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Is There Any Safe Herbal Remedy To Increase Sex Drive In Women?

Increase Sex Drive In Women ďƒź Is there any safe herbal remedy to increase sex drive in women is a question that bothers both women and men. ďƒź Women, because they want to become aroused and enjoy the pleasures of sex as well as give pleasure to their mate.

Increase Sex Drive In Women  Men, because they know that if their woman has increased libido she will be more than a willing

participant, raising sexual bliss to greater heights.  One ideal herbal remedy is available in the form of

Kamni capsules, formulated to increase female libido by adopting age-old Ayurvedic precepts.

 Ayurveda is the science of natural, holistic health.

Increase Sex Drive In Women  If a woman is naturally healthy, is free of stress and lives in a loving environment, her desire for sex increases.  Burdened as she is today with a career or taking care of her home and children, she can be exhausted at the end of the day and will have little energy left for sex.  Regular use of Kamni herbal remedy revitalizes her and

raises her energy levels, enhancing her libido.

Increase Sex Drive In Women  When her partner initiates sex she will willingly take part in the union, giving and taking pleasure from the act.

 Ayurvedic herbs have a systemic impact on improving health, hormone regulation and energy levels besides

taking care of stress and anxiety.  The herbs and Ayurvedic formulations carefully chosen

to create increased libido in women are:

Increase Sex Drive In Women  Nag Bhasma made through a complex process involving lead.

 The bhasma or ash or residue balances kapha, vata and pitta and makes her energetic.

 Rasa Sindoor boosts cardiovascular functions, urogenital functions and immunity levels besides balancing

the three doshas to revitalize a person.

Increase Sex Drive In Women ďƒź Abhrak Bhasma is made from mica and is a potent Ayurvedic remedy for anaemia, diabetes, skin disorders, reproductive disorders and digestive disorders. ďƒź By balancing the three doshas it raises your energy levels besides promoting improved hormonal functions.

Increase Sex Drive In Women ďƒź Loha bhasma has iron as the base and is vital for brain functions, nervous system and anaemia, raising energy levels and contributing to enhanced libido in women. ďƒź Anaemia is a common problem in women resulting in fatigue and listlessness. ďƒź Loha bhasma raises levels of iron and helps in better

metabolism resulting in more energy and vitality in


Increase Sex Drive In Women  Once you get rid of fatigue your sexual desire will awake and you will be more inclined to initiate sex.  Mental stress is another cause for low sex drive in women.  It is natural for women to worry about a lot of things and this can also cause depression.

Increase Sex Drive In Women  Stress and depression lower sex drive in women but Nag Bhasma, Loha Bhasma and Rasa Sindoor calm

her.  Calm and in control of herself she can steer her

thoughts towards sex and its enjoyment.  Menopause and ageing are also responsible for lower

sex drive.

Increase Sex Drive In Women  The bhasmas have a powerful effect on the endocrine system and the central nervous system, making a middle aged woman youthful as she blossoms again.  The desire for sex will also reawaken with regular use of these bhasmas contained in the herbal pill for low libido in women.  Environment, mood and partner responses are also


Increase Sex Drive In Women

ďƒź Combining these with the herbal remedy to increase sex drive has a positive impact in revitalizing your drive and sex life for greater bliss in your married life.

Increase Sex Drive In Women

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Is There Any Safe Herbal Remedy To Increase Sex Drive In Women?