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ďƒź What natural remedy can I use to get bigger breasts is a question that may be uppermost in the mind of many women. ďƒź It is only natural that a woman should desire to have an ample bosom to complement her figure. ďƒź If you do not have the desired bust size you can always use natural remedies to increase the size and appear

fuller, rounder and more attractive than before.

 Simple natural Ayurvedic remedies to get bigger breasts are available in the form of herbal pills such as the Big B-36 pills and massage oil such as Big B-36 oil.  Take three pills a day and massage your bust area with the oil and in six months you will have firmer, larger, better shaped breasts.  The oil also tones up sagging tissues to give a fuller,

rounded look.

ďƒź The minimum period of use is three months for pills and oil which means you would need to lay in stock of about 270 capsules and 3 bottles of Big B-36 breast massage oil. ďƒź The secret to Big B-36 capsules is the right mix of herbal ingredients, carefully chosen after detailed study of ancient Ayurvedic texts and years of painstaking


 The capsules are made up of Lajawanti, Babool, Gambhari, Patherphool, Nagbala, Bahugranthika, Nilkadambika, Bhatktaiya, Triputiphal, Kaling, Kamal, Padmachini, Bar, Kesar and Laxmishresth.  Each ingredient has a specific effect.  Combination of herbs results in synergistic enhancement of their properties.

 This is how the chosen herbs work:  Nagbala is aphrodisiacal, strengthens the mammary glands, firms up tissues and promotes hormonal activity to increase amount of estrogen in the bloodstream.  Babool (acacia) is a rejuvenator of tissues, astringent and tones up breasts.  Lajwanti or mimoso pudica is an anti-oxidant, removes

poisons, enhances youthfulness and works as a tonic.

 Gambhari is also an antioxidant and laxative, helping intestines absorb nutrients from food resulting in improved health.  Bahugranthika is a systemic tonic used for diarrhea and rheumatism.  Patherphool is lichen growing onrocksby the seaside and besides being a valuable spice it also works as

tissue toner and revitalizer.

ďƒź Nilkadambika is tonic and rejuvenates organs,

especially adrenal and pituitary glands, promoting better hormonal activity in women.

ďƒź Bhatkaiya is a general therapeutic agent used to treat asthma and promote hormonal secretions that result in

bust growth. ďƒź Kaling is antibacterial and tonic, helping the body

absorb nutrients and grow.

 Triputiphal has a specific action on mammary glands,

usually given to nursing mothers to increase milk flow and as such it promotes growth of breasts.

 Padmacharini or China rose reduces wrinkles, energizes and revitalizes tissues.

 Kamal or lotus removes toxins and specifically acts on promoting growth of cells in the mammary glands.

ďƒź Bar or banyan tree bark and leaves are useful to

promote growth of new cells and thus help you increase size of your bust.

ďƒź Laxmishreshth has a special action of increasing secretion of female hormones that help you increase

bust size.

ďƒź This herbal formulation to get bigger breasts is tested, tried and has been used by women in India since centuries. ďƒź Composed entirely of herbs, the formulation has no side effects, does not give rise to allergies as the use of female hormones would have and gradually increases your breast size in addition to improving your health.

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What Natural Remedy Can I Use To Get Bigger Breasts?