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Storytelling Festival in Primary School – UCLL – Belgium


Teacher training students from all over Europe who took part in an Erasmus programme first got acquainted with the international character of folktales.

Primary school children: • communication in foreign languages • cultural awareness and expression • intercultural competence • to enjoy the stories

Then they learned about different forms in which to present folktales to children. Next every student chose a folktale from his/her own region/ country. They all presented their folktales to each other. Together with the teacher they decided which folktales were most suitable to be told to the children of the primary school (10,11, 12 years old). The students were divided in 6 groups, as there were to be 2 carrousels of 3 stories each. The students attended the international storytelling festival in Alden Biesen (Bilzen) and followed a workshop on storytelling. Subsequently the students prepared their performance in groups of 3 and were coached by the teachers of UCLL. The storytelling festival was held in the Sint-Mauritiusschool in Bilzen. All stories were told in English. Before the story, the students introduced themselves and connected with the children. After the story was told, the children were given a chance to express themselves in different creative ways and to learn something more about the storytellers’ background.


Finally the students reflected on what they had learned about storytelling (performing and using stories as a didactic tool).

EOS students: • communication in foreign languages • cultural awareness and expression • intercultural competence • to convince the students of the importance of storytelling as a didactic tool • to enjoy the stories

Time scale From 22-04-2014 to 30-04-2014 Subject matter Telling folktales in English An interesting anecdote The teachers thought the children would have difficulties in understanding English, some teachers even started translating words and sentences. But soon they realized that their pupils not only understood the story perfectly, but even answered and asked questions in English. So they had underestimated the knowledge of English of their pupils. Presenter of the good practice Anita Boesmans (teacher and international coordinator at the UCLL), Marleen Mesotten

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TALES manual - English version