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Intellectual Property Law Firm

Style BARBAT is a dynamic national law firm, dedicated exclusively to Intellectual Property assistance, highly regarded in Argentina and Internationally. Our goal, over these 96 years, has been to adequately protect our clients’ innovations 96th Anniversary

within the appropriate legal frame, ensuring them exclusive rights over their creativity and contributing to their growth in business. This can only have been achieved with experienced insight, passionate dedication and timely advice. Our assistance is oriented to surpass all expectations. In the search for the best solution, we create value and generate growth. We give priority to personalized and individual attention, to correctly interpreting what is needed through experienced understanding, and to preparing recommendations that include the best alternative available. Our commitments can only be achieved through a team of skilled professionals in the field of Intellectual Property, with the innovative attitude and working resolution that ensures reaching a suitable solution for each requirement. We invite you to review this brochure, to learn more about the advantages of working with our firm.


“Protecting your innovations for more than 96 years�

Matty Barbat President


History The firm conventionally established that its activities had begun on December 12th, 1912, coincidental with the registration date of the first trademark handled by the firm, “La Favorita”. However recent investigation indicates that the activity began as far back as 1905. 96th Anniversary

We know from documentation related to the founders that both Isidoro Barbat and his son Hernan Barbat, led the firm between 1912 and 1945 with vision, honesty and great effort. From then on Isidoro Hernan Barbat, son of Hernan Barbat, took over the responsibility of the firm. Having graduated as a lawyer in Argentina, he became a leader in litigation in the field of Patents and Trademarks; he presided over the Association of Industrial Property Agents during many years and was one of the main drafters of the Industrial Models and Designs Act in Argentina, currently in force. Thanks to the fruitful work of Isidoro Hernan Barbat, the firm built its present recognized reputation. His honest and sincere approach to clients, his passion for Intellectual Property, his friendly relationship with people, including his sense of humour, have been a source of permanent inspiration for those presently involved in directing the firm. The firm which has continued to progress in size and expertise still maintains the family presence within: Isidoro Hernan’s wife Marta C. de Barbat, their two daughters Matty


“Growing together since 1912”

and Tessy Barbat, and son in law, Tony Ferguson, and their respective sons and daughters, are all actively involved in the firm, thus continuing the tradition in the fifth generation.


Obtaining IP Rights: Trademarks

Areas of Assistance

Patents Utility Models Industrial Models & Designs

Intellectual Property is the legal frame that offers protection to human inventive

Plant Breeder´s Rights

and creativity. Patents, Utility Models, Industrial Models and Designs, Trademarks and

Author´s & Neighboring Rights

accordance to a given type of innovation or artistic work.

Copyrights are the most usual legal forms that protect the owner’s exclusivity in

Copyright & Entertainment Law Software Protection

96th Anniversary

Our firm has a broad technical, administrative and legal expertise in all legal areas of Intellectual Property in order to ensure:

Domain Names

• Accurate determination of the required form of protection needed.

Trade Secrets IP Commercialization: Licensing & IP Agreements Cofidentiality Agreements Unfair Competition Due Diligence IP Enforcement:

• Knowledge and efficiency in the administrative proceedings to request and obtain the corresponding granted certificate of protection (exclusive right). • Capability and resolution necessary to solve disputes (both in and out of court) with third parties on the grounds of infringement or misappropriation of rights. • Experience in drafting and negotiating license agreements, technology transfer agreements, scientific collaboration agreements, assignment of Intellectual Property registered rights, confidentiality agreements. Internationally, we have a wide and increasing network of associates, situated in every


country of the world, carefully selected, who provide us the service abroad we need, and keep us alert with valuable updates in IP information needed in this business.

Opositions and Denials Anticounterfeiting

In Central America, The Caribbean and South America (including Mercosur) our

Branding & Design: Branding & Visual Identity Packaging & Product Design


Environments & Exhibitions

“Customized counselling and solutions”

assistance is provided either country by country or by tailored regional management. The permanent technological innovations have been a constant challenge for the evolution of our firm. We are continuously defining and re-defining our assistance to keep abreast with today’s inventiveness.


Staff Our most valuable asset is our staff. The meticulous selection strengthens our capacity to solve problems and it allows us to train and transmit our style of service to each incorporation. We have a very low rotation in our IP professionals and qualified administrative personnel which helps build better insight through ongoing experience. 96th Anniversary

We foster permanent legal updating and investigation amongst our IP professionals; we share experiences and comments on cases handled and on published jurisprudence. To strengthen our assistance we promote self esteem and personal initiative in all levels to help develop the experience needed in every individual. Everyone in BARBAT has learned the importance of teamwork, knowing that they are part of a delicate and confidential mechanism whose objective is to find a solution to every new requirement. Our Firm is skilled and determined when legal action must be taken. This places our clients in a privileged position, as we not only provide assistance to obtain exclusive rights on their creations, but also respond effectively (in court or out of court) to secure those IP rights every time they are contested by third parties through direct infringement or misappropriation of rights. The search of excellence in our professional counselling allows us to successfully confront daily challenges.


“Our staff is our most valuable asset”

Marta C. de Barbat

Matty Barbat

Tessy Barbat

Tony Ferguson

María Rosa de Amoedo

Offices BARBAT has its head office in the capital city centre of Buenos Aires, where all foreign related work is handled, and two branch offices in the cities of Rosario and Mendoza. 96th Anniversary

Being close to our clients has always been a priority for us. This allows us to enhance our personalized service, providing our clients in major cities in Argentina with the necessary assistance within reach. This has proved essential to build confidence and trust between us.

strategic location

“The importance of working close to our clients�

Head Office Buenos Aires



Alsina 1248, 2th Floor (C1088AAH) Buenos Aires tel (54.11) 4384-8418 / 8421 fax (54.11) 4383-6313 e-mail

Mitre 907, 12th Floor (S2000COS) Rosario tel (0341) 426-2262 / 426-3980 fax (0341) 421-1452 e-mail

Cmdte. Fossa 106, Barrio Bombal (M5500EFD) Mendoza tel (0261) 424-9955 / 424-2635 fax (0261) 424-2671 e-mail

Rosario Mendoza

Buenos Aires



BARBAT is a dynamic national law firm, dedicated exclusively to Intellectual Property assistance, highly regarded in Argentina and Internati...