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Benemérita Escuela Normal “Manuel Ávila Camacho” Licenciatura en Educación Primaria Aldo Sebastián Valle Castañeda Inglés A2 4to Semestre

Examples Countable and Uncountable 1. These guys look so happy together, there is too much love between them. 2. The show was lame, just the least people stayed. 3. I had a great deal of salt for the big wedding. 1. There were too many people yesterday at the movie theater. 2. Just the best cars won a fewer. 3. I large numbers of people eat our cookies yesterday - Hey Memo, I have many bucks here… let’s party! - Hey mom, you made son few tacos for me! - Hey dude how much money do you have? I need to borrow some. - That’s a long trip my friend, you must be tired. I have some food right here if you are starving.

Countable and uncountable  

Inglés A2