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Panasonic VIERA G10 Series TC-P42G10 42-Inch 1080p Plasma HDTV Product Description: 42" Plasma, 1080p, THX, Viera Cast, H.264, IP Camera Ready, PC Input, NEO PDP Panel which is brighter, Full-time 1080p TV lines of moving picture resolution, 3 HDMI, Native contrast ratio 40,000:1, Dynamic contrast infinite black 2,000,000:1, Game Mode, Anti Reflective Filter, 600 Hz Subfield Drive

Advantages: The Panasonic G10 probably has the best picture quality among all TVs in mass production as of the time of this review (May, 2009). Most importantly it has pitch dark black level, scorching brightness, high color accuracy, and good motion processing. Disadvantages: True Cinema 24-frame mode flickering is perceptually disturbing because the refresh rate is set to 48 Hz in the mode. It is a pity because motion does look much more life like and less video like in True-Cinema mode. The VGA input for PC does not support 1080 HD. Reviews: Panasonic's G10s now come with the company's internet media player, VieraCast. With a quick push of a button, you'll be able to pull up a series of web widgets including stocks, weather and YouTube videos. With this Panasonic Viera G10 Series 1080p Plasma HDTV, you get Viera Image Viewer for digital photos and home videos, a THX-Certified display and Viera Cast for Web entertainment without the need for a PC.

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Panasonic VIERA G10 Series TC-P42G10 42-Inch 1080p Plasma HDTV