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The Pearson Family Visual Report NURS 480

Introduction The Pearson family is composed of Jack and Rebecca, the parents of fraternal twins, Kevin and Kate, and their adoptive son, Randall. Jack and Rebecca were supposed to have triplets but during childbirth, their third son did not make it. Randall was left at a fire station the very same day and was brought to the same hospital that Jack and Rebecca were at. While Jack was visiting his newborn twins, he saw Randall and believed that adopting him was the right choice because he believed that Rebecca and him were meant to have 3 children. Sadly when the kids were 17, their house burned down and while Jack was rescuing his family members he inhaled too much smoke. Although everyone survived the fire, when Rebecca brought Jack to the hospital, he would sufferered from a heart attack due to smoke inhalation. Many, many years later, Rebecca would be remarried to Jack’s best friend, Miguel, and the kids (now adults) are all leading lives of their own.

Obesity Obesity is a condition in which the afflicted individual has an excessively large amount of body fat. People who are considered obese have a BMI greater than 30 (Mayo Clinic, 2015). This condition is a big concern because it predisposes the afflicted individuals to serious health problems such as diabetes, and cardiovascular conditions such as hypertension and heart disease (Mayo Clinic, 2015). Some of the causes of obesity include living an inactive lifestyle and consuming an excess amounts of calories (Mayo Clinic, 2015).While genetics may also play a role in obesity, inactivity and over eating are some of the main reasons people become obese. Risk factors for this condition include having a lifestyle that lacks exercise, constantly eating high amounts of unhealthy foods, other medical conditions, certain medication side effects, and more (Mayo Clinic, 2015). In the Pearson family, Kate (age 37), the sole daughter of Jack and Rebecca, suffers from obesity. At a young age she found comfort in food and would often eat more than she is normally supposed to. Being her father’s little princess, he often spoiled Kate and couldn’t bear to disappoint her. When Kate was little, Jack would take Kate on ice cream dates and would let her eat sweets despite Rebecca’s protests. Kate began to notice her weight problem as a young child, and was able to keep it under control during her teen years. However, after Jack’s tragic death, it took a toll on Kate and she used food as an outlet. She gained a great amount of weight and now in her late 30s’ she is trying to lose weight and become healthier. She has gone to a fat loss camp, goes to an obesity support group, tries to maintain a healthy diet, but is still struggling with her body image and losing the weight. On the bright side, Kate met her now current fiancé’, Toby, in her support group and he attempts to supports her emotionally as she deals with her obesity but still struggles with it. Kate recently had a miscarriage when she had a minor fall, and blames it on her body weight. Because of this news, she has recently been using food once again as an outlet.

Meet t h e P ear s on s Jack Pearson (Deceased)

Kevin Pearson

(37 years old)

Jack Pearson is the former and now deceased husband of Rebecca. He is the father of Kevin, Kate and Randall. In order to provide for his 3 kids and wife, Jack worked as an architect. He was an amazing husband and father to Rebecca and the kids. He was incredibly patient, understanding and hardworking. Although Jack struggled with alcoholism, he was able to control his substance problem and stay sober. Despite Jack’s history with alcohol his death was a result of a heart attack due to excessive smoke inhalation from the fire that burned their house down. Kate was very close to her father because despite her struggles with weight, Jack made her feel beautiful and supported her in all her endeavors. Kate and her father were extremely close. After Jack died, however, Kate was devastated and took her emotions out on food.

Kevin is Kate’s fraternal twin brother. Ever since they were little, Kevin and Kate have always been close. They watch out for one another and confide in one another. Kevin works as an actor in sitcoms and movies. For a period of time, Kate was Kevin’s assistant and helped her brother with his career whilst battling with her obesity. She often relies on Kevin to give her advice and provide support. Kevin is currently single and coming off a recent breakup.

Rebecca Pearson (68 years old)

Randall Pearson (37 years old) Randall is Kate’s adopted brother. While Kate isn’t as close to Randall as she is to Kevin, they still maintain a very good relationship with one another. Randall is a very intelligent and compassionate man who often butted heads with their brother Kevin while growing up. Kate was the one who always kept the two brothers calm and to this day still does. Randall has a wife and 2 beautiful children.

Rebecca Pearson is the mother of Kate, Kevin and Randall and widow of Jack. For most of the kids lives, Rebecca was a stay-at-home mom and was in charge of taking care of her 3 children while Jack provided for them. When Jack died, Rebecca had to step up and take care of all of her children. She had a very tense and fragile relationship with Kate because Kate struggled with her body image and self esteem. She saw herself as fat, while her mother was very slim, beautiful and talented. Kate despised and lashed out at her mother often because of this resentment. Rebecca is now married to Miguel, Jack’s former best friend.

Toby Damon (42 years old)

Toby is Kate’s fiancé. The two met at a weight loss support group awhile back and they have been together ever since. Despite Kate’s protests against falling for a fat person, Toby wowed and won Kate’s love through his kind heart, charm and wit. Toby tries his best to support Kate with her weight and self esteem problems by trying to be there for her emotionally. He also tries to uplift her spirits and outlook on life often. Toby proposed to Kate and professed his love for her after surviving from a heart attack. Toby and Kate now currently live together. After Kate’s miscarriage Toby has been supporting her emotionally but also discovered that she has recently reverted back to taking her stress out on food.

Culture and Religion The Pearsons are not shown to be a religious family. They are, however, a very close knit family. When Jack and Rebecca were still together and the kids were all young, the family was very close and Jack made it a point to have many family bonding moments. During their childhood, Jack and Rebecca started traditions during Thanksgiving and Christmas that they still celebrate to this day. Jack also passed away on a Super Bowl Sunday so whenever this day arrives, each of his kids and Rebecca celebrate or mourn his loss in their own special way. Although Kevin, Kate and Randall and their mother all live far away from each other they still make the time to celebrate their annual Thanksgiving and Christmas traditions. Despite any struggles or rough patches they may have as a family, they still try to support one another and remain close.

Communication Nowadays, the Pearson children and their mother have a good sense of verbal and nonverbal communication with one another. Not too long ago, however, Kevin and Randall had their own disputes. Growing up they didn’t have a good relationship, they fought and didn’t get along. When they became adults, the resentment and sense of rivalry that existed when they ere young still existed but recently they have made great strives in their relationship. Kevin has proved that he is willing to be there for his brother and Randall was able to do the same. Their relationship now isn’t perfect, but they are communicating very well and getting along. Kate and her mother, Rebecca, did not have the closest relationship while Kate was growing up because of Kate’ self esteem and body image issues. Kate resented her mother because she was thin, beautiful and talented. Everything that Kate wanted to be. Due to Kate’s recent miscarriage, Rebecca supported her emotionally because Rebecca had a similar experience when she had lost what was supposed to be Kate and Kevin’s triplet during childbirth. Kate and Rebecca was able to rekindle their relationship during this tragedy and are now trying to maintain this relationship.

Family Structure Strengths 

Despite any rough patches the family may have, they love one another and make attempts to stay close. The Pearsons maintain and celebrate the old traditions they have had since they were young in order to stay closer as a family. All members of the Pearson family as well as Kate’s fiancé, Toby, are willing to be there for their family members despite any prior arguments or disputes they’ve had. At the end of the day, they have each other’s backs and love each other. Kate’s siblings are willing to support her with her weight problem. They offer encouragement and support, especially when she had her miscarriage.

Challenges 

Unforeseen tragedies, such as Kate’s miscarriage, make it difficult for Kate to deal with her obesity. It makes Kate question if she is truly capable of being a mother. The emotional toll of losing their beloved father, Jack, at a young age has played a role in some of the emotional difficulties and problems each of the children have had. Since Rebecca, Kevin, Kate and Randall all live far away from one another, communicating and seeing one another can be a challenge. Kate struggles with ways to cope with her weight, and now her miscarriage. She has recently been using foodagain as her way coping which is counter productive to her problem.

Developmental Stage and Theoretical Model Duvall’s Developmental Stage The Pearsons are currently in the Middle-aged parents stage of Duvall’s developmental stages. Rebecca is now remarried to Jack’s former best friend Miguel while Kevin, Kate, and Randall are now 37 years old and leading lives of their own. At this point of their lives the siblings and their mothers are trying their best to maintain relationships and ties with one another despite all the struggles that life presents them with. Duvall’s developmental stages is a useful took that nurses can use in order to assess and understand the growth and development of a family. Through their experiences. A big part of this are normative changes and non-normative changes. Normative changes (AKA “on time” events) are predictable family developmental steps while nonnormative changes (AKA “off-time events”) are changes that occur unexpectedly or out of order. (Kaakinen, Coehlo, Steele, Tabacco, and Hanson, 2015, p. 82). For Kate and the rest of the Pearson family, they have experienced some non-normative changes that have taken a toll on their growth and development as adults and as a family. The most notable non-normative event was the unexpected death of their father Jack. Jack was very important to Kate and they had a very close relationship. Jack made his daughter feel beautiful and supported her despite Kate’s issues with her body image and self esteem. When he died, it caused a great deal of stress to Kate and the rest of the family. This event made Rebecca step up as a parent for her children but for Kate, she was unable to find a healthy coping method and turned to food which lead to her obesity.

Family Systems Theory This theory is serves as a tool for nurses to better understand and assess families as individual pieces that come together to make up a collaborative and interconnected system (Kaakinen, et. al, 2015, p. 76). Nurses who employ the use of this theory understand that because this theory views families as a whole, any changes that one member of the family has an effect on everyone else as well. The goal when applying this theory to a family is to be able to restore stability within a family or be able to help maintain it (Kaakinen, et. al, 2015, p. 76). In other words, the main focus is to keep the family afloat and staying on course in regards to their development and way of life. With the Pearsons, Kate’s condition has been present for most of her life. When she was younger she understood that she stood out from others because she was overweight and wasn’t skinny like the other girls. Her weight has always been a problem for her and it has had an effect on her family. With Kevin and Randall, they understand that Kate struggles with her weight so they try and support her as much as they can. With her mother, Kate’s body issues has affected her relationship with Rebecca as Kate grew up. She resented her mother because Rebecca was thin and beautiful. Rebecca and Kate now have a better relationship compared with her youth but it is still a work in progress. With regards to Kate’s fiancé, Toby, since they met at an obesity support group , her weight is a recurring issue and therefore a source of arguments between them. Despite all this, however, Toby remains supportive and they love each other very much. In addition to Kate’s obesity, her recent miscarriage due to her weight, affected her entire family as they now all try to be there for her and support her emotionally.



1. Educate Kate and her family about her condition together as a whole. Explain the risks that obesity has on her health and also on her fertility.

The problem is that Kate suffers from obesity and it has had a profound effect on the way she sees herself. She has problems with her body image and because of this, she has low self esteem. Her obesity is a result of her ineffective coping method of eating when she experiences emotional stress. Kate’s obesity also puts her at risk for many medical complications that put her health and safety at risk. The goal of these interventions is to focus on Kate’s weight problem and effective coping methods.

Rationale: Families are constantly changing due to internal and external stressors. Over time these stressors give the family an opportunity to adapt and change according to the stressor at hand (Kaakinen, et. al, 2015, p. 76). By educating Kate and her family as a whole about the extent of her

problem, they can adapt and change to this stressor collectively as a family. 

Outcome: By learning and gaining a better understanding of Kate’s condition as a family, the Pearsons can adapt together and support Kate as she deals with her condition. With a better and more educated support system, Kate will not feel as alone or helpless with her condition.

2. Educate Kate and her family about other methods she can use to redirect her emotional stress and sadness towards positive coping methods . 

Rationale: By providing Kate with better coping methods other than food, it gives her coping methods that, “…induce meaningful and lasting change that [lead] to achievement of desired outcomes” (Teixeira, Carraca, Marques, Rutter, Oppert, Bourdeaudhuij, Lakerveld, & Brug, 2015).

Outcome: With better and healthier coping methods, Kate can stop relying on food in order to cope with her emotions. Instead she can cope using more meaningful methods that will benefit her physical and emotional health in the long run. Educating her family as well abut these methods can encourage them to help Kate incorporate these healthier coping methods.

3. Educate Kate and her family about possible treatment methods, or lifestyle changes that she and her family can help her implement. 

Rationale: People struggling with obesity have reported that they reported a better sense of selfefficacy through family support, strategy sharing and being held accountable (Martinez, Turner, Pratt-Chapman, Kashima, Hargreaves, Dignan & Hebert, 2015)

Outcome: By including Kate’s family as she learns about methods and lifestyle changes to help her manage her obesity, her family can hold her accountable and encourage her stick with any lifestyle changes she makes.

References Kaakinen, J. R., Coehlo, D. P., Steele, R., Tabacco, A., & Hanson, S. M. (2015). Family health care nursing: theory, practice, and

research. Philadelphia: F.A. Davis Company. Martinez, D. J., Turner, M. M., Pratt-Chapman, M., Kashima, K., Hargreaves, M. K., Dignan, M. B., & Hébert, J. R. (2015). The Effect of Changes in Health Beliefs Among African-American and Rural White Church Congregants Enrolled in an Obesity Intervention: A Qualitative Evaluation. Journal of Community Health, 41(3), 518-525. doi:10.1007/s10900-015-0125-y Obesity. (2015, June 10). Mayo Clinic. Retrieved March 10, 2018, from Teixeira, P. J., Carraça, E. V., Marques, M. M., Rutter, H., Oppert, J., Bourdeaudhuij, I. D., . . . Brug, J. (2015). Successful behavior change in obesity interventions in adults: a systematic review of self-regulation mediators. BMC Medicine, 13(1).


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NURS 480 Pearson Family Visual Report  
NURS 480 Pearson Family Visual Report