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Human Resources Strategic Plan 2014 – 2016

HR Team


Message from the HR Director Our company does not just do what other dredging companies do. We pick up only those assignments where our knowledge, experience and determination can offer clear added value. Our HR policy is also directed at this: we strive for the best possible fit between employees, their jobs and our projects. For us it is important that everyone enjoys their job. For this reason we screen candidates carefully in two areas: competence and attitude. Where there is a clear fit, then we offer candidates clear prospects. A person can opt to make a career in the NMDC, both nationally and internationally or to become an absolute expert in their particular field. In both cases we help wherever we can. Through training and education, externally or from our own knowledge center. We also provide a motivating remuneration package consisting of a fixed and a variable portion. People doing exceptional work are exceptionally well rewarded. And when the company does well, everyone comes out ahead. Our HR policy includes challenges and stimuli, both intellectual and financial. We also view our people as unique and also show it clearly.

Regards Afrah Saif Mohammad Alozaibi Acting HR Director

HR Management Team

HR Director Mrs. Afrah Saif Alozaibi

An HR executive with a history of 28 years’ strong leadership and a track record of successful execution and results. Human Resources Management background, change leadership experience and senior HR accountability in a large, complex growth-oriented UAE government institutions. A dynamic and strategic leader who consistently delivers top results, contributing to the growth and long-term prosperity of any corporation by applying the best HR practices. Before joining NMDC, she worked closely with multiple levels of many organizations to ensure smooth operations and the attainment of key goals. As a quick and continuous learner she apply a broad knowledge base to train employees, optimize performance and ensure a highly capable staff by building, developing and retaining a competent workforce. She has a proven track record of realizing targets and delivering results thereby, contributing to the success and growth of a variety of organizations like; ADNIC, Ministry of Labour & Social Affairs, and Women’s Union. She holds a Masters in Business Administration with major in Finance from the University of Hosn, Abu Dhabi. She has also successfully completed many certificates in HR and computer related studies.

HR Manager (Projects) Ahmad Nadeem Khan

Ahmad heads the Projects - HR Team. He has been with the Company since May, 2009 and has been driving force behind the key player of the NMDC by managing the human capital and enhancing the employees’ engagement. He has managed many successful HR projects in the company. Ahmad is very much disciplined person and completes the tasks in a more organized way. His relationship skills with his internal & external customers are too good and look for the opportunity in every domain of the NMDC. A good problem solver and manages his team through exemplary people skills. Ahmad has over 20 years proven versatile experience from diversified industries, out of which recent 10 years of successful senior level work experience, in HRM in Canada and UAE. Prior to NMDC, he worked for Al Ghurair University, Nakheel (Dubai World), Hewlett Packard - Canada, Cleveland Bridge Engineering - Dubai and Al Noor Hospital, Abu Dhabi. He holds a Masters in Business Administration with major in HRM. He also holds CHRP and CHRM Professional Certifications from North America. He serves as a HR Representative for all the projects of NMDC. He is happily married with two young children; Ebrahim & Noor Ul Ain.

HR Manager Muhammad Nurullah

Mohamed Nurullah is HR Professional with 11 years of experience in Middle East. He has been cover a vast area of HR with the skills of managing Compensation & Benefits, Organizational Development, Performance Management, Recruitment, Employee Relations and touching the boundaries of Organizational Policy & Procedures. Before being a part of National Marine Dredging Company, Nurullah worked with number of organizations and proved himself as a successful and committed individual with professional skills. As a improviser and with his friendly yet professional approach, Nurullah was able to blend in to all organizations he has been a part of and this makes him a great asset for NMDC.

Human Resources Strategy

Ability to draw on a sufficiently large pool of talented professional Vision Rational for Key Success Factor •

Talented people are actively managed at NMDC.

The Recruitment process is well organized and transparent.

Each year a recruitment plan is put together, including budget.

Yearly training plan is created including budget.

Roles and responsibilities and job descriptions have been defined.

Best Choice of Employment Mission Support NMDC strategic objectives by develop its human capital. To be able to support NMDC strategy in: • •

Supply / Demand of workforce Resource Pool management

Organizational Priorities

NMDC faces a variety of complex organizational challenges. To address these challenges and to achieve the success in the Human Resources we need to develop these four sections To maintain and increase the excellence of the staff to sustain our position in GCC & ME region, HR Department make it our first priorities to having the right person in the right place at the right time 1. Leadership: Recruit, retain and develop the successors for NMDC leadership and missioncritical roles to provide strategic direction and lead in innovative learning and research. 2. Workforce Diversity: Increase the diversity of our staff (Employees) to ensure that a broad set of ideas, cultural experience and knowledge remain hallmarks of NMDC. 3. High Ethical standards: Ensure that our actions and behaviors are grounded in high ethical standards and contribute to a respectful and welcoming work environment 4. Health and Well-being: HAAD approved health care team is working throughout NMDC. NMDC insure an advance health care detection, treatment, prevention and policy that will improve the health of our employees and their family. HUMAN RESOURCES STRATEGIC RESPONSE The Human Resources Strategic Plan aligns HR goals with the top challenges facing the NMDC HR’s strategic goals are: Leadership: Strengthen leadership capability and capacity throughout the NMDC to encourage high levels of performance and productivity that sustain excellence. Health & Well-being: Improve the NMDC employee’s health and well-being, reduce the health care cost trend and enhance productivity. Culture and Environment: Facilitate a workplace culture and Environment that is respectful, inclusive, collaborative, safe and healthy. A VISION OF HR’s FUTURE SUCCESS On January 1, 2015 NMDC Human Resources, in collaboration with our consultant Deloitte, are working with NMDC leadership to proactively identify and articulate strategic human resource management challenges, provide expert advice counsel and lead in implementing best practices. Human resources (HR) is recognized as adding high value to the achievement of the NMDC mission and to the NMDC employees by supporting staff performance, productivity, work/life balance and wellbeing. HR is also seen as a partner through its implementation of efficient and cost-effective practices, programs and services.

Across the NMDC, HR professionals are capable, competent and service oriented. They share a common set of values characterized by trust, collaboration, communication, partnership and take pride in their contribution to the success of the NMDC. HR GUIDING PRINCIPLES Excellence, commitment and partnership are the guiding principles of the NMDC Human Resources department. These principles guide human resources decision-making at the NMDC by measuring to what extent the issue; • Aligns with the missions of the company • Supports the recruitment and retention of high-caliber staff and employees. • Complies with all UAE Government laws, regulations and policies. • Employs best practices and leads in innovation and quality. • Promotes fairness and equity. • Promotes ethical behavior in the community.

Strategic Goals

HR leadership has made a commitment to the NMDC management to achieve the following by the end of the Year 2015.

Strategic Goal: Leadership,

Strengthen leadership capability throughout the NMDC to promote high levels of performance and productivity and sustain excellence.

Objective Leadership Development Develop leadership on all the NMDC using the NMDC organizational competencies as a framework. • Support strength and capability at the senior management and executive level. • Integrate NMDC core competencies at multiple levels within the workforce to increase performance and productivity.

Performance Management Implement the NMDC wide performance management system using technology that allows flexibility at the departmental level. Identify both high performers and areas for development, including professional and career development training using performance metrics. Promote greater leadership capability in the areas of greatest strategic need and support individual career growth to enhance our workplace environment.

Workforce Planning Collaborate with our business partners to provide leadership in developing effective solutions for workforce planning. Provide leaders with different workforce scenarios and models using data gathering, analysis and forecasting tools that enable multi-year recruitment and selection plans, succession planning, leadership development and retention and performance management strategies.

Strategic Goal: Health, Safety & Well-being To improve the NMDC employees health, safety and well-being, reduce the health care cost trend and enhance productivity

Objective Utilize NMDC strategic position in the dredging world in the ME & GCC region, research and health care through reputed organization such as LLH and ADNIC that maximize our resources and benefits to remain an employer of choice.

Keep the well and at-risk healthy: • • • • •

Maximize healthy behaviors of benefits-eligible staff and employees by achieving and maintaining high participation in NMDC Healthy insurance programs. Offer regular opportunities to identify health risk factors and access high-quality interventions to reduce them. Implement targeted interventions to help staff and their families better manage chronic conditions that impact health cost absenteeism, productivity and quality of life. Implement cultural and physical improvements to support healthy behaviors, such as social and policy support, leadership activities and healthy food availability during their work day. Engage NMDC management and staff in the development of the NMDC healthy strategic plan for 2013-2015

Strategic goal: Efficiency & Effectiveness Achieve financial efficiency and increase operational effectiveness to advance and support NMDC goals.

Objectives: NMDC health system will develop a model for HR service delivery that aligns with the mission of the health system, eliminates redundancies and results in high-quality, cost-effective service. Implement redesigned business process, additional self-service, improved workflow and common data definitions to replace paper forms and manual processes so that work can be shifted from tactical to strategic and compliance priorities.

This work includes: • • •

Employee self-service optimization. Electronic solution applied to other job classifications for hiring. Staff, employees, trainee and outsource staff processing.

Establish and report metrics to influence and inform strategic decision-making and workforce planning in the area of: This work includes: • • •

Enterprise system enhancements Service management support systems. Realignment/changes to service centers and transactional resources

Investigate a learning management system that furthers knowledge transfer by identifying training requirements and capturing information on training taken. •

Develop and apply processes and policies that support regulatory and compliance programs and mandates.

Strategic Goal: Work Culture & Environment Facilitate a workplace culture and environment that is respectful, inclusive, collaborative safe and healthy

Objectives: Diversity and Inclusion •

Develop plans to promote diversity and cultural competency among staff across NMDC and health system program and advance a vision to target underserved populations in clinical care and research endeavors. Continue to improve staff employment search processes and related data collection and use.

Safety and Health

• •

Develop, implement and continuously evaluate a more robust engagement plan for NMDC wellness champions to fully engage them in this goal. Implement and continuously evaluate the recommendations of the NMDC health and safety, stress management task force, which identified actions at the individual, social and organizational levels to help staff better manage stress.

Work Force Culture

Implement a “Leader in Dredging throughout ME & GCC reign” development program and process focused on the personal and organizational value of creating a healthy workplace culture, moving us to the next level of cultural transformation by educating and inspiring leaders at all levels in the organization. Develop a robust set of guidelines, approaches and tools in concert with employees to allow management to be more proactive in setting standards for acceptable behavior and productivity during tenure track. Develop a set of policy recommendations that will support the recent change in time to tenure from eight to ten years, and the changes made for NMDC employees.

Thank You

HR Mission & Vission  
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