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Rikvin Offers Singapore Permanent Resident Scheme Assistance Singapore is the preffered destinations for employment and business opportunity seekers. Given its attractive entrepreneurial landscape and modern lifestyle. Rikvin elaborates on four Singapore permanent resident schemes. These are the Global Investor Program [GIP], The Financial Investor Program [FIP], Foreign Artistic Talent scheme [FATS], and Professional, Technical Personnel & Skilled Worker scheme [PTS]. Among these four, the PTS is the easiest and most common as anybody who holds work visas such as the Employment pass on Q and P types and the S pass are eligible to apply. “In the PTS, the work pass holder, the legal spouse, and children below 21 years of age can be given the permanent resident status,” says Rikvin, Included in the eligibility criteria are the applicant’s age, employer’s credentials, current salary & overall financial status, and the length of stay in Singapore. The government shall also consider the contributions to the community and personal interests of the applicants. In FATS, the foreign artists can be from areas such as fine arts, dance music, theatre, photography, literature & film. Rikvin states that the eligibility requirements include the substantial experience in the field of expertise, established reputation both at the home country and abroad, and having formal training in the field of specialty. Rikvin clarifies that both GIP and FIP are for investors. “GIP is designed for investors who are enthusiastic in establishing a business in Singapore,” Rikvin explains, saying moreover that there are two options in GIP. In option A, the investors shall pour in at least S$2.5 million in business entity or expansion of an existing business. The authorities will also require a business proposal or investment plan. Another option is to invest a similar amount in any GIP-approved fund. Its eligibility requirement is to have a minimum of 3 years of business or entrepreneurial record or a 10-year experience of being a chairman, CEO, CFO, and CTO in a company earning S$100 million in the last 10 years. Finally, the FIP requires an investment worth S$10 million in a financial institution approved by Monetary Authority of Singapore. Rikvin elucidates that the applicant must be at least 21 years of age, with a personal asset amounting to S$20 million. About the Publisher: Rikvin offers business solutions for both local and foreign investors or entrepreneurs. One of its specialities is Singapore company registration. The company has successfully help hundreds of foreign individuals form a Singapore company. Rikvin has effectively facilitated both non-resident and resident financiers build business firms in Singapore. Incoming calls in our phones are answered by live persons and not by an answering machine. We recognize the importance of your time and we are aware that technology cannot replace a person most especially, when we need to make vital business moves.

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Rikvin Offers Singapore Permanent Resident Scheme Assistance  
Rikvin Offers Singapore Permanent Resident Scheme Assistance  

Rikvin offers Singapore Company Registration service including securing your Singapore Employment Pass and Singapore EntrePass Visa for Sing...