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Alejandra DueĂąas What caused the Crusades?

The Crusades were a Holy War against the Muslims to conquer Jerusalem. In this war, many different religions fought against to obtain the Holy lands, which was Jerusalem. The Franks, was one powerful group that fought against the Muslims, in order to help their Christians brothers, The Byzantine Empire. From their perspective, the Crusades were caused by religious, social and economic problems. This started because Alexios I Komnenos, emperor of the Byzantines, wrote a letter to Pope Urban II asking for help because the Muslims were attacking them. Pope Urban II told a speech to his people and convinced them to fight against the Muslims. Pope Urban II wanted to fight and help the Byzantines so he could have power over the Eastern Orthodox Church and by doing this he would join the two churches under the power of the Pope. So mainly, the Crusades were caused by religious forces to obtain power in the name of God. The crusades were caused by economic and social problems as well. The Byzantines couldn’t afford fighting alone against the Muslims, because the Muslims were too powerful so they asked for help to the Franks. Pope Urban II, agreed to fight because after defeating the Muslims, they were going to be able to trade and have better commerce. Finally, the crusades were caused also by social problems because the Byzantines and the Franks were two different empires that had different point of views but they had a common enemy, and after defeating the Muslims, the Pope, wanted to join the two Churches under his power. In conclusion, the causes of the Crusades were a combination of religious, economic and social forces.


The Crusades: Frankish Perspective  

Throughout this short magazine readers will be able to get informed about everything of the crusades from the Europeans (franks) point of vi...

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