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Possible Risks Of Over Masturbation And Effective Treatments

Masturbation refers to the process of ejaculation of semen by self arousal.

The process is usually resorted to due to the unavailability of the partner for regular intercourse and

ejaculation. •

It is practiced after the onset of puberty by persons of

all ages.


Masturbation, also referred as hand practice, within limits i.e. two times a month is beneficial for health, but

if one masturbates two to three times a week; it is over masturbation, and leads to complications.


Excessive masturbation weakens the genital organs, and it is very difficult to have erection and maintain it for



Hence, it leads to impotency, and the marital life as

one suffering from the disorders of excessive masturbation cannot satisfy his partner.


The genital nerves connecting the brain weaken; hence, the commands emanating from brain are not

properly responded by the genital organs. •

Immature ejaculation is another side effect of over


The Sperm count also becomes low, and the person suffers from stress, anxiety, guilt feeling, and low

mentality. •

Potential risks of over masturbation also include

depression arising out of the guilt feeling. •

However, ill effects of excessive masturbation can be

treated successfully, and the lost sexual power can be



There are numerous medications and therapies available under different treatment systems, and one

can choose one which best suits his taste and temperament.


The most effective treatment of sex related diseases are possible by herbal medications.


However, not all herbal medicines available in the market and for online purchases contain genuine herbal products as there ingredients.


Most of them are herbal only in name as they contain artificial substances that provide temporary relief from the problem, and produce harmful side effects.


Hence, one can go for NF Cure capsule, Shilajit capsule, and Mast Mood oil that are genuine herbal

products. •

They can effectively treat the ill effects of excessive

masturbation as they contain natural herbs and plants as their ingredients.


NF Cure capsule contains Ashwagandha, Kesar, Shilajit, Safed Musli, Lauh Bhasm, Laung, Jaiphal and

many more as its constituents while Shilajit capsule contains Sudh Shilajit.


All these natural herbs contain medicinal properties best suited to treat effectively the fall out of over


The two capsules enhance immunity of the body, increase blood circulation, and strengthen body

muscles including the pelvic muscles. •

Mast Mood oil is used to massage the male genital

organs and it strengthens penile nerves. •

Hence, the use of capsules with this oil works wonder in

this regard.

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Possible Risks Of Over Masturbation And Effective Treatments