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OBJECTIVES • Through traditional storytelling, knowledge is given life while students’ speaking skills are developed. On the course for teachers, we plan educational programs on topics in the curriculum. The focus is on oral language development, confidence in the performance situation, dissemination of subjects, as well as feasibility / usefulness. Both the teachers’ and the students’ stories are given importance. • In “the stage” course we put more emphasis on choreography, performance and genres such as storytelling, slam poetry, stand-up, according to what the school wants


Time scale Courses for teachers 5-8 teaching days in a year Storytelling Festival: Week 5 and 6 each year “Stage”: three days in a year per school Subject matter Traditional storytelling in schools and teaching. Presenter of the good practice Lise Grimnes and Marianne Sundal

TALES manual - English version  
TALES manual - English version