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Profra. Patricia Instituto Verde

11/12/2012 «av. Obsidiana»

«GREETINGLINE» I did these card for let you know that the volleyball is important right now for 3 graders, so we ofer you the deel for maiking a voley teem. These teem will consist not ownly in one teem it will have 3 teems: a male groop, a female groop, and a mix one. They will train two time a week, or more the ones the professor thinck is proper, and of course they will train for championships, and thincks like that. I thinck these idea will be nice from your part if you do it, and i know that their is a class of volley at extra classes program, but like i tell you, these will be a kinde of different, and the school also will get more level if they take advantage of the talent of these guys. So thinck about it and if you look it like a right idea tell us. Thanckyou for your time, 3 graders. P. D.: You can also include the oder grades if you whant to.

Student Profra. Patricia


these is a horrible worck so pleas dont see it, pleas

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