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#tbt to my First Day of School! When I started high school I was really nervous too, especially since I had been homeschooled all through middle school .I didn't really know anyone and I suppose the best advice that I could give, would be to just relax. The first couple of days can be really stressful. Things will become routine before you know it. ol est thing It may not seem like the co that is to do sometimes and I thi nk th your important to be respectful wi teachers and admini strators.

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Additionally, I do n't know what your middle sc ho ol was like, but high sc hool teach ers will not care about things suc h as: a) giving a test on the same day as another one of your teachers b) giving multip le projects or assignments c) how much ho mework you already have in one night. It's definitely best to just learn to cope with things and manage you r time wisely so yo u can accomplish everything you n eed to.

The first day of school will be here before you know it. Most teachers face the big day with enthusiasm, but they dread the inevitable challenge: what to do on the first day of school. Every teacher’s approach is different. Whatever your goal is, here are a few things to try to get the school year off to a great start!

s e i i t n i v i t c y a o e l b u a b r o Pr 1st day r Subjects u o Y g n i c u step is Introd rs, the first

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Do a Self-Por trait

Whether it’s done with wo rds or pictures, collage or draw n by hand, having students describ e themselves can be fun, informative, and occasionally surprising. Of course, the self-portrait will be most effective if you do one of yourself, too.

Talking to know people This activity is use to leave students talk about his trips or vacations but in English and this activity helps a lot to the students to have like a picnic but the only difference is that you can only talk.


Carnero is a group of activities who show people to develop their leadership, teambuilding, work with more communication, and to be in constant change with your community.

We teach them with games some values and we give them motivation to be leaders. They learned too to work in team and help each other. We also told them to enjoy their high school because is once in a lifetime.

The event took place on August 23rd of 2013 at the ITESM Campus Leon at 8:00 am. We received the guys and we had like a little party, everyone were dancing and singing. Then we had a space for us to teach them funny songs. After that we make like a rally and we made some interactive games for the guys, we had a lot of fun.  

The carnero team I think they enjoy it because I saw them happy and on Monday I throw them water, heard talking them about carnero. mud, water, eggs, flour, water, oil, water and more in their activities so they could get really dirty.

the training of carnero This event “carnero” also had a preparation. In summer, some of the staff went to an event called “Capacitación Carnero Nacional Aguascalientes 2013”. Called event was training the participants to be staff of the event in their own schools. This event made a change in the mindset of the participants trying to say that Mexico can have a change.

Student Groups Student groups are extracurricular activities which are part of TEC but they don´t count for school grades and gives you a lot of different type of experiences. Something like social service, logistics, inspiration and other kind of abilities. JoLUM: Its initials mean Youth Leaders United for Mexico (Jóvenes Líderes Unidos por México) and its principal purpose is to change Mexico by making social service. They have made events for children who are living in group homes and they give them a really fun day, they give them toys, sing and dance with them, play and make activities for them too.In order for people to stop thinking about negative situations,such as the government,This group want us to change the mentality of the Mexican people and also wants you to think that change is possible, Mexico will start changing if we change.

CLIP: Its initials mean Leader Fellows Integrating the Highschool (Compañeros Líderes Integrando a la Prepa) and its principal purpose is making events or the school community. They are based basically on the famous UNESCO six pillars. The Six Pillars are values which UNESCO thinks are important to apply to our life. CLIP tries to persuade TEC community into this pillars by making events such as RESPECT DAY; in which you as a student have to wear something with red color. They also make activities to integrate the students like the house of error and they bring “zombies” and all that stuff to make it work. They are working for the students.

feTec: Its name is compound by two words: “Confe” which means conference and ” because of the name’s school. Its principal purpose is giving the students a erent experience through a conference. Organizing a conference is not cheap, s why they sell food or stuff for collecting money; the more they have, the better speaker they bring. They also make a lot of activities to inspire students to do gs, to make dreams come true like the #YPorQueNo? activities. They have made ities like the Retro Friday, #YoSiTengo (meeting challenges) and Smile Day.

I think if you try one of these student groups, you’ll have a great experience about TEC and have lots of fun. I invite you to try one of these groups, you’ll be totally fun!

Travellin g



s se s n d a l c tory ration a s i h i c a n e ge n e x e M th e n i y. h r t t n r n o i o u is f te a un the co o c i x a n r Me is to cre culture i t 25 o f u o p i b f p r i t ed a large The e this tr points o t a c lo it s us al e c r a t i i c r o s f e o l b site a us is t c i e h o g h t e m o eol . It is fa bu t to se a , al r h n e c o r v y o a t ge o Ci d the m s and se r c a i l x Me sun an arving is a f n it y ' s o c a c h c e t a e r h th nd ih u no et Teot (40 km) cated to urals a explor m i n s m ile id s d e d e a u t if u l y o u c a m b ch pyra ontains gh whi u c also ums thro tory. s e Quick facts about Teotihuacan: mus ating hi n i Construction began on the site around 200 fasc

B.C. At its peak it was one of the biggest cities in the world, with around 200,000 inhabitants. The Aztecs considered Teotihuacan a sacred site even though it had been abandoned long before their time. Teotihuacan is the name that was given to the site by the Aztecs and it means "city of the gods" or "where men become gods." No one knows the ethnic group or the language spoken by the inhabitants of Teotihuacan, so they are called "Teotihuacanos."

to meet s i o d n a c s that you ie t i iv t c a t s e publ ic of the be k a e t n o d n n a a c y a it u ico C . Vi sit the x s e e d I n Teoti h M i l m a a r r t i n P e i n de las ui de i n c t g r a r u M o ave the y n h a l th S 'l i f u w o o y n , w ts to the to f produc n o io e t g a t n r a o r p y s n your n n o a e tra m u n e e ti s n o u c o . A f ter y f ore you ocal e l b e , h s t ir n to e o v g local sights u rchase so up i f they u o p r g to r u ty o i y n u h l i cious t e it d w t s e oppor o id c m e e d one of th u start to s o i y ” d ta n u a r l f the G e o a v r L o “ tra o l f to e o h g t r useum o ated down c o l tus” that c is a e c s e u M exi can m d a c s e o b n a the zone con gus n o j o o t r n a le r o u ta M s “ re s f amous i h f o d n ztecs. a A s e h t f o d pyrami d o i ti onal f o d a tr e h t f o is one

M any people th at go to teoti hu acan recomme a local home to nd to step insi d meet a famil y w e ho produces on region's best p e of the ulque, the alco holi c beverage A ztecs. The pro sacred to the cess, history an d si gnif icance of dri nk become c this ancient lear as you li st en and prove a cup.Finall y all li ttle ti ny the group must be joined in th because the bu e bus at 7:00 p s wil l try to arr m ive to your city specif ied of 11 at the ti me :00pm and the n all people go to his house. Tips for travelers: There are five entrances to the archaeological site. To do a full tour of the site. For a shortened tour, many tour groups begin at entrance 2, level with the Pyramid of the Sun. This is a good option if your time is limited or you don't want to walk much. Don't forget to take water, a hat and sunscreen!


Washington D.C.

Forty five students traveled to DC the past November 3 to 9. Some people consider this trip as the best trip in high school. On this trip you can get to know everything about politics. Every year, topics of close up are changed according to the current events on the world. This year we talked about president Obama, there were people who were against him and there were people who were in favor of his government. We also talked about the legalization of the marihuana, about guns, gay marriage and gay adoption. We had several debates, one

vi si ted e w s e c a l e rtant p The i mpo api tol , The Suprem eC A rl i ngton were: Th , n o g a t n e Pe e Court, Th (where w y r a t n e Cem and al so Nati onal b m o t 's y ed saw K enn ...), The Whi te er's ni versi ty, Chal l eng U n w o t e eorg re House, G tates Senate (whe dS the Uni te d we al so n a r o t a n se we met a ent) Nati onal gm i rst saw a j ud here we saw the f (w nt A rchi ves and other i mporta t on consti tuti i gned by i mportan ts s documen hi story) . n i e l p o e p

between the liberal and the conservative people, one about the economic problems, one of the right of having a social insurance and we also had conferences with different embassies, a conference with a gay institution, and also with people who worked in the cemetery for example. We visited a lot of places and we discovered that DC is the heart of The United States. We went to several memorials too. The most important are: Jefferson, Luther King, Roosevelt, Second World War, Lincoln, Korean, Vietnam, etc.

In this trip, as you can see, you visit a lot of important places. In addition, you sleep in a room for four persons, two Mexicans and two north Americans. People are so nice there, they are so kind, friendly and you can have so much fun with them and it helps at the same time to practice your English. You can learn a lot in this trip, meet new people, new ways of thinking, new opinions and specially what’s going on in the world. On the other hand you travel to a city that is so different to the rest of the United States, it has the Maple trees of Canada, Europe's constructions, and huge buildings. This city is beautiful, it has a river too, that divides DC and Columbia District. Being honest, the weather is cold , but it doesn't matter, once you are in there, you are going to be very surprised of all the things you are going to learn and visit and you will forget about the weather but it's important to have a proper jacket. You don't have to worry about the food, the program includes almost all the food and also the transportation during the week. You just have to go and enjoy it!








This trip is one of many but the most expected by the students. It's kind of difficult, because to put here all the emotions, feelings, stories and stuff, it's demanding but I´m going to write some of them, how was my experience ? And, what am I taking from this nice trip? First of all, I need to clarify that I look this trip thanks to the “ITESM”; they gave me the opportunity to have this emotional excursion and, I´m grateful with them.

I went to NY the past October 22, 2012; in this time some of the most important points and events that I had, were these: I went with my school friends and that was an extra value of this trip, I could take lots of pictures with them and had a great time hanging with them too, then I had the chance to meet all those historical places and monuments in the city and my head almost got crazy, they’re awesome; I went to Times Square, Broadway, Lincoln Center, the statue of liberty, Ellis Island, Wall street, Tribeca, Soho, The UNO headquarter, Empire State Building and others.

In all those amazing places (like the Fifth Avenue) I had the chance to buy tons of things. But I am not leaving this short story until I tell you how good is the food there, really glorious, you just have to look for it it, there´re many places where you can eat great food at low prices. Consider that. Finally the most important thing to say is that you have to realize that you are in the most famous city on the world, that not everybody has the opportunity to go there, you really have to enjoy your visit and be aware that maybe you will not be there again so just appreciate this big chance.




Find the differences between these two pictures.

Waiting for summer? Just relax and imagine you are finally there ;)

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