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“Storytelling Theater”, Halden Upper Secondary School – Norway “Storytelling theater” is a topic in “Drama and Society” in the education programme for drama in upper secondary schools. This course has been held annually for nearly 10 years. During the day the course students worked with the following: • Imaginative stories • Listening exercises • Working with folktales • Learning techniques to perform a folktale

OBJECTIVES • The Teaching Objectives state that students should be able to do the following: • use basic techniques of storytelling; • explain some basics about storytelling; • compile a storytelling program for a specific audience; • facilitate a storytelling situation; • explain storytelling as a pedagogical method; • discuss the importance of storytelling in different cultures. The course meets the above objectives , and focuses on giving the students confidence to actually tell stories to a group of children.


Time scale The students have a one day course with a storyteller, then they work toward creating a programme for kindergarten. Subject matter To create a storytelling programme performed for children in kindergarten. The role of storytelling in the activity This is an annual course in traditional storytelling to give the students tools so that they can tell stories for children in kindergarten. Presenter of the good practice Heidi Dahlsveen and Mona Staal Pettersen at Halden VGS

TALES manual - English version  
TALES manual - English version