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What Does the Teacher Say? UCLL – Belgium During the international week Come2Graz 2014 the teacher gave two sessions for teacher trainees in which she used digital storytelling as a sense-making tool. She gave an old-fashioned PowerPoint-driven presentation which functioned as a narrative frame for the teacher trainees’ stories. However she used a narrative structure to tell about research on digital innovation in education.

Subject matter What is the teacher supposed to do in the world of flipped classes and MOOCs The role of storytelling in the activity Storytelling was used to initiate teacher narratives in the 21st century

She used the components of Burke’s pentad and gave the teacher trainees time to write down story ingredients after each component (Scene, Agent, Act, Agency, Purpose).

Presenter of the good practice Patricia.Huion

From the very beginning the students knew they had to create a story based on their notes, reflections, associations. After her presentation they had a very short time to create a story of their own which they performed and which was filmed by the teacher. The films were posted on Facebook inviting others to tell a story of their own.

OBJECTIVES • Think critically about the use of ICT in education. • Reflect upon teacher identities and the institution of education. • Switch from the analytical-logical way of knowledge construction to a narrative way. • Express a view from different perspectives (thinking hats.) • Become culturally aware of the differences between the physical and virtual world. • Use imagination and creativity to voice new possible worlds. • Increase student’s creativity.


Time scale 8 hours

TALES manual - English version  
TALES manual - English version