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Self Storage Facilities – Investment Opportunity for an Investor Any investor worth his indices recognizes the value of risk and its correlation to price fluctuations. The degree of understanding about a particular risk often makes the difference between an excellent investment and a below-par one. This is why; the key to generating maximum returns from a risk lies in an investor’s ability to evaluate the effects of overall performance in combination with the fluctuations in price. The continuing market instability in recent times has had a severe effect on conventional investment options. As a result, many a savvy investor has been looking at investing in fine wine. For those doubting thomases, a quick lesson in demand-supply dynamics is sufficient enough to convert them to the cause. An overwhelming majority of the wines in the top100 wine list (traded publicly on the secondary market) have been found to originate in the Bordeaux region in France. A quick glance at the index movements over the past five years reveals a healthy rise in value. Besides the limited regional production of investment grade wine, the other factors responsible for this rise would be an increased demand for wine consumption and the corresponding decrease in stocks. The increase in demand is being fuelled by emerging economies like China and India where wine consumption has been knocked off its high pedestal and is gradually becoming commonplace. As a result, the existing stock of fine wine is depleting and this is driving up values for the remainder of wine stock. Among the many nuggets of advice that experts dole out to people interested in wine for wealth appreciation purposes, there is one that comes out on top. They recommend picking lots from the best vintages and only from the more recognized chateaus. This not only ensures a monetary gain, it also improves the liquidity potential of the investment as and when the conditions become favorable. However, the singular factor that can jeopardize the investment is its storage. The maintenance of both, temperature as well as the humidity levels is critical to ensuring the quality of wine over time. Wine is composed of organic esters which give wine its characteristic flavor and complex biochemical compounds which give wine its character. At optimal storage temperatures the balance of these chemicals is maintained and the reaction between these chemicals is controlled. This improves the ageing quality of the wine which ultimately ensues that the wine tastes great. Furthermore, humidity levels of 70 percent RH or higher should also be maintained for wine storage. At this humidity level cork shrinkage is prevented which can cause oxygen to slowly leak in to the bottle this causing oxidation and the conversion of the wine to acid. Storage in Qatar is a leading provider of personal storage solutions that offers a self storage facility to consumers. The customized storage solutions offered also include special temperature and humidity controlled facilities for customers who require them. These facilities are a great opportunity for wine investors to store their collection. Such a facility makes sure that the investment is kept in optimal

conditions at all times, unlike the risks involved with home-based storage solutions. Round-the-clock security measures, optimal storage conditions, customized solutions that are capable of meeting diverse individual needs are more reasons for choosing to store your investment with Storage in Qatar. To get your own customized quote for storage of your wine investment and to know about our other products and services, do visit:

Self Storage Facilities – Investment opportunity for an Investor