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Benemérita Escuela Normal “Manuel Ávila Camacho” Licenciatura en Educación Primaria Aldo Sebastián Valle Castañeda Inglés A2 4to Semestre

Letter Zacaatecas, Mex. May 4, 2014 Dear stranger: How everything going in your life? Hope you’re not having a single problem. I just want to talk to you about our next week, the famous “student week”, have you heard something about it? I have to be clear with you, it’s not the simple student week… it’s the “Normalista week”, yeah sounds awesome. I telling you this because I want you to come and enjoy with us those days, I’m sure you won’t regret this; I am doing a special invitation only for you. To give you more reasons to come I’m going to tell you some of our activities during that week and it’s very important for us to win every activity because there is reward for the winning team, so pay attention and help us to get the W: first, we are going to start with the inauguration and politic staff, not a big deal… you can skip this part. On Monday we are just warming up, nothing serious but there is a draw competition and we have to support our classmate Doris. On Tuesday it’s going to be kind of fun because all the students have to wear a mask and in the afternoon will be an parade showing the candidates for Mrs. Benmac 14’ and I think that’s all, don’t remember more about this day. On Wednesday its sports day and we have to honest but the group sucks on sports, we are lazy, that’s the truth but we will try to get some points. On Thursday I think it’s going to be a rally, that’s all and on Friday, we are closing this week with having a good breakfast and going home, the best part. Hope you can have some time and show up in our school, I promise you will have fun. The best for you Aldo V

Carta semana cultura  

Inglés A2

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