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Opt- In Surge Blueprint

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Content Been There, Done That - Commonly Known Methods of Building a List.............................................................................. 4 1.1 Current Methods of Building a List.............................................................................7 1.2 Conversion, Conversion, Conversion.......................................................................12

REVEALED! - The “Secret Method” that Top Marketers Use ............................................................................................... 16 2.1 The Concept.............................................................................................................17 2.2 The Benefits.............................................................................................................20 2.3 The Proof..................................................................................................................29

Power Up! - Optimizing Your New Method ........................ 40 3.1 Not your Typical Headlines......................................................................................40 3.2 Attract Them Like Bees............................................................................................45 3.3 Welcome to the Club................................................................................................50

Entering the Fast Lane – Getting Traffic ........................... 57 4.1 Google Image Ads....................................................................................................57 4.2 StumbleUpon Ads....................................................................................................72 4.3 Social Media.............................................................................................................73 4.4 Forum Marketing......................................................................................................74 4.5 WSO.........................................................................................................................76 4.6 Fiverr........................................................................................................................76 4.7 SEO..........................................................................................................................77

For Advance Marketers – The Power of Segmentation . 79 Tools of the Trade – Getting the Software You Require .......................................................................................................93

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Chapter 1.0 Been There, Done That Commonly Known Methods of Building a List Alright, let me get this out of the way first: No matter what business you are in, no matter what manner of business you are carrying out… ...the money is in the list. I don’t care what anybody says. The money is in YOUR list. Or the lack thereof. The concept of having your own list is straightforward: it is like having a pool of people listening to what you have to say… and over time you can build a relationship with them. Internet marketers, be it selling their own products or promoting other people’s products as affiliates, need people to actually sell stuff to! Without a list, you will constantly be marketing to ‘new leads’, which can be expensive to always obtain.

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With a list, however, you simply send them an email with your promotion or offer. “But my business does not require me to be an internet marketer, I run a web application service and an e-commerce site..” Stop. The money is in the list. And we both know that a ‘list’ does not only apply to internet marketers. Web applications, services, e-commerce sites… they all have ‘customer leads’ or ‘newsletters’. Those are equivalent to a ‘list’. A ‘list’ simply refers to a group of potential leads that you can potentially profit from, with the right ‘treatment’. Past customers who bought from you also can form part of your list. Even big corporations have ‘lists’. Microsoft asks for your email address whenever you want to download some trial product of theirs. They then continually send emails to remind users to purchase a license for their trial software.

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Apple sends regular email promotions to their customers for their products, especially during certain special days (Red iPod with FREE love message inscription on Valentine’s Day, anyone?), notably public holidays. Oh, and in case you haven’t realize how they got your email – it’s your user email address when you registered for your iTunes account for your iPhone/iPad/iEverything. … So you see, making millions of dollars with huge lists isn’t reserved merely for the Gurus of Internet Marketing… They are used by the Gurus of any industry. Now that you get my drift, your next question would likely be… …How do you build a list of your own?

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Or if you are ALREADY building a list… ...are there FASTER and EASIER ways to build up my list? Now we’re talking. 

1.1 Current Methods of Building a List WAIT! Don’t let this topic title fool you. Yes, it’s true that I’m going to talk about some current methods of list building in this section… ...and it is important that you read through it. You see, without learning about the current methods being used, we will not appreciate and see the beauty of the new technique I will introduce later. It’s like running and walking. There are pros and cons to both. Anyhow, let me continue…

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If you’re an internet marketer, you’ve probably heard of squeeze pages. Also known as sales pages to opt-in pages, the main purpose of a squeeze page is to get people to enter their email address (opt-in) to be on a list. Alternatively, you can try to sell a product immediately to the traffic, and upon purchase, the buyer opts into a list too. This can be achieved easily by sending the customer who had just purchased to a page with your opt-in form, and requesting that he opt-in to ‘get the products, and any updates’. However, be careful with the above. Make sure to have a link for users who simply want your product but do not want to opt-in to any list. Another method is to use automation such as WSO Pro (when selling WSOs) which allows you to have your customers automatically opt-in to your autoresponder. This requires no participation from the buyer at all, and conversion rates are usually very good (I’m guessing because it’s completely seamless). With the advent of email marketing, the former is usually used than the latter. This is simply because getting traffic to enter their email address for free is going to result in higher conversion rates than trying to get them to purchase your product. With the list of people that opted-in, they then carry out email marketing to try to sell them the same product, or to sell them other people’s products. Page 8 of 103

Marketers use a lot of methods nowadays to get their traffic to opt in to their lists. I’m sure you’ve seen at least a few squeeze pages that used: 1. Videos 2. Free Baits (Free ebook, free video, free tips, etc) 3. Fancy Graphics (Moving Arrows, Etc) 4. Compelling Copywriting (Headline, bullet points of benefits, etc) If you want examples, simply browse through the Clickbank Marketplace..

That’s not to say they aren’t good. In fact, these videos, free baits, fancy graphics and great copywriting are FANTASTIC at what they do – getting traffic to opt-in to lists. But the catch is this… YOU have the MONEY , Page 9 of 103

the TIME , the IDEA , the DISCIPLINE and the SKILL to create them..?

Videos are great. They engage the user visually and audibly with the use of moving pictures and sounds. They pull the user into their sales message. But do you have a great idea for your sales video? And if you do, do you have the time to find the graphics, animate them, do your storyboard, edit your video, give your voiceover, convert them, upload them, etc, etc? Now to be honest I’m picking on video, because they seem to be the trend nowadays. I would like to emphasize that VIDEOS are GREAT (when pulled off well), but simply that not EVERYONE has the capability to do so. It is the same deal with squeeze pages that use fancy graphics, or free baits, and great copywriting to get people to opt-in. They work well, but not everyone has the capability to purchase or find fancy graphics (and put them up into a nice squeeze page), or to purchase or create a freebie product as bait or to be able to write great copywriting to get opt- ins (though the last one is defintely much easier than the rest).

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1.2 Conversion, Conversion, Conversion The hard truth is this: it’s a numbers game. The whole point of putting up these squeeze pages is to increase their conversion rates. Video, which is more engaging to the user than mere copywriting (debatable), is supposedly more highly converting. Of course, it depends on the quality of the video, and many other factors like product, sales pitch, etc. In my opinion, there are still many users who prefer to read text in a salesletter than watch a video. They claim that by reading they can get through the message much faster than they can by watching a video. And they can be right. Some videos are simply...unneccessary in my opinion. Here’s one that I feel is unneccessary: (link obtained from Clickbank. NOT an affiliate link.) The video is really long, the quality is a little bad in my opinion, and the voice in the video seems a little bored at times explaining what the product or idea is about. The video slides aren’t very interesting either...

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Here’s one that is not too bad: (link obtained from Clickbank. NOT an affiliate link.) The voice in the video is loud and clear, and his tone and pitch displays enthusiasm. His video isn’t very exciting, but it’s fast pace and him telling a story is good enough to push the viewer through. And last but not least, here is how I think videos ought to be used: and (no affiliate links) In Dropbox, it features an interesting video with animation and clarity describing it’s service. That’s a rising trend of Web 2.0 sites nowadays. With DIYThemes (Thesis Wordpress Theme) , the video demonstrates the features and benefits that the user gets in an effective manner. In my opinion, videos ought to be used mainly for great explanation or elaboration of unique ideas, or complicated features/benefits. In general, videos are best used if you have to demonstrate something that is really complicated and requires a lot of steps and explanations to do so. In that case, text can simply result in confusion for the reader due to the complexity of what you are trying to put across.. But all things equal, video generally has higher conversion rates due to the high level of engagement. Page 13 of 103

What are good conversion rates? This is a rather arguable topic.. but it really varies a great deal from business to business and from many other factors such as quality of copy (copywriting skill of copywriter) to design layout, pricing, colours, bonuses, guarantees, etc. The newbie marketer may be getting 0.1% conversion rate (1 out of 1000 people opt in), while the Gurus may be getting anywhere from 5-30% conversion rates. Some even claim to get 60-80% conversion rates..and they might be telling the truth. However, on many occasions it really depends on more than just the squeeze page. The quality of traffic sent, i.e., how ‘targeted’ the traffic is, plays a big part too. But let’s just say, we have all things equal… And only conversion rates are the determining factor… ...that leaves us with WHAT we put into the squeeze pages that will increase the conversion rates…

And for the rest of this manual, I will be revealing to you the tool that only a handful of TOP Marketers use to get HIGHLY converting

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squeeze pages that builds up more TARGETED lists at a FASTER RATE with the LEAST amount of EFFORT…

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Chapter 2.0 REVEALED! - The “Secret Method” that Top Marketers Use If you are a ‘newbie’ with squeeze pages… …or even if you are a seasoned pro with squeeze pages… ...I’m about to reveal the “Method” that only a handful of Top Marketers take advantage of. And I’m not KIDDING you here. This ‘method, or ‘technique’, is RARELY used and talked about.. simply because the Top Marketers prefer to keep it hidden in their arsenal (to use for themselves)… ...or simply because little is known about this technique and hence, there are not much open knowledge to share.. What is this technique..?

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Well, it’s time to tell ‘Squeeze Pages’ to move along… … …

...and let ‘Quiz Pages’ take over.  That’s right! The secret to building a TARGETED list QUICKLY and EASILY is to use QUIZZES! Now that I’ve revealed to you the ‘secret method (after 10 pages of anticipation, heh), I’ll bet you’re thinking: “Eh? Seriously?” Yes. Seriously. Like I mentioned, only a handful of marketers utilize quizzes in their business... And even a smaller bunch of them know HOW to BEST utilize quizzes to get the maximum impact . Over the next three sections, please allow me to open your eyes to the world of quizzes... 

2.1 The Concept The concept of using quizzes is pretty straightforward…however, with the right quiz tool, a lot of useful and impressive things can be done.

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Here’s a little diagram to show you how it works:

Firstly, your traffic comes to your ‘squeeze page with a quiz’ and sees your quiz. With proper wording, your traffic will attempt to do your quiz. (What’s proper wording, you ask? Don’t worry, that will be covered in section 3.0) Finally , after finishing your quiz, your traffic wants instant gratification and wants their quiz results or the analsis of their results … ...and this is where the power of the quiz method is displayed : Just before allowing your traffic to view their quiz evaluations or analysis, they are requested to opt- in to your list. By now, after all that effort answering your quiz, what’s opting-in to your list?  Let me ask you…

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Do you use social media? If so, I’m sure you would have seen people doing quizzes.

A lot of them are for entertainment purposes, such as ‘What type of X-Men Character Are You’, or ‘What is Your Personality Type’ or even ‘What Football Team You Should Support’…

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Have you stopped to wonder why people even do these “silly” quizzes?

(images obtained from from Google Image Search)

The answer to that is your first benefit of using quizzes …

2.2 The Benefits Benefit 1: Quizzes Increase Your Opt- In Conversion Rates Quizzes ENGAGE Your Customers on a Personal Level.

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First off, having a quiz on your squeeze page PULLS the user to start THINKING about the questions and answers … ...they are COMPELLED to choose the best answers, and move their mouse to click on the right answers… That alone is half the battle won. That’s the equivalent of the user watching your video or reading your copy. Furthermore, the timing of asking the user to ‘opt- in’ in order to obtain heir evaluation of their answers is almost perfect … that point of, the user has already made a great amount of effort to answer your quiz... all that stand between them and their quiz evaluations is to simply type in their email address.

And what’s more, on top of your quiz evaluations, you can give the user more incentives to opt-in with freebies, etc… Higher engagement rate and hence, higher opt- in rate.  Now I must make a disclaimer first: not ALL quizzes will perform as well as above instantly. It depends on how the quiz is created and worded. The right type of wording and the right type of questions play a large part in contributing to the level of engagement and conversion.

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If you get them right, prepare to see your quiz provide you with high conversion rates.  (Don’t worry, I will teach you the techniques to creating the best quiz pages in Section 3.0 – Tuning Your Ride!)

Benefit 2: Obtain “Instant” Authority In case you have not noticed.. the top earners in any industry, the people who make the biggest impact...they are all well respected. They are the ‘opinion leaders’ of their industry. They command a certain level of ‘authority’ from people… In the internet marketing industry, everyone calls them ‘Gurus’. In the tech industry, we usually call them by their names..(Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, etc) The point I’m driving to you is this: to succeed on a greater level, you must command some authority in your business industry. And quizzes allow you to build up your authority quickly. How? Think about it.

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During our school days, our teachers teach us things and then test our knowledge to see how much we learnt. We (usually) give them respect, as they are authority figures to us. They know more than us. They are our mentors, our guiders. Now come back and think about quizzes.

By using quizzes, you are GIVEN the ability to ‘test’ your traffic on THEIR knowledge! (in fact, there are two great ways to get your traffic to do your quiz. More on that in Section 3.0) And when your traffic do those quizzes... they are willingly allowing themselves to be tested by you. Not only that, they are WILLINGLY opting in to your list in order to SEE the evaluations you are giving to their quiz results. I don’t have a degree in human psychology, but I’m pretty sure some form of respect and ‘authority’ is definitely given to you when that happens. 

Benefit 3: No freebies to give away as bait? Your Quiz Evaluation to the Rescue! Remember I was talking about traditional squeeze pages earlier..?

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Remember how I mentioned that marketers usually use some form of freebie or free bait to try to attract opt-ins? I remembered once when I was trying to create a squeeze page for my own product, and couldn’t think or come up with a GREAT and RELEVANT freebie to use as bait. If you have faced the same issue I had above before, well, here’s the good news: With quizzes, you can essentially ignore searching or creating your own high quality and relevant freebies to use as bait… With quizzes, your Quiz Evaluation/Analysis is THE reason why people are opting in to your list. With proper planning, your quiz evaluation is probably a much better ‘freebie’ than traditional bait! And again, I’ll talk more about this on Section 3. 

Benefit 4: Save Precious Time Creating Content! With traditional squeeze pages, you have to spend quite a bit of time on content creation.

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As mentioned, if you are utilizing video, then quite a lot of time and effort is required to create it. Even normal squeeze pages require you to create some form of website which takes time.. . ...especially when you are adding graphics, embedding your autoresponder, typing your copy, and ensuring it all looks nice on your squeeze page… Of course, if you have the time to do all those, that’s great. Those will definitely help with boosting conversion rates too. However, creating a quiz is a whole new ball game. You simply have to think of questions and answers for your quiz, and the various autoresponders to use (if you are segmenting your traffic).. It’s not INSTANT, but the TIME required to set one up is much faster than tradtional squeeze page elements… ...especially when you take into account the conversion rates produced.  Section 3 provides you with a guide to creating effective quizzes quickly and easily… which will turbo boost your time saved .  At the end of the day, it’s all about the time required, and the resulting conversion rates. And Quizzes hands down give you one of the best conversion rates with the least time spent. Page 25 of 103

And what’s more, if you have more time, you can even throw in copywriting and videos to your quiz page. (though that’s not recommended, as it takes away the focus...) And honestly, the questions and answers to ask in your quizzes are pretty easy to come up with... …it’s simply questions that you would want to ask your potential customers! And you don’t need a lot of questions in fact as that would turn users off. (more on this in section 3.0) PLUS: Asking users such questions will lead you to Benefit 5..

Benefit 5: Segmenting and Pre- Qualifying Your Traffic for More Profits Now this is a little more advanced marketing… ...that unfortunately, a LOT of internet marketers can’t be bothered with. I’m talking about Market Segmentation..Traffic Segmentation. Segmentation of your potential customers via demographics (age, gender, lifestyle, etc) and psychographics…

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Think segmentation is useless? Think again. Big corporations spend MILLIONS of dollars conducting market research to segment their markets accordingly. The idea is this: if you can more narrowly segment your market into specific ‘segments’ that exhibits similar characteristics, you can more or less market to them in a specific manner that APPEALS to them… ...hence making more profits as your conversion rates should increase. In fact, you can Pre- Qualify your traffic… ..not EVERYONE is ideal for your specific product. Different people may require different things.

And by using a quiz, you can pre-qualify, ie. Find out if they are a good fit to your business. You can even choose to segment your traffic to segments that can be marketed to, and segments that can’t. In a nutshell, with you asking questions that you would potentially ask your customers in your quizzes.. That’s pre-qualifying. Page 27 of 103

Customers who answered in the positive to your questions, and are WILLING to OPT IN to your lists after that, is simply telling you this: “I’M VERY INTERESTED IN WHAT YOU HAVE TO OFFER!” Or something along those lines.  Segmentation and pre-qualfying is something that I will talk more about in Section 5: For Advance Marketers – The Power of Segmentation. There’s quite a lot of stuff to discuss there…

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2.3 The Proof Now that I’ve given you the benefits of using quizzes, I’m sure some of you might be feeling skeptical… And in this section, I’m going to show you some proof to convince you to at least give Quizzes a chance to improve your business…

Proof 1: A Popular Clickbank Product I was browsing the Clickbank marketplace the other day, looking to see which products are popular and being promoted… ...of course, I’m talking about the products that are ‘legitimately’ being promoted… not those that inflate their own gravity (trust me, there are some products that do that). Being the business student that I am… I decided to check out the ‘Business/Investing’ category to see what high quality products are in the marketplace.  Clickbank auto-filters the listings via ‘popularity’. More popuIar products can be assumed to be more ‘successful’. I read each listings from top to bottom and one of them caught my eye…

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How to hack the stock market, eh? Sounds awesome.  Disclaimer: I have not purchased the product, neither am I the owner or an affiliate promoting this product. I do NOT know the quality of the product, nor do I recommend that you should hack the stock market. All references to this product is merely used as a manner of displaying how using quizzes is beneficial to one’s business. Notice the description...”Our conversion rate is huge.” Huge eh? So I proceeded to click on the link and guess what I saw…

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Yup, a quiz page.

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Firstly, notice that there are 5 quiz questions, all laid out on the page for you to see. (I actually do not recommend laying out all your questions.. but more on that in section 3.0) Next, I want to point out to you the design of the page. It is a simple landing page, with a headline, some text, the quiz and a big button saying ‘Analyze’. Very simple yet effective landing page. Firstly, the headline… notice that it is challenging the user to answer the quiz questions correctly and rewarding the user for doing so. Notice his copy after the headline... it is continuing the ‘challenge’ by saying he is looking for ‘intelligent’ people to teach his ‘stock market’ loophole to. Let’s see what happens after I “answered” his quiz and clicked on the “Analyze” button…

An “animated” loading bar to say it is “analyzing” the results is displayed... and then… Page 32 of 103

A statement saying the user’s analyzed results are ready and to enter your email so that they can send the user his or her evaluation. I did not finish the quiz and neither did I sign up to his list… but I’m pretty sure that even when I do so, he will probably sell me his ‘Hack the Stock Market’ product anyway.  I want you to take note of the details of this quiz page…as it uses several great techniques to creating an awesome quiz page. That’s probably why it is one of the most promoted products by affiliates (in the business category) and doing so well on Clickbank!

Proof 2: The Marketing Guru, Eben Pagan Uses it!

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Enough said! Eben Pagan advocates using quizzes! If you don’t know who Eben Pagan is, well he is one of the top “Gurus” in the internet marketing scene and also in the dating scene where he is known as David Deangelo… ...owner of, a $20m/year business… Around 2007, he started utilizing quizzes in his business… ...and one of his most popular squeeze page for his website was in fact…a Quiz Script where he asked users to answer certain dating questions.. I found a blog post on this: The quiz page for DoubleYourDating is no more… But Eben Pagan still runs a quiz page for another one of his businesses… …you can see the quiz here:

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Another quiz, albeit more sarcastic this time, also referenced to Eben Pagan, is this: If you click to view those will notice a LOT of similarities in Proof 1… Enticing headline that pushes you to do the quizzes… ...about 3-5 quiz questions.. ‘analyze’ button.. ...and basically the same process to get people to sign up to their list. There are certain guidelines that will help make your quiz work even better…

Proof 3: My Short 5 Hour Experiment In a short 5 hours, I threw together a quick test to see if my quizzes can indeed attract opt-ins. I thought of a niche (fitness niche), thought of the quiz questions and answers, and made the quiz and squeeze page up pretty fast (I copied the graphics of another product’s squeeze page..shh :p). All this took about an hour. I utilized Facebook ads for some quick traffic and here are the results after 4 hours of the ad running..:

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List Statistics:

Is that awesome, or what? In a short 4 hours, I got 20 uniques from Facebook ads, and 19 entered their email address to opt- in! That’s a whopping 95% conversion rate. Of course, it’s a small number and when it becomes larger, conversions will definitely decrease. But for a quick experiment (I stopped it after 4 hours), the results were very encouraging.

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However, I made a super silly newbie mistake that resulted in this:

Notice how many unverified users I have? That’s purely from my silly mistake.. You see, you are supposed to show them their evaluations after they double confirm opting in…not BEFORE! Yes, I did it before.  Silly me! What happened was that immediately after entering their email address, I forwarded them straightaway to their evaluation page. Big mistake! After seeing their evaluations, they didn’t even bother double confirming their opt-in to my list, hence the unverified users. 

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Learn from my mistake, and always show them their evaluations only after they confirmed their opt- in! Oh... and yeah, for some reason, even after I stopped the ads, I still got some dribbles of opt-ins. Not sure why that happened though!

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Chapter 3.0 Power Up! - Optimizing Your New Method Alright! Now that you have some idea how having a quiz page can potentially increase your conversion rates like crazy AND saves you a lot of time creating a squeeze page… are some guidelines that should help you when creating your first quiz! Anyways, let’s begin! I hope to make it a direct and fluff-free section here!

3.1 Not your Typical Headlines I know that in copywriting, there are many guides as to creating the best ‘headlines’… I’m not the best copywriter out there (but I do know a little about good copywriting), but I truly believe that for quiz pages, your headlines ought to be a little different.

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The concept is the same, though: you want the reader to move on to the next section after reading your headline! Basically, for quiz pages, I highly advocate two styles: 1) The Challenge 2) The Test They can seem quite similar at times…but there ARE some slight differences.. Let’s talk about the first one, ‘The Challenge’ … Basically, you want to structure your quiz headline in such a way that it poses a challenge to the reader… The reader, sensing the challenge, would more than likely be intrigued to see if he or she is up to the challenge, hence proceeding to answer your quiz.. And that’s the whole point of the headline—to get the reader to do your quiz . Of course, your headline should and ought to also tell the reader what the quiz is about… …or you can utilize some simple sub-titles or copy to elaborate more or continue the challenge. A great example would be Proof 1 above on the quiz page for the product, ‘How to Hack the Stock Market’.

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Again, notice how it challenges the reader by saying that he will “teach you the stock market loopholes” if you answered the quiz questions correctly… Challenges can come in many forms. For example, you can challenge the reader by saying things such as: “Want to know why your website isn’t ranking so well on Google? I’ll tell you exactly why after you answer these basic SEO questions about your website.” “Think you are good at picking girls up? Find out what you’re LACKING by answering this quiz...” “Only TEN people who can answer my quiz correctly will be taught my Billion Dollar Business Blueprint...” I’m sure you can think of better headlines… but you get my drift on challenging the reader! Next, let’s talk about using “The Test”… Now if you had taken a look at Proof 2, Eben Pagan’s GetAltitude Business Quiz (…’s actually using more of “The Test” pitch. If you recall, one of the benefits of using quizzes is that it gives you the ability to build ‘instant authority’ in the form of a ‘teacher’ and ‘student’ dimension… Page 42 of 103

By using a “Test” style of headline and quiz, you are instantly positioning yourself as someone with better knowledge than your reader… “Test” style of headlines usually tells the reader to “answer the quiz” and be presented with a free analysis of how they fare. Let’s take a look again at the Business Analysis headline:

Notice that it tells the reader that it is a Free quiz (many tests we do in real life are paid)… ...and that by answering the quiz you can see “How Well Your Business Stacks Up”.. In some ways it seems similar to the “Challenge” style of headline.. . ...however, for this headline it also tells the reader that they get a Free analysis of their quiz answers that will help them grow their business! That’s the subtle difference. Page 43 of 103

The “Test” type of pitches is structured more towards ‘helping’ the reader in whatever problem they have... like how a teacher helps his or her students. For this type of headline, you have to ensure you state the benefits that the reader gets for doing your ‘quiz test’… “Take this FREE Flirting Test and get a FREE personalized analysis to see how you fare with girls in a conversation..” “Take this FREE test and get a FREE analysis on how to increase your Search Engine Rankings!” “Take this FREE test and get an FREE analysis to find out what you need to do in order to learn the secrets of making a billion dollars..” I guess I like to place the emphasis on FREE in my headlines... but it really depends on you. Free is good though, and a Free PERSONALIZED analysis is even better. Basically, STATE your benefit(s) to the reader! In this case, with a quiz page, the analysis of their quiz questions is an awesome benefit! And adding things like ‘personalized’, or ‘unique’ and going on to say ‘5 pages’ or ‘3 pages’ long analysis, etc, is just going to make the benefit more concrete and more appealing… Page 44 of 103

And your reader will be more compelled to do your quiz.  There may be other methods to writing great quiz headlines… …but for those of you that have no idea how to create a good one, the above 2 styles should point you in the right direction!

3.2 Attract Them Like Bees After writing our headline (and perhaps sub-title...), it’s time to get the reader to NOT only do the quiz… …but to complete the quiz! Yes, it may seem as if no one in the world would attempt to do a quiz and not finish it halfway through… …but you may be surprised. More often than not, it is due to poor structuring or planning of the quiz questions... causing people to get turned off before completing the quiz... To prevent that from happening, here are some tips to follow when creating your quizzes…

1) Your first quiz question should be EASY to comprehend… Page 45 of 103

I’m sure some of you have some pretty tough questions to quiz on your readers… …however, don’t throw them out for the first quiz question! Save them for later. The first question sets the mood and tone of the quiz...and a difficult to comprehend question at the start can be a turn- off for many and prevent them from answering further. The idea here is to structure the first question to be so easy and relevant, that they are COMPELLED to select an answer to the first question. And after that, the user builds some momentum is answering the next few questions, hence making it much easier for them to complete the quiz. Remember: the initial hurdle, the inertia in starting the quiz, is always the toughest. After that, it’s all momentum building. Anyhows, you should try to make ALL your quiz questions as easy to understand as possible!

2) ...and the answers EASY to select. And of course, your answers to the first few questions ought to be easy to select too!

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You don’t want the reader to be scratching their head... wondering what one of your quiz choices even means… You want answers that are distinct, relevant, and allow the user to quickly relate to them as fast as possible. Answering of the quiz question should be as pain- free and as fast as possible.

3) Leave segmentation questions at the end. If you plan to pre-qualify your traffic or segment them with demographics for example (e.g. segmenting them via gender, or age, or income level, etc), it is better to leave these questions at the end. These questions are in no way ‘interesting’, and placing them at the end of a quiz where the user has already more or less answered the core of the quiz makes them more compelled to answer those questions and complete the quiz.

4) Structure your quiz like an assessment. Have your quiz questions designed in the way similar to an assessment , rather than opened ended questions or questions of the user’s opinions. That is to say, don’t ask the reader what he thinks about something. Instead, ask the reader what does he know about something or what method he is using now or what situation he is in now, etc.

Page 47 of 103

Questions that ask the reader for their opinion diminishes the use of a quiz to build authority, and furthermore, it is impossible to give an analysis for such questions…at least, automatically  (to clarify, if you allow users open ended answers to your questions, it is more slanted towards a open ended survey or a feedback form.. which isn’t covered in this book )

5) Make sure your questions allow only ONE best answer per question This is something that is easily overlooked… Basically, you don’t want your answers to your questions to leave the reader wanting to choose more than one answer. For example, you shouldn’t ask the reader questions like: “What do you do to make money online?” A) Write Articles B) Sell My Own Products C) Affiliate Marketing By doing the above, a reader that does more than one of the above choices will have a tough time deciding which to select.

Page 48 of 103

This is especially so when the reader knows that his answers are being analyzed or evaluated! And he or she may even question the accuracy of the quiz and the evaluation. As such, avoid such problems. If need be, restructure your questions as such: “Of the choices below, which do you do MOST to make money online?” A) Write Articles B) Sell My Own Products C) Affiliate Marketing NOW the reader can answer much ‘MOST’ means only the most frequent option. Read through all your questions, and just ask yourself if your readers could possibly want to select more than one choice.

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6) 5- 10 quiz questions work the best Testing shows that the longer the quiz questions, the more likely people are to get tired of the process and drop off the quiz totally.. …while questions that are too short may cause people to NOT want to opt-in as they do not feel ‘more invested’ for the analysis outcome. Keep it to 5-10 questions! That’s about it for now... next up, the most important part of it all: the opt-in form.

3.3 Welcome to the Club Your traffic had finished answering all your quiz questions.. now it’s time to let the quiz script show it’s magic..! First things first, take note of Tip 6 from the previous section: 5- 10 questions work best. Again, you don’t want to have too few questions such that the user feels that opting into your list is not worth their effort. That being said, there are some things that you can do to ensure the highest opt-in rate possible 

Page 50 of 103

1) It is best to display a little ‘animation’ or ‘loading message’ that says their quiz answers are being analyzed. This is completely white- hat (for those that think it may be lying or misleading), as it IS true that their answers are being sorted out, and their respective evaluation being made… ...the ‘catch’ is that, it is all done by the quiz script/system automatically.  I want to make this point to you because firstly, I’m a web startup guy who does website design and web applications. User interface design and USER EXPERIENCE is something I deal with often. As such, this little animation actually plays into something we like to call, ‘Interaction Design’. That is, it plays on the ‘psychology’ of the user. With a little animation bar moving and a message saying their ‘answers are being analyzed’, it gives them a feeling that INDEED some ‘complex algorithm’ is taking place and not some ‘cheap and quick’ mix and match common-place answer is being provided. Just a heads up: Quiz Funnel has this automatically optimized to the max for you.. 

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2) Tests have shown that by displaying your opt-in form and your call- to-action in the same iframe and page, it increases conversions. Basically by displaying your opt-in form and call-to-action text to opt-in in the same area and without loading or refreshing the page, your traffic will feel as if the request to opt-in is more ‘connected’ to the quiz and that it is more genuine. On the contrary, a page refresh to show an opt-in form, or an opt-in form appearing directly below may seem like a desperate attempt to get the traffic to opt in. Another pointer from here is that quiz questions that are shown individually are recommended than displaying ALL your quiz questions at once. Why? Because by filling up the page with your quiz it may be rather intimidating to the user to attempt it! Not to mention if you have numerous quizzes which will take up a lot of space, the user has to keep moving their eyes from parts of the page, and scrolling the page down along with moving the mouse down the page all the time in order to finish the quiz. In contrast..

Page 52 of 103

Having the quiz questions displayed one by one, and contained in one small ‘area’ or ‘form’, is definitely much better. This is because the user does NOT need to keep scrolling the page , their eyes are able to FOCUS on a small area of the page and their mouse cursors are FOCUSED on the area of the quiz (hence less movement required to answer the quiz questions). All these simply means the user is more likely to attempt the quiz (less questions displayed, less intimidating to start) ..and they are more likely to FINISH the quiz (less effort required!)

3) Ask where to deliver their analysis to. Alright, this MAY be a little greyhat… Basically, by having your call-to-action say something like: “Your customized 5 page analysis is ready! Enter your email address below to tell me where to send it to.” Conversion rates increase. This is because it doesn’t seem very desperate or’re not really giving a free product as ‘bait’ or as a ‘reward’ for opting into your autoresponder…

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However, that is also the reason it may be a little greyhat to some, as most people want to build a list where they can continue to send promotion after promotion‌ There ARE ways to be more up-front though, and I DO suggest and recommend you do so (I like whitehat business!).

Page 54 of 103

Firstly, besides having the above call-to-action statement, state also that the user will be receiving your emails or newsletter on tips or great deals that will be of great use to them, whatever niche your business is in. As such: “Your customized 5 page analysis is ready! Enter your email address below to tell me where to send it to. [Opt In Form] Also, you will be receiving my newsletter in which I will share with you great tips and techniques to further improve your dog training AND form a better dog- master relationship! ” … Secondly, when you send your opt-in user the email that contains the link to their evaluation, state in that email that you will also be sending them emails or newsletters with tips or great deals or promotions to them. Basically, be up front about it. It paints a better image of you, anyway.  And with the above tips, your opt-in form should be well optimized for getting high opt-in conversion rates… 

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With your quiz ready, all you need to do is display it on your website, decorate it a little if you want and you’re set to send traffic! Now, the features within Quiz Funnel allow you to customize and create beautiful quizzes and display them automatically onto your site. So you can definitely get a quiz up and running in no time. But wait—how do you send traffic to your quiz? Well, this whole manual is all about the power of quizzes in building your list… ...but truth be told, with ZERO traffic, even having an awesome quiz won’t magically build you a list.  The next section is dedicated to getting traffic to your site. It is mainly written for people who absolutely do NOT know how to send traffic to their websites/quiz pages. If you are a seasoned internet marketer/web business owner, you can safely skip the next section. It’s time to enter the highway..

Chapter 4.0 Page 56 of 103

Entering the Fast Lane – Getting Traffic In this section, I’m going to share with you the most effective ways I get traffic. First things first: most of these examples are PAID traffic. That’s because paid traffic is the fastest. I DO cover some Free traffic routes, but let me tell you: they are really really slow and require much more effort. That being said, if your business is intended for the long term, then doing some of those Free traffic methods may be useful in the long run. Also, many of the methods below AREN’T NEW. I don’t have any secret traffic flooding loophole, software, or tools to share with you. These ads are the ones that personally got me traffic, guaranteed. With that, here we go:

4.1 Google Image Ads First up, we have Google Image Ads. Some of you guys may be skeptical with Google CPC, or may have some bad experiences with it. However, with Google IMAGE Ads, it should change your mindset about using Google. 

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The keyword is ‘Image’ , as they cost considerably MUCH less than the typical adwords, and do away with any of the Quality Score nonsense. Anyhow, the first time I tried this, well I was skeptical. But lo and behold! Check this out:

Not bad on getting traffic eh?  And the image ads are seriously easy to create too! Step by Step Guide 1. Sign up for a Google Adwords account if you have not at For those with a gmail account this should be even faster.

Page 58 of 103

2. Once the account set up is complete, which includes inputting your details and having a valid debit/credit card number for payment, it’s time for the meaty stuff.

3. Input your quiz page (you ARE thinking of using a quiz page, right? )

4. Next up, click on the ‘Opportunities Tab’ on the Google Adwords page, and click on ‘Keyword Tool’

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5. This step may take awhile and may be tedious, but is key to you getting as much traffic as you can with this method. Basically, type in the keyword representing that niche in the box saying ‘word or phrase’.

Alternatively, if you can’t think of any (!), then you can enter the website of a competitor that has the same niche, and see what keywords are representing it.

Basically, what you gotta do is to find ~5,000 different keywords on the niche you are doing.

So if you are doing ‘fitness’ for example, simply type in ‘fitness’ and hit search..

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Page 61 of 103

And you’ll get a bunch of keyword results:










What you want to do next is to simply select about 5 of the ‘new keywords’ that the keyword tool gave you, and go back to the search box and type it in again, hence obtaining yet another set of NEW keywords in that niche.

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Then download the new keywords again, and rinse and repeat till you get as many keywords as you can .

Ideally, the target is 5,000 unique keywords . Be sure to compile them properly.. which is why I recommend using excel to store all your 5,000 keywords!











Some of the keywords may be out of sync with the specific niche you are entering, but should still fall into the same niche. For example, if you are doing ‘how to get abs’, then the keyword ‘how to run’ may be slightly off, BUT it is still within the ‘fitness’ niche and hence can be used.

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6. Once you have your 5,000 keywords (hopefully compiled nicely in excel), head over to ‘Campaigns’ tab and click on ‘New Campaign’.

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7. Now you gotta set up your new campaign:


Give your campaign a name


For locations and languages , select ‘All countries and territories’ unless you have chosen a geographic specific niche. English as the language should be the norm too.


For networks and devices , select ‘All available sites’ for networks and for devices ‘all available devices’ is fine too, unless you are using flash then I would probably advocate NOT using mobile phones.

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For bidding and budget , select ‘Manual Bidding for Clicks’ and for budget I recommend you put something like $50.00 per day. Don’t worry, you are unlikely to spend the full $50 per day budget here – it is simply a high number so your Google Image Ad campaign can be approved quickly.  - You can leave the rest of the settings as it is, and hit ‘Save and Continue’

8. On the next page, you will be asked to create your adgroup. Click on the ‘Image Ad’ radio button: Remember the 5,000 keywords you have compiled? Now simply dump them all in that keywords box. 9. Set up your bids. Use 0.05 cents as the starting bid. Click ‘Save and Continue’.

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10. Now you have to start uploading your image ads. Ideally, you should upload all 9 different sizes of image to get maximum exposure.

Simply upload the various image ads of various sizes. The names are not that important. The destination URL however, is where you want users who click on your ads to be sent too. The display URL is simply the main domain of the destination URL. For example, if your destination URL is: ‘’, then your display URL is simply ‘’.

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11. Now let’s take a step back and talk about creation of the image ads itself!

As you can see, there are 9 different sizes : 300 x 50 468 x 60 728 x 90 250 x 250 200 x 200 336 x 280 300 x 250 120 x 600 160 x 600

Page 68 of 103

I recommend using all 9. Some of you may be daunted by the idea of creating ‘ads’. I am no graphics expert myself, but the ads we are talking about here really need not be anything flashy.

If you are promoting an affiliate product, more often than not the owner of the product would have provided you with various image ads that you can use straightaway.

If not, you can simply open up Paint and create such simple images:

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Now if you have more time or are better with graphics, go ahead and make it snazzier!

Else, simply follow the methods outlined above: an eye catching background color (bright red, yellow, green, etc). With BIG text that has a CALL TO ACTION .

For example if you are doing fitness: “Still struggling to lose that belly fat? Click HERE to see how EASILY I lost mine !” Something simple and has a call to action will do. Here’s a few effective template styles which I obtained from John ‘Ritz’ Ritskowitz from his ‘6 Figure List’ ebook: The Top X Ways To ____________ The Top 5 Ways To Lose 5 Pounds in a Week The Top 10 Ways To Knock 5 Strokes Off Your Next Round of Golf How To __________ In ____________ How To Double Your Profits In 30 Days How To Get Out of Debt In 3 Simple Steps How To ____________…Even If ___________ How To Make the Lottery Pay Off…Even If You Never Invest a Dime How To Turn Your Hobbies Into Cash…Even If You’ve Never Sold Anything The Quick and Easy Formula for ______________ The Quick and Easy Formula for Finding That Special Someone The Quick and Easy Formula for Selling Your Home

Page 70 of 103

____ Little Known Tips for _______________ 7 Little Known Tips for Training Your Labrador 3 Little Known Tips for Roughing It in the Wilderness The _____ Hidden Costs of ___________ The 10 Hidden Costs of Buying Your New Home The Sneaky Hidden Costs of Renting a Car on Your Next Vacation ___________: The Proven ______________ Direct Mail: The Proven Way to Reactivate Former Customers A.I.D.A.: The Proven Formula For Sales Conversions

That should get you started pretty fast! Simply add ‘Click HERE to find out more’ to any of these text in your image ads and you should be good to go.  Well you are essentially done once you created your image ad. Next you just must wait for Google to approve your ad and you’ll be good to go.  Also, DO reduce your CPC bid from 0.05 to 0.04 .., all the way to 0.01 over the next few days and weeks as your campaign continues. This further reduces the amount needed per bid! 

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4.2 StumbleUpon Ads The next technique is to use StumbleUpon Ads. StumbleUpon Ads are a GREAT way to utilize Quizzes as your landing page especially if you want to build a list! In fact, it’s almost as if QUIZ pages were made for StumbleUpon .. This is because StumbleUpon do have several strict guidelines for their ads:

1. 2. 3.

4. 5. 6.

Requirements to Advertise You can't send people to a page that requires people to input information. You can't send people to "junk pages". It has to contain quality information. You probably shouldn't send people to sites you don't own. I've had mixed results – one time they allowed me to send people to another site. The next time they didn't allow it. Save yourself trouble and send them only to your sites. You pay 5 cents a visitor. You must "prepay". You don't create an ad, instead you send people directly to yoursite.

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For more guidelines, here is their link: Requirement 1 may seem counter-intuitive, but I have to admit that StumbleUpon really gives mixed results at times. Sometimes they allow Quiz Pages, sometimes they don’t seem to. Well, at least give it a try. At least you aren’t outrightly giving them a squeeze page with an opt-in form which directly violates their requirements! Furthermore, quizzes are interactive. And if you quiz is fun and awesome, it can get viral via StumbleUpon!

4.3 Social Media This section is pretty straightforward... utilize social bookmarking, Facebook and Twitter to spread your quiz page! I will say this method is rather shaky as it will yield different results for different people. Social bookmarking CAN give you some traffic, especially if more people like or “digg” your site. But I will say it’s random at best. Facebook, Twitter, well…these are methods that you CAN use especially Page 73 of 103

if you have a large ‘following’. But I’m not going to cover how to do that here! However, Facebook Ads can be a whole different story altogether. I’m not going to go into Facebook Ads simply because I have yet to try it long enough to recommend it, but I do hear some people doing well with it and vice versa. My little test at the top is my first attempt.  My take is that because you are giving users a QUIZ to do, your Facebook ad and copy can be much more interesting than typical promotional copy.  I say just try it with a budget of $20, and see how it goes!

4.4 Forum Marketing The title says it all, Forum Marketing! Look: Business is all about the people. The community. It’s always a plus point to mingle in the community and contribute, share, talk, and find out what are the sentiments of people in your niche! Page 74 of 103

Oh and of course, utilize signatures! In the WarriorForum you see everyone doing that because it’s a common internet marketing strategy‌ But in other niches, this may not be obvious to most people! Utilize Forum Signatures! Here WAS my forum signature:

Don’t underestimate the power of these signatures.

With these signatures, I practically get new subscribers everyday. With these signatures, I essentially get ongoing sales in my WSO even though I have not promote it for several months now . Signatures are like the footprints in which you forever leave behind the more you post. Furthermore, when you change your signatures the old ones left behind also changes to reflect your new signature. Talk about awesome!

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Seriously, this is a no brainer. Have a good signature link to your squeeze page (challenge them to do your quiz in your signature!) and simply post more and good quality stuff!

4.5 WSO Strictly for internet marketers only, WSOs DO bring traffic..especially if you have FREE WSOs. It’s as simple as posting up a WSO and telling users to do a free quiz and get whatever benefit you want to give them. You know the drill.. and it works. The only issue I see is at $40 a thread, not everyone can afford it and the results may not be worth it to all. I understand that, but again, I’m sharing techniques that worked for me!

4.6 Fiverr Ahhh...Fiverr. The internet marketer’s haven. Seriously, you can get a lot done at These are some stuff you can do to get traffic from Fiverr:

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1. Find people to advertise your quiz page in their social media sites (Facebook, Twitter) 2. Get people to post your quiz page on social bookmarking sites like Digg, etc, AND get them to get you at least 20 diggs or so.

3. Get people to create Facebook pages for your business/quiz page, and get 20 likes or so 4. Get people to create videos, do SEO, submit your site URL to directories, review sites, etc etc.. In Fiverr, as long as you search well, you really can do a lot of things with a low budget.

4.7 SEO Doing SEO is generally free... however, like I said, it usually takes a long time depending on what niche, what keywords and how much competition. That being said, I just want to share with you the most important point that Google uses to rank websites nowadays (as of January 2011).. And it’s your domain URL. Yes, Google places a LOT of emphasis on your domain URL. There are

Page 77 of 103

plenty of sites that rank #1 and have very little links, simply because their domain URL has the exact keywords being searched for! So the next time you are buying your domain name, choose carefully!

And yeah, the usual SEO tips (which are boring, but proven to be valued by Google and hence work): 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Title Tags Header (H1, H2, H3) tags Best to have a blog, and keep adding useful content Image alternate tags Create and upload Robots.txt, sitemaps.xml Best to have ‘About Us’, ‘Contact Us’ ‘Terms of Service’, ‘Privacy Policy’, ‘Legal’ pages as per relevant 7. Build or obtain as many backlinks as you can pointing to your site with the keyword anchor text I bet you heard them all before already...  SEO IS tedious, but like I said, it’s a long term thing!

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Chapter 5.0 For Advance Marketers – The Power of Segmentation Using quizzes by itself is great for increasing opt-in conversion rates, in the shortest amount of time possible… But there’s something else that quizzes can do to further improve your money making capability… ...regardless of what your business model is. Yes with a little more effort and planning, quizzes are the best tool that you can utilize to improve your business profits. And this is done through something I like to call, Segmentation. Personally for myself, Market Segmentation is one such marketing technique that I believe is very important to any business. As I mentioned before, big coporations spend a lot of money on market research and market segmentation, knowing full well that by being able to clearly define their market segments, the return on investment can be very high. The traditional methods of Mass Marketing are truly not working anymore. Page 79 of 103

With increased number of competitors in every niche and industry, obtaining traffic is simply not enough - you must have targeted traffic to your business in order for your business to survive. Here are 3 reasons why you should segment your market:

Reason 1: Increase Your Business Revenue

Market Segmentation allows you to carry out targeted marketing to a targeted customer group. Not everyone who comes into your business nowadays wants the exact same thing you have to offer. People have different preferences and tastes, and along with higher buying power (more people are getting richer), they demand things more catered for them. This is where segmenting comes into play.

Page 80 of 103

With market segmentation, you can differentiate your customers into various 'groups' with similar 'characteristics', 'preferences', etc. Basically, anything based on your psychographics or demographics requirements. And with that, you can then carry out a targeted marketing and/or promotional effort to these various segments of customers. You are able to match your business' strengths and offerings to the customer segments most likely to respond positively to them. This improves your conversion rates of your products , in contrast with traditional mass marketing methods. Increased conversion rates equals increased revenue.. and with all things constant, increased revenue means increased profits.

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Reason 2: Reduce Costs Market segmentation reduces costs. Wait- what? Reduces costs? How is that possible! I mean, with more segments to market to, marketing costs should increase, shouldn’t it? Well, that's true. However, here's the tip: with market segmentation, you can choose and select which customer segment to market to! No one said that you need to market to ALL your customer segments. Sit down, think it through, do some research, and find out which of the customer segments are the most profitable to market to! As such, with better selection of market segments (more profitable), your costs should decrease.

Reason 3: Build Better Customer Relationships Market Segmentation also allows you to build better quality customer relationships. With a more targeted marketing and promotional approach to specific customer segments, your customers will feel more understood and appreciated as you give more targeted and hopefully, more in-depth information or promotions to your customers.

Page 82 of 103

In contrast with traditional mass marketing, the quality of contact and the more targeted approach to these customers will increase the quality of your customer relationships… ...or at least, that’s what your customers would perceive it to be.  *** Now that we know the reasons why businesses should segment their market, you may still have some doubts as to how your business can utilize segmentation. In fact, I created a little infographic on it which you can view here: Unfortunately though, that infographic has quite a lot of words…  (which kinda defeats the purpose, heh). But anyway, I’ll be using cut-outs of the infographic in this manual to address the three doubts against quizzes:

1) Can Quizzes be used in any business models? 2) What advantages and benefits does using Quizzes give? 3) Does using Quizzes bring higher profits? Let’s start with the first question: can quizzes be used in any business models?

Page 83 of 103

Well, most definitely. From what I know, there are generally 3 business models that most of us will fall into online … A) Internet or Affiliate Marketer B) Entrepreneur, Start- Up, Business Owner (with an online website) C) E- commerce site Owner I’ll be moving on, using some examples to illustrate my point. Let’s start with exploring…

Page 84 of 103


Internet or Affiliate Marketer

Basically what most internet marketers do, they fall into this category. Now if an internet/affiliate marketer uses a quiz, he or she is able to utilize the quiz to find out what their traffic likes or wants to know… …and hence able to segment to appropriate autoresponder. For example, the quiz can be used to tell if their traffic... a) ..wants to know more about Cost Per Action (CPA) Affiliate Marketing… …and hence segment them to autoresponders selling ‘How to Get CPA offers’, ‘How to Promote CPA offers’, ‘What are Good CPA niches’, ‘How to Use PPC’, etc, related products.

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b) ...wants to know more about video marketing… ...and hence segment them to autoresponders selling “Video Marketing Courses”, “Video Creation”, “How to Get Your Video Viral”, “Video Submissions”, etc related products. c) ...wants to know more about SEO …and hence segment them to autoresponders selling “SEO Courses”, “SEO Guides”, “Link Building Packages”, “SEO Tools”, etc related products. What’s the result by doing the above? Well, • Customers feel happier • Customers feel more understood • Customers relate to offers better • Customers purchase more! Let’s move on to…

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B) Entrepreneur/Business Owner (With an online website)

Basically, any business in the world with an online website. Using quizzes, such business owners can, for example, filter out customers with various interests in their business‌ a) ‌Interested Customers Direct them to a purchase page, and continue to market to them more products and upsells such as Extra Features, Add-Ons, etc. b) ...Customers who are interested, but with lower budgets Have a sequence to address their questions and/or fears to reduce their obstacles to purchase. Provide them with limited time discounts to make them take action fast!

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c) ...Customers who are not interested Have a channel where you can interact with such customers and ask them for feedback on reasons why they aren’t interested in what you are selling. Could be because another competitor is doing better? Get feedback from them! Also, you can promote to them slowly via email marketing, with discounts and more bonuses or freebies to sweeten the deal. By ‘channels’, it could be anything from sending such users to a forum, or a commenting widget on a website, or a feedback form, or even simply just an autoresponder that prompts them to email you their feedback (give them an incentive to do so, of course). And by doing the above, the result would be: • Customers feel more understood • Customers relate to offers better • Customers feel they are getting more value • Customers feel happier • Customers purchase more! And finally, the last business model—

C) E- commerce site owners

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It overlaps a little with business owners above, but E-Commerce site owners tend to be sites that sell a large variety of items such as e.g., Fashion Clothing, etc. And how can they use quizzes? Well, an e-commerce site selling clothing can use quizzes to segment their customers demographically such as.. a) Age Different clothing or gadget deals can be sent to the younger and older age groups. E.g, promote more expensive gadgets or clothing, or more professional clothing to the older, more professional age groups. b) Gender Straightforward. It can promote more gender specific deals. E.g. female clothing deals, offers and lastest fashion sent to FEMALES

Page 89 of 103

only. c) Income Level Can promote different priced products and different deals and bargains to people with different income levels. E.g. More luxurious and expensive products promoted to higher income group. Or cheap bargains to low income group. d) Fashion Sense/Interest and Preferences Promote more specifically products that are relevant to customer’s interests or preferences. E.g promote British Fashion to customers who like British Fashion. Or promote British Fashion more to customers living in Britain!

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And the result of this demographic segmentation marketing? • Customers feel more understood • Customers relate to offers better • Customers feel they are getting more value • Customers feel happier • Customers purchase more! As you can see, quizzes can be used for all types of businesses, providing various different advantages to increase their profits! The core takeaway is this:

Your Customers Are NOT THE SAME . As such, you should aim to provide the best customized treatment to them as possible, and that includes MARKETING ! I hope this section opens your eyes a little to the power of market segmentation, which is quite a high level marketing tool that smaller companies tend to overlook…

Page 91 of 103

Who knows, this might be the reason why smaller companies can’t grow faster than they wanted—because they don’t cater to their customers in a more customized, humanized and direct manner! If you are interested in using quizzes in your business, and want to be able to segment your traffic too, then I highly suggest you to try out QuizFunnel. It’s designed to allow ease of segmentation of your traffic to various autoresponders. Furthermore, all autoresponders are supported! ***

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Chapter 6.0 Tools of the Trade – Getting the Software You Require I sincerely hope you guys learnt something out of this, and are willing to give Quizzes and Surveys a chance to increase your list, read your customers AND profit more! Also, throughout the manual I have also been promoting QuizFunnel, a web application that I spent thousands of dollars and thousands of hours developing. The sole purpose of it is to provide an easy way of creating powerful quizzes and surveys for their businesses. That being said, here are some other software scripts and web applications that I have found on the internet which will allow you to create quizzes too. They each have different price point. In my eyes (and feedback from others using those services), they each have pros and cons. And I tried to remove as much ‘cons’ as possible from QuizFunnel such that QuizFunnel is THE ‘Go-To’ tool for creating Quizzes and Surveys.

#1) Psychic Sales Letter by Eben Pagan Link: Pricing: Free Page 93 of 103

Yes, one of the top ‘Gurus’ of internet marketing actually created a downloadable script which allows you to create quizzes and provide users with an analysis (or a promotion of a product) of their answers. Better yet, he is giving it away for free. That being said… there are simply too many flaws in this free script. For a start, there is very little support for it (considering that it is released in 2008). Let’s take a look at a Pros vs Cons of using Psychic Sales Letter: Pros  Free  You can create specific evaluations/analysis for the user for every answer  It has an ‘animation’ bar when the user finishes the quiz/survey  If you are good at web design, you CAN customize how the quiz looks like to a certain extent  Can upload some images and buy buttons

Cons  Downloadable .exe file which you have to install as a desktop software  Only works for users running Windows  Integrates with GetsResponse autoresponder from the start… if you want to integrate with other autoresponder you have to edit some code. Quite complicated. (Not for techies!)  Lots of bugs (from the community)  Lack of Support (hey… it’s free.)  Old school, web 1.0 user interface (watch the video on the website to see a preview)  All quiz questions laid out in full  Cannot customize how quiz looks like… at least easily. And default quiz don’t look pretty  Cannot segment users or branch off questions or create multiple funnels  Cannot create a total analysis/evaluation of user’s answers  Limited in functionality – only can create a quiz/survey that leads user to an autoresponder  No check-box style question & answers  No open-text questions & answers

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#2) Psychic Opt- In Quiz Generator by John Taylor Link: Pricing: Original at $97, after discount at $67

Psychic opt-in Quiz Generator by John Taylor seems very similar to Psychic Sales Letter by Eben Pagan. A quick internet/forum search and read-up leads me to believe that Psychic Opt-in have much less bugs and more support though‌ ‌and that may partly be due to the fact that it is after all, a paid product. There are definitely less cons with this paid product. A notable pro would be the fact that it does provide you some statistics of what users answered in your quiz. I believe that is VERY useful to any business owner or internet marketer.

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Anyhow, let’s take a look at some Pros vs Cons of Psychic Opt-In Quiz Generator : Pros


 Less bugs  Better support  You can create specific evaluations/analysis for the user for every answer  Statistics of what users chose as their answers  Some bonus reports with purchase of script  Money back guarantee – user must install script on 1 domain, collect at least 40 responses, and subject to John’s questioning (if any) before getting a full refund

 User interface looks really outdated and old-school, web 1.0 style  Downloadable script which you have to then FTP/upload to your server… can be tedious/complicated if you do not have a knowledge in tech back-ends  All quiz questions laid out in full  Cannot customize how quiz looks like… at least easily. And default quiz don’t look pretty  Cannot segment users or branch off questions or create multiple funnels  Cannot create a total analysis/evaluation of user’s answers  Limited in functionality – only can create a quiz/survey that leads user to an autoresponder  No ‘animation’ bar after user finishes the quiz  No check-box style question & answers  No open-text questions & answers

#3) Segmentex by Jim Stone Link: Salesletter link (after quiz): Pricing: Monthly subscription at $49/month

Segmentex is a much more powerful tool than the options above… and that is reflected also in the pricing. At $49/month, it isn’t exactly ‘cheap’. It does bring plenty to the table. It is a web application that you access via your internet browser. In this web 2.0 internet scene where an internet connection is pretty much abundant, web applications are the norm. Downloadable .exe files for desktop software, or downloadable scripts to install are pretty much ‘oldPage 96 of 103

fashioned’. Web applications allow users to quickly and instantly use their services without fuss, and without worry about compatibility issues or complicated installations, etc. Segmentex is pretty powerful but it does have some limitations. Let’s take a look at the Pros Vs Cons table: Pros


 Web application. No need to download or install any files or scripts on your computer or web host/server.  Can create quizzes, surveys, feedback forms  Can segment users to different autoresponders or funnels depending on what user answered in quiz  Can provide user with specific evaluation or analysis  Open-Text question and answers available  Statistics of what users answer available  More advanced statistics per quiz question with CTR and opt-in rate  Has some bonus videos that comes with purchase  Delivers quiz questions one-at-a-time rather than all at once

 User interface looks really outdated and old-school, web 1.0 style  Have a steep learning curve with it being more powerful and flexible (has a quick start video though). Complicated to set up.  No check-box style question & answers  Although you are able to design the ‘look’ of the quiz/survey form… the designs look pretty ‘old’ and outdated  No ‘animation’ bar after user finishes the quiz/survey

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#4) QuizFunnel by Jeff Lam Link: Pricing: 2 price plans available at $27/month, $147/lifetime

Last but not least, there is QuizFunnel. Designed, developed and refined by myself (and a team of developers) over thousands of hours (not to mention several thousands of dollars), I believe QuizFunnel is honestly one kick-ass quiz, survey and feedback form creator for any business. And I don’t just say that because I want to sell you something. If I did, I would not have bothered showing you various alternative software and solutions to creating Quizzes and Surveys above. I say that because I can back it up with case studies and testimonials of users who enjoyed higher conversion rates, higher profits and better customer relationships using QuizFunnel in their business. Throughout the many hours developing QuizFunnel, I constantly monitor the environment of software and scripts that provide such a product/service (including those above), and pride myself in developing something that is better yet easier to use. Not to mention beautiful to the eyes.

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Let’s take a look at the Pros vs Cons table for QuizFunnel: Pros Cons                    

Web application. No need to download or install any files or scripts on your computer or web host/server. Beautiful User-Interfaced Dashboard to provide a great user experience Can create quizzes, surveys, feedback forms Can segment users to different autoresponders or funnels depending on what user answered in quiz or survey Can provide user with specific evaluation or analysis Can provide user with an overall evaluation or analysis based on all their answers in your quiz (Total Value Evaluation) Open-Text question and answers available Checkbox-style question and answers available Statistics of what users answer available Able to filter statistics of quiz according to date Delivers quiz questions one-at-a-time rather than all at once Powerful and flexible Visual Editor design for your quizzes/surveys (comes with beautiful themes) Comes with template questions so you can easily login, and begin in less than a minute Able to duplicate quizzes and surveys easily and quickly (one-click). Allows for fast split-testing of quizzes and surveys Comprehensive video and text guide available freely Comes with a Wizard in dashboard to guide you every step of the way Support email for even better support Can embed quiz or use self-host URL to display quiz Can export quiz/survey questions, answers, evaluations and funnels to excel file easily (one click) Bonus reports and techniques available upon purchase

 Does not have advanced statistics per quiz question displaying CTR and opt-in rates  Does not do your laundry, clean your house and cook you meals.

I do admit I may be slightly biased towards QuizFunnel… but none of the above is false or made-up.

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These are all features/benefits that are present within QuizFunnel, which were specifically developed after analyzing what’s available in the market. Not to mention, I price QuizFunnel at a very competitive and affordable rate that you can compare for yourself. We have different price plans to cater to everyone’s pricing needs. Don’t just take my word for it. I highly recommend that you give QuizFunnel a try... I’m sure with this manual, you’ll be able to dramatically increase your business profits! PLUS, you’re backed by a no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee.

With that, I wish you the best of luck in your use of Quizzes and Surveys to improve your business.  Cheers!

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