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everybody’s relief, especially mine, I told the story. The mouse was a secondary character, a small figure among many other animals in this cumulative Portuguese folktale. That is why I could not remember it. And several times after that the young man came to the sessions to ask: “That one about the mouse!”. Later, he changed to: “That one about the Monkey!” About a year later, during an activity that took place in the gardens of the Educational Centre, this young man grabbed my hand and led me to the entrance of the centre. In front of a tree he said “monkey” repeatedly. I did not realise immediately as I was used to his sometimes incomprehensible behaviour which I had learned to accept as natural, but I found out later, to my astonishment, that in the entrance to the centre was a Pomegranate Tree. I still work in that place and when entering I often remember this young boy who had introduced me to this beautiful tree. Today I have three of them planted in front of my house and two of them already give pomegranates.

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António Fontinha Storyteller in the project Story House


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TALES manual - English version