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Benemérita Escuela Normal “Manuel Ávila Camacho” Licenciatura en Educación Primaria Aldo Sebastián Valle Castañeda Inglés A1 3er Semestre

CONVERSATION A: What’s up dude? How you doing? B: Hey man. I’m doing fine. How about you? A: Great, great. Where you been? I haven’t see you for a while B: Well, I was on vacations. It was really good and necessary because I had been working a lot. I really needed those vacations. A: Oh that’s great. But, can you take any days off whenever you want? B: Yes, I’m almost the boss of the company, so I can take those privileges. A: That’s fantastic. I’m just able to go on vacations two weeks every five months. B: That’s good too; just think that with the time, you will get a better job, your pretty good doing you stuffs. A: Thank you. I really think I can get a better job and also I’m studying a doctorate for that. B: Oh, that’s awesome. I never was able to study a doctorate, good for you. A: Well, it was really good talked to you man, I have to go. Say hi to your family for me, see you around. B: You too my friend. Take care.

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Inglés A1

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