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OBJECTIVES • The focus is on oral language development, knowledge about local history and creativity Time scale 3 weeks Subject matter History, Mother tongue The role of storytelling in the activity Through traditional storytelling knowledge is given life while students’ speaking skills are developed.

An interesting anecdote A modern version of a student`s story: Story about the White Lady (symbol of Haapsalu)and Old Tomas (symbol of Tallinn):

Once upon a time there lived a man called Old Tomas, who heard about the White Lady in Haapsalu who was walled up. He was interested in her and decided to visit her. He climbed down from his guard tower and went to Haapsalu. He looked for the Lady for a long time, but he couldn`t find her…By this time it was getting dark and Old Tomas was really sad, but then… suddenly the sky became bright and there was a lady. She was really beautiful and Old Tomas liked her at once. They had a little chat, but Old Tomas had to go back to his guard post in Tallinn. He promised to return, but unfortunately he couldn`t. He missed the White Lady and since then he looks from his tower every day toward Haapsalu. Presenter of the good practice Primary School of Haapsalu Ehte, 14, Haapsalu, Estonia


TALES manual - English version  
TALES manual - English version