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Benemérita Escuela Normal “Manuel Ávila Camacho” Licenciatura en Educación Primaria Aldo Sebastián Valle Castañeda Inglés A2 4to Semestre

Passive voice What up dude!? One day Pedro walked into a restaurant and for no reason he finds out with an old friend, both of them was surprise. Joseph also recognized him and they sit together to talk about their lives. Pedro asked first to him: So tell me, have you married? What’s up with your life man? I heard you been drunk for the past nights and your family is worry about you. He answered: don’t worry man; I’m fine just a little money troubles but not a big deal. The Pedro starts talking again. Well you know I eaten very good food in a restaurant few blocks around here and I telling you this because is very cheap, you can spend a dollar and be satisfied. You have to be looking some ways to save money but if you don’t want to I can borrow you some; but not now I paid my house. But I have to go because tomorrow is day work, early job and have to sleep, I slept very badly the last weeks, I need to rest some. See you later my friend, see you around. VERBOS IRREGULARES EN PARTICIPIO Infinitive

Past participle

Be ser/estar Begín empezar Break romper Bring traer Build construir Buy comprar Catch coger

Been Begun Broken Brought Built Bought Caught

Choose eligir Cost costar Cut cortar Do hacer Draw dibujar Drink beber Drive conducir Eat comer Fall caer Feel sentir Find encontrar Fly volar Forget olvidar Get coger/tener Give dar Go ir Grow crecer Have tener Hear oir Keep guardar Know saber Let dejar Lose perder Make hacer Mean significar Meet encontrar Pay pagar Put poner Read leer Ring llamar Rise subir Say decir See ver Show mostrar Sing cantar Sell vender Send enviar Shut cerrar Sit sentarse Sleep dormir Spend gastar/pasar Swim nadar Take tomar Teach ense単ar Tell decir Understand entender Wake despertarse Wear llevar Win ganar Write escribir

Chosen Cost Cut Done Drawn Drunk Driven Eaten Fallen Felt Found Flown Forgotten Got Given Gone Grown Had Heard Kept Known Let Lost Made Meant Met Paid Put Read rung Risen Said Seen Shown Sung Sold Sent Shut Sat Slept Spent Swum Taken Taught Told Understood Woken Worn Won Written

Passive voice story  
Passive voice story  

Inglés A2