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Coby TFTV1022 10.2-Inch LCD TV Product Description

For all your digital display needs, Coby's TF-TV1022 10.2" Widescreen LCD Digital TV/Monitor is the perfect solution. A 10.2" widescreen TFT LCD color display brings bright color to computer applications, video games, and television broadcasts. Available AV input jacks allow for easy connection of media players, DVR/VCRs, video games and more. Full-range stereo speakers (6W) Digital comb filter and noise reduction V-chip parental control, Closed-Caption, and Electronic Program Guide support Multi-language on-screen display Wall-mountable design (VESA 75mm x 75mm) Display Resolution - 800 x 480 Contrast Ratio 400 - 1 Brightness - 300 cd/m^2 Pixel Response - 30 ms DTV Input Format - 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i Video System - ATSC/QAM/NTSC Menu Language Support - English, Spanish, French Additional Functions - MTS (Stereo/SAP/Mono); Sleep Timer Audio Input - RCA Composite Audio; 3.5mm Audio Audio Output Integrated Stereo Speakers (6W); 3.5mm Headphone Video Input - Coaxial Antenna; RCA Composite Video; 15-pin PC VGA Power - Main Unit - AC 100-240V; Remote - 2 x 1.5V AAA Unit Dimension (WHD) - 12.21 x 12.19 x 5.24 AV Cable Remote Control 2 x 1.5V AAA Batteries 100-240V UL AC Adapter Advantages: Great connectivity: coax, RCA composite, headphone jack, VGA. Very useful remote. Option to switch aspect ratios (4:3 like a traditional TV, 16:9 for widescreen). Huge space saving over a tube TV of comparable size - great for kitchen, office or bedroom Disadvantages: The sound was not very good, but reasonable for such a small set. It is DC powered (not AC). It also could not pull in the major TV stations whose towers are about 20 miles away. It should work fine in the city. Reviews: Coby TFTV1022 10.2-Inch LCD TV can be a good choice for a low price LCD TV with decent picture quality. Although Coby TFTV1022 10.2-Inch LCD TV has a cheap price, there are several great features available in it. 10.2″ widescreen TFT LCD digital color TV/monitor with ATSC Tuner, dual ATSC/NTSC tuner for digital and standard TV broadcast reception, accepts DTV signals up to 1080i. Multi-language on-screen display, wall-mountable design. AV input jacks for use with media players, DVR/VCRs, and video games. 15-pin VGA interface for use with computer system, full-range stereo speakers(6W), digital comb filter and noise reduction. V-chip parental control, closed caption, and electronic program guide support.

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Coby TFTV1022 10.2-Inch LCD TV