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Two interesting anecdotes The teacher personally visited the Somalian refugee camp during her Christmas holidays to help them with the work; their technical equipment is very poor (and their connection limited). In the Italian class, there was a Chinese girl who had just arrived from China. She hardly spoke Italian and was very shy; but when she heard that all the others had a part in the story, she forced herself and got a part too (a whole “chapter”!), to her teachers’ surprise. The role of storytelling in the activity The teacher was not new to using digital storytelling in the classroom. Due to her many years’ experience with this practice (that in her own words “totally changed her way of teaching”), she was confident that her students would benefit from it. She declared: “When the storytelling activity is on, students cannot think about anything else”.

Presenter of the good practice Cinzia Andreoni (the teacher who ran the experience)


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TALES manual - English version