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A Blueprint For Growth

To our Magnolia Park Family It is with great pleasure and gratitude that I share with you our new campaign to be embarked upon, and with the Lords help, we will be successful in our endeavor. Many of you remember that, several years ago, you who are the faithful, the concerned and the lovers of the work here at Magnolia Park, set out on a mission. That mission seemed as a mission impossible for the doubters, but to the faithful, it was recognized that with God, all things would be possible. The mission

Aldanzo L. Pratt Minister The Magnolia Park Church of Christ

was to build a new edifice that would house the Saints of Christ in this area. You worked hard, saved enough funds and ultimately were able to build that building of which we use daily; Give God the Glory. Now it is time for us to journey into other phases including reducing the note on the building, obtaining a Steeple , audio visual equipment and by way of City Ordinance, provide proper signage for the building. A third phase would be the planning stages of a Fellowship facility which would be a multipurpose area for more class rooms, large functions and youth activities..

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The Magnolia Park Church of Christ was started in the 1950’s. It got its beginning when Bro. Franklin McGill ran a tent meeting for a month in the city of Opa-Locka, Florida. Several souls were baptized, and when the meeting was over Bro. Richard E. Payne was sent to be the minister. They began worshipping in a small storefront on the south-side of Ali-baba Avenue. Later, as the congregation grew, they moved to a larger storefront on the north-side of Ali-baba Avenue. Bro. Payne worked diligently with the members for several years. He eventually left Magnolia Park to work with another congregation.

In June 1958, Bro. O. L. Lamar became the minister.

He and his wife worked

long and hard with the saints at Magnolia Park, and as a result of their efforts, property was purchased and a building was erected on this present site. As time passed, the congregation purchased a small house on the east side of the building and it was used for classrooms. The congregation also purchased the

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property next to the classrooms and it was used as income property. Bro. Lamar served with the congregation until his retirement in 1987.

During a search for a minister to lead the congregation, Bro. Thomas Campbell worked with the congregation until the appointment of Bro. John Davis. Under his leadership, the congregation thrived and many souls were added. A decision was soon made to enlarge the building to include a fellowship hall and kitchen. This area would also be used as classroom space because the small house was torn down to create additional square footage for the addition and for parking spaces. Bro. Davis worked with the congregation until he became ill in 1994. But, just like God provided a ram in the bush for Abraham, the congregation was immediately blessed with an able minister to carry on the work.

Bro. A. B. Alford began the work in 1994 and under his leadership, Magnolia Park saw many changes in its building program. Property was acquired on the west side of the building and a small house on the corner across from the building. In January of 2003, the old building was demolished to make way for the new edifice. The congregation began worshipping at the Victoria Manor Church of Christ in Liberty City, where Bro. Martin was minister, while the construction was underway. Many delays hampered the efforts, but the members never lost faith in God and his ability to see this project completed.

In 2004,

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the congregation relocated to the Ralph Renick Middle School to worship. The construction of the new edifice was going very well, and the members continued to support this project spiritually and financially. But soon tragedy struck, and in the early part of 2004, the congregation lost its beloved minister. But, the members continued the work and services were finally held in the not yet complete building, shortly after Bro. Alford’s death.

Again, the congregation was without a spiritual leader, but with many prayers, God blessed the congregation with a young man on fire for the Lord. Bro. Aldanzo L. Pratt, who worked with the late Bro. Bernard Smith, took on this great work. Once again, Magnolia Park has been truly blessed with this young man who has worked tirelessly since July 2004. Under his leadership more than fifty souls have been baptized and many have been restored. The members of this congregation have renewed faith in the Lord and our vision to take Opa-locka for the Lord becomes more of a reality everyday. And with His help and the strong preaching of the word, Magnolia Park will continue to grow in Spirit and in Truth.

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780.00 1,560.00 2,340.00 3,120.00 3,900.00 7,800.00 11,700.00 15,600.00 19,500.00 23,400.00 27,300.00 31,200.00 35,100.00 39,000.00

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Ask God For Creative Ways to Increase Your Gift. You Might Consider income from savings, tax refunds, garage sales, reducing expenses, deferring a major purchase, etc. Involve the whole family in raising a specific amount.

Far more can be given when spread out over time (see chart on opposite page). Please take advantage of this option.

In addition, you can give real estate, stocks, bonds, etc.

Many tools are available now that can benefit the church AND leave an inheritance for your heirs. Plan • One Mission • One Past • One Present • One Future

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One Campaign Booklet  

The Campaign booklet designed for the Magnolia Park Church of Christ.

One Campaign Booklet  

The Campaign booklet designed for the Magnolia Park Church of Christ.