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Dear Servant of Christ, On behalf of the 2010 Christian Acappella Music Awards Committee and worldwide members of NACAMA, the National Academy of Christian Acappella Music Artists, we are thankful to you and the Saints in the Atlanta area for welcoming us to your beautiful City. In 1992, we began a program which has grown nationally as the Christian Acappella Music Awards. The reasons behind this beginning were very simple; one, to recognize members of the Lords’ body for their contributions to the furtherance of our use of Acappella music, and second, to bring attention to the Church, that non- believers might ask questions about our faith.

Aldanzo L. Pratt Chairman The National Academy of Christian Acappella Music Artists

November 25th through the 27th , 2010, NACAMA will be presenting the 10th production of the Christian Acappella Music Awards. We are certainly delighted to come to the great state of Georgia and the beautiful and Historic city of Atlanta. It is our belief that this years awards ceremony will be one not soon forgotten. We will once again utilize the services of industry recognized Television Mobile Resources (TVMR) as our on-site video production team, as well as a host of other technical partners for the very special event.

We are asking for your prayers and your support of this effort by announcing this event to the congregation and by encouraging members to attend this year’s program.

The National Academy of Christian Acappella Music Artists (NACAMA) is a Christian-based organization of dedicated members involved in the world-wide promotion of acappella music. NACAMA was established in 1992 with the following goals: 1. To Give honor to whom honor is due - Romans 13:7 2. To bring about awareness of the Churches of Christ through its use of Acappella music. 3. To assist in the development of Christian artists', song writers, and others involved in the furtherance of Christian Acappella music. 4. To act as a clearinghouse for groups, churches and others looking to book artists, and for artists looking to book engagements.

The Christian Acappella Music Awards [CAMA] program had its beginnings in 1992 in Hallandale, Florida. It started as a way to express an appreciation to four young men, known as “The Four Christian Stars" who had been singing acappella Gospel for over five years at that time. We believe that the Word of God teaches us to give honor to whom honor is due, and therefore many others have been nominated since that time to receive such recognition. Though we are constantly attempting to recognize a variety of singers, songwriters, producers, and others, who have helped to advance the ministry of acappella music, we truly understand that there are many more who are quite deserving, but yet omitted. Our hope is that as the (awards) program continues to gain notoriety, that you will join in with us to identify even more great individuals and groups who deserve recognition. The Christian Acappella Music Awards [CAMA] are presented biennially by the National Academy of Christian Acappella Music Artists for achievements within the Christian Acappella Music Industry. It is currently the only awards program of its type. Traditionally. The awards are held on the Saturday following Thanksgiving in the Southern region of the United States. To date, the National Academy of Christian Acappella Music Artists has given out over 300 awards.

The Hyatt Regency Atlanta will serve as the host hotel for the 2010 Christian Acappella Music Awards. This beautiful hotel is in the heart of the ATL and provides a great backdrop for the weekends activities. via

The Hyatt Regency Atlanta, Georgia was constructed in 1967. The John Portman designed building was the original Hyatt Regency property, was the first hotel centered around an atrium, and has influenced hotel design since. When it was built, the Regency Hyatt House, as the hotel was originally called, instantly became one of the most recognized buildings in Atlanta, and its open-air atrium and revolving rooftop restaurant drew heavy interest from Atlantans and tourists alike. The building consists of the main "Atrium Tower" and two extensions, completed in 1971 and 1982, containing a total of 1,260 rooms[1]. On top of the Hyatt Regency is a revolving restaurant called Polaris, located just beneath the blue domed-shaped structure which gives the hotel its distinctive profile. This was John Portman's 1st revolving restaurant of many. When the hotel first opened, the restaurant gave diners an ever-changing panoramic view of the entire city; however, as taller buildings were erected on all sides of the hotel, the restaurant's view became increasingly constricted. Hotel managers cited renovation needs when the Polaris closed in August of 2004, but no plans to re-open the restaurant have been announced. In 1974 the Ivy Tower (now called Radius Tower) was constructed. It was sort of a John Portman Easter egg because it looks just like the Westin Peachtree Plaza, also designed by Portman. So similar are the two buildings that in 1981, the Tower doubled for the Peachtree Plaza in the film Sharky's Machine starring Burt Reynolds. Stuntman Dar Robinson dropped 220 feet (67 m) from the Tower, setting a record for the highest freefall (unrestrained) jump from a building in a film. In 1996, International tower was added which is the same as the original design but has expanded rooms and suites.

Guide to the 2010 Christian Acappella Music Awards | Presented by NACAMA Marketing |

Thursday, November 25, 2010 ֜ Thursday

Night Kickoff Event - We plan to start the weekend with our official CAMA Kickoff Concert, featuring some of the best talent Atlanta and the surrounding areas has to offer.

Friday, November 26, 2010 ֜ The

CAMA Lectures, Part 1 - In existence since 1996, The CAMA Lectures will take place on Friday Morning and include subject matter including artist management, industry insider news, and ministry marketing information. ֜ The Friday Matinee - The 2008 CAMA Friday Matinee will featured well-known Christian acappella music artists from around the country. This 90-minute program will begin at 12:30. Admission included with Pre-Purchased tickets. ֜ Friday Night Live - NACAMA’s Friday Night Live, the well-renown new artist showcase will be held during CAMA weekend and will again feature the best new artists in the country as well as other featured artists from around the Brotherhood.

Saturday, November 27, 2010 ֜ The

CAMA Lectures, Part 2 - The Saturday edition of the 2010 Christian Acappella Music Awards Lectures will include an artist panel discussing the Christian Acappella Music Industry, as well as a state of the Industry report from the Chairman of NACAMA, Aldanzo L. Pratt. ֜ The AcaRadio Matinee Concert, Presented by TrinityOne - Hosted by AcaRadio’s Bryant Malone, the Saturday Matinee concert will once again be produced by Athens, Alabama’s TrinityOne Studio and will include performances by their stable of recording artists. ֜ The CAMA 2010 CAMA Pre-Show - The CAMA Pre-Show is the official run up to the Awards program, an opportunity to see the artists as they enter the auditorium, with live interviews and performances. ֜ The 2010 Christian Acappella Music Awards, Presented by NACAMA - Saturday, November 27th will mark the 10th production of the Christian Acappella Music Awards. With hundreds of awards presented over its 18-year history, the National Academy of Christian Acappella Music Artists will present its most ambitious program ever with show-stopping performances, exciting hosts, and event production by Television Mobile Resources.

2008 CAMA IX - 11/29/08 Houston Intercontinental Hotel, Houston, Tx 2006 CAMA VIII - 11/25/06 Hyatt Regency Jacksonville, Jacksonville, Fl 2004 CAMA VII - 11/27/04 Olympia Auditorium, Orlando, Fl 2002 CAMA VI - 11/30/02 The Renaissance Hotel, Orlando, Fl 2000 CAMA V - 11/25/00 Ralph Bailey Concert Hall, Davie, Fl 1998 CAMA IV - 11/28/98 Guilford Hall, Greensboro, NC 1996 CAMA III - 11/30/96 Ralph Bailey Concert Hall, Davie, Fl 1994 CAMA II - 11/26/94 Ralph Bailey Concert Hall, Davie, Fl 1992 CAMA I - 11/28/92 Ralph Bailey Concert Hall, Davie, Fl

2010 CAMA - 11/27/10 Hyatt Regency Atlanta, Atlanta, Ga 2012 CAMA XI - 11/24/12 Miami, Fl

2008 - Chris Turner & Karen Katrina Waller 2006 - Jesse “Essej” Murrah & Dorian Paul Williams 2004 - Jesse “Essej” Murrah 2002 - Chris Turner & George Gee 2000 - Chris Turner, George Gee, Rhynett Chatman & Joi Carr 1998 - William Adams & Veronica Williams 1996 - William Adams & Veronica Williams 1994 - Aldanzo L. Pratt & Arwyn Palmer 1992 - Aldanzo L. Pratt & Arwyn Palmer

2006 - Freeman Malone 2004 - No Award Presented 2002 - Bernard Smith Award presented Posthumously 2000 - Necole Patton 1998 - Sharon Tolliver 1996 - Rosalyn Wilder 1994 - Latonya Wiggins 1992 - Rhynett Chatman

2008 - Keith Lancaster 2006 - Chris Turner 2004 - Robert Ivory & Elijah Bush 2002 - Jesse Murrah 2000 - Veronica Williams 1998 - Ron Walker 1996 - Johnnie Wilder, Jr. 1994 - Wayburn Dean 1992 - Sylvia Rose-Cobb Guide to the 2010 Christian Acappella Music Awards | Presented by NACAMA Marketing |

We hope this booklet will assist you in planning your weekend in Atlanta at the 2010 Christian Acappella Music Awards.

We appreciate your continued support.

Contact NACAMA for more information concerning the 2010 Christian Acappella Music Awards weekend.

The National Academy of Christian Acappella Music Artists PO Box 1076, Dania Beach, Florida 33004 (954)922-1471 | Fax (954)922-0854

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