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You've tried every gimmick in the book and you are at the end of your rope with weight loss programs. The one question you continue to ask yourself over and over is, "Why can I not lose weight naturally?" It is perfectly normal to feel this way. What is not perfectly normal are some of the eating habits that you have picked up over the years. Losing weight has become more of a science than a system or way of life. In order to master any science, one must avoid the pitfalls and become an at the fundamentals. Below are two answers to your question, why can I not lose weight naturally? You eat for the sake of eating I previously wrote in one of my articles about the binge eating habit known as pica or cribbing. Whenever there is a lack of nutrients in the body, it causes one to eat junk food or snacks continuously without ever quenching the appetite. Snacks or sweets can only be things that you have an appetite for. You will never hear anyone say, "I am hungry for ice cream." They may say "I have a craving for ice cream." On the contrary, hunger is earned generally from laboring or from the depletion of the body's vital nutrients. Your body is built to let you know when you are hungry. Understand that hunger will require a hearty meal. When a construction worker comes home from work he should not hope that his wife has prepared a Twinkie. He would probably expect a steak, some potatoes and some other vegetables. Many people seem to think that when you wake in the morning that it is mandatory to eat a breakfast. Nothing could be so far from the truth. If you eat late at night it is literally impossible for you to be hungry when you wake because the body is at a resting state! Anyone who eats a meal at 8 o'clock at night and goes to bed should not experience hunger until about 10 am to 12pm the next day. When you are programmed to eat at certain hours you will eat anything no matter if you have a full stomach. Never eat unless you have a true hunger to eat or unless you are instructed by a medical practitioner to do so. You eat then go directly to sleep For the first time those late night owl hours have come home to haunt you. You stay up watching movies, talking with friends or if you are younger you might play video games. The longer you stay up the more fuel your body will require to function. It is unlikely that you will eat a meal at 2 am in the morning and wait for the food to digest four hours later. As a guideline it is good to wait three to four hours after you eat before you retire for the night. The foods that are eaten at the wee morning hours are not very nutritious. Let's say you eat at 12 midnight then crash for the night. When you are sleeping your body is in a

dormant state. It will try to repair anything that is damaged in the body. If you put junk food in the body at this hour then it will have no real nutrients to draw from and therefore the fatty foods that you have eaten will not be of much use. This means that the food that you consumed will turn into fat. Fat on the outside means fat on the inside. When fat builds up, the organs start to get pushed around and crowded. This is another reason for high blood pressure and heart attacks. Knowing this, it is important to eat as early and nutritious as you can. This will allow for proper digestion. When trying to lose weight naturally, you have to take every small thing into account. Never overlook anything or think that something is too minute. You must be cognoscenti of all activities that could hinder the overall weight loss process. If you can remember to correct small things such as these two examples, your question of, why can I not lose weight naturally will be eliminated.

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==== ==== Why Am I Not Losing Weight - This might be your question? If Yes then Click the link below to find out why and Find out the answer to Your Question - Why Am I Not Losing Weight. ==== ====

Why Can I Not Lose Weight Naturally