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What is Composting? The aerobic decomposition of biodegradable organic matter. In other words turning your yard trimmings, food residuals and all other organic waste into useful, fertile top soil.

Why Should you Compost? Yard Trimmings & Food Residuals comprise 24% of the US municipal solid waste stream ✦ The average US household produces 1 to 2 lbs. of organic waste everyday ✦ Composting reduces air emissions and pollution as less incinerators are needed at waste stations ✦

Composting Benefits Creates a sustainable method of gardening ✦ The use of compost suppresses plant diseases and pests ✦ Compost reduces/eliminates the need to buy fertilizer ✦ The use of compost produces a higher yield in fruit bearing plants ✦ Composting reduces garden maintenance and general disposal costs ✦

I’m Tumblin’ Baby

The Craftsman Compost Tumbler is a state of the art piece of equipment. Made from 100% recycled plastic the Tumbler uses gravity and oxygen to reduce the effort and time necessary to create your own compost. It’s enclosed design means that odor and pests are issues of the past as well as providing an atmosphere with constant moisture for ideal composting. The aerating core (see diagram below) allows for air flow into the compost, speeding up the decomposition process. This core also allows the user to spin the Tumbler creating even distribution and proper mixing of the compost.

The Riches of Rot The Art of Composting

Craftsman Composting Pamphlet  

This was one of the in-store tactics that we decided to use for our Craftsman Brand extension assignment