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The Direction Of The Muscle Fibers

Improving the health of people still speaks in favor of an active lifestyle and proper nutrition, consumption of additives, vitamins and minerals. And it's not just muscle mass. As an active lifestyle improves the functioning of the nervous system (the involvement of motor neurons), reduces the risk of strokes, heart disease and even reduce the risk of colon cancer. Select submenu on the left in the expanded category that interests you Skeletal muscle is driven bone actively change the position of the human body in space, participate in the formation of the walls of the mouth, chest, abdomen, pelvis, are part of the walls of the pharynx, upper esophagus, larynx, performed movement of the eyeball and the auditory ossicles, respiratory and swallowing movements. These muscles are held in equilibrium human body and move it to space. The total mass of skeletal muscle in the adult human is 30-35% of body weight in neonates - 20-22%. Do older people muscle mass decreases slightly (25-30%). In humans, about 400 skeletal muscle contractile freely under the influence of pulses arriving at the peripheral nerves. Depending on the location of muscles, their shape, the direction of the muscle fibers, the relationship to the joints isolated superficial and deep, medial and lateral, external and internal muscles. Form muscles associated with their function. Some muscles have several heads; each of them starts from a single bone or from different points of a single bone.

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