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experience as “technicians”. The same process took place for the “performers”: each pupil was asked to record the audio of at least one chapter of the story.

Reviewing the Process - Lessons Learned The children produced a multimedia story (in Italian): It is about a goat and a dromedary that thanks to a magic bag can travel the world, from Italy to Somalia. Thus they can learn about and compare the different life-styles, with a special emphasis on food traditions. According to the teacher, the key elements of success were:

6: Uploading the materials The content (texts, audios and images) was uploaded as it was ready, piece by piece, into the 1001voices tool by the different groups. 7: Evaluation All the pupils (together with the teacher) watched the story as it was projected on the screen. The tool allows the story to be reviewed even before it is officially “done”. Pupils can comment, take notes and discuss possible changes. 8: Revision The responsible pupils made the changes discussed in the evaluation phase.

• Group-work; • A sense of responsibility towards the final product as the result of a “common” effort; • The high-level of motivation, connected to the use of technology. The teacher also commented on the value of Digital Storytelling as a didactic tool:

I’ve noticed that children who are good at school have no problem in talking in front of a class; but children who are shy, they just don’t talk: so oral expression for them does not exist. Of course, they can write. But I realized that through the digital storytelling tool, not only the good students learn more, but most important the ones in difficulty find a way of self-expression. Creating a digital story is highly motivating because in the end students have in their hands something that a lot of people will see, something real, something they can understand because they are digital natives… And on improvements in mother tongue communication as a result of the project:


It improves, definitely. Either by cooperating with the others or writing alone, due to the high level of motivation […] students came to understand that they were writing for someone who would really want to understand. Someone they don’t know. And that is why they HAVE to be clear.

TALES manual - English version  
TALES manual - English version