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Benemérita Escuela Normal “Manuel Ávila Camacho” Licenciatura en Educación Primaria Aldo Sebastián Valle Castañeda – Valeria Medina García Inglés A2 4to Semestre

HISTORY Adjectives Once upon a time a girl who lived far away, decided to come to the city to get a better life then she met this guy, the tallest and the most handsome she ever seen in her life. But they were just friends because they were keeping their feelings and wasting goooood love, what! The best love. They didn't need words, with their eyes knew that was more than a beautiful friendship and they had one another unconditionally. He wanted tell her his feelings, but couldn't do it because was done in a correct way, already she had arrived a little bit late for his life. But it was not an impediment for his tender feelings grow. Later, he found out that she was would go away from the city, and she would not return never after finds out that he felt wrong, felt that lost his true love. Therefore he began to tell her daily that stayed with him, each day made something special trying to change her decision. Now they are together, he is the happiest man of all, think that she is the perfect women and nothing compares to her, NOTHING. When she are with him, she feels like on the top of the world, the best feeling ever exist. Many but many obstacles put in their way before they were together… but now, it seems it’s going to be forever, nothing can’t stop them. Their love was big, now is bigger and I am pretty sure would be the biggest. She always was clever, tender, humble, gentle and polite; but now she is cleverer, tenderer, humbler, gentler and politer because she don’t want to lose him, she would do anything for him. They have a future to share love, happiness, experiences, family, friends and of course, to enjoy each other because life put them together for a freaking perfect reason! How lucky they are!

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Inglés A2

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