may apply to you or your business. Protecting your assets and financial wellbeing is an ongoing process. It requires being in periodic communication between you and your advisor. It may involve other professionals in your team such as your accountant, attorney or realtor. At the very least, annual reviews are critical. As your business and financial net

worth change, so will your specific needs for risk assessment and financial protection. The ‘essentials’ will become clear during these conversations and actions and steps can be taken to give you peace of mind. That’s the value an experienced insurance advisor can provide, one you will not find in internet portals, direct providers, automated services or price driven shops, regardless of what they claim. 4. What gives you ALEGRIA?

Besides having ice cream on a Sunday afternoon, enjoying a cold IPA by the beach or choosing a good bottle of wine, I think I can answer for Carlos and me here: we both love living an active lifestyle; being healthy and fit is at the top of our list. I’ve ran 18 marathons and Carlos is somewhere around there too; we love to cycle, last year we rode our bikes from San Francisco to Los Angeles to fundraise to find a cure for AIDS. It was the third time participating for Carlos and second time for me. We love to travel. Going to a new town or country is definitely ALEGRIA. One big source of ALEGRIA is spending time with family— I’m a proud Dad of a 13-yearold daughter and a 10-year-old son—and Carlos loves being a super uncle. Actually to my kids, he’s a super hero, no joke! Lastly, we believe that ALEGRIA is a state of being and living life from a place of gratitude and contribution is a beautiful reminder that we can live life to the fullest.


1. ¿Cómo nace INSURENEX?

Durante la universidad, mi hermano y yo trabajábamos para firmas de abogados en las áreas de litigio civil, compensación de trabajadores y procedimientos de quiebra. Después de 7 años de presentar reclamaciones, servir demandas y hacer el trabajo de descubrimiento, nos dijimos que o bien debíamos ir a la escuela de leyes o dedicarnos a otra cosa. Consideramos varios sectores, desde abrir un restaurante hasta una tienda de ropa. Luego nos encontramos con el agente de seguros de mi mamá y vimos que le estaba yendo muy bien. Sabiamos cómo funcionan las pólizas de seguro y sabemos lo que involucra el proceso de una demanda; ¿por qué no entrar en el negocio de los seguros? Después de todo, nuestra trayectoria y experiencia lo complementan perfectamente. Reconocer que vivimos en una sociedad litigiosa y ver ejemplos de primera mano de cómo los acontecimientos inesperados pueden afectar la estabilidad financiera de una empresa o de familia cuando carecen de la protección financiera adecuada, hizo que tomaramos la decisión de centrar nuestra carrera en la gestión de riesgos y planificación de seguros. En esencia, dejamos el mundo de las personas que demandan y entramos en el mundo de ayudarles a proteger su bienestar financiero.



En 1997, abrimos nuestra agencia de seguros independiente bajo el nombre de Alfaro & Alfaro, ahora conocido como INSURENEX. Desde el principio, queríamos un negocio que nos brindara el estilo de vida que habíamos imaginado, pero que también tuviera un impacto positivo en el proceso. Definimos como nuestro propósito capacitar a las personas para tomar decisiones informadas sobre la protección de lo que más les importa en sus vidas. Hoy, 19 años después, manejamos una cartera cada vez mayor de clientes que son dueños de compañías, clientes que manejan organizaciones comunitarias sin fines de lucro, diversidad de profesionales y también familias. Gozamos de la confianza y el respeto de un grupo selecto de compañías de seguros a nivel nacional; esto nos permite ofrecer una amplia gama de productos de seguros y servicios especializados a un valor competitivo. 2. Educar acerca de la gestión de riesgos del negocio es una de tus pasiones. ¿Cuál es el error más común de los propietarios de pequeñas empresas hoy en día?

“No me va a pasar a mí.” Literalmente, esa forma de pensar es el error más común. Pero no es el único. “Yo no necesito ese tipo de seguros, sólo tenemos 5 empleados y somos como de la familia.” Muchas veces el negocio ha crecido a nuevos niveles y las pólizas de seguro ya son anticuadas. Vemos trabajadores erróneamente calificados como “contratistas

independientes”, cuando en realidad están haciendo trabajo de la empresa en calidad de empleados. También está el modo de pensar que mientras “más barata” o menor sea la prima, mejor será para ellos. Cada vez más, la gente piensa que pueden conseguir una póliza por Internet o de asegurador directo, sin saber lo que está en la letra pequeña del contrato, hasta que tienen una demanda sin cobertura. Sobre todo en la comunidad latina, vemos empresas que comenzaron con un “apretón de manos” con más de un propietario, sin embargo, no tienen un acuerdo de indemnización o estrategia de salida en el caso de que uno de ellos se lesione o muera. Por último, vemos muchas pequeñas empresas que carecen de información actualizada y herramientas sobre recursos humanos, prácticas de empleo y estar en conformidad con las nuevas leyes y reglamentos. 3. ¿Cuáles son los esenciales que deben cubrirse en todos los aspectos?

Una posible respuesta es hacer tu debida diligencia y alinearte con un profesional experimentado que pueda evaluar tu situación particular y determinar los ‘esenciales’ que aplican para ti o para tu empresa. La protección de tus activos y el bienestar financiero es un proceso continuo. Requiere estar en comunicación periódica con tu asesor. Puedes involucrar a otros profesionales en tu equipo, como a tu contador, abogado o agente de bienes raíces. Como mínimo, las revisiones anuales son críticas. A medida que tu negocio y tu patrimonio financiero cambian,

Contacto: Business Insurance / Employee / Personal Insurance 1-800-583-2787

también lo harán tus necesidades específicas para la evaluación de riesgos y protección financiera. Los ‘esenciales’ se pondrán de manifiesto durante estas conversaciones, así como las acciones que se pueden tomar para darte paz mental. Ese es el valor que un asesor de seguros con experiencia puede proporcionar, uno que no encontrarás en los portales de Internet, los proveedores directos, servicios automatizados o proveedores que se manejan por precio, independientemente de lo que ellos proclamen. 4. ¿Qué te da ALEGRIA?

Además de tomar helado el domingo por la tarde, disfrutar de una IPA fría en la playa o elegir una buena botella de vino, creo que puedo responder por Carlos y por mi aquí: nos encanta vivir una vida activa; estar saludables y en forma está arriba en nuestra lista. He corrido 18 maratones y Carlos más o menos igual; nos encanta el ciclismo, el año pasado nos montamos en nuestras bicicletas desde San Francisco a Los Ángeles para recaudar fondos para encontrar una cura para el SIDA. Era la tercera vez que Carlos participaba y la segunda vez para mí. Nos encanta viajar. Ir a una nueva ciudad o país es, sin duda ALEGRIA. Una gran fuente de ALEGRIA es pasar tiempo con familia, soy un orgulloso papá de una hija de 13 años y un hijo de 10 años. A Carlos le encanta ser un tío estupendo. En realidad, para mis hijos, es un súper héroe, ¡no es broma! Por último, creemos que ALEGRIA es un estado de ser y vivir la vida desde un lugar de reconocimiento y contribución, siendo un hermoso recordatorio de que podemos vivir la vida al máximo.


Dr. Alvaro


ALL FAMILY DENTAL NEEDS AT ONE PLACE We offer all phases of Dentistry including specialty services such as implant Dentistry, teeth in a day with immediate implant placement, bone grafts, sleep apnea treatment, TMJ & Orofacial pain management, orthodontics and cosmetic procedures such as smile design, smile makeovers and much more. We count with an in house CT and Autologous Growth Factors (PRF) to accelerate and support natural healing. Our exceptional dental team will provide your family with an outstanding experience every time you walk through our doors. We are completely dedicated to providing caring, state-of-the-art dentistry for children and adults. Dr. Betancur has been proudly caring for South Florida families for over 26 years.



1. Dr. Rebeles you are known for being one of the only Latina doctors that perform minimally invasive benign gynecologic surgery including robot-assisted (daVinci) surgery and single site surgery, how did you become passionate about this type of procedure? Can you tell us a bit more about this kind of procedure?

Latinas are underrepresented as physicians in general and for that reason, yes, I am probably one of few Latina fellowship-trained minimally invasive gynecologic surgeons. Robot-assisted surgery is an upscale form of laparoscopy, or surgery that is performed through small incisions using a thin, lighted camera. The robot enhances the experience of the surgeon by providing a high-definition, 3-dimensional view of the inside of a patient. It also makes the surgeon’s hand movements more precise so that we can carry out very fine dissection on a much smaller scale. I like to refer to it as computer-assisted surgery – the robot is a computer that makes our job as surgeons easier, and hopefully, as a result, the outcomes for patients are better.

2. What are some of the most common conditions that the average woman neglects?

Women are actually pretty compliant when it comes to their annual health maintenance. Rare is the patient who waits more than a couple of years to get her Pap smear or mammogram. But, I think all too often, many women minimize serious symptoms such as really heavy or painful menstruation. It amazes me how many women are told by their physicians that certain symptoms are normal. Women are tenacious creatures, so, they learn to just deal with the

problem, or they get busy with their lives, often times putting their children or spouse as a priority over themselves. They tend to neglect or cope with symptoms until it becomes difficult to do so any longer. 3. How has your bicultural heritage influenced your career?

My Mexican-American heritage taught me the value of hard work, humility and gratitude. It influenced me the moment I left my hometown of El Paso, Texas, to attend Stanford University at age 18. I went from a city where over 75% of the population was Latino or Hispanic, to a large, intimidating academic institution where people from my heritage were the minority. I instantly felt a sense of responsibility to the people of my culture because I very quickly realized what a privilege it was for someone like me to attend such a prestigious university. When I finished medical school, I returned to El Paso for residency training. I wanted to give back. The people of my hometown border community - my patients - became my teachers. This was undoubtedly one of the greatest and most fulfilling experiences of my career. Being

4. What is the best advice you can give a woman to remain healthy no matter their age?

You are your own best health advocate. So, listen to your body. Women are very in tune with their bodies and know when something is not right. Talk to your doctor and know as much as possible about your own medical history and that of your family. Eat a clean diet free of processed food and cook as many of your own meals as possible. Exercise because it’s fun and something you enjoy doing, and not just a chore. Get plenty of sleep and find healthy ways of dealing with stress. 5. You have received many prestigious awards and have attended some of the best schools in the nation, what advice would you give a latina who is passionate about your field of study?

Becoming a physician takes a lot of discipline and dedication, but always keep your eye on the ultimate goal, no matter how far away it seems, or how badly you want to quit. And even if you do fail a few times or need to reevaluate your path, allow yourself that flexibility, because through that struggle, there will be growth. Remain humble and steadfast in your aspirations. I sincerely believe that if I can do it, anybody can do it, because I am no different and no better than any other woman with a dream. 6. What brings you ALEGRIA?

So much brings me ALEGRIA beause I am able to find beauty in just about everything: a morning sunrise…a desert thunderstorm…photography…staying physically fit…a weekend spent with loved ones…hearing my mother’s laugh…laughing at my father’s corny jokes…a hug from a grateful patient…a successful surgical outcome…and of course, coffee… coffee definitely brings me ALEGRIA.

To learn more about Dr. Sonia Rebeles, please visit her website at and click “Make Appointment” or call 424-285-8535. Her office is located at K&B Surgical Center, 9033 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 200, Beverly Hills, CA 90211. For more information, please email her at :

Photographer: David Jr. Martin

I have always thrived on doing things with my hands ever since I was young. I love the satisfaction of saying I fixed or built something with my own hands, a skill I get from my dad. During my Ob/Gyn residency, I fell in love with surgery, which, when combined with really cool technology in an operating room, made me feel like I was in my own little sanctuary. Plus, the gratification achieved from improving a woman’s quality of life by fixing a problem she had, is an immense reward in and of itself.

bilingual allowed me to communicate with and understand my patients as a whole and not just a disease process. My command of both languages solidified the essential bond of trust that must be created between doctor and patient.



Baja Construction in-house experts deliver preconstruction, estimating, general contracting, construction management, and design-build services to a diverse portfolio of clients. Spanning the sports and entertainment, higher education, aviation, hospitality, commercial, and multifamily residential markets. We are a network of construction professionals that provides the commitment to service of a local contractor, backed by the history, stability, and resources. The construction team looks beyond immediate project needs to see the bigger picture: to understand the business goals, share the client’s vision of success, and work to exceed expectations.

Additions / Residential & Commercial / Roofing / Electrical / Plumbing / Air Conditioning / Drywall / Taping / Paint / Tile / Marble / Cabinets / Stucco / concrete / Patios / Decks /Fence / Crown Molding and Finish Work.

Bisness owner: Oscar Nunez Contact: (949)204-7852


1. Being in front of the camera for me means... Being able to make a difference. I’d love to be a role model for younger girls so that they, too, go after their dreams NO MATTER WHAT. I wanted to be on television ever since I was a little girl. When I was a teenager I worked at the local junior high, and the dean there asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I shared my dream of being on television. He told me, “you’ll have to lose AT LEAST 20 lbs and all those girls smoke to supress their appetite and you’ll have to sleep around to get to the top.” So, for me being in front of the camera means proving him, and anyone who ever told me I couldn’t, wrong. It means that ANYTHING is possible, that your dreams can come true if you never give up. 2. During my days off, you can catch me doing... I love to do NOTHING on my days off! My schedule is so busy that my days off are reserved for spending time with loved ones, and for catching up on sleep! Aunque los domingos si suelo lavar ropa, limpiar y preparar mis comidas para la semana... porque pues hay que cuidar la dieta a veces! 3. ALEGRIA for me is... LOVE...the things I love like sunshine, friends, nieces and nephews, sunsets, all those things that fill my soul. It’s the feeling that comes from within, that makes you want to go around hugging everyone. It is making others happy, and lifting them up. In short, alegria for me is love... giving love, being’s love.


4. The way I envision myself... I envision myself as someone who can make a difference. I want to inspire others. Two of my favorite quotes are “let no one ever come to you without leaving happier” (Mother Teresa) and “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” (Maya Angelou) and that’s how I want to live my life, leaving others better than I found them by inspiring them to be dreamers, motivating them to reach their goals, and making them believe that anything is possible. 5. Best “halago” you ever received... Cuando mi novio y yo NO nos convertimos en multi-millonarios con el powerball el me dijo “It’s ok baby, YOU are my lottery”.


1. Estar frente a la cámara significa para mí… Ser capaz de hacer una diferencia. Me encantaría ser un modelo a seguir para las jóvenes, para que ellas también persigan sus sueños, SIN IMPORTAR NADA. Quería estar en televisión desde que era una niña pequeña. Cuando era adolescente, trabajé en la preparatoria local, y el director ahí me preguntó que quería ser cuando creciera. Le compartí mi sueño de salir en televisión. Me dijo, “tendrás que perder AL MENOS 20 libras, y todas esas chicas fuman para controlar el hambre, y tendrás que acostarte con todo el mundo para llegar a la cima”. Así es que para mí, estar frente a las cámaras significa probar que él y todos los que me dijeron que no podía, estaban equivocados. Significa que TODO es posible, que tus sueños pueden volverse realidad si nunca te rindes. 2. En mis días libres, me puedes encontrar haciendo… ¡Me encanta no hacer NADA en mis días libres! Tengo una agenda tan ocupada, que mis días libres están reservados para pasar tiempo con mis seres queridos, y ¡recuperar horas de sueño! Aunque los domingos si suelo lavar ropa, limpiar y preparar mis comidas para la semana... ¡porque pues hay que cuidar la dieta a veces! 3. Para mí, ALEGRIA es… AMOR… las cosas que me encantan como la luz del sol, los amigos, sobrinas y sobrinos, las puestas de sol, todas esas cosas que me llenan el alma. Es el sentimiento que viene de dentro, que me da ganas de ir abrazando a todo el mundo. Es hacer felices a los demás, y elevarlos. En suma, ALEGRIA para mi es amor… dar amor, ser amor… es amor. 4. Cómo me visualizo en un futuro… Me veo como alguien que puede hacer una diferencia. Quiero inspirar a otras personas. Dos de mis frases favoritas son “no dejes que nadie llegue a ti sin irse más feliz de lo que llegó” (Madre Teresa), y “He aprendido que la gente olvidará lo que dijiste, la gente olvidará lo que hiciste, pero nunca olvidará cómo los hiciste sentir” (Maya Angelou), y así es como quiero vivir mi vida, dejando a los demás mejor de lo que los encontré al inspirarlos a ser soñadores, motivándolos a alcanzar sus sueños y haciéndoles sentir que cualquier cosa es posible. 5. El mejor halago que has recibido… Cuando mi novio y yo NO nos convertimos en multimillonarios con el Powerball, él me dijo, “está bien, nena, TU eres mi lotería”.



Te presentamos a DUQUE’S, polifacéticos artistas que actualmente se encuentran promocionando su primer trabajo “Lo vi”, donde conviven dos universos: el vintage y nuevo rock pop latino. En esta entrevista a DUQUE’S podemos sentir la pasión con la que estos artistas “suramericanos” afrontan esta nueva etapa en su carrera profesional, levantándose de cada caída y aprendiendo de las pruebas que se van encontrando en el camino. Esta entrevista está especialmente diseñada para aportar valor a todos aquellos colegas que no encuentran el rumbo en esta apasionante aventura. Aquí la tienes! Ricardo originario de Ecuador y Carlos De Chile ya estudiaban y vivian de la música en sus países natales. 10 años atrás deciden emigrar a los Estados Unidos y el destino los une en California hace 8 años, desde ese entonces continuamente tocaban en diferentes reuniones y bares siempre con la ilusión de un día formar un banda y muy probablemente viajar alrededor del mundo haciendo lo que mas amaban. Duque’s se forma en el 2014 y a lo largo de estos 2 años el grupo sufre muchos cambios en sus integrantes hasta que finalmente se integran 3 músicos curiosamente de origen suramericano también, Alfredo Lopez (bajista de Chile), Marcelo Bucater (baterista de Brasil) y Jorge Reygadas (teclados de Chile). Esta unión de sangre Latina se une, trabaja y extraordinariamente se planta en el escenario como uno solo, trayéndonos lo mejor de nuestro Rock en Español 80s, 90s y actual con un toque de frescura y sobre todo calidad musical.

1. Cómo nace Duque’s?

De la Imaginación, pasión y locura por la música!!! 2. Pórque es importante para Duque’s mantener este género vivo?

Este género es la música con la que nacimos y crecimos. No imagino haber tenido juventud sin grupos como Soda Stereo, Enanitos Verdes, Prisioneros, Maná, etc. que expresan nuestros sentimientos de rebeldía y amor por la vida con tanta vehemencia. El Rock en Español te invita a vivir a través de acordes fuertes pero melodiosos a la vez; líricas conscientes y con pasión, sentimientos como ningún otro género. Hoy en día es muy difícil encontrar este tipo de características en los géneros modernos y tal vez por esto es que sentimos tener la responsabilidad de seguir sembrando música con sentido y mensaje para las generaciones futuras. 3. Qué los inspira como grupo?

La necesidad de estar vivos y los rostros del público que con un solo gesto nos invitan a soñar y revivir experiencias con ellos!

La música para nosotros es un medio de supervivencia. Cada vez que ensayamos, grabamos o tocamos en vivo algo mágico se activa adentro y nos olvidamos de todo. La gente… el público, la familia, los amigos, ellos son la mayor inspiración. El fenómeno de la generación inmigrante de los Estados Unidos de las últimas décadas es el público perfecto para poder compartir este género es increíble verlos corear los clásicos como si nunca hubiera pasado el tiempo y aun fuesen Top hits en los charts actuales. 4. ¿Qué viene para el 2016-2017?

Tuvimos la gran oportunidad de abrir 5 diferentes fechas previas a los partidos de la Copa America Centenario alrededor de California, teniendo una gran aceptación, ahora nos preparamos para una gira en bares locales, otros shows con “Rams-Fans” pero lo más importante nos encontramos en medio de desarrollo de nuestra primera producción musical titulada “LO VI” que estará lista en el Mercado para la primavera del 2017. 5.- ¿Qué les trae Alegría?

El público, los amigos y sobre todo la familia, a la cual le debemos todo el apoyo incondicional que nos entregan día a día en esta carrera tan difícil que decidimos tomar. No hay nada más hermoso que saber que lo que tu haces llega a tantos corazones; a veces con tristeza, alegría y tantas otras cosas increíbles que puedes provocar y trasmitir con tu trabajo, eso no tiene precio! Al final del día le pedimos a Dios muchos años mas de Alegría o música que viene siendo lo mismo.

Photos by: Karla Silva



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WELCOME TO AZULIK Azulik – Adult Eco-Resort and Maya Spa is an extremely private and enchanting, adults only nature retreat and Mayan Wellness Center located by the sea in Tulum, Mexico, just 3 km south of the Tulum Archaeological Zone and 4 km from the center of Tulum town. This one-of-a-kind “off-the grid” Eco-resort (no electricity, no TV, no phones, etc.) features 39 hand-crafted luxury Tree House suites, an

organic café serving breakfast and lunch and dinner, a beach bar serving fresh Sushi and cool tropical drinks, and Tulum’s premier holistic Maya Spa and Healing Center. At Azulik, the pollution, noise and other distractions of the modern world completely disappear allowing adult couples to reconnect with nature and each other in a loving, romantic and meaningful way.

Carretera Tulum Ruinas Km. 5 Rojo Gomez rumbo a Punta Allen Zona Hotelera Tulum, CP 77780 Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico. @AZULIKTULUM 3201

Photos by: David Jr. Martin


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