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Why Health and Safety Software Is a Good Idea for Your Business Managing health and safety in the workplace is a very important task and, owing to the stringent regulations which must be adhered to at all times, not one that any company can afford to neglect. Traditionally, this has been a task accomplished with the aid of dozens of thick folders crammed full of rules and regulations, records of regular inspections, training programmes & notes for individual employees, and detailed reports of any incidents occurringon company property. Whilst there is nothing wrong with using a paper-based system in theory, and companies still need to maintain the ability to produce physical documents when required, amodern system, based on a well-designed software suite, can make life much easier for those whose responsibilities include managing corporate health and safety issues. How Exactly Can a Software Based System Help? Before you invest in a new system, it is important to know what your primary goals are and, more importantly, how health and safety software can help you to achieve them more easily than is currently the case.

Compliance Management–A system that centralises reports, inspections, training programmes, and other aspects of health and safety in the workplace makes it much easier to conduct companywide performance audits. Ensuring compliance across all departments in your organisation will be simpler to achieve when you can audit the performance of each department at a moment’s notice, from a single location. Furthermore, the ability to centrally manage all communications with regulatory authorities should mean that there is no possibility of deadlines for required actions being missed.

Assessing Risks –With a module dedicated to this particular task, creating and sharing new risk assessments will be a straightforward process. Such a module will

also enable you to prioritise assessments to ensure that the most urgent ones are tackled first. Once completed, each risk assessment can be viewed by any employee with the necessary login credentials and administrative privileges. 

Reporting of Accidents/Incidents – It is vital to maintain accurate records of any and all accidents in the workplace, whether or not injuries to employees are sustained. With a well-designed healthy and safety software system, every incident that occurs can be logged without delay and shared with the appropriate personnel. Accurate records will allow you to formulate plans of action to rectify problem areas that are identified, thereby reducing the likelihood of similar accidents occurring in the future.

Management of Claims – Claims arising from accidents in the workplace can be a very expensive business, especially for companies without accurate records of health and safety procedures. Managing claims with a software system that can link each claim to the relevant records will make it much easier for your company to defend itself against any legal action arising as a result of accidents at work.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits associated with using well-designed software systems to manage health and safety in the workplace, please feel free to call and talk to a member of our team whenever convenient.

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Why Health and Safety Software Is a Good Idea for Your Business